Movies You've Seen Recently | March 2020


Oct 30, 2017
Since working from home full time and isolating I haven't watched any movies. Between March 1-17 I watched 10, now I've been surviving on Start Trek TNG.
What's wrong with me?!

Incidentally - the last film I watched was Rise of Skywalker, not as bad as I was expecting after friends had dropped some impressions on me, but still, made some of the previous stuff feel pretty pointless.

Another edit - best films I have watched in March:
Solaris (2002 remake): much more cohesive and watchable than the original which I struggled to get through (Stalker still my favourite Tarkovsky)
Monos: really enjoyed this one, beautiful setting, great story, good mix of humour and tension
The Handmaiden: like a period Parasite but not really (loved this one as well)
A Hidden Life: I really need to watch more Mallick, the only other one I've seen is Tree of Life
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