1. Tofer


    Can’t agree with this at all. Him posting it on YouTube with that title shows his agenda. The actual act in the game means nothing because it’s not real.

    While playing this game, Ive actually done the opposite of what I would do just to see how it plays out. All it says about me is I was curious about the result.
  2. BRSxIgnition

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    Targeted violence towards a specific group of non-violent people that exist in real life.
  3. Nimby


    Attracting the attention of the law in a Rockstar game is not necessarily a downside. Fighting off the law is a fun part of the gameplay, so killing a feminist NPC results in making the game more fun at certain times. Playing the role of a 'rough and tough' cowboy is attractive to many people too, many will play RDR2 to kill and rob indiscreetly and some indiscriminately as well. Sure you could argue the moral implications based on the game mechanics, but as explained those implications in actual gameplay range from a minor annoyance to entertaining.

    The implication and promotion of violence against feminism allows these ideas to have a platform online and at demonstrations, from people who don't kill indiscriminately in games. Stopping the spread of anti-feminism is more important to me than certain players 'up in arms' that they can't kill suffragettes in a video game.
  4. Marmoka


    I'm surprised many people here don't understand that he got banned because he was promoting misoginy and hatred against women.

    He deserves that ban. Well done YouTube.
  5. excelsiorlef


    That article calls NPR elitist media and basically is the writing equivalent of putting your head in the sand, we literally know gaming is a recruiting tool, literally some of the main alt-right figures emerged from gamergate

    Pewdie is literally introducing children to Ben fucking Shapiro.
  6. Maneil99


    Making a video thats basis is killing and murdering feminists is really no different in terms of effect on radicalization as real violence.
  7. Spartancarver


    Have you just not progressed to the part of middle school where you learn about context or
  8. laser


    Agreed. Thoughts shouldn't negatively reflect on a person. As soon as you turn that thought into action affecting other people though, like speech, you deserve the consequences.
  9. This. Was subscribed to him at one point but got fed up with my subscription box spoiling every game far in advance of when I could even start playing them. Glad I unsubscribed from this asshole a while ago, though didn't imagine he was actually this bad. Mostly the specific and repeated targeting of this particular NPC and the obviously misogynistic motivations behind it are the problem though. Even though I'd still find it distasteful (as I do for almost all innocent NPC killings), if this NPC was just killed as part of some kind of general rampage video it wouldn't be quite as heinous.

    I do think the reporting should be focused on the person, and not on the game though. Based on how strongly they discourage this action with negative karma and a huge bounty, and that they basically do the opposite for killing racists, it's clear the game itself is not promoting this behavior.

    I also will say that I wish there wasn't so much "all men are evil" sentiment in threads like these. I am definitely ashamed that there is a majority of my race and sex that vote for Republicans and/or subscribe to a variety of the worst kind of -isms, but this generalization is kind of shitty. I personally don't think it is very progressive to throw so many good people under the metaphorical bus. Why not just say racist/sexist men are evil? Or just simplify it to racists/sexists are evil, since there are bad women too?
  10. LiquidSword


    They do understand. They are playing dumb.
  11. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    How hard is it to read an OP? Genuinely how hard is it?

    First of all no you can't, there are several npcs where the game automatically restarts if you attempt to kill them. Second of all learn to read an OP.
  12. Zeb


    So what? I bet many people get a kick out of killing KKK members in this game. Some people are dicks, that’s all.

    Good call for YouTube to ban the video.
  13. Huh, I kind of expect better of Kotaku than that.
    More on topic dude is transparent as fuck with his intentions so he can go kick rocks. He's probably whining on the latest alt-right startup site.
  14. excelsiorlef


    Same, but got to defend the hobby from the outside criticism ... I guess....
  15. Qudi


    This dude went overboard with this shit. One just for the giggles would be fine. Multiple videos on how to kill feminists in the worst way possible in the game. You brought that to yourself boah. The video titles doesn't really help either. That's one big Yikes.
  16. Tayaya


    I think it should be stated that there are multiple ways in which the player can react to this scenario, and that the actions taken against this NPC are the same as the actions you can take against just about any other NPC in the game. The players that post shit like this to their social media are the ones that should be scrutinized, not the fact that the game lets you do it. The game doesn't instruct or guide you to beat this woman up or toss her off a cliff or onto train tracks or whatever. Is the game supposed to suddenly pop up an invisible barrier around this particular character or prompt the player to "maybe go find another target to harass" or something along those lines?

    There's a part of the game where you can go kill a bunch of Klansmen that I am looking forward to, but you don't see any articles about it. Yes obviously no one's going to make any effort to defend what's very obviously a hate group, but the point remains that the game represents a lot of different facets of society in its attempt to emulate a realistic if not slightly exaggerated depiction of America at the turn of the 20th century.

    Rockstar made the sandbox, but it's up to the players to dig the trenches or build the castles in it. These assholes just choose to dig the trenches.
  17. Rushersauce


    Why should we be tolerant with the intolerant? Fuck off with that noise.
  18. The Kree

    The Kree

    What makes you think they don't understand?
  19. Oniletter


    Had that video recommended to me as well. Super fucked up.

    All women want is to be treated equally and to have the same opportunities. It's really not rocket science.
  20. Aigis


    Context, its specifically targeting a npc because of what they represent and fostering feelings of aggression towards them because of their ideology that can be taken into the real world. It serves no other purpose, if you want to do that on your own time, whatever, Youtube shouldnt be complicit in the proliferation of that and they did the right thing by banning them
  21. Van Bur3n

    Van Bur3n

    The dude's answer to this was digging his hole deeper by saying what he will do next with more content with the same context in mind. This ain't a guy who deserves a second chance to better their ways and content. It's a guy who wants to further their awful agenda out of sheer spite.

    Nothing ridiculous about it. No reason to want this guy to have any sort of second chance because clearly nothing good will come of it. Why do you want him around still?
  22. Driver


    You made an inflammatory post. Most men are not trash. Saying so just makes you seem like some girl who got out of a bad relationship and swears all men are just like their shitty boyfriend. Men are a diverse bunch. It's an ignorant and inflammatory post that seems to reflect some self loathing.
  23. HyperFerret


    You could also punch women in RDR1, but there's a clear difference in intent between punching random NPCs and specifically targeting certain NPCs because you're a horrible person. Cry me a river, Shirrako.
  24. TetraGenesis


    Starting to suspect KLoWn might themselves be intolerant and hoping to be tolerated :thinkingemoji:
  25. Jam


    "You kill loads of men and no one complains! Punch one woman and the world goes wild..."

    *published 20 videos of Annoying Feminist killed by _______ or ate by _______*

    ..uh, I don't think you killing a woman is the issue here bub, mainly the agenda and increasingly gruesome ways you're putting it forward?
  26. ChrisD


    Garbage by this guy showed up in my community post feed, it was on how he made news by triggering the SJWs. I was extremely confused why I received the post, as I wasn’t subbed to him. Turns out, it’s because he was the uploader I evidently used for listening to Bloodborne’s OST. That’s as stupid as Twitter showing me what friends liked on my own feed.

    Nice to see his channel terminated after skimming said garbage community post.
  27. Voryn


    How is this allowed?
  28. JuicyPlayer


    That guy needs mental help.
    • User warned: backseat moderation
    That and how hasn't it been removed yet, received a warning or temporary ban yet?

  29. 5taquitos


    Not surprising that the dude immediately runs to Boogie for help.
  30. Scarface


    Its all good. I took a warning for calling it out.

    this place man.
  31. Khanimus


    Fuck misogynist trash like this. Nothing of value was lost.
  32. torre_avenue


    ResetERA: "Why don't people who play games want to be called gamers?"

    Gamers: *throw hissyfit at Blizzard over not revealing a game that isn't ready*

    Gamers: *defend a YouTuber who made multiple videos about killing a suffragette in various gruesome ways to "rek the SJWs"*

    Gamers: *equate feminism to the Ku Klux Klan out of outrage that Rockstar is penalizing folks for killing Klan members*

    ResetERA: "It is truly mindboggling!"
  33. nillansan


    I really hope that the channel was his only or at the very least his main source of income.
  34. nillansan


    Whoops. Double post.
  35. -PyramidSong


    The post was trash and males from US does not represent an entire species.
  36. Bansai


    I like how he's grasping at more prominent youtubers asking for help xD

    I do think that youtube bended their ToA a bit with this channel closure, as violent montages are pretty much everywhere on YT (even on my channel, though nothing as edgy as that). If they wanted to close him for this they should've just make it crystal clear and overall send a stronger message as a result.

    I bet he's gonna mention it in one of his videos and poke fun.
  37. taepoppuri


    Oh, this is the guy loves to spoil every new game at release date.
  38. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker
    Love each other or die trying. Moderator

    I agree that there is a difference between morbid curiosity and experimentation and carrying out a playthrough with specific actions in mind - let alone making a video and uploading it to YouTube.

    I wasn't really referring to your style of play as you described. More the people who commit to their actions or relish in them.
  39. LiquidSword


    One hyperbolic post and now the thread is basically all #notallmen. So surprising. Some of you so badly want to say “you fucking SJW’s!” lol
  40. nillansan


    Read the fucking OP.
  41. Bayouswampman


    There was a specific achievement in RDR1 about kidnapping a woman and having a train run her over.
  42. Rukumouru


    Really now? This is some race realism-tier stuff. Let's just not make generalizations like these.
  43. brokenswiftie


    use video blocker chrome extension
    works really well
  44. Viale


    It's like people don't like being generalized or likened to assholes like the person described in the OP based on gender.
  45. Yeah bro not all men right? This post is super cringy. Guess he hit a nerve, I wonder why.
  46. Spinluck


    #NotAllMen lmao
  47. MotionBlue


    This controversy is dumb, and the blatant sexism against men in this thread is awful.
  48. Spinluck


    Are you just ignoring the context?
  49. MisterBear


    It's ridiculous. So one sided, I thought we moved away from that shit.