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Mute Link Needs to Go

In Zelda games with voice acting, does Link need to speak too?

  • Hell yes

    Votes: 384 26.5%
  • Keep him mute

    Votes: 1,066 73.5%

  • Total voters


Oct 27, 2017
Make him officially mute. It’s a disability that affects how Link interacts with the world. Talk to actual mute people and figure out how to do it respectfully. That would be a great way to go.


Nov 3, 2017
Sorry, but I want a link (not the character from The Legend of Zelda,lol) that proves what You said.
*roll eyes*

Next time do your own homework


May 23, 2019
*roll eyes*

Next time do your own homework
Chill, For sure over the internet we can say what the hell we want, does this prove who's right or not? Now that you gave me a link, I know they don't make money, no need to be this aggressive.
On Topic: Link must be a silent character, because if Nintendo hire the wrong person for the voice, You will probably complain about the voice acting, I'm good with a Silent character and I'm also glad most people agree with having a Silent Link.
Because I find it ridiculous people mocking Resident Evil 1 because the voice acting.
Immagine a Link with a voice, ugh, It will destroy everything, people complained about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 voice acting.