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My Little Pony |OT| An adventure that never will end

Comic - Friendship is Magic #72
Oct 25, 2017
Ah, I remember this one. Very different, very good.
Actually saw your two-word review while looking through the comments after.

Found this quiz, can YOU get all of the questions right first time? (This quiz may or may not be targeted at 8 year olds)


The only question I got wrong was the one that was complete nonsense and wasn't in any episodes. Also they sure do love the CMC and Rarity Takes Manehattan
I know what question you're talking about, because I got that wrong too, haha. Though is there anything noteworthy about this quiz? Pretty sure that site allows anyone to make them.

Friendship is Magic #72
This was a pretty adorable story, following up on "The Perfect Pear" with the Apple Family (including Pinkie) working together to figure out Buttercup's pie recipe. In the process, they once again learn more about the Apple Parents from ponies who knew them, though in this case, it's ponies who weren't particularly close to them but still have good memories.

Art is cute, but it's pretty heavy on ponies standing on their back legs and holding things with their front. Plus, as Silver Quill's review points out, the new locations are pretty generic and bland looking.

Not much else to say, really. It's a sweet issue with several cute moments. I suppose I can say I didn't expect the final twist about the pie, but it makes tons of sense.


Some more art, no art dump yet.

EG Half Pony by Serviner-Tama on DeviantArt

Incidentally, that does demonstrate pretty clearly the difference between Sunset's skin color as a human and her fur color as a pony.

A cozy place by JumbleHorse on DeviantArt

Rarity caught by hamanaki
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Oct 25, 2017
Upcoming streams

On Friday, we're continuing our Revolutionary Girl Utena watchthrough with episodes 30-34. Next week, we're finishing the series.

On Sunday, we're continuing our two-parter watchthrough.
1. MLP - The Crystal Empire parts 1-2
2. Big Hero 6 episode 12 - Small Hiro One
3. Reboot: The Guardian Code episode 10 - Mainframe Mayhem
4. Fate/Zero episode 12
5. Super Gals episode 28 (and 29?)

Next week, we'll mix things up by watching the first Equestria Girls instead of a two-parter.

Now that we've seen Hexadecimal as she should be, let's take a look at how Reboot: The Guardian Code handled her and the rest of the original show's cast in the last episode of that show we'll ever watch.

Art dump

This set includes art from the cartoonist of Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Dana Simpson.
1.Coloring excersie: Sugar Belle and Pear Butter by KvOrias23 on DeviantArt
2.Trixie by colorfulcolor233
3.Mane Six by Dana Simpson
4.Rarity, Spike, Phoebe, and Marigold shopping by Dana Simpson
5.Eg swimsuits Rarity by RacoonKun on DeviantArt

1.Sorry Fluttershy by pesty_skillengton
2. Thorax and Changelings - Kids by Hexfloog on DeviantArt
3. Ember and Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) - Dragons Flight by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt
4.Rarity Carousel Dress by kkmrarar
5.Rarity Other Side Dress by kkmrarar

1.PinkieDash hugging by pinkablue
2.Pinkie riding Dash (as a horse) by pinkablue
3.So Much More to Me Fluttershy by liu ting - Did I post this before?https://derpibooru.org/1825523?q=so+much+more+to+me
4. Fluttershy (and you, assuming you're white) - EG - So Much More To Me by charlieXe on DeviantArt
5.Kirin Scootaloo by CloudyGlow on DeviantArt

1.Fluttershy Large Plush by SewYouPlushieThings on DeviantArt
2.Chrysalis by mirroredsea on DeviantArt
3.GlimGlam by Maytee on DeviantArt
4. Starlight and Trixie - playing with her life by MirtaSH on DeviantArt
5. Marble Pie - Broken Heart by JekiDrawings on DeviantArt

1. Nightmare Rarity - Mosaique Solitaire by JekiDrawings on DeviantArt
2. Scootaloo - If I Could Fly by JekiDrawings on DeviantArt
3. Rarity and Spike - Best Gift Ever by LennonBlack on DeviantArt
4. Fluttershy - Getting the Christmas vibes from the new episode by laurabaggins on DeviantArt
5.Derpy by yoditax

1.order up celestia by bunxl on DeviantArt
2. Grubber and Tempest - Sleepy Heads by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt
3.Ember defending Spike by whitediamonds
4.EQG Sombra Timeline Rainbow X Applejack by dcon
5.EQG Rainbow X Twilight reading comic dcon

1.Autumn Blaze by Nemo2D on DeviantArt
2.Flutterbabbu by DJspark3 on DeviantArt
3. Scootaloo with guitar - :COMM: Rising Notes by LupiArts on DeviantArt
4.Comic Sins - Cozy Glow by LupiArts on DeviantArt
5. Starlight - Night mare night! by PassigCamel on DeviantArt

You know, I've decided I like colored hooves a lot.
1.Uptight Fluttershy (Fake It 'Til You Make It) by hamanaki
2.Fluttergoth by hamanaki
3. Twilight - Enchanted by LolliponyBrony on DeviantArt
4.Cutie Mark Crusaders by peridotkitty
5.Twidash by PeridotKitty on DeviantArt

1.Rarijack by PeridotKitty on DeviantArt
2. Luna - Spotted Moonbutt by SilFoe on DeviantArt
3.Floral Twilight Sparkle by ColorSoundz on DeviantArt
4.Floral Rarity by ColorSoundz on DeviantArt
5.{REDRAW} Mothers Of The Main 6 by Bezziie on DeviantArt

1.Autumn Blaze by MinamiKoboyasy on DeviantArt
2.Kirin Rarity by Orin331 on DeviantArt
3.Rar by Coldtrail on DeviantArt
4. Lyra and Bon Bon - Daily Doodle 884 by Amarynceus on DeviantArt
5. Twilight X Luna - Daily Doodle 886 by Amarynceus on DeviantArt

1. Young Luna - Magic Frenzy by Blackligerth on DeviantArt
2.Rainbow Dash 11 6 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
3.Princess Luna 11 7 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
4. Fluttershy and Rainbow, in Count of Monte Cristo - Do you dance with me, my lady? by AllisonBacker on DeviantArt
5. Autumn Blaze - Kirin by Koveliana on DeviantArt

There's way less Deltarune MLP art than I expected.
1.Smolder by iojknmiojknm on DeviantArt
2.Spooky Scary Skellinore by Pirill-Poveniy on DeviantArt
3.Apple Bloom and Applejack baking by eighthsun
4.Sunset by Xan-gelX on DeviantArt
5. Cutie Mark Crusaders - Just Looking(GIF) by FlutterLuv on DeviantArt
6.Twilight telling Starlight she believes in her by sugar morning
7.Deltarune Ralsei and Twilight by artiks

And a list of every "Oh, come on!" from MLP

Went down with season 3, went up for season 5, and then up again for season 8, it seems. Spike has quantity, but Sweetie Belle has quality.
11-9-18 Utena more cars stream
Oct 25, 2017
Starlight confirmed still evil. I guess old habits die hard:
Offered pizza at the end

This one is cute.

Friday stream followup. We watched Utena episodes 30-34.
First, here's a chat discussion:

SigmasonicXYesterday at 11:32 PM
Repeating what I said in the stream, that was an interesting set of episodes, though I was unsure how it was all going to come together until that last one (episode 34).
Anthy is the Prince's brother, yet the Prince who talked to Utena is a separate character from Akio / End of the World, since the Prince claimed Akio was the Prince grown up. Guessing the Prince is like Akio's good side split off.(edited)
I'm reminded of Princess Tutu a lot with that last episode.
And like Tutu, I really get the sense that a lot of this later stuff wasn't intended from the beginning

November 10, 2018
Chained PrometheusToday at 6:44 AM
SigmasonicX I'm not so sure.
There's definitely a bit of a tonal shift, but it's very clear that Ikuhara definitely had this all planned by the time he finished Arc 1 as shown by that first recap episode where Akio talks with the Prince.
And there's certain details present in the first arc that indicate that a lot of this endgame stuff was likely present to begin with
SigmasonicXToday at 8:53 AM
I suppose my issue is that a lot of the stuff from before this arc doesn't feel that relevant now. Especially things like brother-sister relationships being so important that they're a key part of the backstory, and how the Black Rose arc doesn't seem to tie into anything. And even in this arc, the duelists got in the car and dueled Utena, but then they appear to be exactly the same after, so what did that even do?

And now going more into my thoughts:

This show is doing a pretty good job at having shocking moments, like Nanami's groupie getting with Touga (especially unexpected because it seemed like she "fell in line" after her episode), Nanami walking in on Akio having sex with Anthy, and Utena having sex with Akio, which give you a visceral "Oh shit" reaction. However, there is some frustration on the Akio front with how no one appears to be interested in doing anything. I imagine it's building up to something in the last episodes, but still, that's a lot of episodes of build up with no one except maybe Nanami even realizing there's a problem.

In light of current events, I do see some similarities between Nanami's choice not to actually tell anyone about Akio and Anthy with how women are encouraged not to report sexual assault because the system is against them. After all, who could she tell that wouldn't immediately decide she was lying, or knows about it and doesn't care?

Going back to Utena having sex with Akio, that was effective because you see all these episodes of Akio being sleazy, and since Utena is the pure and innocent hero, you expect her to see through him before things get too far with him. But nope, he successfully seduces her. I didn't find Utena's English VA too notable before this point, but I thought her parts in episode 33 were really well done, showing how her mind was elsewhere while having sex with Akio and she was worried and even regretful about what they were doing.

Episode 34 contained backstory, both via a shadow play and a flashback from Utena. That scene of young Utena seeing Anthy stabbed with swords was very effective and creepy, but I'm not really feeling the backstory with Dios. Like I said in the chat, it's weird that brother-sister relationships are so important now, and the backstory is that Dios was tired rescuing all these princesses, so Anthy told these fathers he needed to rest and they stabbed her? My first impulse was to think "rescuing princesses" meant sex, but then the fathers wanted him to rescue their princesses? Literally, the story is strange, and I can't figure it out figuratively.

Still, good set of episodes.

Forgot to post these, videos that Uber added to the Utena stream last week.
Utena - Akio Ohtori riding on car hood - Live Action
Shoujo Kakumei Utena opening live-action parody

Next in the Cutie Mark Crew series is out

2 Twilight, 2 Rarity, 3 Pinkie, 2 Applejack, 3 Fluttershy, 3 Rainbow. Weird that it's uneven.

Some art.
1.Rainbow bothering Applejack like a dog by dcon
2.Blazing Autumn by CoconutHound on DeviantArt
3.Sad FlutterCord by sadistjolt
4.Flutterboo by heir-of-rick
5.Applejack 11 9 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt

1.Smolder's Secret by Marenlicious on DeviantArt
2.Blushing AppleDash by zuki
3.EQG Pinkie winking at her painting by zuki
4.Godlike Rarity by 1AN1 on DeviantArt
5. Not suggestive - flutterbutt by Riressa on DeviantArt

1.[fan art ] Fluttershy by kriss-studios on DeviantArt
2.Twilight telling Luna to socialize by darkest-lunar-flower
3.Winter Luna by Koveliana on DeviantArt
4. Discord, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Pinkie, Scootaloo - Wonka by YewDee on DeviantArt
5.Ralsei from Deltarune Ponified by Sethisto on DeviantArt

1.EQG-Anthro Rainbow and Twilight measuring Sunset's muscles on the beach by ambris - Note this is Princess Twilight, not SciTwi
2.The Evolution of Twilight Sparkle by uunicornicc on DeviantArt
3.Apauljack and the Big Blue Dash by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt
4.EQG Starlight in Rarity's The Other Side outfit by (artist needed)
5.Human Rarity by Gyuumu on DeviantArt

Deltarune SPOILER art
CHAOS, CHAOS!!! by Zetamad on DeviantArt

Cute Twilight and grandfather clock animation by eagle1division
Looks like not even ResetEra 2.0 will support WebM, unfortunately.

Sweetie Belle's new spell by input-command

Neat ponification of a Phantom of the Opera song.

Halloween song I missed earlier

Rarity-inspired song
UndreamedPanic & PegasYs - The One You Should Know [Synthwave] - YouTube

Decent remix
Daniel Ingram - We're not Flawless (Paloris Remix) - YouTube

Another one of those brony documentaries, just 9 minutes long.
Voices in The Cider: A Look Inside a My Little Pony Convention - YouTube

Pretty straightforward, talking to fan content creators, but because it doesn't try to get weird about the fandom, that basically leaves, "We like MLP because the show is good."

And lastly, about the episode guide, I went ahead and swapped "Bloom & Gloom" with "The Mane Attraction" with this image.

Votes for season 8:
801-2. School Daze - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
803. The Maud Couple - UberTag, fony
804. Fake It 'Til You Make It - SigmasonicX, fony
805. Grannies Gone Wild
806. Surf and/or Turf
807. Horse Play - Sylvee, UberTag
808. The Parent Map - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
809. Non-Compete Clause
810. The Break Up Break Down - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
811. Molt Down - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
812. Marks for Effort - UberTag, fony
813. The Mean 6 - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
814. A Matter of Principals
815. The Hearth's Warming Club - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
816. Friendship University
817. The End in Friend
818. Yakity-Sax
819. On the Road to Friendship - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
820. The Washouts - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
821. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
822. What Lies Beneath - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
823. Sounds of Silence - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
824. Father Knows Beast
825-6. School Raze - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
Special - The Best Gift Ever - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony

4 votes
801-2. School Daze - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
815. The Hearth's Warming Club - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
819. On the Road to Friendship - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
820. The Washouts - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
822. What Lies Beneath - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
823. Sounds of Silence - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony
= 7

Special - The Best Gift Ever - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag, fony

3 votes
808. The Parent Map - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
810. The Break Up Break Down - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
811. Molt Down - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
813. The Mean 6 - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
825-6. School Raze - SigmasonicX, Sylvee, UberTag
= 6

2 votes
803. The Maud Couple - UberTag, fony
804. Fake It 'Til You Make It - SigmasonicX, fony
807. Horse Play - Sylvee, UberTag
812. Marks for Effort - UberTag, fony

I'm willing to drop "Fake It 'Til You Make It", but I'll need more input about what episode to choose out of the remaining. Note that I'm not convinced "Marks for Effort" is needed to introduce Cozy Glow.
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Season 8 on Netflix; 11-11-18 Crystal Empire stream
Oct 25, 2017
About the episode guide, looking at my original posts, I liked "Fake It 'Til You Make It" less than I remembered. I liked "The Maud Couple" and "Horse Play", while I thought "Fake It 'Til You Make It" and "Marks for Effort" were just alright. Unfortunately, both "The Maud Couple" and "Horse Play" were pretty divisive.

Looking at the other shoo-ins for the season 8 guide, there aren't any Pinkie episodes, and Mud Briar has shown up in the background pretty often, so that's a reason to go with "The Maud Couple". On the other hand, there are so few Celestia episodes, but also, we already include two of them in season 7. So I'm leaning toward "The Maud Couple".

In the news, season 8 is now on Netflix!

That image

NaPoWriMo Interview - Bookish Delight on Character Chemistry and Interaction
Decent overview of how to decide characters to focus on in stories and write good chemistry. There's also an entire segment about Juniper Montage, Trigonometrize .
I haven't read any of her stuff, but she's an early fandom author that's still pumping out a ton of fics, which is neat. Her stories look pretty fun, but nothing I'm driven to check out.

Also, I forgot how cute this scene was.

Art dump
1.Young Human Twilight and Spike by garam
2.Pinkie and Crying Twilight by luciferamon
3.EQG Applejack and pie (based on comic #72) by dcon
4.Dash wants Applejack's pie by dcon
5.Starlight and Starlight by sayu

1.Yona by celebi-yoshi
2. Far Future Twilight redesign - Big Book Horse by Dark-Walkerr on DeviantArt
3. Luna X Pharynx - Sunset of love by Marbola on DeviantArt
4. Trixie - running through the stars by belka-sempai on DeviantArt
5.Fluttershy with pumpkins by yanamosuda

1.Derpy by renderpoint
2.Applejack by ponimu
3.Starlight and Trixie by ponimu
4.Starlight by ponimu
5.Fluttershy with socks by kittyrosie

1.Cadance and Flurry looking at ice cream by kittyrosie
2.Fluttershy 11 11 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
3.Pinkie Pie 11 13 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
4.Somnambula - My Little Pony by YugoVostok on DeviantArt
5.Marble crying about Big Mac and Sugar Belle by liu ting

1. Marble - I thought you love me by RedRose26 on DeviantArt
2.Trixie and Starlight kissing with pocky by raikoh
3.Fluttershy in winter clothes by shadowreindeer
4. Rainbow Power Twilight - a queen by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt
5.Fluttershy by MellonCollie-chan on DeviantArt

Fighting game themed art by Danmakuman (one of my favorite active MLP fan artists, BTW) for the listed artist RJ-Streak. He's been making these for a while.
1.Equestria Heroes Xtra - Juniper Montage by RJ-Streak on DeviantArt
2.Equestria Heroes Xtra - Wallflower Blush by RJ-Streak on DeviantArt
3.Equestria Heroes Xtra- Vignette Valencia by RJ-Streak on DeviantArt
4.Equestria Heroes Xtra/Boss - Midnight Sparkle by RJ-Streak on DeviantArt

Daniel Ingram - The True Gift of Gifting (Nicolas Dominique Remix) - YouTube
A Kirin Tale | MLP Piano Cover [Sheet music & MIDI] - YouTube
So Much More to Me | MLP Piano Cover [Sheet music & MIDI] - YouTube


Sunday stream followup.

*.Fall of the Crystal Empire - MLP Fan Animation - YouTube
1. MLP - The Crystal Empire parts 1-2
*.Lost MLP Literal Videos - Ballad of the Crystal Empire - YouTube (after part 1)
*.My Little Pony: Overture to Season 6 - YouTube
2. Big Hero 6 episode 12 - Small Hiro One
*.MLP:FiM x Utena - Zettai Pony Mokushiroku (Absolute Pony Apocalypse) - YouTube
3. Reboot: The Guardian Code episode 10 - Mainframe Mayhem
*.Panic! At The Disco-The Ballad Of Luna Lisa (Mona Lisa)[MLP PMV] - YouTube
4. Fate/Zero episode 12-13
*.[PMV] MLP:FiM - King Sombra / Mastodon - Crystal Skull - YouTube (after episode 12)
*."Think Of Me" MLP Animatic [Phantom of the Opera] Fluttershy Cover - YouTube

YouTube videos based on "crystal", which netted fewer results than you'd think, once you exclude the videos made by users with that in their name.

The viewers were pretty unusual this time. At the start, it was just me and ahoy, and then Sunny joined, then Cappy, then Village. I don't believe Sunny and Village were ever in the stream before. Since neither Uber nor Chained were there, I opted out of showing Super Gals.

"The Crystal Empire" has a lot of neat parts, but Celestia's plan and Twilight treating it as a test is still so strange, and it's so weird that they haven't actually explored the crystal ponies much more. I love the presentation of Sombra's traps, and he was pretty neat when he attacked at the end. It's a shame they haven't done more like that. The songs are pretty good, even if they didn't strike a cord like the "A Canterlot Wedding" ones. This story also features some of the few RariTwi moments of the show at the end.

The Big Hero 6 episode was pretty well received. It also included a tsundere briefly acting deredere.

The Reboot: The Guardian Code episode was so weird. Here's the chat we had about it.
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:19 PM
For those who weren't in the stream, we watched a second Fate/Zero episode instead of Super Gals
So 1. MLP - The Crystal Empire parts 1-2 2. Big Hero 6 episode 12 - Small Hiro One 3. Reboot: The Guardian Code episode 10 - Mainframe Mayhem 4. Fate/Zero episode 12-3
Reboot:TGC episode really did feel super weird
CappyYesterday at 6:22 PM
i would've watched the whole thing if the first episode was like that
just from curiosity
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:22 PM
From Wikipedia summaries, that's the only time Bob and co. show up
CappyYesterday at 6:23 PM
it was clearly super awkward but also kind of cool to see the old setting again and the characters
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:23 PM
Yeah, it was interesting seeing everyone again, but they didn't do them right
CappyYesterday at 6:24 PM
enzo didn't try to enter the game
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:24 PM
And seriously, why does the User have a Bob poster
CappyYesterday at 6:24 PM
dot was just standing around
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:24 PM
None of the season 2+ stuff was there
CappyYesterday at 6:24 PM
yeah that user bit was weird too
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:25 PM
I loved a description of that episode I read a while ago. We finally see the User, and he's some fat guy living with his parents that jizzes his pants when Mainframe goes back up.
CappyYesterday at 6:25 PM
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:26 PM
And the thing is, someone who was just watching TGC and not the original Reboot would get nothing from all that. It's solely for the established fandom, and there's no way they would have liked that.
CappyYesterday at 6:29 PM
also there's the bit where they use a cheat code despite not being the players of the game >_>
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:30 PM
And it results in the player losing
Bob saying the opening narration was really awkward, holy crap
CappyYesterday at 6:33 PM
oh totally
SigmasonicXYesterday at 6:36 PM
I am Twilight Sparkle. I used to wonder what friendship could be, until you all shared its magic with me.
CappyYesterday at 6:37 PM


SigmasonicXToday at 8:48 AM
Another thing about that Reboot:TGC episode. Mainframe was completely empty. Where are the numbers and binomes? It's pretty silly that a 90's show was better at crowds than a brand new one.
SigmasonicXToday at 3:32 PM
Hexadecimal was so scary, you guys.
This is after Hex just looked at her and punched her off their web ornithopter or whatever.
Watch "Painted Windows" and get back to me.
CappyToday at 3:36 PM
yeah the finale of that was genuinely super creepy
i had forgotten how effective it was
also hex in that series has more creepy abilities than some generic energy punch blast thing
SigmasonicXToday at 3:38 PM
TGC even showed her expression changing on screen without her hands going in front of her face.
CappyToday at 3:38 PM
yeah that was a blunder
SigmasonicXToday at 3:41 PM
I just checked and Hexadecimal is defeated and sent to the "Virusylum" in the very next episode.
CappyToday at 3:41 PM
also the faces are supposed to be extreme like the drama masks but she kept dreamsworks smirking >_>
it would just be quarantine
they really don't get the basic premise of the show, which is computer analogs
SigmasonicXToday at 3:45 PM
Just slap a science term and a real world thing together and you're good to go
When Tamra accidentally uploads a video recording of Vera rapping about herself and the Guardians, her classmate Shari downloads and shares it without their knowledge, causing her to learn about some sensitive information; the Guardians manage to intercept the video before anyone else sees it. Parker learns that Vera's "dates" with Trey really were to help him study. At the DIS headquarters, Agent Nance recognizes the Guardian Code as Adam's work and she becomes intent on finding the Guardians and taking their tech by force.

Vera's rap in this episode was featured in a promotional music video released on May 25th, a month before the show's premiere in Canada, on YTV's website and official YouTube channel.[6]

Sounds like a great episode

CappyToday at 3:47 PM
i kinda want to see Vera rap
also i want to remember what her acting reminds me of...
i don't think it's Data(edited)
SigmasonicXToday at 3:48 PM
Well I'm not watching it, but here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_9DQqM_U64

CappyToday at 3:48 PM
but a similar emotionless role done not super well
SigmasonicXToday at 3:48 PM
Oh god that
in the title
CappyToday at 3:49 PM
the beat boxing is louder than her
this is really tough to watch lol
SigmasonicXToday at 3:50 PM
This was released before the series came out. To promote it.
CappyToday at 3:50 PM
oh she's laying down some vocals for the hook
in Don't Starve there's an endothermic fire you can put down that sucks in heat
that's the kind of fire that was
SigmasonicXToday at 3:52 PM
To prove his worth to the Sourcerer amid constant threats of deletion, Megabyte infects a line of bee toys in order to scare children around the world. After the Guardians stop him, the Sourcerer finally learns their identities and instructs Megabyte to capture them and get access to their technology.

Now free of the Sourcerer's delete code, Megabyte attempts to hijack all the world's social media, frightening the users when he starts talking to them. Before the Guardians can enact a plan, Agent Nance sics the DIS drones on them and captures Megabyte. However, while in Virusylum, Hexadecimal offers him a chance of revenge based on knowledge she's obtained since episode 11; he reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile, the Sourcerer begins a physical journey to Alan Turing High School.

Scare? Is this the Monsters Inc. universe? Also, looks like Hex does show up again.

The Sourcerer discovers the Guardians' secret base and Austin recognizes him as Adam, his father, who was thought to have died in a fire. Nance has the DIS bring in Austin after school, but Rowan secretly frees him, just in time to join the other Guardians in fighting identity-theft pirates. They find a memory sphere revealing that Adam had faked his death to protect his family from Agent Nance, then entered cyberspace to study dark code for a year. Ultimately, they learn that dark code attacked and infected him, giving him an alternate personality as the Sourcerer.

Kingdom Hearts logic, so yeah, I guess this could be the Monsters Inc. world.
CappyToday at 3:54 PM
him as Adam, his father, who was thought to have died in a fire
dark code
i guess that comes from the dark web
SigmasonicXToday at 3:55 PM
Final episode
The Sourcerer uses Austin's feelings toward his father to lead him into their secret base, from where he enters cyberspace and attempts to destroy the Internet with a cyber black hole. Adam fights for control as the Sourcerer fights the Guardians, and eventually Adam sacrifices his life to save them and the Internet. Austin thinks there's a chance he survived. Megabyte and Hexadecimal return to Megabyte's fortress with a larger army than ever. The DIS discovers that the Nova X3J computer, which the Sourcerer had stolen in episode four, has gone missing.

Kind of want to watch some of these, but they aren't online.
I mean I could watch them on Netflix but I don't want that in my history
CappyToday at 3:56 PM
yeah that would really mess up your recommends
i feel like that vera role isn't a dream job, hope the actress gets more work >_>
SigmasonicXToday at 3:58 PM
Got summaries from Wikipedia, BTW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReBoot:_The_Guardian_Code
ReBoot: The Guardian Code
ReBoot: The Guardian Code is a Canadian live-action/CGI-animated television series, produced by Mainframe Studios. It is a reimagining of the fully computer-animated series ReBoot. Originally announced in 2013, the first ten episodes debuted on Netflix worldwide (excluding Ca...

Even the reception section of the Wiki page mentions people liking Vera, but I didn't see anything noteworthy about her performance. I suppose it comes down to a Data-like character innately being better than whatever the other characters are.
Den of Geek
Reboot: The Guardian Code's Tribute Episode is a Failure

CappyToday at 4:06 PM
SigmasonicXToday at 4:06 PM
I didn't put that much thought into the User, but yeah, that can't be anything but an insult toward fans.
CappyToday at 4:07 PM
well actually it's not all the way to horrifying it's in the middle which is way less entertaining >_>
yeah the User thing seemed like a bit of a slam

We aren't going to watch any of The Guardian Code after this. The Mainframe animation somehow looked worse than the original show circa season 3 (and had less charm than any season), and everything was just, in a word, awkward. A notable bit not mentioned above was the new heroes being unable to reboot in the game, meaning they can't even do the series's namesake.

After that, we watched two Fate/Zero episodes, finishing out the first half of the season (or first season, depending on how you look at it) with Caster summoning a big monster as a cliffhanger ending. The episodes were interesting enough, though not particularly action heavy.
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Oct 25, 2017
S8E9 Non-Compete Clause

This is unfortunately an episode that really has just a non-starter premise. If you're going to make not one, but two of Twilight's professors, veteran beacons of friendship, be the main source of conflict and unfriendship for the totality of the episode, you should have a damn good reason for it. Rehashing the "competitive spirit" conflict is not that reason at all.

At one point, I thought the episode was going to be about how you can't really bring about teamwork artificially; you need some sort of genuine obstacle to bring a group together. Kind of weird theme, but it would be better than nothing, which is what we got. Applejack and Rainbow Dash continue to bicker into the final fade to black, and the only resolution came from the student six reading into the intelligence of their authority figures too much. Is the lesson even when you're an adult and you fail, you can still trick the young and naive you didn't just screw up? Applejack and Rainbow Dash thoroughly did a terrible job, do not at all deserve the award that they so covet, and the student six leave telling the audience they had the best field trip ever despite their not being anything particularly fun or exciting besides Ocellus turning into a giant fish, which she could've done in the absence of an otherwise terrible field trip anyway.

If this was the sequel to Fall Weather Friends, it came five years too late and didn't have Fluttershy cutely catching a rose in her mouth.

Oct 25, 2017
S8E9 Non-Compete Clause

This is unfortunately an episode that really has just a non-starter premise. If you're going to make not one, but two of Twilight's professors, veteran beacons of friendship, be the main source of conflict and unfriendship for the totality of the episode, you should have a damn good reason for it. Rehashing the "competitive spirit" conflict is not that reason at all.
You heard Twilight! Those two are always competing! Always.

But yeah, this was a dumb dumb episode. I've talked at length about the ways the School of Friendship didn't work, and this episode is the main culprit.

If this was the sequel to Fall Weather Friends, it came five years too late and didn't have Fluttershy cutely catching a rose in her mouth.

I forgot about that. Hope that was a good snack.
Oct 25, 2017
Her stories look pretty fun, but nothing I'm driven to check out.
Bookish's stories tend to look like fluff and give off warm fuzzy feelings like fluff in the end, but get there through the lens of people confronting their fears, sadness, and insecurities in good company. Light on shipping, heavy on feelings and toku references.

(disclaimer: Bookish is a friend and I am not at all a neutral third party here.)
MLP manga announced
Oct 25, 2017
Bookish's stories tend to look like fluff and give off warm fuzzy feelings like fluff in the end, but get there through the lens of people confronting their fears, sadness, and insecurities in good company. Light on shipping, heavy on feelings and toku references.

(disclaimer: Bookish is a friend and I am not at all a neutral third party here.)
Haha, fine, maybe I'll check them out later.

MLP manga announced!

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce My Little Pony: The Manga – A Day in the Life of Equestria, an all-new manga series set in the world of Hasbro’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Under license from Hasbro, Inc., this original manga series is told in the familiar four-panel style used in many manga from Japan, with eight self-contained, interconnected stories in each volume for fans of all ages to enjoy.

The land of Equestria comes alive in this distinctive My Little Pony manga series that spotlights each of the Mane 6 and a host of other characters from the exciting world around them! When Pinkie Pie lends a hoof to help Twilight Sparkle and Spike clean up the library, she discovers a mysterious mirror with the power to gaze into alternate realities. Upon entering the inter-dimensional portal, Pinkie Pie sets off a chain of events that threatens to cause a giant mess in Equestria! Follow this adventure–and many more–in this hilarious new My Little Pony manga series.


Seven Seas will publish My Little Pony: The Manga – A Day in the Life of Equestria for the first time anywhere in print and on digital platforms in single volume editions. Volume 1 will be released in June 2019 for $10.99 USA / $13.99 CAN.

There will also be a papercraft book released in July.

This is pretty interesting. There was actually an official manga before (you may remember me posting a page where Twilight brings Golden Oaks Library to life to sate a horny male tree), but to my knowledge, that never officially came to the US and it was just one release. The synopsis for this is pretty different from that, and the old manga was pre season 3 stuff anyway.

It's weird that they don't list the artist, but the art does resemble that of the previous manga's from what I recall.

The worldwide release will be the US one, so I'm not sure what this means for MLP in Japan. It's interesting that we're getting a brand new G4 comic series this late in the show's life (assuming "volume 1" isn't misplaced optimism).

The art looks cute, and the fact that it will use a 4 koma format means it will feel way different from the IDW comics no matter what, so I'm looking forward to this.

In other news, Daniel Ingram is hinting at a soundtrack release for MLP the Movie's score. To be confirmed November 16.
Oct 25, 2017
S8E10 The Break Up Break Down

Shrek's third act always rubbed me the wrong way. I never liked how Shrek and Fiona get closer and closer, but are ripped apart by a misunderstanding that happens not once at night, but a second time in the morning about something Fiona said that was taken the wrong way. Shrek's tantrum that he throws when Donkey confronts him later is only resolved when Donkey reveals the misunderstanding, not because of some genuine epiphany related to forgiveness that Donkey was hoping to impose upon him. The tone changes on a dime, and all the conflict switches from dramatic character moments to "we'll never make it in time!"

The Break Up Break Down is Shrek's third act, but it has several small but (usually) clever character moments adjacent to the understanding that make it more than just the understanding and into something IMO well worth watching. The main difference is the imaginary break up is born out of Big Mac's reticence, not just happenstance. The episode turns what I thought was a rather ugly "let's explain this quirky character trait" moment in Where The Apple Lies into something Big Mac is working to overcome as a flaw. You have to be open in a relationship about what you're feeling, and I think this was a good plot to expose that to Big Mac as an internal conflict. He needed to take a breath and have a conversation with Sugar Belle rather than just overreact and sink into a slump. It wasn't the most deeply explored thing in the world, but seeing Big Mac's character actually bring about the misunderstanding went a long way in justifying the plot point.

But in addition to this, we also get Discord stopping Sugar Belle from leaving town after the misunderstanding has come to light, which is apparently showing Discord does believe in Big Mac's love for her. A... bit of an awkward way to do it, but I get what they were going for, and it was a cap to a neat little debate between Spike and Discord. I thought cynical Discord vs. Romeo Spike made perfect sense. They played off each other well.

The CMC were king of unremarkable, but hey, it filled time and it wasn't bad or anything.

But one more thing:


I don't care if it was just Romeo Spike it's happening damn it
Oct 25, 2017
I just realized that the plot of Shrek 1 and 2 are almost the same thing because for a while I thought you were talking about Shrek 2.
Shrek 2 does it better though. Shrek actually leaves for a reason that's not "she hates me she hates me" even though she doesn't. There are still contrivances though, like Shrek happening to hear the plotting going on in the other room of the bar...
MLP the Movie soundtrack released
Oct 25, 2017
My Little Pony: The Movie's score has been released, including what was meant to be the original opening song, before it was replaced by "Ponies Got the Beat".

And someone combined that and the original opening exposition with the current opening to create this.

Yeah, that version of the intro is way less cringe. And given confusion reviewers had about the movie, that opening narration probably was needed.

New The Enchanted Kingdom chapter. Someone in the comments mentioned they created a TV Tropes page, and I added to it, but it's hard coming up with tropes off the top of your head. Here's the review I posted.
Did my part in adding to these, but jeez, it's hard just coming up with tropes that apply.

This was a good chapter. I'm curious to see how this plan fails works out. It seems like failure would have a pretty small impact, since they can just try again later, so there has to be something to up the stakes.

[In response to a comment saying this]
And yes, Twilight does need to snuggle Rarity for being a smart horse.
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcements.

On Friday, we'll be finishing Revolutionary Girl Utena, with episodes 35-39! Not sure if we'll get to the movie this month or later.
EDIT: Correction, to accommodate people being unable to attend this stream, instead we're doing some swapping around and Sylvee will air something.

On Sunday, we'll be watching our first Equestria Girls movie.

1. Equestria Girls
2. Big Hero 6 episode 13 - Kentucky Kaiju
3. Fate/Zero episode 14
4. Super Gals episode 28


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11-16-18 Pass Thru stream
Oct 25, 2017
Doesn't have wings 2/10

Pass Thru was an experience, just like all the other Breen movies. The movie starts out extremely incoherent with some of the truly worst editing I've ever seen, but gets more coherent but arguably less entertaining as it goes on. It doesn't lose as much gas as I Am Here.....Now but it turns into a lot of preaching about how we need to stop all the bad corrupt people in the world and be leaders, not followers. All of his points are so simplistic, un-executable, and lacking in any subtlety that it's impossible to take any of it seriously. And unfortunately there's never as big a payoff as there was in Fateful Findings where all of the corrupt people took turns committing suicide. It's definitely better then I Am Here........Now and worse then Fateful Findings, but I'm still hung up on whether or not it's better then Double Down.
Oct 25, 2017
The terror didn't start there.
Pass Thru was an experience, just like all the other Breen movies.
That one woman who was taking hostages was amazing.
(looks in bathroom, sees woman hanged herself)
*snaps fingers* DAMN!

On another note, I finished writing the season 8 episode guide! I went with "The Maud Couple". I'd like feedback.

Agrol's look back on season 8 (and "Best Gift Ever") is here!

Nice PMV

And good remix

(Yup, we have more embeds now)

Nice interview with Light262, artist of the Timey Wimey comic and other general MLP art, including that Far Future Twilight design I gushed about a few months ago. He isn't a native English speaker, so some of the responses are a bit awkward, but it isn't too bad. It's interesting that he actually started the franchise with Equestria Girls, then went to the show.

Small art dump, larger one later.
1. Sad Pinkie from "Yakity-Sax" - Tear by fluorbaryt on DeviantArt
2.Princess Luna | MLP:FiM by dementra369 on DeviantArt
3. Rainbow - Cooler Than YOU! by Yomitai on DeviantArt
4. Celestia X Discord - Under the mistletoe by M00N-FRUIT on DeviantArt
5.Twilight with a book by dino_horse and renderpoint

1.Timberjack by Kaleido-Art on DeviantArt
2.Sailor Lulamoon by bunxl on DeviantArt
3. Roseluck - Privatizer by Yakovlev-vad on DeviantArt
4.Rainbow Dash 11 15 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
5. Cozy Glow and Tirek - An Evil Plan by Calenita on DeviantArt

1.Cadance and Flurry by emera33
2. Sunset - pocky by Ta-Na on DeviantArt
3.Fluttershy by MellonCollie-chan on DeviantArt

And some comics.
QUIET!!! by CandyClumsy on DeviantArt

Kirin reproduction by tjpones
11-18-18 Equestria Girls stream
Oct 25, 2017
Made my first ever PMV, based on a scene from the latest Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part V episode!

Today's stream had a lot of no-shows, and by the time the anime started, there was no one else around, so I went ahead and ended it early.
*.MLP Equestria Girls-Extended Hub Promo Edition - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - 'Friendship is Magic' Live Action Music Video - YouTube
1. Equestria Girls
*.[PMV] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Dance - YouTube
*.Twilight Sparkle's Song - I Can't Wait - Friendship Is Witchcraft: Horse Women - YouTube
2. Big Hero 6 episode 13 - Kentucky Kaiju
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - ‘Make Up Shake Up’ Canterlot Short - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - 'A Photo Booth Story' Canterlot Short - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - ‘Raise This Roof’ Canterlot Short Ep. 3 - YouTube

About that first YouTube video, it's still crazy that they not only made that "Equestria Girls" song and music video, but proceeded to use that as the namesake of a largely unrelated spinoff. You know, I'd like more official song parodies by the MLP singers.

I'm glad they stopped making these live action promos for Equestria Girls. Besides them being super cheesy, I really don't like how all the girls are white or white-passing. The girl playing Sunset trying to look mean is hilarious in this video. Actually, going to go ahead and embed it, because it needs to be seen.

The third video is actually the origin of the "Brad" nickname for Flash Sentry. And there's way way way more to this parody series than I first imagined, as I realized a bit over a year ago I think, back on GAF.

Now as for Equestria Girls the movie, it's dumb fun, particularly with Twilight trying to be human, but there's a lot of nonsense that becomes even more apparent with the later movies taking things a bit more seriously. I don't think I have to list out the ways Sunset doesn't make sense. It would have been fine if she was a one-off, I guess, but she's a major recurring character, and this movie just doesn't jive with what we see of her later. The movie also sets up things with Twilight that oddly get shoved aside with the season 4 premiere, despite having the same writer. Twilight is mostly fine with having wings (the princess bit not so much) and the Elements of Harmony are shoved into the Tree of Harmony until the end of season 7. Brad is as bad a love interest as ever, but it's good knowing it doesn't go anywhere. And I've always said the Brad moments in Rainbow Rocks are even worse. I forgot a lot of the movie, particularly Snips and Snails' involvement, the way certain plot developments go, and several songs.

"I Can't Wait" is a song that completely replaced "Strange New World" in my mind, and it's a great parody song. It's a shame they never completed Horse Women.

The Big Hero 6 episode was fun, though it seems like people are getting tired of Obake. Indeed, he does turn out to be a pretty weak villain in the end.

The last three videos are Summertime Shorts that oddly take place during the first movie. I'm not sure why. Still, they're decent fun. They were clearly trying something with having Boulder Media make EQG shorts, but we haven't seen any of their involvement in MLP since. Is it all secret work on G5?
Chats - Equestria Girls animation and dancing, and Free the Fluttershys
Oct 25, 2017
Haven't had one of these in a while. Some thoughts I had about Equestria Girls's animation and dancing led to a dumb chat story. Split into two spoiler blocks.
SigmasonicXToday at 1:14 PM
You know, it's weird that Equestria Girls has never had a sequence with as much squash and stretch as "Helping Twilight Win the Crown" again. The only things even close are those Boulder Media shorts.
In fact, the only other dance sequence I can think of is Dance Magic, where everyone moves with way less energy.
Yeah, wait, it's really weird that EQG has so little dancing when that's the big advantage it has over FiM
Though now I remember Coinky-Dink World has dancing.(edited)
CappyToday at 1:21 PM
they can only dance like half as much as a pony though
SigmasonicXToday at 1:23 PM
No fingers though

CappyToday at 1:23 PM
hmm that's true
so more steps but 0 jazz hands

SigmasonicXToday at 1:25 PM
To explain more, human dancing has movements in the hands, hips, knees, elbows, and general posture that can't be done with ponies without basically writing a new visual language.
So EQG should logically take advantage of the ability to have real dancing more than it is.
CappyToday at 1:26 PM
yeah i was only foolin'
although don't forget dressage

SigmasonicXToday at 1:27 PM
I can't dressage...

I can't either.

UberTagToday at 1:27 PM

CappyToday at 1:27 PM
a special where the girls go ride horses and perform dressage
my eyes
and then sunset sets them all free
Be free from the yoke of tyranny, my fellow horses!

SigmasonicXToday at 1:30 PM

I can't believe someone was breeding Fluttershys.
CappyToday at 1:31 PM
I can.
SigmasonicXToday at 1:32 PM

CappyToday at 1:33 PM
What, I have to account for all sorts of hypotheses!
SigmasonicXToday at 1:36 PM
Oh no, watch out!

One Fluttershy fell behind!
CappyToday at 1:37 PM
With a Flutter lagging behind, the predator prepares to snag its prey.
SigmasonicXToday at 1:38 PM

CappyToday at 1:38 PM
But what's this!? The Flutter is prepared and turns to face the would-be hunter.(edited)
SigmasonicXToday at 1:38 PM

CappyToday at 1:39 PM
Unnerved by her steely glare, the dragon falters in its swoop enough for Flutter to avoid its talons. Now she has the upper hand.
SigmasonicXToday at 1:40 PM

CappyToday at 1:41 PM
And thus the dangerous predator is turned into a flightless friend. The circle of life continues as normal in this city.
SigmasonicXToday at 1:43 PM
The wild is quite a strange place.
CappyToday at 1:43 PM
It is, Rarity, but it follows its own rules to some extent.

SigmasonicXToday at 1:45 PM

Well, this is quite an experience.
CappyToday at 1:46 PM
So that's why you can't set horses free in the other dimension, Sunset.
Even if they are Fluttershys for some strange reason.

Stop that.
SigmasonicXToday at 1:48 PM

[The End]

Neat figure-construction video. Sometimes it's hard to tell it's 3D, in a good way.

NaPoWriMo Interview: Georg on Motivation
He goes about things in a pretty unusual way, figuring out the story beats and then deciding what characters to use after. I haven't read any of his stuff.

Art dump
1. Rarity - the other side by RacoonKun on DeviantArt
2. Luna - Untitled by Colorfulcolor233 on DeviantArt
3.Wheat Grass (comic) by celebi-yoshi
4.Fluttershy and Pinkie with Bramble (Duck Tales) by strebiskunk
5.startrix by 1racat on DeviantArt

1.Fluttershy by kalthedestroyer
2.glimmer by twilite-sparkleplz on DeviantArt
3.[+VIDEO] Cute Fluttershy by MellonCollie-chan on DeviantArt
4. Rarity - Rariry by MellonCollie-chan on DeviantArt
5.Rarity by Monogy on DeviantArt

1. Cozy Glow - Cozy place by Rutkotka on DeviantArt
2.Twilight Sparkle - LOOKING GOOD! by FlairNightz on DeviantArt
3.Fluttershy by ponimu
4.maud pie 11 18 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
5. EQG Rainbow and Rarity - ''I would never bet again'' by Khaon on DeviantArt

1. Trixie and Starlight - Trixie's hat by Marbola on DeviantArt
2. Twilight - Thanks... by YinglongFujun on DeviantArt - This link gives Twilight the silver trophy, but I chose to embed the alternate from the artist where she gets gold instead.
3. Fluttershy and Discord - Lil 'cord in the Mane by YinglongFujun on DeviantArt
4.Human Twilight by irracat
5.Pinkie s shopping online by AlexBlueBird on DeviantArt

1. Sunset and SciTwi - Cover for Happy Girls doujin by k-nattoh
2. Human Trixie, Sunset, and Starlight fighting over Human Spike - [Commission] He's Mine! by iojknmiojknm on DeviantArt
3. EQG Applejack and Rarity - Roleplay by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt
4. Anthro Rarity - [Commission YCH] Girly gift by IrinaR85 on DeviantArt
5. Anthro - Octavia Melody by MellonCollie-chan on DeviantArt

1.RariPie 1 by fromamida on DeviantArt
2.RariPie 2 by fromamida on DeviantArt
3. Humane Five - I released an album. by Yanamosuda on DeviantArt
4. Kirby eating Sunset - Ultimate Power - GIF by Katakiuchi4U on DeviantArt
5. Sunset in swimsuit - [Commission] - Swimmy by Katakiuchi4U on DeviantArt

1. EQG - Cozy glow by brother-lionheart on DeviantArt
2. Cadance, Shining, Flurry, Twilight, Pinkie, Tempest - Random Pony Drawings by saturdaymorningproj on DeviantArt
3.Tempest blep by feve
4.Pony Fluttershy in bunny girl outfit by kabosu
5.Rainbow in leather jacket in fashion show by kabosu

1.Twilight giggles by Taurson on DeviantArt
2. Twilight - Book! by Kaliner123 on DeviantArt
3.Rarity eats ice cream by geraritydevillefort on DeviantArt
4.Rarity (EqG) by geraritydevillefort on DeviantArt
5. Non-specific siren - Siren by Plainoasis on DeviantArt

1.Flutters in a box by Miokomata on DeviantArt
2. Pinkie X Saffron Masala - Pinkiesala - sweet and spicy! by IncendiaryBoobs on DeviantArt
3.RariJack pirates by p3e3c
4. RariTwi, in the Count of Monte Dashie universe - TCOFMD: Hey there~ by skuuma2511 on DeviantArt
5.rarilight by echobone on DeviantArt

1.pinkiedash sketch thing yguh by echobone on DeviantArt - The description mentions the artist shipped this since she was a little kid, which made me feel

2.ApplePie by kkmrarar
3.Starlight and Trixie Halloween by eric.t.alex
4.Twilight by eric.t.alex
5. Twilight - Fluffy Bookhorse by LunarFroxy on DeviantArt

1.RariJack by ponimu
2.AppleDash in bed (not lewd) by dcon
3.DiscoShy by dcon
4.Sparity Best Gift Ever by pia-sama
5.Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie by Foxcarp on DeviantArt

1.Rainbow Dash 11 15 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
2.Pinkamena diane pie 11 16 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
3. Pinkie and Rainbow - my gorls by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt
4.Coco Pommel by taytinabelle
5.Capper and Rarity's daughter, Clarity Darlingpaws by sapphirescarletta123 - "Darlingpaws" got me
6.Random Clarity Darlingpaws drawings by sapphirescarletta123

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February comic solicitations
Oct 25, 2017
Haven't read today's comic yet, but have some February synopses.

MLPFIM #75 (double size issue)
(W) Katie Cook, Andy Price (A/CA) Andy Price

My Little Pony celebrates 75 issues of friendship and fun with this double-sized adventure! When a chance purchase leads to a legendary quest for a missing constellation, the ponies reach for the stars and find themselves in the path of their most galactic villain yet... the chaotic Cosmos!
In Shops: Feb 13, 2019

Nightmare Knights #5
(W) Jeremy Whitley (A) Tony Fleecs (CA) Brenda Hickey

Princess Luna and the Nightmare Knights face the ultimate test! With the fate of the heist-and Luna's powers-in the hands of Eris, will the bond between sisters be enough to overcome her chaotic plans?! The quest for Luna's stolen magic reaches its epic conclusion! Tables turn and truths are brought to light as the Nightmare Knights' heist comes to a close!
In Shops: Feb 20, 2019

There's some significance to the use of Cosmos here. In early planning for The Movie, Cosmos was meant to be Celestia and Luna's evil brother, who had a broken horn and no wings. He used the Storm King (a powerful spirit then) to conquer Canterlot, forcing the Mane Six to go on their quest. It doesn't seem like this Cosmos has much relation to that concept, but it will be interesting if they chose to make him related to Celestia and Luna.

Katie Cook is returning as the writer, her first MLP story since the backup story of the MLP Deviations special (with Blueblood) I believe. It's neat that for this special issue, they're bringing back the writer of most of the big epic arcs, though those arcs were hit or miss, so we'll have to see how this turns out. It's also unclear if this story will be multiple issues or just this double size one.

With Nightmare Knights coming to an end, the last synopses doesn't say anything unexpected. I'm curious to see what miniseries comes next. I'm still expecting an Equestria Girls comic, because we're overdue for one. It'd be neat if the Gurihiru covers for the Japanese EQG comic volume release was a hint that they're working on this.

Speaking of which, they posted the covers in better resolutions. The volumes are out in Japan now (it's just the 2013 and 2014 specials).
Variant A
Variant B
Comic - Nightmare Knights #2
Oct 25, 2017

Look it's Rainbow dAsh Ketchum!

The new comic I thought was really fun. The first issue was dragged down pretty hard by all of the exposition (most of which didn't really make sense if you actually thought about it) but now that it's getting to the part of the story where everyone's finally getting to interact with each other it's a lot better. Stygian hasn't been the most interesting so far, but the rest of the cast has been pretty fun. Trixie once again shows that she can be a super fun character if they actually give her something to bounce off of, (As much as I love her friendship with Starlight it's really frustrating that she never gets to do anything substantial with anyone else) Capper is maybe a bit different from the movie but his perception as a man looking to test his skills works, and Tempest feels like a character that's grown from both her portrayal in the movie and the comics. She wants to make up for all the bad things that she's done, but still isn't fully comfortable living in Equestria. Aside from the convoluted setup I really wish that this sort of story was in the show. I feel like most of the characters really could use the development and attention.

My favorite panel:
Oct 25, 2017
Nightmare Knights #2
It's been a while, so I forgot they hadn't actually gathered their crew for the heist yet.

It's weird that Luna attempted to contact Stygian in his dreams, given she doesn't have her magic anymore. I assumed at first she recovered a bit, but she never uses magic again throughout the issue.

Something about Capper looks off. Maybe his face is too fat? Anyway, he had a good scene in Las Pegasus. That one pony shipped Luna and Capper, but you can see in other panels that she blushes around him a lot, so maybe there's more to that.

Interesting that Tempest is living with Lemon Drops. I didn't expect them to get that close.

The Trixie sequence was fun. So the logic behind going with her and not Starlight is that Twilight would notice if Starlight is doing something. I was surprised to see Sunset mentioned; I think this might even be the first time she was mentioned in the comics since the Reflections arc, minus the Equestria Girls specials of course.

In the sequence where they were coming up with a team name, it was kind of odd that Tempest didn't know about Nightmare Night. I almost feel like that line was meant for Capper.

Everyone in disguise is fun. Trixie, I mean Roxy, looks good in a top hat.

Silver Quill's review points out the art, particularly the variety of backgrounds and background characters, and I agree it's quite good.

My favorite panel:
Yeah, that's a good panel.
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcements!

Friday, we'll actually finish Revolutionary Girls Utena this time, with the last five episodes.

On Sunday, we'll be starting a new series: Kaleido Star, about a girl joining a circus as an acrobat and making friends, made by the creator of Princess Tutu (among the shows we've streamed). And we're also continuing our series of MLP two-parters and movies.

1. MLP - Princess Twilight Sparkle parts 1-2
2. Big Hero 6 - Rivalry Weak
3. Kaleido Star episodes 1-2
4. Super Gals episode 28

We're going some more rearranging beyond adding Kaleido Star. We're moving Fate/Zero to Friday, since some of the Sunday crowd aren't too keen on it; it's the start of the second season anyway.

December 2 will be a normal Sunday stream (with Rainbow Rocks airing, since we already watched "Twilight's Kingdom" a bit over half a year ago), but after that, we'll be showing a bunch of holiday themed stuff, largely using this thread as reference.


ED unboxes the Japanese EQG comic volume, and it's interesting.

The Japanese release of this EQG comic collection is actually pretty different from any US release. For one thing, it has The Fall of Sunset Shimmer, which I hadn't realized was never collected into volume form before. It also has FIENDship is Magic #3, the super outdated Dazzlings issue. You'd think they'd want to bury that, with every single part of it being contradicted, but

Some new art at the end.

And the next Japanese comic volume will be the Movie Prequels (which I honestly forgot existed, despite enjoying them), releasing in just one month, surprisingly enough. The QR codes are links to watch Equestria Girls on YouTube and Netflix.

Cute SFM video
11-23-18 Failed-Utena MST3K stream
Oct 25, 2017
Since people couldn't make it to today's stream, Utena has once again been delayed. Instead, we watched the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Werewolf, one of my favorites.

Amazon listing for the MLP manga confirms that it's an Original English Language manga, so not Japanese.

My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Volume 1
David Lumsdon (w) • Shiei (a)

The land of Equestria comes alive in this distinctive My Little Pony manga series that spotlights each of the Mane 6 and a host of other characters from the exciting world around them! When Pinkie Pie lends a hoof to help Twilight Sparkle and Spike clean up the Golden Oak Library, she discovers a mysterious mirror with the power to gaze into alternate realities. Upon entering the mirror and traveling to alternate realities, Pinkie Pie sets off a chain of events that will bring doom to Equestria! Follow this adventure--and many more--in this hilarious new My Little Pony manga series.

TPB • FC • $10.99 • 5” x 7.1” • 120 pages • ISBN: 978-1-64275-051-5

Bullet Point:
  • The land of Equestria comes alive in this one-of-a-kind My Little Pony manga spotlighting each of the Mane 6 and planet of their friends!
Tentative Release Date: June 18th, 2019 (Pre Order Here!)

Here's the artist's DeviantArt page. She has some pieces of MLP fan art.

Interview with Imalou, and it's pretty interesting. She goes into a lot of detail. I hadn't realized she was drawing back during season 1. It's great to hear she managed to convert this to a professional career.

Morning Frost by Imalou on DeviantArt

1.Annoyed Twilight sketch by tre
2.Smug Fluttershy sketch by tre
3. EQG Sunset X SciTwi - Untitled by Electric-Shine on DeviantArt
4.Sonata Dusk by EnvyGirl95 on DeviantArt
5.Scootaturkey and Sweetie Pilgrim by kdbrony

1.Cadance and Shining Armor cuddling by kevinsano
2. Fluttershy in Chopper's hat from One Piece (post timeskip) - Request by 1racat on DeviantArt
3.Sunset X Sonata Dusk by badumsquish - Using the scales seen in "Shadow Play".
4.Brown Kirin tilting head GIF by dorokuma_angie
5.Rarijack Loy krathong by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - Loy Krathong being a Taiwanese holiday

1. RariJack - A Time For Thanks by LennonBlack on DeviantArt
2.Spitfire by HigglyTownHero on DeviantArt
3.Rain Shine kirin by MinamiKoboyasy on DeviantArt
4. Celestia and Raven (her assistant) - Rest After a Hard Day of Work by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt
5.MLP:YL - Princess Flurry Heart by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt

1.Mercy (Overwatch) Fluttershy by holivi
2. Ember - Day of Embers by AssasinMonkey on DeviantArt
3.ScootaBelle by tylerdashart
4.StarTrix sketch by tylerdashart
5.Rainbow carrying sleepy Twilight sketch by tylerdashart

1. Sunset - Shimmering Sun by Darksly-z on DeviantArt
2. Luna - Daily Doodle 924 by Amarynceus on DeviantArt
3. Celestia and Luna - MLPFiM: Total Eclipse [Comic] by dsp2003 on DeviantArt
4. Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie - AU - Shadowbolts by NellaDang on DeviantArt
5.Sunset Starlight Tempest Sonata adventure by Light by Light262 on DeviantArt

1.Nightmare Moon by freeedon
2. Tempest - Captain Fizzle Pop by JayCDandelion on DeviantArt
3. Coloratura - Live To Perform by VanillaGhosties on DeviantArt
4. Human, somewhat revealing outfit - Older Sunset Shimmer by Axsens on DeviantArt
5. Changeling characters, including Ocellus - Changelings set by Marbola on DeviantArt



The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Kitchener, ON
On Sunday, we'll be starting a new series: Kaleido Star, about a girl joining a circus as an acrobat and making friends, made by the creator of Princess Tutu (among the shows we've streamed). And we're also continuing our series of MLP two-parters and movies.
Aww cute... Twilight wants to be an acrobat.

Because I'm obligated to sell people on Kaleido Star who might otherwise be unfamiliar with it, I'm including a link to the show's first OP. I'd link to a trailer or some other footage but there's very little I can show that wouldn't count as a spoiler.

Kaleido Star was was an original creation by show director Junichi Sato immediately following Princess Tutu. The series script was written and laid out by Reiko Yoshida shortly after her work on Digimon. And GONZO handled the heavy lifting on the animation which shows in a number of the show's heavily choreographed stage performances.

It's probably the one animated series that comes closest for me to mirroring the story structure and atmosphere of Friendship is Magic... in this instance with plucky newcomer Sora Naegino in the Twilight Sparkle role. Both are outsiders venturing out to make their mark in their chosen field while making friends and overcoming adversity while stubbornly confronting any and all obstacles. The first half of the show can be looked at as a comparable analog to FiM Seasons 1-3. The second half of the show can be seen as a corollary to FiM Seasons 5+... yeah, this show even has its own Starlight Glimmer.

There are a number of differences, obviously. This show boasts a strict linear story structure with plots and character development intersecting with each new performance on the Kaleido Stage serving as a pseudo act break. Despite the central focus, Sora's boundless enthusiasm has more in common with Gabby Griffon than Twilight.

And the biggest difference comes from the dynamic between Sora and this show's version of Celestia. Think of a Friendship of Magic series where Twilight wasn't Celestia's student but instead showed up out of the blue one day, crashed her turf and whose natural talents threatened to usurp her role as ruler of Equestria. The rivalry that develops from that tension serves as the central focus of Kaleido Star's narrative structure. This is essentially a sports anime... just one where the "sports analog" is swapped out for circus performances to make it more palatable to casual audiences.

For those of you who aren't able to scope out tomorrow's stream, you can find the first couple episodes on YouTube courtesy of Funimation so you can catch up with us...
Try not to miss the boat on this one, folks.

The entire Mac-PC ad campaign series could be quite awesome if recreated with Derpy in the role of PC and Twi in the role of Mac. I'd love to see others.
Oct 25, 2017
Keleido-Star was good stuff. I remember being at Anime Expo when it was first announced.

And if you're watching with Japanese voices, Fool is voiced by Touga from Utena.
RP 302 - The Shattered Realm 1 - Otter You Waiting For
Oct 25, 2017

B-Master Productions‏ @Beastlyboy2013 Nov 16
@ishiH3Art hey does Rollarcoaster of Friendship takes place before or after the My Little Pony movie?

Ishi Rudell‏ @ishiH3Art Replying to @Beastlyboy2013
Based on our EQG timeline it would after... when movie magic was written, the idea was to remove Starlight Glimmer from the MLP universe to explain why she wasn’t around during the time of the Pony Movie. And Rollercoaster of friendship happened after that. Therefore...

2:20 PM - 17 Nov 2018
The intention was that "Mirror Magic" would explain Starlight's absence from The Movie. Pretty interesting.

It doesn't work because Starlight appears in the Movie, and in "Mirror Magic", Starlight says that Twilight and the others are on a friendship quest. That doesn't make sense to describe the Festival of Friendship, and it would be an odd way to describe their quest to find the hippogriffs. Plus, if this really is supposed to be during the actual invasion, are we really supposed to assume Starlight knew about it but decided to have fun with Sunset instead?

Anyway, it's clear that the ponies and girls were meant to simultaneously face their greatest foes yet: Tempest and The Storm King, and Juniper Montage.

YTPMV of the Deltarune secret boss theme, with Starlight and Trixie.

And Japanese Movie trailer! Featuring Japanese Tempest and others.


We started our RPs again, using my own approximation of the Fate RP system (hoping to get closer to the real thing as we go on).
RP 302 - The Shattered Realm 1 - Otter You Waiting For
Cappy - Applejack

Applejack is helping out Fluttershy at her cottage when she goes into the broom closet and falls into another world (like Deltarune), of floating rocks above an endless void. There, she finds Maud and then fights a rock monster.

Maud shows Applejack a platform with sparkling portals to other times and spaces (like Chrono Trigger). There is a portal inside a bucket, but Maud warns against using it. It leads to a bathroom with a clogged up toilet. Applejack offers to fix it, but she needs tools, so Maud points her to a gate that leads to a market on another world, of otters.

Applejack stops a broom thief (brooms are in demand for nests) and is rewarded with tools. Maud explains the hub they came from is the Shattered Realm, created from the remnants of time and space falling apart, and if they don't do something, it will overtake their home too. She's oddly unconcerned about this. Time moves differently in the Shattered Realm; she's been stuck there for three years.

Applejack evokes the feeling of family to fix the toilet, which actually repairs the time rupture at that location, sending them back to the hub and removing the portal to the bathroom.

A mysterious figure appears and summons a glass spider creature to attack them before disappearing. Applejack gets the creature to fall into the void.

Fluttershy appears, having come to check on Applejack. She freaks out when she realizes they're stuck there, and Maud tells a joke.

Here's the sheet I made for Applejack.

Apple Bucking and Lasso turned out to be pretty broken; I need to change some skills around, particularly to increase Rapport; and I need to get a handle on how to handle examining things, in terms of things I felt didn't work in this session. I definitely need to get a better handle on the system in general, but I don't think that aspect negatively affected this session much.
Last edited:
11-25-18 Princess Twilight Sparkle stream
Oct 25, 2017
Said it before, but Princess Twilight really doesn't hold up well these days. A huge chunk of the episode is dedicated to flashbacks that have little purpose in the context of the story. It's nice to see Luna transforming into Nightmare Moon, especially since it's very well-animated and has a ton of budget put into it. But as a whole the thing is just a self-contained story that has nothing to do with everything else and just exists as fan pandering. The big emotional hook of the Mane 6 being forced to give up the elements, which are a symbol of their friendship, doesn't have much emotional weight to it. It especially gets bad because it ignores the obvious solution of only borrowing the elements for short periods of time and then returning them, which is something that they end up doing in later episodes anyway. The intrigue of "what's going on with the vines" isn't interesting at all. And a ton of the stuff that they were trying to set up with this 2-parter (and season 4 in general) doesn't really have much payoff and is generally just abandoned.

The one really good thing I will say is that Discord is arguably at his best her as a "good guy." More then the other episodes I think this one showcases that he's actually on the ponies' side but is still a dick about how he actually helps them. Him causing Twilight to go back to her friends is ultimately a good thing, but rather then doing it in more of a supportive way he guilt trips her by going after her insecurities.

Big Hero 6 was fun. It's nice seeing an episode not focused on Hiro for once, although it could have been better. Once again the biggest problem with the show I feel is the villain, which is especially problematic because he's one of those Big Bad villains that ends up being behind literally every bad thing that ever happens. The show spends so much effort showing off how much of a 5D Chessmaster he is that's so far above everything and is always in control. Which already I generally don't like those kinds of villains (I think the show would work a lot better if a lot of the fun weekly villains they have could actually stand on their own rather then always being contracted out by him) but on top of that he's just not interesting.
Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup.

*.Hasbro - My Little Pony - Twilight Sparkle Figure Princess Friendship Is Magic - YouTube
*.MLP: Friendship is Magic – ‘Meet Princess Twilight Sparkle’ Behind the Pony Featurette - YouTube
1. MLP - Princess Twilight Sparkle parts 1-2
*.Mahou Shojo Twilight Sparkle - Twilight's Transformation - YouTube (after first part)
*."Equestria Girls Ending Scene" by CrimsonBugEye MLP: FiM Comic Dub - YouTube (after first part)
*.[MLP Comic Dub] Dear Princess Twilight (comedy) - YouTube
2. Big Hero 6 - Rivalry Weak
*.Twilight as the Princess and the Pauper-Free - YouTube
3. Kaleido Star episodes 1-2
*.[PMV] Aliez - Princess Twilight Another Story - YouTube (after first episode)
*.Princesses don't sleep [Animation] - YouTube
4. Super Gals episode 28
*."Princess Fight" by Tan575 MLP: FiM Comic Dub - YouTube

YouTube videos came from "Princess Twilight" searches. The first two are official Hasbro videos. The first features Twilight saying, "Let's fly to my castle palace!" and the second features the most awkward announcer.

The Princess and the Pauper video is from a Barbie movie where Kelly Sheridan (Starlight) voices Barbie, though she doesn't provide the singing voice. I thought it was clever having Princess Twilight as the princess and Unicorn Twilight as the pauper. Everyone was surprised to hear that Pauper Barbie had to deal with REAL SHIT like debt. Looking at IMDB, I found it really weird that the two Barbies were both voiced by Kelly Sheridan but had two different singing voices.

About "Princess Twilight Sparkle", I like the bits with Twilight flying and being a princess, and Discord messing with her, but the storyline with the vines is quite weak aside from the reveal that Discord was behind it. Like Sylvee said, the thing with the Elements of Harmony falls flat because back in season 4, everyone was wondering why they didn't just take the Elements out of the Tree when needed, and then by season 7, they're doing just that. The Nightmare Moon vision was completely pointless and thus far hasn't led to any stories. Twilight having to command soldiers is potentially interesting, but bizarrely, they haven't done anything at all with that since. Has she even talked to any guards after this episode?

Big Hero 6 was fun. It's nice seeing an episode not focused on Hiro for once, although it could have been better. Once again the biggest problem with the show I feel is the villain, which is especially problematic because he's one of those Big Bad villains that ends up being behind literally every bad thing that ever happens. The show spends so much effort showing off how much of a 5D Chessmaster he is that's so far above everything and is always in control. Which already I generally don't like those kinds of villains (I think the show would work a lot better if a lot of the fun weekly villains they have could actually stand on their own rather then always being contracted out by him) but on top of that he's just not interesting.
There are eight episodes left of the season and only two don't involve Obake in some way. And one of them sucks (despite the return of High Voltage), so we'll be skipping that one.

Anyway, while this episode was fun enough, the one next week, "Fan Friction", is my favorite of the entire series and the entire reason I decided to put this show on the stream.

We started Kaleido Star, and it was a hit. This kind of shoujo series just seems to work better for the stream than other genres. The dub shared a ton of voices with Princess Tutu, even having Mr. Cat's voice play the ballet instructor, which felt pretty weird. Sora's voice was scratchier than I expected from her design, but that seemed to get toned down as the episodes went on.

It's been a while, but we finally got around to watching Super Gals 28. It was an alright episode, but it had some good gags.


Hmm, so there's a blog comic called Motherly Scootaloo (start), chronicling the single mother life of a Scootaloo that was knocked up as a teenager. It somehow turns into her dimension hopping with Starlight and this is the ending.

I was surprised to see this comic started six years ago, so it was from the heyday of Ask Pony blogs. Here's the chat conversation I had as I skimmed through it.
SigmasonicXToday at 6:42 PM
Alright, skimming through it to see how dimensional travel gets involved
It's one of those blogs that's "in continuity" with other blogs from other artists. Especially years after the fact, reading everything that's in continuity would be super confusing.
Using the chronological tag (https://motherlyscootaloo.tumblr.com/tagged/archive/chrono) it takes seven pages for Scootaloo to give birth, so I guess the dimension stuff will take a while.
CappyToday at 6:45 PM
what's the kid look like
SigmasonicXToday at 6:45 PM
By which I mean the birthing is just one comic, but she spends seven pages just pregnant.

She got knocked up by a random upperclassmate who never appears in the actual comic, BTW
CappyToday at 6:47 PM
the kid is that one in the back? or the one in the front i'm assuming the middle one is scoot
SigmasonicXToday at 6:47 PM
And yeah, she let her hair grow out because taking care of a child means no time for haircuts
Oh damn, Discorded Whooves. That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
Scootaloo looks cute here https://66.media.tumblr.com/adce07cfd99706e9a61e47f7585b27e9/tumblr_mj3rsphSey1r6c0zro1_500.png

SigmasonicXToday at 7:06 PM
Ah, my mistake, the baby daddy does appear.
CappyToday at 7:07 PM
is it thunderlane's brother
SigmasonicXToday at 7:07 PM
No, it's an OC.

Oh, there's a comment about season 3 (of MLP) starting soon. I hadn't realized it was this far back.
CappyToday at 7:08 PM
ohh, i was looking at that previous image as the kid being in the background and the grey one being in the foreground, but now i see they're all on the same plane
sort of
SigmasonicXToday at 7:09 PM
Oh, Rumble does actually appear


18 pages in and still no sign of the dimensional journey. But I do see a lot of Discorded Dr. Whooves. I suspect that this will end up being one of those cases where it gets caught up in a big crossover with other blogs that have time and dimensional travel until it takes over the entire thing.
CappyToday at 7:11 PM
isn't Rumble one of those Go Bots
SigmasonicXToday at 7:11 PM
No, he's from some ripoff, I think. Changeformers?
CappyToday at 7:12 PM

SigmasonicXToday at 7:13 PM
Oh right, this is pre season 5, so Diamond Tiara would do stuff like this https://66.media.tumblr.com/b449165f722f6e08cf74cfef0a5ec311/tumblr_n23tgudL3u1r6c0zro5_1280.png


OK, 20 pages in and it looks like we have something. The video mentioned something about a windigo, and here we have one.
CappyToday at 7:15 PM
she's a real mule
SigmasonicXToday at 7:23 PM
30 pages in, crossover with a Twilight X Big Mac blog happening now where Hades attacks their wedding.
34 pages in, Starlight is introduced.
UberTagToday at 7:27 PM
I don't approve of the Diamond Tiara abuse.
SigmasonicXToday at 7:29 PM
Huh. I thought for sure the dimension stuff would come from a crossover, but it appears to be happening completely within the context of this blog.
TBF Uber, she's insulting a single mother
CappyToday at 7:47 PM
and her baby :<
that's totally a DT move too, she was really brutal >_>
SigmasonicXToday at 8:59 PM
Huh, weird story development. So this started as an Ask Blog, as they do, but then in the story, Discord closed off the portals to Tumblr, so Scootaloo stopped hearing people ask questions. So it switches to just a continuous story. However, Starlight tricks her into reopening the Ask Blog and uses an anonymous request to break out of prison.
And yet Scootaloo still isn't dimension hopping, 40 pages in.
Oh, the dimension hopping only started one year ago. I sort of figured it would take up a larger part of the story.
Page 43.
SigmasonicXToday at 9:15 PM
Huh, so that guy in the video hadn't actually shown up until that video.
Granted I skimmed through the entire comic, but aside from the first dimension Scootaloo visits having her mother still be alive, none of the dimension hopping seems to actually really relate to the rest of the comic. It's just highlighting the author's friends' blogs and previewing her original content she plans to start after this.
Well, the video post does have a tag saying an epilogue is coming, so I guess that's where things will actually tie into previous events from the comic.
Looking at this author's FimFiction (which I'm amazed is decently active despite the author also running two comics simultaneously), I feel like this might appeal to Chained Prometheus https://www.fimfiction.net/story/307058/fate-equestria-girls
Fate/Equestria Girls
The Holy Grail War comes to the city of Canterlot and Twilight is forced to participate. Set in an Alternate Universe.

Well, aside from it being incomplete and the last chapter being in 2016
Chained PrometheusToday at 9:26 PM
Might check out eventually
SigmasonicXToday at 9:37 PM
Oh, I suppose I should drop more details about Motherly Scootaloo.
Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara make up and become friends eventually
Scootaloo is dating Rumble
Scootaloo and Cheerilee are half sisters (which actually comes from them being full sisters in G3)
Scootaloo's dead mom is Firefly, she has a deadbeat dad that's off somewhere, an OC I think.
Scootaloo's baby can fly (which you can see in the first picture I posted)

And here's a good Glim Glam PMV
Oct 25, 2017
New wacky European comic - The Quest for the Lost Toy
Actually some decent intentional gags this time.

In fanfic news... oh shit, Crimson Lips is going to get lewd. It's bumping up to an M rating.
Anyway, so for my first action for the new rating, the new chapter will feature something very lewd. HAND-HOLDING.

rushes to cover up eyes

Though seriously, this probably does mean I won't directly link the story anymore. I've covered Mono's previous lewd fics in this thread before, and she's pretty good at bringing in emotions and fluffiness during them, so I'm looking forward to how it's handled here.

Art dump.
1.Starlight's morning by DanLi69 on DeviantArt
2.Raripunk by danli69
3.Queen Chrysalis - Swamp Queen by Rariedash on DeviantArt
4. Celestia - Sun Spots by SilFoe on DeviantArt
5. Chrysalis - Crown of Jealousy by Taiga-Blackfield on DeviantArt

1. Pinkie Bat - Pinkie Pie 11 18 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
2.FlutterShy 11 21 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
3.Normal Pinkie by tohupo
4.Queen Chrysalis 11 23 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
5. Twilight X Sunburst - name a more iconic royal couple i'll wait by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt

1.Twilight and Spike by Monogy on DeviantArt
2. Twilight - Walking together by Xjenn9 on DeviantArt - She's saying, "Thanks for the night," which is said after a date.
3.Twilight Sparkle and Scootaloo by RidgesSky on DeviantArt
4. Fluttershy - ~Flutterhy~ by Gyuumu on DeviantArt
5.Flutterbat by RidgesSky on DeviantArt

1.Pony Panels by caibaoreturn
2.Human Panels by caibaoreturn
3.Applejack and Rainbow in crystal pony dresses by dcon
4.Celestia performing the Phoenix (probably) by bra1neater
5. Aurora, Bori, and Alice - Hearts Warming Magic by CutePencilCase on DeviantArt

Oct 25, 2017
I haven't watched the video yet, but SF Debris reviewed another set of MLP episodes: Best Night Ever, Pinkie Pride, Hearth's Warming Eve, and Hearthbreakers.

I don't get this selection at all. I get that the latter two are holiday episodes, but only "Hearth's Warming Eve" particularly feels like it's in Chuck's wheelhouse.

1.Fluttershy by nemovonsilver
2.Hello - Alizarin Bubblegum (background human from "Coinky-Dink World") by the-butch-x
3.Hello - Wallflower Blush by the-butch-x
4.Starlight Glimmer[Drawing with a mouse] by Jun1313 on DeviantArt
5. Derpy and Doctor Hooves - B00P by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt

1.Celestia redesign by liza-lee
2.Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar 11 27 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
3. Pinkie - Watch paint dry by Bra1nEater on DeviantArt
4. Celestia - Daily Doodle 933 by Amarynceus on DeviantArt
5.Starlight by panacee_chan

1.Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie selfie :) by lannarainbows on DeviantArt
2.Fluttershy pixel by lannarainbows on DeviantArt - There are others by this artist of the other characters
3. Twilight and Sunset - Nothing But The Sun by Jowybean on DeviantArt
4. Mane Six - Still Trotting on by Jowybean on DeviantArt
5.Thorax X Ember by 09hankris and rossmaniteanzu

1.Student Six, Cozy, and Starlight by imdrunkontea
2.AppleDash in the rain by nounoo
3.Twilight by chickenbrony
4.TwiDash kiss by dcon
5.Autumn Blaze by 棘有棘無棘棘

1. Twilight in sweater - Cold Weather by ShutterflyEQD on DeviantArt
2.moth fluttershy by mirroredsea on DeviantArt
3.FlutterShy 11 24 2018 by tohupo on DeviantArt
4.Twilight Sparkle by Rimmes-Broose on DeviantArt
5.Rarilight by DoraeArtDreams-Aspy on DeviantArt

1.Rarilight bomb5 Alternate Universe by KinGKerO on DeviantArt
2.Rarilight bomb3 Canterlot wedding dresses by KinGKerO on DeviantArt
3.Midnight Sparkle X Nightmare Rarity by bananasmores
4.Rarilight bomb1 Rainbow Power by KinGKerO on DeviantArt
5.Rainbow Power RariLight by bananasmores

1.Best Gift Ever Fluttershy by shadowreindeer
2.Trixie by sonnatora
3.Rainbow Dash - Relax the sky by Rariedash on DeviantArt
4.Thorax watching Gallus X Sandbar by kam
5.TwiShy by sunomii

1.RariLight bridesmaids by bananasmores
2.Teacher Sci Twi by iojknmiojknm on DeviantArt - A bit suggestive
3.Apple Family, including ghosts by ponimu, big macintosh
4. Twilight and Vannelope (Wreck-It Ralph) - Universe by Meruprince on DeviantArt
5. Pinkie - Coastline by Meruprince on DeviantArt

1. Applejack and Winona (her dog) - Evening trot by Marbola on DeviantArt
2.Luna with tiny Santa hat on her horn by shadowreindeer
3. Sugar Belle and Big Mac - Sugermac by lula-moonarts on DeviantArt
4. Sour Sweet - .:My Secretary:. (Commission) by The-Butcher-X on DeviantArt
5. Applejack and Rarity - .:Jealousy:. (Rollercoaster of Friendship) by The-Butcher-X on DeviantArt

1.TwiDash sharing scarf by dstears
2.Fluttershy by Yanamosuda on DeviantArt
3.SciTwiShimmer by femujoshi
4. Starlight, Twilight, and a Sunburst plushie - Water Bottle Buddy by bobthedalek on DeviantArt
5.RariLight rock star AU by earthsong9405
6. Pinkie - Pink by mirroredsea on DeviantArt

Cute animation

Some nice 3D models

Cute PMV
Oct 25, 2017
Oh hey, we actually have some more official fan art from Katrina Hadley, the director of Equestria Girls. It's from October 3, but it only got posted on Derpibooru now.

Someone familiar for fall. Even though I shouldn't
2:56 PM - 3 Oct 2018
She mentions in this tweet that she isn't allowed to post MLP fan art, hence the "Even though I shouldn't" and the plausible deniability about this being Sunset.

And speaking of her tweets, this one stood out to me.

PEREGRINE‏ @P_Peregrine Oct 14
@isitlunchyet_t Hello! Could I ask one little question? CMC is the student of Canterlot High School, right? Or is there a possibility that they are middle school student of affiliate school? I haven't seen a specified description that "They are the student of CHS" officially.

K.Hadley‏ @isitlunchyet_t
Replying to @P_Peregrine
It has never been formally discussed.

11:52 AM - 14 Oct 2018
It's pretty baffling to me that they haven't actually settled what the CMC are doing in Canterlot High. Are they high schoolers, or does CHS hold some middle school classes? We've seen them in classes with clear high schoolers and they go to CHS dances.


Stream announcements.

On Friday, for the third time, we're going to try to finish off Revolutionary Girl Utena.

On Sunday, we're going to watch the most highly regarded Equestria Girls film (though honestly I don't care much for it outside the songs) with the most impressive hair.

1. Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks
2. Big Hero 6 - Fan Friction
3. Kaleido Star episode 3
4. Super Gals episode 29


Read the newest Crimson Lips chapter. It hasn't bumped up to M yet, but I'll still stop linking it now. Anyway, the chapter was great. Here's the review I posted.
Well, this was basically a pulling at the collar GIF incarnate. Fantastically written chapter; I read it twice, and felt just as nervous the second time. Both looking forward to and dreading the moment with Twilight in the theater and what leads to Rarity crying in bed.

AU and all, but I feel kind of bad for Fluttershy's mother that she got cast in this role, haha. Hmm, come to think of it, Zephyr would probably be a frequent patron at Luna's brothel just to see Rainbow.

Wait, Fluttershy didn't seem to be aware of Opal's status, so this probably means she hasn't spent time with Rarity, and by extension any of the others. Sad, but it makes sense given her current status.

Interesting point from Luna that you often think, "What led to that woman becoming a sex worker?", but you never think, "What led to that man becoming a gardener?"

Wait, the blog post before this chapter came out promised hand holding. I suppose that's being saved for the first chapter after the move to M; it's a pretty big risk at T.

And a chat post I made that I'm amused by.
New Crimson Lips chapter (not M yet, so no hand holding) contains a lunch meeting that's pure
and it's great
Oh, I can actually explain it in emotes. It's

Followed by


Earlier, I read The Thief and the Princess by Muramasa. It was getting some heavy praise, so I was surprised by how short and simple it was. A thief decides to break into Canterlot Castle to steal Celestia's crown, but Twilight happens upon her and convinces her not to do it. Kind of interesting, but it didn't really do anything for me.

I also read A Break in the Clouds by Rambling Writer, recommended on The Round Stable forums. Tempest and Sunburst happen to meet at a cafe and talk for a bit. I found it kind of weird how everyone reacted to Tempest either with hatred or with no knowledge of the Storm King's actions. Sunburst's interactions with her were alright, and his solution to her magic problems was interesting, not solving them outright, but I still found it weird he had a solution so quickly. It was an alright fic.
Kotobukiya Twilight Sparkle revealed
Oct 25, 2017
I haven't watched the video yet, but SF Debris reviewed another set of MLP episodes: Best Night Ever, Pinkie Pride, Hearth's Warming Eve, and Hearthbreakers.

I don't get this selection at all. I get that the latter two are holiday episodes, but only "Hearth's Warming Eve" particularly feels like it's in Chuck's wheelhouse.
Alright, watched it. There's a shared theme of missing the point of celebrations, but there's still the problem that some of these aren't particularly fantasy or story focused episodes; though the boat on that set sail a long time ago, I suppose.

Anyway, there are some good quips in this video, and he seemed to enjoy the episodes.

Minor update to the Sunday stream, we'll be showing two Kaleido Star episodes (3-4) and no Super Gals.

And speaking of streams, there will be a bunch of Christmas and holiday streams this month. I'm leaning toward airing the following, using this thread as a basis for the first set.
Animaniacs - A Christmas Plotz/Little Drummer Warners (1993)
The Loud House: 11 Louds a Leapin' (2016)
Hey Arnold: Arnold's Christmas (1996)
Futurama - first (and second?) Christmas episodes
The REAL Ghostbusters - X-Mas Marks the Spot (1986)
The Christmas Tree (1991) (mandatory bad special)
Olive, the Other Reindeer (1999)
A Pinky and the Brain Christmas (1995)
Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation
Penn Zero Part Time Hero: North Pole Down

And others:
The Nightmare Before Christmas (we actually have someone who hasn't seen this)
MLP Hearth's Warming marathon (including first stream showing of Best Gift Ever)

I'll take other suggestions.
EDIT: Bump in the Night Christmas
EDIT: DuckTales (new episode)


Kotobukiya Twilight Sparkle Revealed!

Pony Twi's face looks a bit off, but it may just be the angle. In any case, this looks great!

A new type of Equestria Girls Minis is out. I think we've heard about these before; I don't believe they're replacing the other Minis, but these are versions that have swappable accessories. I find it funny that they went anthro for the legs.

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11-30-18 Actual Utena finale stream
Oct 25, 2017
Alright, we finally got around to finishing Revolutionary Girl Utena in the stream, with the last five episodes (subbed this time). Hmm, where to start?

I suppose I should start with what I made of Akio, his plans, and the ending.
* The power of Dios is sealed at the duelist tower / Akio's house. To break the seal and gain power to change the world, Akio has spent decades cultivating princes to steal blades from. With each failure, he changes his methods for cultivating princes, but regardless, he takes advantage of Anthy's devotion to him.
* Dios the ideal prince doesn't exist. Utena was basing her ideal off of a brief meeting with Akio long ago. There was some period of time where Akio was a good person, which Anthy is hanging onto, but that's long past. The power of Dios too may just be an ideal Akio is hanging onto that doesn't exist.
* Akio has manipulated everyone into redirecting all hatred that should rightly be directed to him toward Anthy instead. Anthy started this herself, but Akio got her to continue to willingly do this through abuse and manipulation. This redirection happens even to Utena when she catches Anthy naked with Akio, which is what drives Anthy to her attempted suicide.
* The reason people hate the prince given in the play is still ??? to me, so I'll assume that was obfuscation and people hate Akio because he's Akio.
* Akio is a loser that's been relying on Anthy and his illusion machine to mess with people for his own amusement, outside of the seal breaking plan.
* I had assumed there would be a point where Akio would withdraw the power of Dios from Utena, forcing her to fight on her own for the first time, but Akio himself ended up being a scrub and that never came up, so I guess Dios falling into Utena really was just a visual for Utena tapping into some inner strength.
* Utena thought Anthy needed a prince to rescue her, but she doesn't need another prince who will trap her in a "happily ever after" scenario; she needs a friend. As a friend, Utena is able to break through Akio's mental hold on her enough for her to leave Akio on her own accord, leaving him SOL.
* As far as Utena is concerned, she's still straight by the end of the show, and she and Anthy aren't in a relationship. If it wasn't for things I've heard about the movie and how the franchise is viewed, I wouldn't think they were actually romantically interested in each other. But with that, I'll assume the embers are there, and they may or may not get together in the future.

I should jump back to the part where I largely dismissed the backstory given in the play. I know the show doesn't want you to take things literally, but that play was presented with some significance and I can't make heads or tails of a major part of it literally or figuratively, so I decided not to think about it and just dismiss it for the meaning I thought was more interesting. There were many other parts where I wasn't sure if I should just take it as a wacky visual or something deeper. And the significance of this was that I wasn't particularly interested in looking deeper into it. And there are things in the bullet points above that weren't necessarily depicted in the show or were given much less explicit focus than I would have liked.

A big focus of these last episodes was Utena and Anthy, but they haven't actually gotten any development as friends for I feel like the last 20 episodes. Utena and Anthy being catty to each other (the poison talk) and then Anthy attempting suicide felt a bit unearned because of that. The student council spent much of the series sitting around talking about End of the World, which ended up all being time filler really, and they didn't do much these last episodes (aside from a duel and pep talk I mean). One disappointment was that there was that last recap special where Utena and Akio had sex, but in these last episodes, it didn't feel like that actually happened. Even when Akio showed tapes to shame Utena, he only showed a part from an earlier episode where Utena hurt her foot.

What I'm getting at is that the show focuses enough on its characters that it frustrates that it doesn't focus on them more.

I enjoyed the series, and thought the visuals and music were striking and wonderful when they needed to be. From these last episodes, all the swords attacking Anthy was an especially well done scene. And the Nanami comedy episodes were great, of course. However, I don't think the story, metaphors, and characters all quite came together well in the end. I'll definitely look back on the show and think, "Oh, that part was neat," more than I'll remember the parts I was less interested by, though.

I was also asked to read this fanfic that takes place in college, shipping Utena and Anthy. I wasn't so sure about the beginning, and most of the cameos really, but there were some good gags and the story of Utena slowly remembering was handled well. It was nice.
Oct 25, 2017
So, I really enjoyed the series, especially visually, and a lot of the short vignettes were fun. Nanami eps were really funny, and I liked all the characters.
I would've expected Utena to be doing more in the story, especially with some initiative/agency of her own rather than just reactions. That part is a bit of a bummer, because she is really awesome when she meets challenges (I really like her instantly fighting the black rose [Mikage] when she finds out the truth, and her last 2 duels, especially when she's beating Akio, and when she pushes him out of the way at the end to get to the door) but we never get to really see her on the offense.
I'm glad it's addressed that she could've done more to understand and help Anthy.
While all the visuals were great, some of them I could've done with some reaction to, or follow up. Like now I think I understand (or it's at least consistent) why Anthy disappears during the elevator scene of the car duel set, but it wasn't addressed at the time. And there's nitpicks like her using the revolution phrase all over despite not knowing or caring what that is. Even in that Touga duel she says she doesn't care about revolution and then the line plays again in the following sword pull.
Generally, though, I did like the light hand around explanations for the visuals. Like the door turning into the coffin at the end was really amazing, and definitely didn't need a bunch of explicit reactions, ditto for the reveal of Anthy being Mamiya. And also they make great use of just having characters witness things and leaving you to follow the train of thought of their reactions.
Like we discussed, the projector was a cool twist for explaining all the shenanigans at the duel arena.
Having the climax be so dire was really interesting, and I like having the follow up to that being a hopeful Anthy leaving that situation with Akio. In the prince flashback where Anthy takes his place, it showed that his sacrifices took too much of a toll, and Anthy was trying to spare him more pain, so having Utena make a sacrifice was a nice note for Anthy to realize her value as not just being subservient.
Oct 25, 2017
Replying to Captain Fish, using some stuff we discussed in the chat.
Utena being so passive combined with others realizing things but not telling her was pretty annoying, yeah. Only Nanami comes close to being straight with her. Early on, I was surprised by Utena herself was a pretty fun and low key wacky character, which helped with her lack of action, but this last arc dialed back on that a lot, I feel.

Early on, I was a bit hung up on how Utena didn't really react to the weird stuff that was happening but eventually dismissed it as a quirk of the setting. But the fact that there is actually an explanation for much of it makes Utena's reactions weird again.

The twist that Akio was having everyone duel in his house was fun, further cementing his manipulation, and the illusion machine was there the entire time. I thought it was just a weird telescope. However, it isn't really like you could have predicted that was its true nature. Maybe if there was a part in the center of the duelist arena you couldn't walk over. This is a minor complaint, to be clear.

It is interesting that the illusions come from a machine, when it could have easily been just some magic Akio had. Combining it with his love of cars, it continues a theme of Akio using outside tools for his plans, which applies to how he treats Anthy too.

I hadn't made the connection between Anthy sacrificing herself and Utena sacrificing herself for Anthy. Although, I did think there was going to be a moment where Utena tries to take the brunt of the swords from Anthy; it being more of a side effect of Utena opening the coffin obfuscated that for me I guess.

I was surprised that Akio was perfectly fine and continuing his plans by the end, though Anthy leaving him and thus making him completely impotent is a fine punishment. I still would have preferred him being in a cast at least.

More stuff later, but I made a commission and it looks great.
[Commission] - Braid by Katakiuchi4U

I think I'll commission more MLP and Tangled crossover art from this artist.

Also, a good PMV
12-2-18 Rainbow Rocks stream
Oct 25, 2017
Rewatching Rainbow Rocks, the soundtrack I think is easily the strongest of any of the EQG movies. (Which is saying a lot because I think that the soundtracks are easily some of the best parts of each of the movies) In particular I really like Welcome To The Show, it's kind of disappointing that none of the other epic stories have had a song for the climax. However one of the biggest problems with the movie is just that the Mane 6 all act like jerks and do nothing but cause problems in order for Sunset to come in and save the day, and once you start looking for that it becomes really apparent. To that end it makes me feel like the movie would have been better if Twilight wasn't even in the movie at all as she does almost nothing of consequence the whole movie. There's still some cool parts, and the Dazzlings are still one of the better villains of the show, but it's got issues too.

For Big Hero 6 the episode Fan Friction really makes me wish that the rest of the show was at its quality. It's fantastic. Fun premise, good character development, fantastic action, and it even does a great job at making the whole team feel useful despite it being primarily a Hiro episode. Aside from the weak main villain I think my biggest issue with the show so far is just that the rest of the characters besides Hiro rarely do anything of consequence in the episodes. Too often the episode is framed as Hiro learning something important so he can defeat the bad guy at hand and grow as a person, which ends up with lots of fight scenes where the rest of the gang show up and get instantly defeated while doing nothing useful because they're not allowed to actually solve the problem. This episode still has Hiro learning a lesson, but at the same time the rest of the cast plays a much more active role in the plot and each has their own moments to shine in the action scenes. And a large part of why the action scenes in this episode are so good is because they actually take advantage of all of the characters' unique skills rather then have them try to do something useful and fail so Hiro can come in and save the day. It's such a massive step up in quality from the rest of the show that it makes me wish that it was always like this. Not so say that Big Hero 6 is bad, but I feel like it could be a lot better and the two major problems I have with it (The main villain and the massive focus on Hiro) can easily be fixed with the show refocusing itself in Season 2.

EDIT: One other thing I really wish they'd do more is have them learn/develop new powers. The group is actually pretty pedestrian when you compare them to a lot of other super teams, and I feel like it would be cool if they grew more into fully-fledged superheros. Legit one of the heroes can cut through things, and another one's super power is that he has a non-violent robot fly him around. They're super geniuses it would be cool to see them develop their technologies further and come up with new stuff to help them out. They did it a bit in Fan Friction, I just wish they'd do more.
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RP 303 - The Shattered Realm 2 - Applestonia
Oct 25, 2017
Here's Saturday's RP.
RP 303 - The Shattered Realm 2 - Applestonia
Applejack - Cappy


Fluttershy has arrived in the Shattered Realm, panicked, and then recovered. She, Applejack, and Maud go into one of the portals to find a way home. Thanks to Maud's dirt investigation, they know they're in the correct dimension, but in the year 3121. The present day is 2018.

Maud is snatched up by the duo of the Headless Horse and the Diamond Dogless Head (the disembodied head of a Diamond Dog), and despite Applejack and Fluttershy's efforts, she is taken into a tunnel where they can't follow.

The remaining two ponies go into the nearby town of Applestonia, founded by the Apple Family to farm apple stones. Applejack argues with a future relative and then they go into a bar. There, Applejack is challenged by a yak named Lyzolda to a game of Pin the Tail on Celestia. Applejack wins and thus the yak reveals the following.

Strange creatures have been popping up, and they appear to be coming from rifts in time and space. Fixing them will make them disappear. Canterlot has sent someone to help with this. Lyzolda is willing to help with Maud by providing a map of the tunnels and by smashing.

Some BarBEARians appear in the bar, and a cloaked figure that was in the bar fends them off with a flurry of sword swipes in the air. She reveals herself to be Princess Flurry Heart, now an adult.

And here is Applejack's new sheet.

Late stream followup, we watched the following.
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - 'Magic of Friendship' Music Video - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks EXCLUSIVE Short - 'Music to My Ears' - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks 'Shake your Tail!' EXCLUSIVE Short - YouTube
1. Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
*.Tricks Up My Sleeve [PMV] - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - "Friendship Through the Ages" Music Video - YouTube
2. Big Hero 6 - Fan Friction
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - 'Life is a Runway' Official Music Video - YouTube
3-4. Kaleido Star 3-4
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - 'My Past is Not Today' Official Music Video - YouTube (after first)
*.MLP ANIMATION The Sirens' Call (Equestria Girls Dazzlings Song) - YouTube

The first YouTube video is another one of those live action videos. At least there are some non-white people mixed into the Mane Six actors this time.

Rainbow Rocks has a great soundtrack, particularly with the final battle and the credits song. I wasn't too attached to Trixie's song before, but it's growing on me now. Like Sylvee said, it's frankly remarkable that they haven't done a song final battle again. Really, they haven't used much of anything from this movie in later stories.

The Dazzlings are entertaining baddies, but in the lead up to this stream, I was thinking and realized they almost never actually interact with the heroes. They talk to Sunset once at the beginning, Sunset tries to threaten them later, and then they never interact with anyone else until the final battle.

Aside from the sleepover sequence and the midnight snack sequence, all of the non-Sunset heroes are honestly unlikable in this movie. They treat Sunset pretty badly (and since Sunset carries over none of her negative qualities from the first movie, this is presented as completely unjustified) and they're all useless. Twilight especially, who misses all the hints that they just need to enjoy playing music to bring the magic and instead focuses on making a specific counterspell for no reason, even though she has never heard the Dazzlings sing and doesn't know how to make a counterspell in the first place. If the movie is going to insist on including Pony Twi, then at least have her know how to make counterspells, but they just aren't working because Dougworld magic is weird. Sunset getting a prominent role was from a late revision to the script, so I have to imagine the version before was mostly what we have now, but Sunset doesn't do anything important and Twilight is the one who gives the speech when they're trapped under the stage. The hook is Sunset being reformed, so even if I'm not a fan of Twilight not noticing that everyone was arguing, the story without the Sunset hook would have been much worse.

As I've mentioned before, I dislike the Brad scenes here even more than the ones in the first movie, because Twilight shows way too much interest in him. Thank god they stop trying to force a romance between them after this point.

It's still hilarious that once Twilight establishes a stable portal between Equestria and Dougworld, she proceeds to never go through it again, except once for a cameo at the end of Friendship Games. And she never talks to anyone except Sunset again.

I feel like they make sure to redeem every Equestria Girls villain because they chose not to redeem the Dazzlings, which bit them in the ass when they turned out to be really popular and then there was no elegant way to bring them back.

But I think there might be a way to do that, not in Equestria Girls, but the pony show. The Legends of Magic comics established that Stygian wasn't in favor of the way they defeated the Dazzlings, by casting them into another dimension instead of talking to them. You could have an episode of the show where they somehow come back to Equestria (maybe set up by the upcoming cruise special) and then have it focus on Starswirl and Stygian. You could contrive things so Twilight and Spike never appear, thus you would have no reason to bring up Rainbow Rocks. The Dazzlings are friendshipped, Starswirl learns a lesson, and then the Dazzlings willingly go back to the other dimension.

Anyway, in the stream, we also had someone who hadn't seen any of the Equestria Girls movies, so that was fun. He said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, but the story and setting felt unnecessary. And "Tricks Up My Sleeve" got stuck in his head.

With Big Hero 6, "Fan Friction" is one of my favorite episodes, primarily for the fan fiction parts, but I had forgotten it has some great action sequences too. Like Sylvee mentioned, this is largely due to the team actually working as a team, as opposed to losing until Hiro saves the day. More specifically, there was a lot of Honey Lemon and Gogo, who really are the most dynamic fighters. There were also several moments where the heroes only lived because they were facing a sword user in a kids show. As for the story, I was really surprised to see it take a very positive view of fan fiction, with it making Karmi more popular and actually helping the heroes come up with ideas. I have to imagine the show crew can't legally look at any fan fiction for ideas, though. Something Sylvee said that I hadn't thought about is that this is one of the few episodes where it really feels like the heroes are upping their game by developing new techniques. I know for sure that Overdrive Mode appears in future episodes, but I can't remember if anything else we saw did.

The Kaleido Star episodes were good. When Sora was given a low-ranking role handing out toys to the audience and realized this was a chance for her to perform too, I was surprised to see this resulted in delays to the rest of the show and children getting lost (and probably dying) because she didn't think about how her actions fit in with the other performers. The second episode gave a prominent role to a background worker who had a background character design and a background character voice.

On another note, I was talking in the chat about how odd the chemistry club member list is here, but then I noticed something about the picture.

Sunset's head is way bigger than Twilight's, and her neck looks weird too.
Oct 25, 2017
I didn't watch Rainbow Rocks this time, but I've seen it recently.

In rewatching the first two movies, the biggest issue in the first one is there's not enough of Sunset in it. They saddle her with Snips and Snails for some reason, and they do a lot of her villainy by proxy. You don't get a lot of her manipulation and control outside of the 5 friends being mixed up. Even then, that stuff, her bullying of Fluttershy and the ending scene with the sledgehammer carry a decent amount of characterization. The movie is just packed full of fish out of water stuff that I've never been a fan of, even though it's not poorly written it's just not a particularly interesting content to me, especially on a rewatch.

Rainbow Rocks putting Sunset in this outcast role where she's not trusted and trying to figure out how to help, how to fit in and how to join in with the 5 friends was an interesting concept to me. It felt like a fresh lane for how they do characters in the show. At the time you had early Twilight, who while enthusiastic about her friends, still had loner tendencies and different interests in season one, Luna Eclipsed and Maud (maybe Discord fits here too). Since then they've done way more of those types of characters and I think it's a really good lane for the show of genuinely having outsider characters find a way to fit in. It's also more subdued in Sunset's case than compared to the bombast of the Luna return or Maud's introduction.

So for me that carried a lot of my enjoyment of the movie in that moment. And there are a some fun songs. But I've never really held it up outside of that. And I think they've done a lot better in the show with that specific lane with Starlight and the characters around her. Especially with how they created a really specific characterization for Starlight compared to Sunset who I find pretty generic. For example, I think it's great they'll often just have Starlight not join in some mane 6 task (and even make jokes about it) because it's not something she'd ever want to do, and that's the opposite of what they did with Sunset. It also doesn't help that I think Sunset's chemistry is the best with original Twilight and they basically stopped having her around.
Oct 25, 2017
It also doesn't help that I think Sunset's chemistry is the best with original Twilight and they basically stopped having her around.
This is something I hadn't really thought about until Forgotten Friendship showed that Sunset has waaaaaaaaaaaay better chemistry with PonyTwi than everyone else, including SciTwi.
Oct 28, 2017
Huh. Never really thought about how much chemistry Sunset had with Princess Twilight. If only they have gone with original Friendship Games ending whereby SciTwi does accept being with her peers in Crystal Prep. I mean, not like SciTwi wouldn’t just pay a visit to the Humane 6, but the ending we ended getting more or less didn’t leave much point for Princess Twi to return.

As for RR, I do wonder how there was not much interaction between the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings outside of Sunset directly confronting them. Still probably the best gen 4 film for me, even slightly above the the theatrical MLP film but just barely.

And going to watch the first 2 season 8 episodes right now.