My Hero Academia |OT2| No More Heroes

What will Hero Society's status be after this arc?

  • Hero Society is damaged, but remains standing for the most part

    Votes: 30 42.9%
  • Hero Society is destroyed, forcing a major change in the status quo

    Votes: 40 57.1%

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Nov 8, 2017

Anyway, I don't think Shigaraki is gonna fight Miruko at this point. It's much more likely that she's going to fight a High-End or two.

I got a feeling that it's going to be the one next to Hood. There was also one that looked like an octopus from last chapter, so it might be cool to see that in action.
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Oct 25, 2017
Can't believe Hero society is gonna die, UA is going to be forced underground, and Miruko is gonna have to become a reluctant leader, going from abhorring working with teams to having to become a team player and raising new generations of heroes. Bravo, Hori.

Rand a. Thor

Oct 31, 2017
You know, thinking about Shiga's tank and the machinery, something tells me dude is gonna get a Afo or Nine style tech mask in the end. Imagine if its made of nothing but hands sewn together.
Oct 27, 2017
Yo Mirko out here merkin Nomus like it ain't shit Dayum!

I guess it was to be expected that the doctor was a twice clone but for it to only buy him like 3 seconds of time is pretty "Wtf" lol

Mirko will be fine, at least I hope, Hori best not off-screen what happens just to cut to Endeavour down the hall lol

This entire freaking thread right now:

At least it's an adult character.
Its coz of that one kick panel isn't it? Lol