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My Little Pony |OT| An adventure that never will end

Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement. Note that this is starting one hour earlier, but I'll try to time it so the new episode is at the previous starting time so if you're late you'll just miss FiM rereuns. Here are the episodes.

1. FiM - 503 - Castle Sweet Castle
2. FiM - 614 - The Cart Before the Ponies
3. FiM - 903 - Uprooted
4. Tangled - 218 - Mirror, Mirror
5. Fruits Basket (2019) - 1
6. Fruits Basket (2019) - 2

Hopefully we can actually start Fruits Basket this time. This Tangled episode is the start of a series of really strong episodes, BTW.

And art dump.
1.Twilight, Spike, Pinkie, Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy, Gummy, and sweets by dearmary
2.Game Night by Underpable on DeviantArt - Celestia, Luna, Tempest, Golden Harvest, and an OC
3.G4 Rainbow by vurtuaghost
4.G3 Rainbow by vurtuaghost
5.Rainbow by lambibelle

1.Pear Butter by PatchNpaw on DeviantArt
2.Princess of the Sun by FlySoulDragon on DeviantArt - Celestia
3.Fluttershy Portrait Remake by Miokomata on DeviantArt
4.I will always be with you by Darksly-z on DeviantArt - Pear Butter and Applejack
5.Twilight Sparkle Fan-Art by SHINNINGBLOSSOM12 on DeviantArt

1.Starlight and Sunset by cckittycreative
2.Pony SciTwi by pabbley
3.Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi) by Puetsua on DeviantArt - Pony
4.Petite Princesse d'Amour by ManeInGreen on DeviantArt - Twilight
5.Sci Twi (MLP EG Fanart) by cyntia-art on DeviantArt

1.EQG Rainbow and Fluttershy by keeerooooo1
2.Twilight Sparkle human by MocaAngel on DeviantArt
3.Pinkie thinking? by tohupo
4.my little owl by TingSan on DeviantArt - Twilight human and Owlowiscious
5.Rainbow and Fluttershy human meeting by ssssr茴香豆蝶子

1.Human Rainbow X Fluttershy by ssssr茴香豆蝶子
2.Sunset by xiao_chic
3.Twily by PlnetFawn on DeviantArt - Young Twilight
4.I will Love you Forever by Vird-Gi on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
5.Generousity by LiaAqila on DeviantArt - Applejack and Rarity

1.Hairstyle by LiaAqila on DeviantArt - Rainbow and Windy Whistle
2.[Commission] Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike by AHEKAO on DeviantArt - Giant scary Spike
3.Celestia in Oversized Sweater by LateCustomer on DeviantArt
4.Blackhole by SakuraCheetah on DeviantArt - Daybreaker, based on the black hole image
5.A candidate from the nation by INowISeeI on DeviantArt - Trixie

1.Space Ponies! by DebMervin on DeviantArt - Part of a Space Ponies art event, with Twilight and Applejack
2.Space Apples - Freak out in a Moonage Daydream by GafelPoez on DeviantArt - Twilight and Applejack
3.Short Hair by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - EQG Rainbow and Twilight
4.Hang out by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - Sunset and SciTwi, with others in background
5.Rainy Day by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - EQG Rarity and Applejack

And comic
S7M Fond Memories by doubleWbrothers on DeviantArt - Celestia, Luna, and Starswirl
4-14-19 Uprooted stream
Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - ‘Mad Twience’ Official Music Video - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - Sunset Shimmer's ‘Monday Blues’ Official Music Video - YouTube
1. FiM - 503 - Castle Sweet Castle
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - ‘Get the Show on the Road’ Official Music Video - YouTube
*.Good Vibes | MLP: Equestria Girls | Summertime Shorts! [HD] - YouTube
2. FiM - 614 - The Cart Before the Ponies
*.MLP: Equestria Girls Season 1 - Twilight Sparkle Sings 'The Finals Countdown' 📓 Music Video - YouTube
*.Room to Grow (My Little Shop of Horrors) | MLP: Equestria Girls | Better Together (Series) [Full HD] - YouTube
3. FiM - 903 - Uprooted
*.Hurt Incantation PMV - YouTube
4. Tangled - 218 - Mirror, Mirror
*.My Little Pony - "Underneath The Tree" by Kelly Clarkson - YouTube
5. Fruits Basket (2019) - 1
6. Fruits Basket (2019) - 2
*.MLP:FIM [Animation] "Wrong Apple Tree" - YouTube

Starting the stream an hour earlier seemed to work well, so we'll continue doing that.

I added a bunch of EQG shorts as it was the easiest way to pad out the stream so "Uprooted" started after the previous start time. These songs were still just alright, my favorite being "My Little Shop of Horrors"'s "Room to Grow", with SciTwi just being adorable in it, and the song's the best of this set. The others aren't bad, though. Least memorable is "Good Vibes", but "The Finals Countdown" is a weaker song.

"Castle Sweet Castle" and "The Cart Before the Ponies" are still both fun; I like the latter more than many people.

I liked "Uprooted" more on a second watch.

The Tangled episode was good. I hadn't realized how similar it was to a Reboot episode until it was pointed out.

We started Fruits Basket and it seems to have been received well, so we'll keep up with its weekly airings.
Oct 25, 2017
We're out of the spotlight, so time to go back to what we really post here


It's the same.

Some fan creator news

Vannamelon has been making Let's Play videos in character as Fluttershy since 2014, so when I saw a big announcement video, I figured that meant she'd be moving on from that. It turned out to be the opposite. Instead, after drifting away from the Fluttershy character for a while in videos, she's now included an animated "face view" of Fluttershy that looks pretty good in the below video, and created a separate channel for out of character stuff. Her version of Fluttershy is going by the name Fluttershee now, though.

I linked the below video at a timestamp of 6 minutes 54 seconds because it's the start of a pretty crazy story that has good reactions from the Fluttershy face view.

And on her non-pony channel, she has this fun animation based on her Undertale Let's Play.

Looking at another fan creator, Pencils has resumed work on Anon's Pie Adventure, which is on the lewd side so I'd prefer not to link it. He's one of the few fan creators to make the transition to official content, and he has another IDW MLP comic coming up. The news I'd like to report is that it looks like he aims to draw an IDW Sonic comic in the future. It's good to see him leverage his MLP success into drawing other comics.
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement. On Thursday, for Easter, we have the most Easterish of streams!
1. The Secret World of Alex Mack - 104 - The Videotape
2. Zootopia

First one was on request, second because there were some meme suggestions for Hop and The Dog Who Saved Easter, and Hop reminded me of Judy Hopps. Zootopia is kind of an Easter movie because... rabbit.

Monochromatic released a new RariTwi oneshot! Practice Makes Perfect. Here's the review I posted.
This was adorable. It's nice to have more of these one-offs from you again.

Art dump.
1.Twilight Sparkle Fan-Art by SHINNINGBLOSSOM12 on DeviantArt
2.Pom [Thems Fightin Herds] by AlexBlueBird on DeviantArt
3.Vapor Trail by poponkaponpon
4.Rainbow and Rumble disapproving of Lightning Dust X Thunderlane by ryuu
5.[Sketch]Fall by fluorbaryt on DeviantArt - Applejack

1.[Sketch]U by fluorbaryt on DeviantArt - Reindeer Rainbow
2.Orange and Pink by fluorbaryt on DeviantArt - Applejack and Pinkie
3.Pinkie Pie by fluorbaryt on DeviantArt
4.Fluttershy (Stitch Sweater) by ShadowReindeer on DeviantArt
5.Coco Pommel working for Suri Polomare by puetsua

1.Dashing Dash by BAKUD on DeviantArt
2.Rarity by Reysi on DeviantArt
3.Cadence in Oversized Sweater by LateCustomer on DeviantArt
4.Keeping Your Hooves On The Ground by Asimos on DeviantArt - Filly Fluttershy and Rainbow
5.- You look so beautiful, my Darling | MLP:FiM by dementra369 on DeviantArt - Fluttershy X Rarity

1.- I believe in you my Greatest | MLP:FiM by dementra369 on DeviantArt - Starlight X Trixie
2.Cute..! by Marenlicious on DeviantArt - Gallus
3.Omg you are so adorable! by Marenlicious on DeviantArt - Smolder
4.mirror by mirroredsea on DeviantArt - Somnambula
5.paracosm by mirroredsea on DeviantArt - Marble Pie

1.Tailwind by AutumnVoyage on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
2.And She Knows It by Evehly on DeviantArt - Celestia knowing the truth
3.Yona by UniSoLeiL on DeviantArt
4.Smolder by UniSoLeiL on DeviantArt
5.Instagram Rarity by Wooxx on DeviantArt - Anthro

1.Twin Tails Fluttershy by HowXu on DeviantArt - EQG
2.Twili by Patty-PLMH on DeviantArt - Human Twilight
3.Human Fluttershy by dez
4.Human Fluttershy and Rainbow scary camp story by dez
5.Crying Human Fluttershy by dez

1.Human Rainbow holding Pony Fluttershy by dez
2.Moondancer reading in a bookshelf by dstears
3.Moondancer expressions by dstears
4.Queen of Fire by SarAlieng on DeviantArt - Sunset and an OC dragon
5.Scootaloo by AutumnVoyage on DeviantArt

[4koma] Fusion by SazanamiBD on DeviantArt - Trixie and Starlight

Nice PMV of a Tangled the Series song
4-18-19 Zootopia stream
Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
1. The Secret World of Alex Mack - 104 - The Videotape
2. Zootopia

You know, I never really watched Alex Mack growing up. The only one I remember watching even a bit of was an episode called "Saturn", and that was only because of the faint hope the episode was titled that because of the Sega Saturn, and I really wanted to see it in action. Pretty sure I stopped a few minutes in because I realized that was a dumb idea; I definitely don't recognize the episode summary, and I don't know how the title relates to a school dance. I did recognize the opening though. I don't like the opening theme, but I didn't remember what show it went to until we watched this.

Anyway, the episode was pretty fun, given it's a low budget live action show for kids.

Zootopia is still good, though the villain makes less and less sense. I had forgotten a lot of it, including the entire nudist section. That section where Judy accidentally causes a race riot is pretty rough, and especially with modern times, it's really frustrating how reckless she was with all that. Anyway, we all hope this gets a followup. I'd prefer a TV series, especially if it's done like Tangled.

Some art.
1.You Were Right (Commission for CodyandGwen) by faitheverlasting on DeviantArt - Scootaloo and Lightning Dust
2.My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle by TheNornOnTheGo on DeviantArt
3.Glimg Glam the gardener by Deraniel on DeviantArt - Starlight
4.Shading practice by Deraniel on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
5.Princess Of Friendship by Schokocream on DeviantArt - Twilight

1.Queen of the village by Taurson on DeviantArt - Starlight
2.So Many Friends by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt - Twilight and many others
3.AppleRise by PucksterV on DeviantArt - Applejack X Strawberry Sunrise
4.Somnambula and the Sphinx by VanillaGhosties on DeviantArt
5.Anthro Coco Pommel by casara

1.Spring Sunset Shimmer by DrAltruist on DeviantArt
2.Flutershy. spring breakdown by focusb on DeviantArt
3.Suit me? by PhoenixPeregrine on DeviantArt - Twilight
4.Guilda kiss Pinkie by PhoenixPeregrine on DeviantArt
5.Night Beauty by MagnaLuna on DeviantArt - Luna

1.Rainbow Dash Vector 27 - Rainbow Hat by CyanLightning on DeviantArt
2.Songbird Serenade by TheUnconsistentOne on DeviantArt
3.Sweetie Belle by LlamaCheesecake on DeviantArt
4.mlp fluttershy by DDdreamdraw on DeviantArt
5.i'm alone with you by IridescentAdopt on DeviantArt - Sad Twilight

Oct 25, 2017
Sunday stream announcement, we're getting to a couple episodes we somehow never streamed before.

1. FiM - 305 - Magic Duel
2. FiM - 509 - Slice of Life
3. FiM - 904 - Twilight's Seven
4. Tangled - 219 - You're Kidding Me
5. Kaleido Star - 16
6. Fruits Basket - 3

I suppose I'll ask here too. I think it makes sense to use this stream to show everyone's favorite MLP fan videos; I imagine there will be other things to show by the series finale. So suggest what should be shown; please keep it below five minutes per video.

And more art.
1.Maid Twilight by flysouldragon
2.Human Mane Six by sled
3.[ Collab ] Lights Through the Hallway by riukime (collab with RottenGotika) on DeviantArt - Celestia
4.Luna with a mustache by Andy Price
5.Starlight kissing Sunburst on the cheek by zubastyypersik

1.Derpy by dstears
2.curly mane cheerilee by mirroredsea on DeviantArt
3.Mane Six Thank You by ratofdrawn
4.Sunset for season 9 and Twilight by artiks
5.Pony SciTwi by kimjoman

1.Fluttershy Vector 32 - Impossibly Rich by CyanLightning on DeviantArt
2.Fuwuttershy by sevedie on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
3.Silverstream painting Easter eggs by sketckpad1
4.Pear Butter with a pie by n0nnny
5.Realistic Spember by Colourstrike on DeviantArt - Ember X Spike

1.Ponytaildash by aem97 on DeviantArt - Rainbow
2.Hi there!(MLP) by PureDiamond360 on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
3.Snowfall Frost by NestorUst on DeviantArt - AKA Starlight
4.Unicorn Twilight by ch-chau
5.Fluttershy expressions by ch-chau

1.Pinkie surprised by tohupo
2.Bunny Cutie Mark Crusaders by colorfulcolor233
3.Fluttershy kimono by 91o42
4.Ember and Spike eating contest by lumineko
5.EQG Dazzlings in office setting by howxu

1.Twilight with a book by mlpfwb
2.a gift by mirroredsea on DeviantArt - Rose
3.Derpy saying you are loved by typhwosion
4.Celestia and Luna by magentell
5.Chrysalis by jun1313

1.Ponkie Choco by Kaikururu on DeviantArt - Pinkie Happy Easter
2.A tale of Autumn by Auroriia on DeviantArt - Autumn Blaze
3.Nefertwily by Ikarooz on DeviantArt - Twilight
4.Sweet Girl by KaitoWivil on DeviantArt - Starlight
5.Fluttershy`s pink dreams by KaitoWivil on DeviantArt

1.Coloratura by AutumnVoyage on DeviantArt
2.[COMMISSION] Silver Stream by Setharu on DeviantArt
3.Gallus by Setharu on DeviantArt
4.Zecora dressed as a character from Detroit: Become Human by shadowreindeer
5.G5 Earth Pony Twilight by shadowreindeer

1.Mane Six Babscon banner by dawnfire
2.Copic marker Sweetie + Rarity by Celebi-Yoshi on DeviantArt
3.Gallus by dawnfire
4.boo? by belka-sempai on DeviantArt - Flutterbat
5.Human Fluttershy by crazykittychan02

1.MLP Sunset Shimmer Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep on DeviantArt
2.MLP Starlight Glimmer Plush (for sale) by Little-Broy-Peep on DeviantArt

I know all by Yakovlev-vad on DeviantArt

Student Six #213 by Sintakhra on DeviantArt
4-21-19 Sparkle's Seven stream
Oct 25, 2017
Weird and creepy but interesting animation

Stream followup, we watched the following.
*.MLP FIM FanFic - YouTube
*.MLP Equestria Girls-Extended Hub Promo Edition - YouTube
1. FiM - 305 - Magic Duel
*.PMV - The Stars Will Aid In Her Escape (Cosmic Love) - YouTube
*.La Da Dee (PMV) - Collab ft. Heir-Of-Rick - COMPLETE - YouTube
2. FiM - 509 - Slice of Life
*.PMV | Dear Princess Celestia.... - YouTube
*.Don't Stop | PMV Collab - YouTube
3. FiM - 904 - Sparkle's Seven
*.[PMV] Get Lucky - YouTube
*.Eurobeat Brony - Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix) - YouTube
4. Tangled - 219 - You're Kidding Me
*.My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic provides a realistic representation of life in Ponyville - YouTube
*.My Real Ponies - YouTube
5. Fruits Basket - 3
*.[PMV] - The Garden - YouTube
*.Children of the Night - YouTube
6. Super Gals - 34

I didn't get many video suggestions <_<. But there are enough major videos for multiple streams; I had to leave out a bunch here.

"Magic Duel" is still fun, even if it turned out to be the wrong direction for Trixie. I chose it for the Dangerous Mission Outfit, but there's also a connection through Twilight turning to her friends for trickery.

"Slice of Life" is still good too. I forgot a lot of it, even Doctor Hooves' involvement.

My opinion on "Twilight's Seven" hasn't changed.

The Tangled episode was still fun, and responses seemed to be good.

Fruits Basket 3 was full of meaningful Tohru speeches, and it was good.

Everyone bailed by Super Gals, but it was an episode I was planning on checking out beforehand to see if I wanted to show it (but forgot), so I watched it on my own anyway. I was worried about Otohata drama, but that made up very little of the episode and it was mostly wacky fun. However, it's become clear that Super Gals isn't a draw, and we're going through it at a glacial pace, so I'm dropping it from the stream so the ones watching it can go ahead and watch the rest on their own.

Note that I don't expect to be available for next Sunday's stream. I will be around for the Thursday stream, though. If there's a Friday stream (last Friday of the month), I won't be available for that.
Last edited:
Oct 25, 2017
New Monochromatic one-shot story! A Confession Overdue
In a dimly lit tavern, Rarity tells Twilight a tale of loss, heartbreak, and how you haven't lived life until you've sobbed in a bar.
Here's my review.
TFW you're reading another fic and get a notification about a new Mono fic.

Ha, didn't see that ending coming. Good old overdramatic Rarity. Great to see another one-shot from you!
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement! On Thursday, with the lead up to Endgame, we'll come to understand that the hardest choices require the strongest wills, and make... The Final Sacrifice

1. MST3K - The Final Sacrifice
2. Infinite Ryvius - 4

We'll be celebrating Uber's soon return to the land of the living with this special Canadian movie. Also getting back to Infinite Ryvius.

Article that starts out with an interesting look at the effect of MLP on DHX, but then it goes down the normal brony explaining route.

Easter Pinkie

Some art.
1.EQG Fluttershy and Sunset by katakiuchi4u
2.Pinkie Pie x Lucio by Avonir on DeviantArt - As in dressed as her
3."Over a Barrel" scene by pinkablue - With Pinkie, Rainbow, Little Strongheart, and Sheriff Silverstar
4.Rarity Sketch by HitBass on DeviantArt
5.Good to See You! by HeyErika on DeviantArt - Older Spike X Thorax

1.Rainbows rest by RenoKim on DeviantArt
2.Ap by DraftHoof on DeviantArt - Apple Bloom and homework
3.Daring Loo by K1emm on DeviantArt - Scootaloo
4.Cookingbelle by K1emm on DeviantArt - Sweetie Belle
5.That Just Happened by parisa07 on DeviantArt - Older Flurry Heart

1.Chrysalis relaxing by chi-eca
2.Celestia mane test by DraftTheFilmmaker-KL on DeviantArt
3.Luna mane test by DraftTheFilmmaker-KL on DeviantArt
4.Toilet by WubcakeVA on DeviantArt - Pony SciTwi
5.NG: Florence Heart by Azure-Art-Wave on DeviantArt - Older Flurry Heart; I think it's a cute idea that her full name is Florence Heart

1.EQG Rarity by dez
2.Human Rarity by dez
3.Human Applejack by dez
4.Pinkie smashing the keyboard with her head GIF by dez
5.Human Rarity with a crown image redraw by dez

1.Human Coco Pommel by dez
2.Human Rarity putting bunny ears on Fluttershy by melliedraws
3.Rarity and Coco Pommel postcard by tingsan
4.Somnambula cleaning herself by puetsua
5.Cozy Glow by 初茗茉上tzxj

1.Pinkie X Fluttershy by 初茗茉上tzxj
2.Lyra X Bon Bon with glasses by 初茗茉上tzxj
3.Twilight Sparkle 4 21 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt
4.Rarity by tohupo
5.hi by mirroredsea on DeviantArt - Fluttershy

1.smolder by mirroredsea on DeviantArt
2.chrysalis by mirroredsea on DeviantArt
3.Hello, friend! by Margony on DeviantArt - Twilight
4.Pinkie Pie Vector 27 - Fluttershy Costume by CyanLightning on DeviantArt
5.Scootaloo Vector 18 - Watermelon by CyanLightning on DeviantArt

1.Tsun by HigglyTownHero on DeviantArt - Rainbow
2.Yona saying by Marenlicious on DeviantArt - Inaccurate, Yona is smart
3.Coco Pommel held by disembodied hands by luciferamon
4.Easter Angel and Fluttershy by spookitty

EQG Rarity asking Applejack a question by dez

And some songs
Oct 25, 2017
Oh shit, Odyssey Eurobeat (Eurobeat Brony) released a new FiM song remix for BABScon!

And a great new RariTwi AU
Twilight is a outlet plug. Rarity is an extravagant dining room standing lamp across the room. Twilight so desperately wishes to herself that she could get closer to such a beautiful lamp, but as an unmoving outlet, she is confined to her side of the wall.
working on this immediately standby for a reblog with a draft​

Even worse, Twilight is an American outlet and Rarity has a European plug​


I am not sure if I have many regrets or if I regret nothing​
thank u for blessing us jyki
4-25-19 The Final Sacrifice stream
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement! We're watching... nothing. I and everyone else who would be willing to run the stream are busy, so we aren't watching the new FiM episode until next week.

Art dump.
1.Imperfect Couple by Julunis14 on DeviantArt - Twilight X Thorax
2.Flutterfloof by Dusthiel on DeviantArt
3.Pear Butter by mysticalpha on DeviantArt
4.LICC [Redraw] by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt - Rainbow X Pinkie
5.Grumpy Twilight by NixWorld on DeviantArt

1.Queen of Mount Aris by poecillia-gracilis19 on DeviantArt - Novu
2.Sweetie Belle Vector - 22 Eclairs by CyanLightning on DeviantArt
3.Applejack X Rarity by hiccupsdoesart
4.Best Partners by Loyaldis on DeviantArt - Sunset with Eevee
5.Girl's got sparkles in her eyes by Earthsong9405 on DeviantArt - Twilight

1.First Flutters by DocWario on DeviantArt
2.Longmanedash by aem97 on DeviantArt - Rainbow
3.Commission (Twilight) by ShadowReindeer on DeviantArt
4.Young tyrants (Magnaverse AU) by MagnaLuna on DeviantArt - Luna and Celestia
5.Twi by Deraniel on DeviantArt

1.Pear Butter by tohupo
2.Queen of Cloudsdale by VanillaGhosties on DeviantArt - Rainbow
3.Smolder hugging Spike by vincher
4.Discord dressed as Miku and Twilight reacts by vincher
5.request by Vincher on DeviantArt - Filly Applejack and Coloratura, sign is for a Russian show similar to America's Got Talent

1.Comm: Pone by LiaAqila on DeviantArt - Sunset, Pinkie, and Twilight
2.Lighting Dust #2 by SupLoLNope on DeviantArt
3.Nightmare Moon Timeline Rarity by noupu
4.Collab\ fluttershy by AiriniBlock on DeviantArt
5.Ember by tohupo

1.That totally worked last time by uotapo on DeviantArt - EQG Trixie and Spike the dog
2.This is my treasure!! by uotapo on DeviantArt - Pinkie and Somnambula
3.Luna hugging Thank You pillow by magnaluna
4.Fluttershy by Jun1313 on DeviantArt
5.Movie Night by LiaAqila on DeviantArt - Twilight and Rainbow

1.Business 'Casual' by Evehly on DeviantArt - Anthro Rarity
2..:Awesome Summer:. (CO) by The-Butcher-X on DeviantArt - EQG Rainbow
3..:BETRAYAL:. (CO) by The-Butcher-X on DeviantArt - EQG Applejack X Coloratura
4..:BETRAYAL 2:. (CO) by The-Butcher-X on DeviantArt - Rarity reacting to above
5.Behind You by uotapo on DeviantArt - EQG Rainbow and Derpy

1.Pinkie by manacha____
2.Blushing Rainbow by buttonheart
3.Blushing Pinkie by buttonheart
4.Fluttershy by minckies
5.Kung Fu Kick Rarity by erufi

1.Fluttershy Day 2019 by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt
2.Shake it! by CloudDG on DeviantArt - EQG Pinkie
3.EQG Sunset by siliciaart
4.EQG Princess Twilight by jomarston
5.Transformation by bobthedalek on DeviantArt - Trixie and Starlight

My Little Pony: Try this one by zouyugi on DeviantArt - Ember

EQG Rainbow gives Applejack a shirt by dcon

EDIT: Oh whoops, completely forgot about the stream followup. On Thursday, we watched the following.
1. MST3K - The Final Sacrifice
2. Infinite Ryvius - 4

That Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode was always one of my favorites. We had a mix of people who had already seen the episode and who hadn't. It got pretty good reactions.

The Infinite Ryvius episode helpfully had a recap, but it's still hard to get a grasp of where all this is going.
Last edited:
Oct 25, 2017
We have some more what could be considered official fan art.

‏ @platypusbrony

Here is a commission I have got done by @DesiraeSalmark who was a Storyboard Artist on My Little Pony FIM S7 and S9! S7 episodes include Daring Done, Forever Filly & Discordant Harmony. She also storyboarded Uprooted in S9 and has a few more on the way!

Hope you enjoy!
9:29 AM - 29 Apr 2019
This was preceded by this post from Desirae.
‏ @platypusbrony
Apr 26

@DesiraeSalmark your art is beautiful :) Which episodes of #MLP did you storyboard and what was your fave episode to work on? Also with commissions I guess you won’t draw ponies etc?

‏ @DesiraeSalmark
Apr 26

Oh, thank you! 🥰 In season 7 I boarded Daring Done, Forever Filly & Discordant Harmony, In season 9 I've boarded Uprooted & a few more episodes that aren't out yet. Plus I helped with the xmas special! I think my favorite are the Daring Do related episodes, they're exciting!

‏ @DesiraeSalmark
Replying to @DesiraeSalmark @platypusbrony

Since my contract with MLP has officially ended I actually can do pony commissions! They'll be slightly less than the regular commissions because they're less complicated, feel free to DM me if that sounds like something up your alley. ☺️
10:14 AM - 26 Apr 2019
Funny how that works out, with her being able to make money off of MLP art after she stops working on the show.
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following on Thursday at 5 PM PT.
1. X-Files - 117 - EBE
2. Infinite Ryvius - 5
3. Infinite Ryvius - 6

My plan for X-Files over time is some lore episodes and then the more comedic episodes then done, but we could also watch other ones if people want.

Here's a nice remix

And ED had Fluttershy Day recently, so have nothing but Fluttershy. Like I said in the season 9 thread, I'm switching to smaller embedded images.
1.Fluttershy's Day by Darksly-z on DeviantArt
2.Fl by IFMSoul on DeviantArt
3.Angel by AutumnVoyage on DeviantArt
4.Batman lets Fluttershy be Batman by daimando on DeviantArt
5.I should probably get a haircut... by RainbowBacon1 on DeviantArt

1.fluttershy day 2019 by tyf2213 on DeviantArt
2.Good Morning Mr. bird! by GlitterStar2000 on DeviantArt
3.sketchiesky by saxopi on DeviantArt
4.Fluttershy Sketch by HitBass on DeviantArt
5.may by mirroredsea on DeviantArt

1.Happy Easter by Marbola on DeviantArt
2.Fluttershy with kittens by dstears
3.Fluttershy and Pinkie with an unreasonable amount of kittens by dstears
4.fluttershy by Natalia-beaver on DeviantArt
5.Fluttershy (supergirl -pony ) in MS-Paint by sallycars on DeviantArt

5-2-19 EBE stream
Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
1. X-Files - 117 - EBE
2. Infinite Ryvius - 5
3. Infinite Ryvius - 6

This X-Files episode introduced the Lone Gunmen and revealed that Mulder's informant, Deep Throat, actually is pretty high up in the conspiracy, but he isn't above tricking Mulder. The episode was drier than I remembered, even with the Lone Gunmen, so I think I'll go ahead and show a Darin Morgan episode next time we get around to watching X-Files before going back to the season 1 finale.

Infinite Ryvius had people discover more about the ship, including that there's a giant robot, and stuff happens and... yeah, still not really feeling this show. But Uber says it picks up, so...


I did it! I finished The Silver Standard by PatchworkPoltergeist. Here's what I posted on Discord.
SigmasonicXToday at 2:05 PM

Approaching the end of The Silver Standard. This one Starlight cameo is really weird and doesn't make much sense, which brings down an otherwise good penultimate chapter.

Silver Spoon and her father are looking at the Castle of the Two Sisters to size up converting it into a museum. Starlight approaches the castle and the Silvers' bodyguard fends her off. She gets past him and asks for directions to Twilight's castle, using a memory spell to make them less suspicious, they give her directions, and then she runs away scared of the bodyguard.(edited)

It doesn't even fit into anything else going on in the chapter.

Oh right, this is circa middle of season 5, so she's evil here.

SigmasonicXToday at 2:36 PM

And done. I liked it well enough, but I suppose I could say I appreciated it more than I enjoyed it. It did a great job expanding Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, while keeping things within the bounds of canon. Aside from hiccups like somehow not predicting that season 6 or 7 would have a random flashback episode showing Filthy Rich and Spoiled Milk, and that weird Starlight cameo I mentioned. The story did a great job telling the stories of all these characters, with not just DT and SS getting expanded but all the other students, and even Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom (Scootaloo didn't really get a moment). From what I recall, there weren't any dropped story threads, and everything got resolved in a satisfactory way. Still, getting through it felt more like an obligation than something I was particularly enthused about.

Adding on to that,
The author mentioned in comments that they tried not to make it so that the CMC were the real villains when focusing on Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but it still kind of felt like that at times. Like why are the CMC making such a big deal about their issues when DT and SS's issues are so much more serious and can't solve them in 30 minutes, and the CMC's victories only serve to make them worse.

I also thought that it was a disservice to Diamond Tiara at times by attributing some of her actions to Silver Spoon or having Silver Spoon know DT was making a mistake. One thing that stands out to me is how Silver Spoon had to tell Diamond Tiara about everypony's secrets for the "everypony has their little secrets" part of the "The Vote" song from "Crusaders of the Lost Mark". In the actual episode, this was meant to show that Diamond Tiara keeps track of peoples' strengths and weaknesses, and later learns to turn that into a positive. The fact that Silver Spoon wrote Diamond Tiara's campaign speech also makes the moment in the episode where Diamond Tiara snaps at her a much bigger deal than it was intended to be.

On their own, all the additions to episodes would have been good, but it bothered me a bit how they sometimes came at the expense of scenes from those episodes.

Still, this story was good and well-written.

Art dump.
1.Kirin is resting now by RenoKim on DeviantArt - Autumn Blaze
2.Rapidash Twilight X Rainbow by lupeylycan
3.Tempest by yakieringi014
4.Pony SciTwi post trying to eat chocolate by yakieringi014
5.Applejack by poponkaponpon

1.Rainbow by tohupo
2.Fluttershy by DDdreamdraw on DeviantArt
3.Princess Luna by DDdreamdraw on DeviantArt
4.Luna : You are mine now by Dashy21 on DeviantArt
5.Somnambula with pyramids by puetsua

1.Sphinx Luna by hioshiru
2.Sphinx Twilight by hioshiru
3.It's Spring! by its-gloomy on DeviantArt - Celestia
4.Trixie shows her magic by xbi on DeviantArt
5.The Power of Love by compassrose0425 on DeviantArt - Cadance and Shining Armor, based on "A Canterlot Wedding".

1.DJ-PON3 by tyuubatu on DeviantArt
2.Pony SciTwi and Princess Twi secret book fort by tohupo
3.The Greatest Showman Twilight by potetecyu_to
4.Adult Flurry Heart by Margony on DeviantArt
5.Sleeping cutie by Deraniel on DeviantArt - Twilight

1.PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR HORN!! by AleximusPrime on DeviantArt - Twilight, Shining Armor, and Cadance in Gurren Lagann cosplay
2.Paprika Paca by alexbluebird
3.Moondancer 4 28 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt
4.Collab- Higher, Twi! Higher! by Earthsong9405 on DeviantArt - And Spike
5.Best Pony! buttons by Earthsong9405 on DeviantArt

1.Sphinx Celestia by hioshiru
2.Diamond Tiara by LuxiWind on DeviantArt
3.Silver Spoon by LuxiWind on DeviantArt
4.Trixie pulling Starlight out of her had by dstears
5.Big Macintosh by TehShockwave on DeviantArt

1.Think Of Fluttershy by Yanamosuda on DeviantArt - Cover art for this song
2.30min drawing Fluttershy by Yanamosuda on DeviantArt
3.A blowspike by Yanamosuda on DeviantArt - Creepy realistic blowfish Spike
4.Rainbow Dash Vector 28 - The Nerd in the Dress by CyanLightning on DeviantArt
5.Starlight Glimmer Vector 08 - Kites by CyanLightning on DeviantArt

1.Twilight of the thunder god by hardbrony on DeviantArt
2.Cadence by tiffanymarsou on DeviantArt
3.Dashie by GrayPillow on DeviantArt
4.Smolder by Hierozaki on DeviantArt
5.Cozy Glow Cute Evil by xbi on DeviantArt

And nice PMV
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're playing catch up, so no real surprises here.

1. FiM - 905 - The Point of No Return
2. FiM - 906 - Common Ground
3. Tangled - 220 - Rapunzeltopia
4. Kaleido Star - 16
5. Fruits Basket - 4
6. Fruits Basket - 5
5-5-19 Common Ground stream
Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we shuffled things around but watched everything listed above. I didn't have time to get any YouTube videos this time.
1. FiM - 905 - The Point of No Return
2. FiM - 906 - Common Ground
3. Fruits Basket - 4
4. Fruits Basket - 5
5. Kaleido Star - 16
6. Tangled - 220 - Rapunzeltopia

MLP thoughts are the same as usual, and viewers were pretty light there.

More people arrived for the anime (though one was just late for MLP), and I shuffled Tangled and Kaleido Star for later to wait for certain people to arrive.

Some people were new to Fruits Basket, so it was interesting seeing them react, including being surprised when one of them turned into an animal.

After that, Kaleido Star had Real Shit™ happen as a new circus started poaching staff and performers and its head guy is evil. I have to imagine there's some legit reason so many people are willing to leave Kaleido Stage for this untested company, but I'm not sure how much the story will go into it, or if it will all be solved by Sora giving a good performance.

Tangled also had Real Shit™ as Rapunzel is stuck in a "Perchance to Dream" situation and something maybe happened to Cass and also a ghost wizard died. It was good.


I'm starting to wonder, should I bother with my big art posts anymore? I started doing them because no one else was posting art and that only got worse as I posted them more and more. But it's like, do you really need me to post another cute mirroredsea image or whatever? I think I'll switch to only posting art if it really stands out or caused a discussion on Discord or whatever.
Oct 25, 2017

Mentions MLP. I thought it would bring up the valid issue of the lack of diversity among the voice actors and staff--something I really hope is addressed in G5--but no, it instead goes for the patently bizarre issue that problems are solved using magic instead of math or STEM skills. That isn't a diversity problem, or really anything worth bringing up. Though I suppose this is an issue comparing educational shows aimed at the same target audience, when it's apples and oranges.
Oct 25, 2017
First heavily-restricted art dump, following what I posted before. Here are the ones that got responses, are finishing off series I started earlier, or I just like. Since I'm posting fewer images, I'll go back to larger images.
1.Fluttershy by Theroyalprincesses on DeviantArt
2.Twilight and ladybug by gouransion
3.Starlight by Imbirgiana on DeviantArt
4.Countess Coloratura by iojknmiojknm on DeviantArt - His first safe human art in a while, haha
5.Fluttershy tiger bellyrubs by dstears

1.Sphinx Cadance by hioshiru
2.Sphinx Flurry Heart by hioshiru
3.Elusive Flavor by Rocket-LawnChair on DeviantArt - Saffron Masala
4.Appleburger. by Butter-Bit on DeviantArt - Applejack

That last image led to this conversation.
CappyToday at 3:00 PM

that applejack looks very happy but tomatoes pickles and apples sounds like a clash

SigmasonicXToday at 3:01 PM

I need apples to make it taste normal

Basically, to taste things the way normal ponies do, it has to have apples. Without apples, it tastes like dirt.

CappyToday at 3:02 PM

You also look like you're about to drop it >_>

SigmasonicXToday at 3:04 PM

I got Starlight to secretly hold all my sandwiches with her magic. That's where she's been all this time.

BTW, like I posted in the Hangouts thread, I'll try out only posting images there if people respond to them here.

UberTagToday at 3:06 PM

sighs, "It's not like I've got anything more important to do."

XzeonToday at 3:32 PM

Uber n me on the same wavelength

SigmasonicXToday at 3:48 PM

Just realized, Starlight straight up hasn't appeared in the comics in years.

Even when we saw the School of Friendship, Trixie was working there instead of Starlight.

TrigonometrizeToday at 3:50 PM

Starlight is the most oppressed minority

SigmasonicXToday at 3:51 PM

Pencils drew that issue and mentioned they were specifically told to include Trixie there, but I don't have any more details.

I wonder if IDW determined that Starlight doesn't sell well.

Read a fanfic, The Color of the Stars by Cold in Gardez. It's a between season 6 and 7 story about Starlight going on her first friendship mission, with Twilight.
Hey, reading this after Equestria Daily showcased it, so I'm not aware if there are other stories set before or after this.

This story has some interesting ideas, but they aren't explored well enough in the allotted space. The entire reveal that Chrysalis was sending information to Starlight in her dreams especially needed to be expanded, instead of being left as ending exposition. The setting of Las Pegasus was also underutilized. This was before it appeared in the show, of course, but the only notable locations are a desert and a library! Starlight's seeming attraction to Twilight was also oddly unexplored.

That said, you did a great job describing the action and Starlight's view of things, and like I said, you had interesting ideas. Overall, good story.

... You didn't need to specify that Starlight needed to empty her bladder when going to the bathroom, though. It's kind of implied, haha.

And some songs

... Yeah, I'm not really feeling these shorter art posts. I'll try to be more picky about what art I post, though.


Oct 25, 2017
I don't always pick through the art dumps, but every once in a while I skim the descriptions for stuff that catches my eye.
Oct 25, 2017
Read a series of three RariTwi fanfics, all by Cynewulf.
Nothing is Constant
If You Tarry 'Til You're Better
We Will Become Silhouettes

Here are the reviews I wrote.
Set this as "read this later" forgetting I already read it, haha. This is still good, aside from character voices flowing together a bit. I connect to Twilight's feelings of wanting to be alone but not wanting to be lonely.

Beautifully written story and a great depiction of Twilight suffering from depression. Compared to the previous story, I also thought this did a better job keeping character voices distinct. Rarity and Twilight's interactions were great.

I was holding off reading this due to sad horses, but reading the other two in the series brought me to here, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be (in terms of sadness). Really, it felt sort of inevitable with the way Rarity and Twilight were portrayed in the previous parts, and it takes skill as a writer to realistically portray this without making it hopeless or making it seem like anyone is the one behind it all. They hit a rough spot in their relationship, but they both know it's worth fighting for. Great job!

And following my decision not to restrict my art posts so much after all, some more art. And you know, I'm going back to larger images in general.

1.Sparkling by MysteriousShine on DeviantArt - Twilight
2.Family Tour by AngusDra on DeviantArt - Twilight, Spike, and the rest of the family
3.Sphinx Chrysalis by hioshiru
4.Commission - Ocellus x Gallus by riukime on DeviantArt - And Silverstream and Sandbar
5.Mommy Hairstyle by LiaAqila on DeviantArt - Mane Six
6.Comm: The Floor Is Lava! by LiaAqila on DeviantArt - Scootaloo and Rainbow

Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, on Thursday, we're watching the following.
1. X-Files - 304 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
2. Infinite Ryvius - 7
3. Infinite Ryvius - 8

We're jumping ahead to one of my favorite episodes of the show, by Darin Morgan, to break up the lore episodes.


Using the bot from this thread, I generated the following MLP related articles.

Cadance in the finale! Who knew Spielberg would be involved.

RIP Pinkie

Interesting that this kind of sort of resulted in the start of a shipping story. Where Rarity was dating Pinkie before, I guess.

Damn, G5 has been out for a while.

FiM is now Equestria Girls' Equestrian Adventures

Rarity and Luna are cousins

This one is pretty packed with details

I think her ponytails are cute rather than too big too.


GallusToday at 7:12 PM

Rarity already died?

SigmasonicXToday at 7:14 PM

That's what happens when you kill your darlings, darling.


SF Debris reviewed another set of MLP episodes
Nothing too notable here. Episodes covered are Hurricane Fluttershy, Wonderbolt Academy, Rainbow Falls, and Testing Testing 123. Hey, he finally did the Rainbow Dash video! Though I really don't know why he's being requested to cover these random episodes when he still hasn't done anything from season 5 on.

And another art dump.
1.Twiglasses by kimjoman on DeviantArt
2.Sunset Shimmer by kimjoman on DeviantArt
3.Rarity by kimjoman on DeviantArt
4.SugarTwi by Ch-Chau on DeviantArt - Sugarcoat and SciTwi
5.Ponydoodles request #64 by IncendiaryBoobs on DeviantArt - Twilight and Fluttershy under blankets

1.tourists by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - SciTwi and Sunset
2.Princesses by Renciel on DeviantArt
3.Rarest by Tuzz-Arts on DeviantArt - Rarity
4.Cadance in disguise to get pizza by artiks
5.Cadance and Twilight eating in disguise by jargon scott

1.Twilight by Leechetious on DeviantArt
2.Ponydoodles request #37 by IncendiaryBoobs on DeviantArt - Applejack helping Fluttershy, who is having a panic attack
3.But these buildings are a nice combs for claws ^^ by DiscordTheGE on DeviantArt - Sphinx Cadance
4.Get Well, Andrea by TheDoggyGal on DeviantArt - Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Andrea Libman's OC
5.Season 9 Twilight by poponkaponpon

1.Twitwi by Pastel-Pony-Pictures on DeviantArt
2.Fluttershy by DDdreamdraw on DeviantArt
3.twilight sleep... by tyuubatu on DeviantArt
4.Best Partners II by Loyaldis on DeviantArt - Starlight and Pikachu
5.Fluttershy Animation by Yanamosuda on DeviantArt - GIF

1.Pear Butter and Bright Mac by luciferamon
2.The Prodigies by NCMares on DeviantArt - Pony Twilight, Human Sunset, Pony Starlight; haven't had art from NCMares in a couple months
3.Peeking Flutterbat by evehly
4.Rainbow Dash Sketch by HitBass on DeviantArt
5.Sunset in spring dress by tohupo

1.Pinkie Pie by DDdreamdraw on DeviantArt
2.Human Fluttershy hugging Pony Fluttershy by jeglegator
3.I'll catch you! by Yakovlev-vad on DeviantArt - Celestia
4.[Fairy Fluttershy] by Stutterling on DeviantArt

Last edited:
5-9-19 X-Files Clyde stream
Oct 25, 2017
Yesterday, we watched
1. X-Files - 304 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
2. Infinite Ryvius - 7
3. Infinite Ryvius - 8

There were added plans to watch the first episode of Carol & Tuesday, but it didn't work out.

This X-Files episode is one of the my favorites, written by Darin Morgan. It's heavy on humor, but also heavy on emotions and has an interesting concept.

Infinite Ryvius finally got around to its main story, it seems, with conflicts about who's in command of the ship, and now it seems we're going to get some mech action. Things are still pretty slow paced, though.


I read a fanfic with the premise right in the title, Twilight Sparkle Was Shot by Coyote de La Mancha. Despite how blunt it sounds, it takes the premise seriously, as Sunset and the other Humane Seven react to SciTwi being shot. I thought it was pretty decent. Here's the review I posted, though note that I exaggerated a bit how much I liked it since the author responds to every post (and indeed they responded to mine).
Great job with this story! It's interesting seeing how the girls react to this "real" threat, and Fluttershy's characterization was especially interesting. Concerning an earlier review's complaint, I assumed Applejack was venting her frustration when saying she had a place to hide the body and her later actions show she wouldn't have gone that route. I get the complaints that this can come off as overly edgy and grimdark at first, but I thought the character reactions made sense. I did think the shipping aspect wasn't set up as well as it could have; after I started reading, I had to check if there was a story before this, but I didn't have a problem with it.

Sunset encountering herself is a common trope, and while I did feel some inevitable repitition in that regard, I thought this worked. I can't say I'm invested enough in this Human Sunset to check out her further adventures, though, but don't take that as a slight against this story.

Overall, good job.

And art dump
1.Surprised Twilight by tohupo
2.We'll Make Heaven Is A Place On Earth by GreenBrothersArt on DeviantArt - Shining Armor X Cadance
3.First time rollerskating by Deraniel on DeviantArt - Applejack
4.Licorice And Jelly by Underpable on DeviantArt - Dessert Luna
5.Blueberries And Sprinkles by Underpable on DeviantArt - Dessert Twilight

1.Sundae by Underpable on DeviantArt - Dessert Celestia
2.Nougat And Nuts by Underpable on DeviantArt - Dessert Cadance
3.That Familiar Feeling by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt - Cadance and old Princess Amore
4.Rarity and pizza by MoreStar on DeviantArt
5.A Rarity for Every Season by satv12

1.Rarity 5 11 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt
2.Applejack portrait by L1nkoln on DeviantArt
3.Counterfeit 1 by counterHorse on DeviantArt - Rainbow

And a grand collection of images covering the entire series
Friendship is Magic: From Pillars to Ponyville by SambaNeko on DeviantArt

I might switch my avatar to that first Twilight image.
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement. We're going to try to finish off Tangled, and due to that and the other things we're fitting in, the schedule is going to be a bit different. Given how some people come into the stream later, it will be:
1. Tangled - 221 - Lost and Found
2. Tangled - 222 - Destinies Collide (two parter)
3. MLP - 907 - She's All Yak
4. Simpsons - 1712 - My Fair Laddy
5. Fruits Basket - 6

That Simpsons episode was requested due to its similarity to the FiM episode.


Avatar change!

Besides cropping, I moved the "!"


Also, nice Sunset by Light262
5-12-19 She's All Yak stream
Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.

*.Shut Up and Dance with Me! (PMV) - My Little Pony: FiM & Equestria Girls - YouTube
1. Tangled - 221 - Lost and Found
*.My Little Pony G3: A Charming Birthday - Victory Dance - YouTube
*.Beat It PMV - YouTube
2. Tangled - 222 - Destinies Collide (two parter)
*.Cassandra ft. Rapunzel | The Tangled Series | Edit | THE MOON RISES - YouTube
*.MLP: Equestria Girls Minis - ‘Dance Off’ Original Short - YouTube
3. MLP - 907 - She's All Yak
*.Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
*.MLP: Equestria Girls - EG Stomp Dance Tutorial - YouTube
4. Simpsons - 1712 - My Fair Laddy
*.D.A.N.C.E. | PMV - YouTube
5. Fruits Basket - 6
*.[MLP PMV] Spider Dance (Undertale the Musical) - YouTube

Tangled's last episodes of the season featured BETRAYAL. I liked them more on rewatch than on my first watch. It was fun seeing people guessing during the stream.

The MLP episode was still fine.

The Simpsons episode was pretty good, aside from a trans joke at the start, though the joke was Nelson making that joke when the teachers were telling him not to. The gym teacher introduced this episode was funny.

The Fruits Basket episode was alright.

The YouTube videos were all based on the "dance" theme, aside from the one based on "betrayal". I thought I got a pretty good selection this time.

With Tangled having ended, I plan on doubling up on Kaleido Star. We still have over 30 episodes left to watch, after all.
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following on Thursday
1. Jem and the Holograms - 118 - Hot Time in Hawaii
2. Jem and the Holograms - 205 - The Bands Break-Up
3. Infinite Ryvius - 9
4. Infinite Ryvius - 10

A maybe outrageous stream.

Art dump
1.Discord X Fluttershy by colorfulcolor233
2.Hamilton Ponies - Celestia says goodbye to Twilight by dstears
3.EQG Pinkie by tohupo
4.lightning dust by mirroredsea on DeviantArt
5.Ocellus by sketckpad1

1.Mother's Day by SilFoe on DeviantArt - Twilight Family, Luna, and Luna and Twilight's OC child
2.EQG Applejack carrying Rarity by yakieringi014
3.fluttershy by gaypompeii on DeviantArt
4.Discord the spirit of chaos by AlexBlueBird on DeviantArt
5.Pony Sunset and Starlight eating ice cream by abbystarling

1.lunardream by TingSan on DeviantArt
2.pinkie's balloons by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt
3..:Gloomy Woods:.(B-Gift) by The-Butcher-X on DeviantArt - EQG Applejack X Rarity
4.EQG Applejack X Pony Rainbow by raika0306
5.Sunset X Adagio by raika0306

1.twilight sparkle by gaypompeii on DeviantArt
2.Cloud Mane Rarity by YummiestSeven65 on DeviantArt
3.Antro Fluttershy and Angel by elcydog
4.Moondancer by dstears on DeviantArt
5.Twilight Sparkle 5 15 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt

1.The Student Six by TalonsofIceandFire on DeviantArt
2.Flurry by lRUSU on DeviantArt - Future Flurry Heart
3.Rainbow math problems with Twilight by poneko-chan
4.Twilight tutoring Rainbow in math by poneko-chan
5.ponies in 2019?????? by Psiaus on DeviantArt - Rainbow

1.Sad Pinkie by colorfulcolor233
2.Sunset by AOIYUI42SEELE on DeviantArt - Actually Luna
3.Idol Rarity by Marenlicious on DeviantArt
4.Starlight by dawnfire
5.In other dimension by MysteriousShine on DeviantArt - Sphinx Somnambula and Pony Sphinx

Twilight and book by tastyrainbow

Twilight and Luna BFFs by magnaluna

And a bunch of videos

It's weird to think all the songs parodied in "Polka Face" are pretty old now.
Oct 27, 2017
Since we are in the final season now, i want to write a personal list of favourite Songs from the whole show along with a sentence or to why it's placed there. Maybe a top 25 because dang, MLP has a lot of songs.

...However, I'm debating if I should add Equestria Girls and Online Short songs on the. Because there are some good songs from those I'd like to include (Espicially like "My past is not today" ) but would it be better to just do the main series or go all in.

And going all in means I'll need to also watch the remaining Equestria Girls specials and shorts, last Equestria Girls I saw was Friendship Games.
Oct 25, 2017
Since we are in the final season now, i want to write a personal list of favourite Songs from the whole show along with a sentence or to why it's placed there. Maybe a top 25 because dang, MLP has a lot of songs.

...However, I'm debating if I should add Equestria Girls and Online Short songs on the. Because there are some good songs from those I'd like to include (Espicially like "My past is not today" ) but would it be better to just do the main series or go all in.

And going all in means I'll need to also watch the remaining Equestria Girls specials and shorts, last Equestria Girls I saw was Friendship Games.
You can structure the list however you like, but there are enough EQG songs at this point that listing them separately makes complete sense. Our episode guide has links to all the shorts, if you need it.

Some good post Friendship Games EQG songs
5-16-19 Jem stream
Oct 25, 2017
Since I keep track of this sort of thing, new dunking on bronies thread.

Stream followup, we watched
1. Jem and the Holograms - 118 - Hot Time in Hawaii
2. Jem and the Holograms - 205 - The Bands Break-Up
3. Infinite Ryvius - 9
4. Infinite Ryvius - 10

Only one other person was there for most of Jem, but that turned out to be because of old man naps and forgetting about the stream, and one other person came toward the end of the second Jem episode. This was actually my first time watching the show, despite having read all the new comics. The first episode was alright, but really picked up when Kimber was tied up and placed inside an erupting volcano. The second episode is what created the Kimber and Stormer ship that we see in the comics, but I figured the shipping would be more... subtle than it was in the episode. Like there's no way to come out of that episode not thinking they're into each other.

Infinite Ryvius featured the first mech battle of the series, and I enjoyed it. It features slow speed space battles that take place over several hours, which I also liked in The Expanse.

And now it's time to compare Ryvius with the much dumber spiritual remake, Valvrave, next stream.
Chats - Werewolf and Pokemon Battle
Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, to tie into the new episode, we're watching the evilest episodes of the series.

1. MLP - 404 - Daring Don't
2. MLP - 718 - Daring Done?
3. MLP - 908 - Frenemies
4. Fruits Basket - 7
5. Kaleido Star - 17
6. Kaleido Star - 18

As mentioned, we're doubling up on Kaleido Star now that we're caught up on Tangled. It's at the end to better accommodate its fans.

Chat story following this video

And we had this brief chat about this art from katakiuchi4u