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Oct 25, 2017
Looks like Era is blocking links to NeoGAF, so I had to go back to this post and the ones after and add the non-domain parts of the links after. I also fixed links in OTs. I'm sure I linked to GAF elsewhere, but that's all I'll do for now.
11-28-19 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched
1. MST3K - 321 - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Along with the Thanksgiving play scene from Addams Family Values.

The movie was good, but honestly, I always considered this to be a middle of the road MST3K. The movie that's simply called Santa Claus is much crazier and has better commentary, I feel. Still, this has a lot of good stuff, including the extended scenes of everyone awkwardly laughing.


Round 1 Match 34 features "Derby Racers" in the lead, but three others are tied for second.

Final match of Round 1!
A. Cupcake Song

B. The Spectacle

C. Friendship Through the Ages

D. Twelve Days of Christmas

E. Equestria Girls Digital Series Opening

I'll start declaring the final votes for the first songs tomorrow, then slowly get through them. Then we'll start the loser's bracket on Sunday, I suppose.


Oct 25, 2017
Holidays Unwrapped part 3 is called The Cider Louse Fools.


One second of Pinkie from each episode. It's TONS OF FUN.


For the song poll, I've closed the first 20 matches after adding my own vote for them. Here are the final results for those.

Match 1
1. Flawless - 8
2. BBBFF - 2

Match 2
1. A True True Friend - 5
2. Run to Break Free - 4

Match 3
1. You'll Play Your Part - 8
2. Say Goodbye to the Holiday - 2

Match 4
1. Battle - 6
2. Monday Blues - 4

Match 5
1. Bats - 6
2. Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again - 3

Match 6
1. Pinkie the Party Planner - 5
2. Embrace the Magic - 4

Match 7
1. Dance Magic - 6
2. Babs Seed - 5

Match 8
1. Pinkie's Lament - 6
2. We Got This Together - 3

Match 9
1. I'll Fly - 5
2. Best Friends Until the End of Time - 4

Match 10
1. Welcome to the Show - 7
2. The Ballad of the Crystal Empire - 4

Match 11
1. Becoming Popular - 8
2. Rainbow - 2

Match 12
1. Apples to the Core - 6
2. Music in the Treetops / Find the Music in You - 4

Match 13
1. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - 5
2. I'm the Friend You Need - 3

Match 14
1. The Vote - 4
2. So Much More to Me - 3

Match 15
1. The Super Duper Party Pony - 6
2. So Many Wonders - 2

Match 16
1. Art of the Dress - 6
2. Let It Rain - 3

Match 17
1. Fit Right In - 4
2. Legend You Are Meant to Be - 3

Match 18
1. Light of Your Cutie Mark - 4
2. Morning in Ponyville / Life in Equestria - 3

Match 19
1. Blank Flanks Forever - 3
2. What More Is Out There - 3

Match 20
1. Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown - 6
2. Better Way to Be Bad - 3

With Match 19, this is a place where my vote is more of a 0.9 vote
I voted for What More is Out There, but I chose to put its three total votes below Blank Flanks Forever's three total votes.


Art dump, now down to two weeks old. There's a bunch of Pony Life related art.
1.Sunset Shimmer and Adagio by raika0306 on DeviantArt - Cat Adagio
2.Under Your Wings by KumikoPonyLK on DeviantArt - Older Mane Six
3.Bubble Horse by Scarletskitty12 on DeviantArt - Derpy
4.mane6 by SilberSternenlicht on DeviantArt
5.Pony Life Rainbow OK Boomer by shibaroll

1.OK BRONY by Pirill-Poveniy on DeviantArt - Pony Life Rainbow
2.Fluttershy but as a Christian and love singing by CE2438 on DeviantArt - Title is a reference to Sound of Music
3.Future Six by Shibaroll on DeviantArt
4.Spring Shy by Litrojia on DeviantArt
5.Older Twilight by hoohoward / hoopyon

1.Anthro Twilight Magical Mystery Cure coronation dress by moh_mlp2
2.SciTwi by moh_mlp2
3.Good Morning, Starlight by LostDreamm on DeviantArt
4.My Little Pony: Student Life by CatScratchPaper on DeviantArt
5.As Sunshine and Moonbeams - Celestia flexing while Luna is tired by anticular - Animated

1.Mane 7 one more group hug by saturdaymorningproj on DeviantArt
2.Gen4 and Gen4.5 Pinkies by GlitterStar2000 on DeviantArt
3.pony life by mofumofutchi on DeviantArt pals by Georgisse-tyan on DeviantArt - Human Fluttershy and Twilight
5.CMC Older Version by Darksly-z on DeviantArt

1.Twilight lmao by Scarletskitty12 on DeviantArt
2.Luster Dawn by belka-sempai on DeviantArt
3.Seedling Applejack by Orin331 on DeviantArt
4.Pinkie Pie 11 16 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt
5.SciTwi and Sunset in Pony Life style by 5mmumm5

1.Ponk do the mlem by LostDreamm on DeviantArt - Pinkie
2.Twilight by luciferamon
3.Luster Dawn Will Try Friendship by ZevironMoniroth on DeviantArt - Plus Twilight
4.Mane Characters Only by Pony-Berserker on DeviantArt - Plus Spike and Starlight
5.MLP Starlight by SK-REE on DeviantArt

1.TORI - Commissions OPEN on Twitter: "Some #MLP commissions from this past week. Still open for more." / Twitter - Official fan art, Scootaloo and Lightning Dust
2.Twilight Huh? by maren
3.How The Magic of Friendship Grows by Evergreen-Gemdust on DeviantArt - Older Twilight
4.Celestia taking Luna's cake by tylerdashart
5.Twilight Sparkle 11 17 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt

1.Novo's Family [Commissions] by Julunis14 on DeviantArt - Plus Skystar and OC dad
2.20% Cooler Forever! by Mew-Me on DeviantArt - Rainbow and Pony Life Rainbow
3.Lavender by Avrameow on DeviantArt - Flower Ponies
4.Magic Duel by Pastel-Pony-Pictures on DeviantArt - Twilight and Rarity having a gay sword fight
5.What is this Creature?! | InuHoshi on Patreon - Twilight and Pony Life Twilight

1.Luna and Pony Life Rainbow by thrimby
2.Applejack and Applin by dawnfire
3.Sunset Shimmer by OhieKhe on DeviantArt
4.Starlight and aurora by hobbes-maxwell
5.Rumble by Avrameow on DeviantArt

1.Hundred Acre Bounce by Faline-art on DeviantArt - Pinkie and Tigger
2.PartyFavor by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt
3.Our Celestial Goddess by Alumx on DeviantArt
4.Tirek yelling at Cozy Glow by AleximusPrime on DeviantArt - Yelling at cat meme
5.Spike X Ember after stabbing a yeti by pencils - WARNING: Blood



Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following

1. FiM - 104 - Applebuck Season
2. FiM - 516 - Made in Manehattan
3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 3 - Razz
4. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 4 - Flowers for She-Ra
5. Batman: The Animated Series - Christmas with the Joker
6. Mickey Mouse (2013) - Duck the Halls

The episode that seemed to have been made in response to Coco's sudden popularity despite that seeming to be impossible given the time frame but who knows.

I'm going to just have one hour of Christmas stuff each stream. Taking any requests; I'll also include live action stuff.


I updated RariTwi: Love is War with chapter 3.


I've closed all but the last five polls of Round 1

Match 21
1. This Day Aria - 9
2. The Goof Off - 3

Match 22
1. Love is in Bloom - 6
2. Find the Purpose in Your Life - 2

Match 23
1. I've Got to Find a Way - 5
2. My Past is Not Today - 2

Match 24
1. Pinkie's Present - 8
2. Out On My Own - 2

Match 25
1. One Small Thing - 6
2. We're Friendship Bound - 3

Match 26
1. At the Gala - 7
2. Rules of Rarity - 3

Match 27
1. One More Day - 6
2. Find a Pet - 4

Match 28
1. Generosity - 4
2. The True Gift of Giving - 4

Match 29
1. We'll Make Our Mark - 6
2. Better Than Ever - 4

Match 30
1. The Magic Inside - 7
2. A Kirin Tale - 3

In Match 28, I voted for "The True Gift of Giving", so I counted my vote as less, resulting in it being below "Generosity".

I'll give people until tomorrow morning to vote for the last five polls.


Art dump
1.School Twi by Cluvry on DeviantArt - Anthro
2.Lovely Twi by Reterica on DeviantArt
3.Twi by AnnaKitsun3 on DeviantArt - Older
4.JK Terri Belle by uotapo on DeviantArt - And Swift Foot (IDW comic characters)
5.Twilight by colorfulcolor233

1.All Aboard! (Redraw) by Rocket-LawnChair on DeviantArt - CMC
2.Searching for some tea leaves | Yakovlev-vad on Patreon - Autumn Blaze
3.A love letter for Sweetie + speedpaint by Margony on DeviantArt
4.Sunset Sonata Cartoon by Light262 by Light262 on DeviantArt
5.RariDash Pony Life by unknown artist

1.Fluttershy by tubaki86
2.Shimmer-Sparkle by DANMAKUMAN on DeviantArt - SciTwi X Sunset
3.Olders hug by greenokapia
4.good vibes by bunxl on DeviantArt - Sunset
5.SciTwi by tohupo

1.Rarity sketch by yoditax
2.NATG VIII - Day 8 - Love at first sight by Pirill-Poveniy on DeviantArt - Trixie in love
3.Rainbow showing Fluttershy her OC in Sonic Forces by heir-of-rick
4.Human Pinkie in an album cover parody by pencils
5.Generation to Generation by KimmyArtMLP on DeviantArt - Celestia, Twilight, and Luster

1.Sunset by light262
2.EQG Pony Life by 5mmumm5
3.And she did it again by LimeDazzle on DeviantArt - Pony Life Starlight and Trixie with teacup
4.Bath Time by HazuraSinner on DeviantArt - Twilight X Pinkie with OC daughter
5.Rainbow X Applejack by terrac0tta

1.The Twilight by MusicFireWind on DeviantArt
2.Rarity at restaurant by luciferamon
3.Older Fluttershy by xsatanielx
4.Raritwi soft by Laps-sp on DeviantArt
5.Hushpuppies by Heir-of-Rick on DeviantArt - Filly Fluttershy being cool

1.Rarity making dresses by enderselyatdark
2.Rainbow sitting on a phone line like a bird by renderpoint
3.Rarity by benyablinkakaeto
4.Chrysalis by benyablinkakaeto
5.Twilight by benyablinkakaeto

1.Fluttershy by derrorro
2.Bubbles by MellonCollie-chan on DeviantArt - Derpy
3.Trixie dressed as Franziska von Karma from Ace Attorney by johnjoseco
4.Human Rarity dressed as Lulu from Final Fantasy X by johnjoseco
5.Human Trixie dressed as Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh by johnjoseco

1.Sunset dressed as Amalthea from The Last Unicorn by johnjoseco
2.Flutter-bunny by Cluvry on DeviantArt
3.Twilight Headcanon by LolaDotz on DeviantArt
4.Sparkly Hobo Luna by CutePencilCase on DeviantArt
5.Sunset dressed as Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by johnjoseco

1.Proud of you by Avrameow on DeviantArt - Celestia telling Older Twilight, " You must avenge my death Sunset... I mean, Twilight."
2.Starlight and Phyllis by lollipony
3.Sunset shimmer - cheer up by albertbm on DeviantArt
4.Dynamax Applejack by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt
5.Windy Whistles (Rainbow's mom) telling Applejack to call her mom by heir-of-rick

Sunshine and Moonbeams - Celestia is cold by anticular



Oct 25, 2017
Closing Round 1

Match 31
1. Shine Like Rainbows - 6
2. Pinkie's Singing Telegram - 2
3. Being Big is All it Takes - 2

This was the first tie, and thus the first song to take a bonus slot.

Match 32
1. Time to Be Awesome - 5
2. Invisible - 2

Match 33
1. Hearts as Strong as Horses - 5
2. Raise This Barn - 2
3. Friendship Always Wins - 2

Second tie, second bonus slot.

Match 34
1. Life is a Runway - 3
2. Derby Racers - 3

I voted for Derby Racers, so it's below Life is a Runway.

Match 35
1. Friendship Through the Ages - 6
2. The Spectacle - 2

The bonus slots for the loser bracket are:
1. The Place Where We Belong
2. Coinky-Dink World
3. The Pony I Want to Be
4. Being Big is All It Takes
5. Friendship Always Wins

Those bottom two are ties. The first three are losing songs that people mentioned they would have voted for if it wasn't for the match up.

And with that, I'll open up the first match of the loser bracket.
A. So Many Wonders

B. Say Goodbye to the Holiday

C. So Much More to Me

D. Embrace the Magic

E. Let It Rain

Note that with the eight matches of the loser bracket, there's no second place. Only the winner of each match will progress to the normal Round 2.
12-1-19 Christmas with the Joker stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.

*.MLP:FiM | Music | Bats | HD - YouTube
1. FiM - 104 - Applebuck Season
*.My Real Ponies - YouTube
*.MLP FiM Rarity's Generosity song with Reprise HD1080 w/Lyrics in Description - YouTube
2. FiM - 516 - Made in Manehattan
*.MLP:FiM Apples to the core song with Reprise HD w/Lyrics in Description - YouTube
3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 3 - Razz
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Glass of Water | HD - YouTube
4. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 4 - Flowers for She-Ra
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Pinkie the Party Planner | HD - YouTube
5. Batman: The Animated Series - Christmas with the Joker
*.MLP:FiM | Music | The Super Duper Party Pony | HD - YouTube
6. Mickey Mouse (2013) - Duck the Halls

If you haven't noticed the pattern with MLP episodes, I'm airing one episode we never streamed and one episode we haven't streamed since 2017.

"Applebuck Season" is still a lot of fun, and also something that couldn't work any later in the series than it is. The slapstick, the pacing, how silly Applejack is, are all unlike anything else in the series, and it would have seemed really out of place after we saw more episodes of the show.

"Made in Manehattan" is a really weirdly paced episode, with the main conflict not even appearing until seven minutes in and lots of padding. The main notable things about the episode are the pre-credits sequence with Twilight being bored, the fact that Coco Pommel gets focus despite probably not being known as a popular character when it was made, and the Peanuts gag with a RariJack sign. Revisiting this, yeah, this isn't one I plan on rewatching.

The She-Ra episodes were enjoyable.

I own Batman: TAS on DVD (yes, DVD), but even when I got it and watched episodes frequently, I only watched "Christmas with the Joker" once. It's a sillier episode than usual for BTAS, and breaks some of the rules of the series, such as the fact that it uses color TV instead of black and white. Watching it again, it's still pretty fun, though. Mark Hamill is still a joy as the Joker.

Duck the Halls was a really fun special, with Donald wanting to experience Christmas instead of migrating south for the winter. The animation was great, and there were tons of good gags.


I read this fic, which ended up getting a lot of downvotes because it was part of an ill-advised event where a bunch of people published stories all with the same title and cover image. In this case, Undome Tinwe wrote a story where Rarity is a hitman who confesses her sins / hits on Twilight the priestess. Here's my review.

This was an interesting glimpse into this world. The way you described everything was great.
I will say I was confused by the other comments until I realized there's a contest going on with a bunch of stories all using the same title and cover image.


Oct 25, 2017
Forgot to post this

Loser Round Match 1 features "Let It Rain" in the lead, with "So Many Wonders" close behind. "So Much More to Me" has gotten no votes, but I've made my peace with that.

Loser Round Match 2
A. Babs Seed

B. Music in the Treetops / Find the Music In You

C. Pinkie's Singing Telegram

D. Find a Pet

E. Run to Break Free


Oct 25, 2017
Loser Round Match 2 features a three-way tie between "So Much More to Me", "Find a Pet", and "Run to Break Free".

Loser Round Match 3
A. Better Than Ever

B. The Goof Off

C. Derby Racers

D. Invisible

E. We're Friendship Bound


Some more art, this time getting to within a week of now.

1.Twilight 2.0 by ChaosAngelDesu on DeviantArt
2.wallflower blush by Hierozaki on DeviantArt - Pony
3.Lipstick by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - EQG Rarity and Applejack
4.Lightning Dust by Avrameow on DeviantArt
5.{NG}TwiDash by Ace-Draws6658 on DeviantArt

1.Fluttershy Lifesize 50 inch /130cm custom plushie by Epicrainbowcrafts on DeviantArt
2.Twilight and PonySciTwi kissing Sunset by serodart
3.Bonding sisters by NevoBASTER on DeviantArt - Rarity and Sweetie Belle
4.Pinkie by ymnsk
5.Tempest Shadow by light-of-Inirida on DeviantArt

1.Some Rarity Sketch by light-of-Inirida on DeviantArt - Human
2.sister bonding by bunxl on DeviantArt - Celestia and Luna
3.Sunset by reiduran
4.Nom :3 by LolliponyArt on DeviantArt - Luna
5.Bigger Than Average by Underpable on DeviantArt - Sweetie and Rarity with Fat Opalescence

1.Surprising Encounter by ChaosAngelDesu on DeviantArt - Rarity and spider
2.ngl she do be lookin kinda fresh doe by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt - Rainbow
3.Rarity's cheeks being squished by Gabby by pabbley
4.Sunset X SciTwi getting drink cans by 5mmumm5
5.Rainbow looking at Fluttershy in a bowl by miokomata

1.Be Kind to The Little Things by Doodle-Mark on DeviantArt - Ages of Fluttershy
2.Fluttershy and Angel by FunkyChickenAmy on DeviantArt
3.Pinkie eating pie on Thanksgiving by johnjoseco
4.SciTwi ending up as an anthro in Equestria by dotoriii - Sunset, Celestia, and Spike
5.Sonata Dusk by rockset

Sunset faces evil magical girl SciTwi by dotoriii


Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following.
1. The Good Place - 7
2. The Good Place - 8
3. Community - 211 - Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
4. Futurama - 303 - A Tale of Two Santas


Loser Round Match 3 features "We're Friendship Bound" way in the lead.

Loser Round Match 4
A. The Ballad of the Crystal Empire

B. Find the Purpose of Your Life

C. Legend You Are Meant to Be

D. Friendship Always Wins

E. Out On My Own


I read this pretty interesting ongoing fic.

My review, four chapters in.
This is a pretty interesting fic. Good job exploring what pony society in 400 years would be like, and you have a pretty good handle on the show characters. It is a bit odd that Twilight would lose track of the obvious friendship problem growing right in Canterlot with the flier vs. non-flier issue, but then again I can see her missing it if she doesn't get people on her council from there. Speaking of which, good job making sure it didn't turn into Blade Runner world or something, and instead is something that would make sense for Twilight to create.
12-5-19 Community stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
1. The Good Place - 7
2. The Good Place - 8
3. Community - 211 - Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
4. Futurama - 303 - A Tale of Two Santas

I had forgotten how the developments in The Good Place 7-8 happened. The entire sequence of them trying to shut off Janet is great.

This is actually my first full Community episode, and it was a lot of fun, plus surprisingly emotional.

I feel like many people prefer the first Futurama Xmas special, but I enjoyed this one much more than when we streamed the first special last year. It has "I'm sorry I thought you was corn", "And I'm their friend Jesus", and other great scenes, plus the story is just more cohesive than the first special, which had side stories that just barely tied together.


Loser Round Match 4 had a close race, but eventually people coalesced around "Out On My Own".

Loser Round Match 5
A. Monday Blues

B. We Got This Together

C. Better Way to Be Bad

D. Rainbow

E. A Kirin Tale


Big Adventure intensifies.


Some art.
1.anthro twilight sparkle by awr-hey on DeviantArt
2.Rainbow by choochuu
3.The Enchanted Library Twilight and Rarity by laps-sp
4.Anthro Emo Rarity by mamechi / potetecyu_to
5.Anthro Twilight by mamechi / potetecyu_to

1.Thanksgiving by WeirdoFish on DeviantArt - Fluttershy and turkey
2.Trixie by tohupo
3.Tempest by zazush-una
4.Humane Seven out shopping by tcn1205
5.Fluttershy 2019 by Skeolan on DeviantArt

1.A Sunny Morning by TheWickedVix on DeviantArt - Sunset
2.Fluttershy by tohupo
3.Twilight and the Twilights and also Luna, Chrysalis, and Cozy by dstears
4.Coronation Twilight by CutePencilCase on DeviantArt
5.Demon Sunset by 5mmumm5

1.Chrysalis capturing a bunch of OCs by ulitochka
2.I destroy you by Chepelitaxd on DeviantArt - Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon
3.Twilight All My Friends Are Dead by sophieascruggs - Comic artist
4.Sunset Shimmer Kirin Plushie by DoctorKoda on DeviantArt
5.SMOOcH by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt - Rainbow X Pinkie

1.Cozy Glow 12 2 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt
2.Equestrian Stories 2019 - A warm sunset by SkyAircobra on DeviantArt - Chrysalis, Twilight, and Fluttershy
3.Light in the darkness by Livitoza on DeviantArt - Luna
4.Twily by LostDreamm on DeviantArt
5.Rarity by sibashen


This is a comic followed by a connected image.
1.MLP:YL - Missing the Signals by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt - Older Diamond Tiara trying and failing to seduce Older Apple Bloom
2.MLP:YL - Getting to the Point | InuHoshi on Patreon - Diamond crying to Apple Bloom that she keeps ignoring her

Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams - Thanksgiving by anticular

And Starlight riding a roomba.


Oct 25, 2017


Oct 25, 2017

Clip from Japanese "Best Gift Ever"!
... The singing here is pretty bad.

So for those keeping track:
Old cast: Seasons 1-2, EQG movies, EQG specials through Rollercoaster of Friendship, EQG web series season 1
New cast: Seasons 3-4 (ongoing), Best Gift Ever
Not dubbed: Seasons 5-9, Spring Breakdown, Sunset's Backstage Pass, EQG web series season 2


Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following.

1. FiM - 211 - Hearth's Warming Eve
2. FiM - 520 - Hearthbreakers
3. She-Ra - 5 - The Sea Gate
4. She-Ra - 6 - System Failure
5. The Nutcracker Prince

The 8-foot candy cane that would forever influence how we view pony sizes.

I realized that up until Christmas, I could air an hour of Hearth's Warming stories in the MLP slots every Sunday.

Decided to air The Nutcracker Prince after going through KillstealWolf's 2017 Christmas special list and realizing I've never actually watched an adaptation of The Nutcracker before.


Loser Round Match 6 has a tie between "The True Gift of Gifting" and "BBBFF".

Loser Round Match 7
A. What More is Out There - Twilight and Sunset duet

B. Rules of Rarity

C. The Spectacle

D. Morning in Ponyville / Life in Equestria

E. Coinky-Dink World
12-8-19 Nutcracker stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Pinkie's Lament | HD - YouTube
1. FiM - 211 - Hearth's Warming Eve
2. FiM - 520 - Hearthbreakers
3. She-Ra - 5 - The Sea Gate
4. She-Ra - 6 - System Failure
5. The Nutcracker Prince

"Hearth's Warming Eve" was always a pretty odd episode, particularly the parts outside the play itself with everyone fighting and the I Spy game that doesn't work like I Spy at all. However, in retrospect, given the increased focus on Equestria's past later in the series, even the play part is odd. I suppose if they knew that this play would be a major basis for later worldbuilding, they would have done it differently.

"Hearthbreakers" is a lot of fun, with the only odd bit being how they push Big Mac and Marble Pie while at the same time pushing the idea that Applejack and Pinkie could be related.

The She-Ra episodes were good, and introduced two more princesses. They seem nice.

The Nutcracker Prince was mostly standard cartoon movie stuff interspersed with "YO WHAT" moments that could disturb children. So I probably would have dug it as a kid. There was a story within the story was was animated and told in an obviously different style, making one wonder if this was a completely separate project that got salvaged into this one. The Mouse King being in the Mouse Queen story makes me think otherwise, though.


Loser Round Match 7 features " What More is Out There (Duet Version)" in dead heat with "Coinky-Dink World".

Loser Round Match 8, last one of this round. I'll leave this open another day, and then start Round 2 proper.

A. Best Friends Until the End of Time

B. Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again

C. The Pony I Want to Be

D. Raise This Barn

E. My Past is Not Today


Oct 25, 2017
She-Ra took a few episodes to really grow on me, but at this point it's my second favorite currently running series after DuckTales.


Oct 25, 2017
Loser Round closed. The results were,
1. Let It Rain
2. Music in the Treetops & Find the Music in You ties with Run to Break Free
3. We're Friendship Bound
4. Out On My Own
5. A Kirin Tale
6. Being Big is All It Takes ties with BBBFF
7. What More is Out There
8. My Past is Not Today

I flipped for the ties.
2. Music in the Treetops & Find the Music in You

Here are some stats for the songs that got to Round 2.
Season 1 - 3 songs
Season 2 - 6 songs, 3 of which are from "A Canterlot Wedding"
Season 3 - 2 songs, both from "Magical Mystery Cure"
Season 4 - 9 songs, 3 of which are from "Pinkie Pride"
Season 5 - 5 songs, 2 of which are from "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"
Season 6 - 2 songs
Season 7 - 3 songs
Season 8 - 3 songs, 1 of which is from "Best Gift Ever"
Season 9 - 2 songs
Equestria Girls 1 - 1 song
Rainbow Rocks - 6 songs, 3 of which are from shorts
Friendship Games - 1 song
No songs from Legend of Everfree
Rest of Equestria Girls - 2 songs
Movie - 3 songs

1 Apple Bloom solo song
2 Applejack songs, both paired with other characters
4 Cutie Mark Crusader group songs
2 Dazzlings songs, 1 being with the Mane Six (and Sunset)
2 Fluttershy songs, 1 being with Applejack
5 Pinkie Pie songs
2 Rainbow Dash songs
5 Rarity songs
3 Sunset songs, 1 being with Twilight
5 Twilight songs, 1 with Sunset, 1 with the other princesses
10 songs with all of the Mane Six
And miscellaneous others
Ranking paired songs lower, that means Applejack < Fluttershy <= Dazzlings < Rainbow Dash < Sunset < CMC < Twilight Sparkle < Pinkie Pie <= Rarity < Group

Now, let's get to the first match of Round 2. Note that this will have a Loser Bracket too, made up of the second place songs.
A. The Super Duper Party Pony

B. Becoming Popular

C. Let It Rain

D. Love is in Bloom


Oct 25, 2017
The Pony Life trailer has been set to private. Equestria Daily suggests this is due to downvotes, but I don't believe that. More likely someone finally complained about the fact that the trailer used "Good as Hell" and Hasbro took it down to investigate; it's easy to imagine one part of Hasbro wasn't talking to the other about this trailer.


Stream announcement, we're watching the following.
1. The Good Place - 9
2. The Good Place - 10
3. Scrubs - 412 - My Best Moment
4. Toy Story That Time Forgot

About the Good Place, after this, there will be three episodes left in season 1, and I'd prefer we not start season 2 in the same stream as the season 1 finale. So would you guys prefer to finish season 1 next week, or save that for 2020?


Round 2 Match 1 features "Becoming Popular" unexpectedly way in the lead.

Round 2 Match 2
A. Battle

B. Smile

C. Pinkie's Lament

D. I'll Fly


I read some fanfics

First, new chapter
Great chapter, and a really nice look at Big Mac and Cheese Sandwich as parents. One minor complaint I had before is that Big Cheese didn't seem as well defined as the other characters, but you did a good job with him here.

And a one shot
This was indeed really cute.
“Ah’m worryin too much?!”Diamond scowled at her sudden slip into a country drawl, the scowl only deepened when Apple Bloom couldn’t cover her snicker.
And that was just adorable.
Filthy being the one with problems (and not about Diamond being gay) was a fun twist.


Art dump
1.Kiting Together | InuHoshi on Patreon - Starlight and Trixie
2.Pillow Fight by DimFann on DeviantArt - Look Before You Sleep
3.Princess Twilight Sparkle by WolfyTheWolf555 on DeviantArt
4.Twilight confused by smartphone by tohupo
5.Faded Rainbow by MirtaSH on DeviantArt

1.Fluttershy and Pinkie watching a movie by tohupo
2.Flower Child by bunxl on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
3.Cute Octavia by ChaosAngelDesu on DeviantArt
4.Tempest by anticular
5.Rose breaking a vase by myscherri

1.King Sombra with army by anticular / sourspot
2.Slice of Equestria 3 by Jowybean on DeviantArt - Rarity with family
3.Older Twilight and Luster by dstears
4.Zecora with complex stripes | InuHoshi on Patreon
5.Starlight by tohupo

1.Friends Forever by VanillaGhosties on DeviantArt
2.Starlight and Phyllis by partylikeanartist
3.Rainbow Gala Dress by tohupo
4.Fluttershy and Rarity hugging (alt. version) by FlutterstormReturns on DeviantArt
5.Twilight tells Pinkie not to lick fire by pony-berserker

1.Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams - Snowboarding by anticular
2.Pinkie Pie by MusicFireWind on DeviantArt - Making a snow angel
3.Rough and Tumble Buds (DVixie) by MLP-Trinary on DeviantArt - Smolder and Rainbow
4.Snuggle Buddies (DVixie) by MLP-Trinary on DeviantArt - Ocellus X Smolder
5.Adult Sunset pony and Filly Twilight by 5mmumm5

1.Unicorn Twilight by tohupo
2.Smol grump by ButterSprinkle on DeviantArt - Tiny Fluttershy scratched by finger
3.Glimmer Time by TamaBel on DeviantArt
4.EQG Fluttershy by laochi777
5.EQG Twilight X Pinkie by laochi777

1.Human Fluttershy worried and comforted by Rainbow by laochi777
2.EQG Pinkie saying "Hey" to Twilight by laochi777
3.Magnet design: Yak's fashion by Moonlight-Ki on DeviantArt - Yona
4.Sunset by roarborealis-art
5.Pinkie making a silly face by kurogewapony / poponkaponpon

1.Pinkie walking by kurogewapony / poponkaponpon
2.Cadance by awbt
3.Twilight by loladitz / loladotz
4.Fire-type Gym Leader Sunset Shimmer by DragonEmperror2810 on DeviantArt
5.Appletini by DimFann on DeviantArt - Bridle Gossip - Tiny Applejack wrestling Zecora's ear

1.Rainbow dash by Marenlicious on DeviantArt
2.Winter Time with Rarity by Mew-Me on DeviantArt
3.Twilight by probablyfakeblonde
4.Wedding Belle by VanillaGhosties on DeviantArt - Sugar Belle
5.T55 by Hierozaki on DeviantArt - Twilight

1.Rainbow kissing Pinkie by kurogewapony / poponkaponpon
2.New Ari by NekoJackun on DeviantArt - Sonata and Aria
3.L13 by Hierozaki on DeviantArt - Gamer Luna
4.Squeakyshy by ButterSprinkle on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
5.My Little Pony Celestia by SK-REE on DeviantArt

One oddly compelling GIF from the Gameloft game

Sunset sends bi energy to Adagio by suchosophie

Twilight greets Rarity and makes her heart go doki doki by arcticwaters

And a decent PMV
12-12-19 Scrubs stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following
1. Scrubs - 412 - My Best Moment
2. Toy Story That Time Forgot
3. The Good Place - 9
4. The Good Place - 10

I chose not to start with The Good Place, since the stream started with just people who had seen it before, but people who hadn't seen it joined later.

This was my first full Scrubs episode. It was good, and more dramatic than what I expected. Well, I knew the show had dramatic moments, but the general tone was more dour than I figured.

Toy Story That Time Forgot was alright. The mechanics behind toys knowing if they're toys and how humans react to toys appearing in unexpected places and in inexplicable states get more baffling as this series goes on, huh? It was also odd seeing the special focus so much on Trixie the triceratops and put Woody and Buzz in supporting roles; I suppose they couldn't get Tim Allen through a full Christmas special without him going on a rant about the War on Christmas or something.

I had forgotten a lot of what happens at this point in The Good Place, aside from the demons singing karaoke to the Nixon tapes. I somehow forgot the bit where Chidi becomes a harem lead for a minute and then isn't, and that this is where Jason and Janet get married.

I think I will go ahead and air the remaining three episodes of season one next Thursday, and then wait for 2020 to start season two.


Round 2 Match 2 features "Smile" in the lead, with "I'll Fly" in second place.

Round 2 Match 3
A. Winter Wrap Up

B. One More Day

C. You'll Play Your Part

D. Generosity


Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following.
1. FiM - 608 - A Hearth's Warming Tale
2. FiM - 815 - The Hearth's Warming Club
3. She-Ra - 7 - In the Shadows of Mystacor
4. She-Ra - 8 - Princess Prom
5. Christmas Is Here Again

"Princess Prom" is pretty famous for putting the "Catra is Adora's ex-girlfriend" thing up front.

Christmas Is Here Again is a movie taken from KillstealWolf's 2017 Christmas list. Christmas ended 30 years ago and one girl works to restore it. I hope it's post-apocalyptic, but it probably isn't.


Round 2 Match 4 features "Art of the Dress" in the lead and "A Kirin Tale" right behind it.

Round 2 Match 5
A. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

B. Life is a Runway

C. Blank Flanks Forever

D. Open Up Your Eyes


Holidays Unwrapped part 5 is called "Dashing Through the Mall"


New Gameloft game update has a reference to Equestria Daily


Read a fanfic with trans Gallus, which led to some... arguing in the comments.

Good fic. Gabriella is an interesting character to choose for this sort of story, and it works well. Using Sandbar with his "dudes" and all was a good choice as someone for Gabriella to talk to and explain all this to the reader. Even though Sandbar means well, I can clearly imagine a "god why am I even explaining this to you" feeling when trying to explain something important to him. I'm surprised to read this only took 90 minutes to write.

Regarding comments, I'm pro deleting transphobic and "just asking questions" shit.

It's nice to hear your perspective on this.
She conveys her frustration well in her first few exchanges with Sandbar, and he's so amazingly sweet at trying to learn the ropes and help her out. Gabby and Sandbar are good at explaining and working through her first shows of frustration and aggression, but then she does this. It just hits a point or two where she comes across as blatantly bitchy to someone trying to help her - and a close friend who she feels safe confiding in and everything.
Regarding this, I feel it's pretty in-character for the show's Gallus to act hostile in an uncomfortable situation even around friends, so it made sense for Gabriella.


Art dump
1.Tale of Two Twilights by Didj on DeviantArt - My Little Mages Twilight human design and JonFawkes' human Twilight design
2.limestone by saxopi on DeviantArt
3.Christmas Rainbow by taneysha
4.thy dysfunctional royal family by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt - Twilight X Sunburst with their daughter Luster Dawn
5.Kagaponi by HigglyTownHero on DeviantArt - Lucky Star pony

1.Twilight nuzzling Luna's fluffy chest by lulubell
2.The last battle by smg11-on-DDJrb on DeviantArt - Starlight
3.Leigh Stride (comic character) by shydale
4.Pinkamena doodle by Marenlicious on DeviantArt
5.Pink sky | Princess Luna by Livitoza on DeviantArt

1.Human Rainbow by xxiee
2.Human Pinkie by xxiee
3.Derpy bringing tickets to Twilight by serodart
4.Pinkie in elf outfit by binkyt11
5.MLP Maid Series:/ Fluttershy by Ipun on DeviantArt

1.Twilight by meotashie on DeviantArt
2.(Color test) Alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle by OblivionHeart13 on DeviantArt
3.Palm Springs by meotashie on DeviantArt - Background pony
4.Applejack by meotashie on DeviantArt
5.Strings of her soul by DiscordTheGE on DeviantArt - Scootaloo

1.marble by saxopi on DeviantArt
2.Anthro Twilight with bubblegum by ask-colorsound
3.Portal gun! by Reterica on DeviantArt - Twilight
4.MLP Maid Series:/ Rainbow Dash by Ipun on DeviantArt
5.Anthro Twilight by ask-colorsound

12-15-19 Christmas is Here Again stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
* .MLP:FiM | Music | The Goof Off | HD - YouTube
1. FiM - 608 - A Hearth's Warming Tale
2. FiM - 815 - The Hearth's Warming Club
3. She-Ra - 7 - In the Shadows of Mystacor
4. She-Ra - 8 - Princess Prom
5. Christmas Is Here Again

Another movie, so another lack of songs.

I liked these FiM episodes, and we watched with someone who hadn't seen these episodes, so that was fun.

The She-Ra episodes were good. I think the gayness of the second episode was overplayed by fans, but it was still fun.

Christmas Is Here Again is a regular who's who of current Trumpers, which made it a bit awkward. Well, more awkward was the really bad songs. Well, it's not so much that they're bad, as they're aggressively mediocre and long. The lead girl has a Sweetie Belle like design and voice, but she isn't voiced by Sweetie's VA. The movie would have been alright if the songs weren't there. Christmas Is Here Again Kai with songs removed when? Also, the premise of the movie, with Christmas gone for 30 years, makes me want a post-apocalyptic Christmas movie with that general premise. Like Fist of the North Star style.


Round 2 Match 5 features "Open Up Your Eyes" in the lead and "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" in second.

Round 2 Match 6
A. At the Gala

B. Fit Right In

C. We're Friendship Bound

D. What More is Out There (Duet)


On in-show romance from one of the EQG storyboard artists
There was always only one official couple in EQG (SciTwi and Timber), everything else was just them adding hints in storyboarding and miraculously not getting rejected.
Kissing was right out, though. Even a kiss between SciTwi and Timber was rejected.
Come to think of it, there really have been zero kisses in EQG
I guess human kisses are more problematic for them than pony kisses
Sort of like how EQG has the same or lower level of violence than FiM but gets a PG rating as opposed to a Y rating

This led to this discussion.

Then I post
and that's the end of that conversation.


(Comedy video)

Cat pones. I like this more than the second video.

A song guide to drawing stick ponies

And a nice remix of "True Gift of Gifting".


Oct 25, 2017
Round 2 Match 6 has "At the Gala" in the lead, with "We're Friendship Bound" right behind it. The duet is dead again.

Round 2 Match 7
A. Apples to the Core

B. The Magic of Friendship Grows

C. You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song

D. Pinkie's Present


There's a site that programmatically mashes up songs. We spent time on Discord doing that.

First was "Embrace the Magic" and "The Magic of Friendship Grows"

"Cutie Mark Crusaders" and the non-MLP song "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew

One I made, "Make a Wish" and "Best Friends Until the End of Time"

"Apples to the Core" and the Monsters Inc. intro

One I made, "Let the Rainbow Remind You" and "Friends Are Always There For You"

This one I made was completely botched, "We're Friendship Bound" and "Lotta Little Things"

"Cutie Mark Crusaders" with just the instrumental of "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight"

And last one I made, "You'll Play Your Part" and "In My Head Like a Catchy Song"


Oct 25, 2017
Talked about it on two Discords and ultimately, the accusation here is simply that it's creepy that he would hang out with a girl a lot when she was a young teen and then date her once she became 18. That is usually bad in and of itself, but Black Gryphon is family friends with the Crebers and said hanging out was often with the VAs' parents around. Given no one actually involved in any of this had said anything bad about him, and Claire herself is in her 20s now, there isn't really anything we can or should do. Maybe there was grooming, but we don't have direct evidence of that.

I'm all for blacklisting Black Gryphon, though. I'd say I won't post his stuff, but he hasn't done much MLP related in years anyway.


Mar 4, 2019
Talked about it on two Discords and ultimately, the accusation here is simply that it's creepy that he would hang out with a girl a lot when she was a young teen and then date her once she became 18. That is usually bad in and of itself, but Black Gryphon is family friends with the Crebers and said hanging out was often with the VAs' parents around. Given no one actually involved in any of this had said anything bad about him, and Claire herself is in her 20s now, there isn't really anything we can or should do. Maybe there was grooming, but we don't have direct evidence of that.

I'm all for blacklisting Black Gryphon, though. I'd say I won't post his stuff, but he hasn't done much MLP related in years anyway.
I mean, Sophie said other crew members thought it was odd and it seems there were rumours he might have dated her before legal age
And why do you want to blacklist him


Oct 25, 2017
I mean, Sophie said other crew members thought it was odd and it seems there were rumours he might have dated her before legal age
And why do you want to blacklist him
Yes, that's true, but we don't have any solid proof or anyone closely involved with them claiming anything bad happened.

As for why I'm fine blacklisting him, he feels like a creep.


Oct 25, 2017
Round 2 Match 7 features a tie between "The Magic of Friendship Grows" and "Pinkie's Present". This was a tough match up, so "You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song" shouldn't feel bad about getting the least votes.

Round 2 Match 8
A. Bats

B. Welcome to the Show

C. Shine Like Rainbows

D. Time to Be Awesome


More mashups
"I've Got to Find a Way" and some Final Fantasy X music

"Love Is In Bloom" and "The Gospel Truth" from Disney's Hercules

"Babs Seed" and "Walk Don't Run" by The Ventures

The CMC Go Crusading BGM and "The Gospel Truth"

This one works really well. "Love Is In Bloom" and "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel

"Rappin' History of the Wonderbolts" and "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA

"Coinky-Dink World" and some anime opening, Haiyore Nyaruko-san (animeified Lovecraft).

"Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown" and "Jump" by Kris Kross

From me, "Life is a Runway" and "Fit Right In"

From me, "Dance Magic" and "Love Is In Bloom"

From me, worst of my set I think, "Being Big Is All It Takes" and "Better Than Ever", but it was kind of an arbitrary choice anyway


Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're once again watching the movie of our generation.
1. Winter's Tale

Do not miss it.


Round 2 Match 8 features "Welcome to the Show" in the lead, but every other song is just one vote behind it, so it isn't as big a blowout as you'd expect.

Round 2 Match 9
A. Out On My Own

B. Hearts As Strong As Horses

C. Friendship Through the Ages

12-19-19 Winter's Tale stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched Winter's Tale with two people who hadn't seen it before.

This movie has decent music and cinematography, and has big actors, but it's just... weird. It isn't as bad as most memetic bad movies, but it goes in directions that just make you go, "What? Why?" I suppose the fact that it's otherwise a quality product helps emphasize that aspect.

The people who hadn't seen it weren't able to predict any of the weird things.


Round 2 Match 9 has "Friendship Through the Ages" in the lead.

Round 2 Match 10
A. We'll Make Our Mark

B. A True True Friend

C. Pinkie the Party Planner

D. My Past Is Not Today


Couple more mixes

Mix of a Danganronpa song and "It's Gonna Work"

Made this, mix of "Shine Like Rainbows" and "Deck the Halls" as sung by Rarity
Comic - March 2020 solicitations


Oct 25, 2017
IDW comic March 2020 solicitations. Yes, plural this time.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #88
Ted Anderson (w) • Tony Fleecs (a & CVR A) • Sara Richard (CVR B) • Yancey Labat (1:10 RI CVR)

The conclusion of Ted Anderson’s exciting two-part adventure is here!

The Draytona Breach has begun! Big McIntosh and Silver Streak are racing to determine the fate of their friendship; Rainbow Dash is racing to prove herself (again!); and Sacks Roamer is racing to retrieve his stolen goods in order to get them across the Yakyakistani border! Who’s going to come out on top?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

LCS Order Due Date: January 18th, 2020

Estimated Street Date: March 11th, 2020

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Canterlot High: March Radness—SPOTLIGHT
Danny Djeljosevic, Toni "Pencils" Kuusisto, Christina Rice (w) • Toni "Pencils" Kuusisto (a & CVR A) • Tony Fleecs (1:10 RI CVR)

Spring has sprung, and your favorite Equestria girls are back with three brand-new adventures! Celebrate March Radness with the Spring Athletic event, a visit by the famous A.K. Yearling herself, and... detention?! Return to Canterlot High, where mischief, fun, and friendship collide!

FC • 48 pages • $5.99

LCS Order Due Date: January 18th, 2020

Estimated Street Date: March 18th, 2020

I can't say I'm excited that Big Mac racing story is actually a two-parter.

Interesting that EQG is getting another one shot, and given that, that it doesn't appear to be an attempt at a finale. Also, it's drawn and surprisingly even partially written by pencils.

Also, for Free Comic Book Day, we got a preview of the April comic.

A new era of My Little Pony begins! Join Twilight Sparkle as she attempts to raise the sun in her first act as the new Princess of Equetria, in a new tale by writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Trish Forstner!

This is the start of "Season 10", and it's starting the day after the coronation. Sucks for Twilight that it sounds like things go bad on her first day.


The Gameloft game added epilogue stuff, flavoring it as Lyra and Bon Bon having to deal with time travelers.

This update includes...

(1, 2)

Note that Starlight x Sunburst is also hinted.

That's one hinted ship I'll feel free to disregard.


I've been slacking on art posts.

1.Flutters by Scarletskitty12 on DeviantArt
2.Twilight eating popcorn GIF by haltie
3.Hearthstone and Book Horse by Robsa990 on DeviantArt - Twilight
4.Twilight at a cafe by anticular
5.MLP Maid Series:/ Pinkie Pie by Ipun on DeviantArt

1.T56 by Hierozaki on DeviantArt - Twilight
2.Reindeer Fluttershy by CutePencilCase on DeviantArt
3.Rainbow Dash Reindeer by CutePencilCase on DeviantArt
4.MLP:YL - Fluttershy's Litter by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt - Children with Discord
5.Twilight casting magic by tohupo

1.RARES!! by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt
2.Starlight! by Scarletskitty12 on DeviantArt
3.Fluttershy by yanamosuda
4.Older Twilight and Older Sunset (pony) by ohjeetorig - Official fan art
5.Sci Twi Pokemon Trainer by iojknmiojknm on DeviantArt - Also Spike, Sunset, and Fluttershy

1.Fluttershy by tohupo
2.Twilight Sparkle Thing by Underpable on DeviantArt - Weird
3.Applejack licking Pinkie by kurogewapony / poponkaponpon
4.Daring Do in the jungle by twotail813
5.Mercy Fluttershy by Anime-Equestria on DeviantArt - Overwatch cosplay

1.Pat by ButterSprinkle on DeviantArt - Rainbow being petted GIF
2.A kind Hearth's Warming by MusicFireWind on DeviantArt - Fluttershy
3.Human Rainbow by dcon
4.Catlight by ButterSprinkle on DeviantArt - Twilight
5.Older Fluttershy by musicfirewind

1.Princess Celestia Digital Oil Painting 2019-09-18 by RavenDashPrime on DeviantArt
2.CMC in a forest by serodart - They look older, but it isn't labeled as such
3.Yona x Sandbar picnic by djkaskan
4.Sunset sitting by sozglitch
5.Mane Six by sirmasterdufel

1.Pinkie breaking the fourth wall to eat food by zemlya
2.Li'l Cheese using a trampoline to boop Older Twilight GIF by dstears
3.Pinkie Pie playing music! (MLP fanart) by Spirit-Fire360 on DeviantArt
4.Pinkie Alice in Wonderland by tingsan
5.Prep school Sunset by 5mmumm5

1.Pony SciTwi and Sunset in winter clothes by 5mmumm5
2.Catlike Sunset surprised by a cucumber GIF by brutalweather studio
3.rara by Mochietti on DeviantArt - Rarity
4.Sunset Shimmer by FidzFox on DeviantArt
5.Fluttershy by jojofassbender


Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams - Dealing with winter by anticular

They're Fighting by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - EQG CMC commenting on Rarity and Applejack

And I got a commission back from Bevin Brand (who worked on the show)

This was supposed to be a quick one-day sketch!


Oct 25, 2017
The final part of Holidays Unwrapped is on YouTube now, with the title "O Come All Ye Squashful"

Hopefully we'll finally get an official YouTube upload of "Let it Rain" and "Cheer You On" after this. Note sure what they'll do after that. Start the Pony Life shorts?


Round 2 Match 10 features "A True True Friend" in the lead and "We'll Make Our Marks" right behind it.

Round 2 Match 11
A. This Day Aria

B. The Vote

C. Flawless

D. One Small Thing
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Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following
1. FiM - Best Gift Ever
2. She-Ra - 9 - No Princess Left Behind
3. She-Ra - 10 - The Beacon
4. G3 - A Very Minty Christmas

Christmas streams end with two Pony specials.


Round 2 Match 11 features "This Day Aria" way in the lead, with only "One Small Thing" getting any other votes.

Round 2 Match 12, end of Round 2
A. Music in the Treetops & Find the Music in You

B. Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown

C. The Magic Inside

D. I've Got to Find a Way
12-22-19 A Very Minty Christmas stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
*.My Little Pony - Episode Pinkie Pride - Song - Cheese Confesses (Full Song) - YouTube
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Make a Wish | HD - YouTube
1. FiM - Best Gift Ever
*.MLP S04 E14 - Filli Vanilli - ALL SONGS - Video (1080p HD) - YouTube
2. She-Ra - 9 - No Princess Left Behind
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic | HD - YouTube
3. She-Ra - 10 - The Beacon
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Rappin' History of the Wonderbolts | HD - YouTube
*.MLP:FiM | Music | You'll Play Your Part | HD - YouTube
4. G3 - A Very Minty Christmas

"Best Gift Ever" is still a ton of fun. People noted this was pretty heavy on meme faces.

She-Ra featured a daring rescue, leaving a princess behind after saying no princess would be left behind, and said princess joining the villains (sort of). Whoops. I liked the first episode more; the second episode had characters act in a somewhat frustrating way.

A Very Minty Christmas is alright. We had people who hadn't seen it before. This features Tabitha St. Germain as Minty, who proceeds to give Santa the idea of putting presents in stockings, though we never see him. Yeah, Santa exists, and he appears to be human from dolls we see.


Round 2 is closed, with coin flips deciding some matches. In Match 12, "Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown" won, while "The Magic Inside" got second through a coin flip.

Loser Round 2 has started, which is 1 v 1 v 1, winner progresses to Round 3. There will be only 4 matches.
A. Life is a Runway

B. The Magic Inside

C. I'll Fly


Bevin Brand is asked about what crossovers she'd like with EQG, and she mentions she can't help but look at it from a storyboarding perspective. She then goes on to talk about the difficulties just crossing over with FiM when they're in the same franchise, which is pretty interesting.
As for me personally, I guess I never thought about any crossovers except with MLP, since those were the only crossovers we ever did. And those were challenging enough! Our storyboard team on EG was pretty small and most of us never worked on MLP, so we had to learn some of the tone and visual language of that show if the characters ever went over to Equestria. To say nothing of having to learn how to draw ponies, and then figure out how to make them do basic things like pick up an object or gesture while walking… or even just make them walk in general. (I remember having a hard time remembering how to make a quadruped walk during Spring Breakdown and was getting a lot of horse-related headaches because even basics were suddenly really challenging. To say nothing of the board artist for that episode trying to do blocking in a round room with a round table.) So given how difficult crossing over two aesthetically pretty similar but not identical shows was, I can’t even imagine what a challenge crossing over very different ones would be.
It's easy to forgot how little crew overlap there is between FiM and EQG.


FimFiction ran an event called Jinglemas, where authors are assigned a person to write a fic for as a Secret Santa event. Here's mine, where I got the request to write a Lyra story where she tries to spread what she learned about anime.

And here's the gift I got, after requesting Shimmy Shake and Lighthoof (the cheerleader ponies from "2 4 6 Greaaat"). Here's what I posted.
Thank you so much! Unfortunately, it'll still be a few hours before I can read this, but I just wanted to show my appreciation now.


And read! I enjoyed it, so thanks again. Sorry for suggesting some fairly obscure ponies (though they at least have prominent speaking roles in their episode), but I thought they were fun and felt they were underused in fanfics. Focusing on their dancing goals is something I wouldn't have thought to do. I liked how much detail you went into the process of becoming a high level dancer, and showing how there are several paths ahead of them. The original characters you included worked pretty well.

The descriptions of the city and the dancing were good, and I could imagine exactly what was happening.

Oh, and I realized only after I got my own assignment that I should have specified in my request that I didn't want shipping for this pair. So I'm happy about the fact that you didn't go for shipping.

I spent time reading a bunch of them, and I'll still read more tomorrow.

First, two I especially liked.

That was amazing! There was some truly fabulous Rarity(s) in this story. Like Fillyfoolish, I assumed Rarity mentioning a phone was an oversight, not a clue. I did see the twist coming once it was mentioned Rarity wouldn't explain it later. In retrospect, the dresses Rarity described making in her "teen years" made more sense on a human too. I think this fic is a top contender for Best Jinglemas 2019 story.

Oh wow, this was fantastic. Having a swashbuckling adventure with Clover after dealing with the memory loss artifact from Forgotten Friendship was inspired, and it was sad seeing his reactions to everything he had forgotten.

And others. There are still good ones, mind, but they don't quite reach the level of those two.

This was great! I think Mono would be proud.
I enjoyed that you chose to focus on Rarity and Twilight when they're old, and you did a good job writing First Person Rarity. I would have enjoyed an entire story just of them dancing with no attacks. That said, you wrote the ensuing chaos well with some nice comedy bits, and that poignant ending.

Ohhh, so this is what that story sample you posted came from. I didn't even consider that it could be for a Jinglemas story.
This was a pretty inventive way to have SciTwi and post-stone Chrysalis interact, though it really sucks for Chrysalis that that's what the stone world is like. I liked that SciTwi was able to relate to her a bit, and it's nice to see her scientific curiosity regarding alternate dimensions and magic. Chrysalis was handled pretty well here too.

This was a really nice story. It was sweet having everyone celebrate on the train, and you did a good job keeping everyone in character.

Great story. Exploring the time when the CMC were preparing to become teachers was pretty inspired. It's a reason for Sweetie and Rainbow to interact that I never would have thought of, but makes perfect sense. It was interesting seeing Rainbow's wisdom (and "wisdom") and how she interacts with Sweetie, and I liked seeing the other glimpses of life at the school.

I have to say, I'm not sure decorating moving trees is the best thing to do, haha. I also liked the book-wyrm.

This was great! Good job incorporating things that clearly must have happened but mixing them in ways I didn't think of. Of course Silverstream would have the same parent problems her brother had, and that she'd have a hard time returning to land given her Storm King fears, and that she'd still need support after the events of "What Lies Beneath". Also nice to see the Three Days of Freedom in a fic.

Everyone was written well, including what I assume was the requested pair of Silverstream and Skystar. It was nice seeing the latter support the former, while still feeling in-character.

I was wondering for a bit where the drama tag would come in. I was also a bit worried that Pinkie would be presented as a pyromaniac for a serious story. However, you managed to weave this into a sweet and in-character moment for Pinkie, with her only wanting aliens to see the fireworks. Good job exploring that, with some nice humor with the fire.

This was a nice look at Celestia and Luna's first post-NMM Hearth's Warming. It was cute seeing Celestia get so caught up preparing, Luna getting angry made sense, and the ending was sweet.

That was a good story. Great job finding a connection between Sunset and Gallus, with them feeling out of place during the holidays and with their shared love of fish. Their interactions were handled really well. It was also interesting seeing what Gallus thought of the human world.

This was cute! Sucks to hear about your laptop. I noticed some grammar and spelling errors, but you having to rush the story explains that.

This was really nice! I feel sorry for anyone that had to write Zecora rhymes this Jinglemas, but I didn't see anything too painful here, so good show. I don't know what I would have done for this pair, but you did a great job finding a reasonable way for them to meet and interact.

That was a sweet story, though honestly, the jokes felt out of place, particularly that one about Li'l Cheese coming out. I think it would have been stronger without those. I enjoyed seeing Igneous interact with Li'l Cheese and her discovering a path in life different from her parents.

As an aside, the closest thing to an official word says that Li'l Cheese is male, but it's also not the official word, so I'm fine with female Li'l Cheese.

And all of a sudden I want to see more of Daring Do and Luna.
Great job with this story! You managed to make this seemingly unusual pair look like it's only natural they bonded.

That was a really nice and poignant story, and it's neat to see a story delving into Cranky and Steven's history. Their banter was fantastic! I never thought I'd see an "immortality / long life blues" style story with Steven Magnet, let alone a good one, but here we are.

This was a really nice story, and you did a fantastic job writing both Zecora and Derpy.

This was a sad yet sweet story. It was an interesting idea to have Nightmare Moon visit Trixie before her release; I assume the main part of this story is a dream Trixie is having shortly before the Summer Sun Celebration. I will note that there are several "I"s that aren't capitalized and other minor problems, however.


Remake of a fandom classic using speech synthesis for Fluttershy. It sounds obviously fake, but the video is fun.


New remix, "It's Gonna Work" and BGM from the N64 game Buck Bumble
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Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following.
1. The Good Place - 11
2. The Good Place - 12
3. The Good Place - 13

Finishing off the first season, and you don't want to miss these.

... I haven't actually figured out what else I'm going to show. Maybe nothing? We'll see.


Loser Round 2 Match 2 has "We'll Make Our Mark" in the lead.

Loser Round 2 Match 3
A. Apples to the Core

B. You'll Play Your Part

C. One Small Thing


Look back on 2019 for bronies.

Fun Christmas animation

New comedic recap series. This is alright.


Oct 25, 2017
I got a chuckle out of all the uni-pets and balloon animal Discord, but otherwise I have no idea what's going on with the art style for any of this.


Oct 25, 2017
I got a chuckle out of all the uni-pets and balloon animal Discord, but otherwise I have no idea what's going on with the art style for any of this.
I do get the feeling they didn't put as much effort into the cohesion of the designs for this show, but of course we'll have to see how everything looks in the show proper.


Loser Round 2 Match 3 features a three-way tie.

Loser Round 2 Match 4, the final match already
A. Hearts As Strong As Horses

B. We're Friendship Bound

C. Let It Rain


Finishing up Jinglemas reviews, plus one other

This was good, with everyone involved well-characterized.

This was adorable, and a fantastic followup to "The Hearth's Warming Club". Which is especially impressive given you comment seeming to indicate you hadn't watched that episode before starting work on this. Gallus leveraging his mistake into a new tradition is definitely in line with what the show would do, and felt like a natural progression. Everyone was presented really well here. Good job!

This story was adorable! Great job incorporating Peach's appearances throughout the show; reminds me of the old days of the fandom. You did a fantastic job.

Interesting way to handle the prompt. Maybe reading too much into it, but it seems like Silver is being presented as asexual / aromantic and is experiencing romance vicariously through her studies of other couples?

This was a really nice story, for a pairing we stopped seeing much of after fans settled on LyraBon and OctaviaScratch. The playing session at the end was the highlight.

Sad yet cute story. One thing to note is that Sunset would already know Trixie, from Canterlot High, so her not knowing her name here felt odd.

That was a cute story. When they went to a creepy abandoned cabin, I half expected it to turn into a Hearth's Warming horror story, haha.

Aw, this was adorable. It was interesting reading about Celestia's Hearth's Warmings before Luna's return, and how her students and particularly Twilight handled them.

That was a fun story. I hadn't considered that Raven would continue working for the throne, and it was interesting seeing the other way the castle is adapting to Twilight. I liked the heist premise, and Twilight and Raven's interactions were cute.

That was a nice story. Zephyr feeling lonely as Fluttershy prepares to move away makes a lot of sense, and it's good seeing her in big sister mode.

This was a nice story. You did a good job at incorporating the Equestria Girls dimension version of Starlight, and both she and Aria were handled well. And nice that this got you to watch Rainbow Rocks, haha.

This was really adorable. Always nice to see Older Twilight interact with Celestia. And that present, lol.

This was a nice look at Capper's perspective of events, and how he acts by the time of the epilogue. Good that he and Rarity still have an opportunity to meet up.

This was a sweet story.

This was a really good look at Diamond Tiara and Cheerilee reconnecting. Everything felt pretty relatable, and the resolution was nice. Now that Aragon brought it up, I will agree that it was wordier than it needed to be, though. Also happy that you didn't go for a shipping ending, because that would have been the worst.

This was really well done. Interesting choice having them be divorced, with us getting their history through dialogue. The reason they drifted apart felt pretty real, along with their desire to try again.

This was a nice story. When Rainbow and Rarity ran off, I figured they already knew Twilight would be interested in Moondancer, but I suppose not. Twilight being the one to give her her sweater is an interesting twist.

This was a really sweet story. Glitz and Glam is a nice way to follow up the naming pattern. It's interesting seeing Flam during the epilogue time period (I assume). The girls saying they came to spend time with him makes it sounds like Flam and their mother are separated, which is a nice subtle detail. Good job.

This was a really fun story. Damn, Sunset's power is pretty OP in a heist.

Nice story. Interesting to focus on Feather Bangs' music career; I think it was actually Equestria Girls that confirmed he was a singer.

This was a nice sweet story.

This was a lot of fun. One reference that hasn't been pointed out is the bit with Twilight almost hitting the Festivus pole with her laser blast and Pinkie telling her not to do it, which I assume is a reference to Man of Steel. The comedy is great, and it managed to say a lot about the characters.

And the one that isn't tied to Hearth's Warming
This was really cute, and even as someone who doesn't particularly care for romance with Rainbow, I enjoyed it a lot. And yes, the dialogue was really snappy.
12-26-19 The Good Place season 1 finale stream


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following
1. The Good Place - 11
2. The Good Place - 12
3. The Good Place - 13
4. Epithet Erased - 1

The Good Place 13 has a big twist that no one saw coming in its entirety, though some figured out bits and pieces. People are looking forward to the next episodes.

I included Epithet Erased as filler. Some dropped off a bit into it, but other people liked it. I don't think I'll make it a permanent part of the stream.


The Gameloft trailer for the addition of future characters makes things seem really epic, then it shows the gameplay


I realized I fell behind on art a lot.
1.Lyra in sweater by lakunae
2.Pinkie as idol singer by kurogewapony
3.tearing the skies by MirtaSH on DeviantArt - Rainbow
4.Twilight Sporkles by Miokomata on DeviantArt
5.Princess roadtrip by pony-way

1.MLP Maid Series:/ Twilight Sparkle by Ipun on DeviantArt
2.princess candence by Hanic-Draws on DeviantArt
3.Twidash by occultusion on DeviantArt
4.Rarity by LostDreamm on DeviantArt
5.Sad Sugar Belle by verulence

1.CelestiaLuna by VinaraMic on DeviantArt
2.Commission: Hopping! by Lucy-tan on DeviantArt - EQG Pinkie
3.Magic noodles by Kitten-in-the-jar on DeviantArt - Trixie
4.Student Six #359 by Sintakhra on DeviantArt - Gallus, Ocellus, and Yona making a snow yak
5.Coco eating ramen by luciferamon

1.Pinkie on her back by kurogewapony
2.MLP: The Movie - A second chance by RingTeam on DeviantArt - Human Tempest and Twilight
3.Flutterbat by Shinju-Fury on DeviantArt
4.SuriFlare by twilite-sparkleplz on DeviantArt - EQG Suri and Sunny Flare
5.Plushie pony Sour Sweet by lilmoon

1.Fluttershy by miokomata
2.Twilight by Manella-Art on DeviantArt
3.Peculiar Perched Pest Problem by DimFann on DeviantArt - Rainbow and parasprites
4.CyberShim by Midnight-Note on DeviantArt - Sunset
5.twipie forever by MirtaSH on DeviantArt

1.Pinkie with element by colorfulcolor233
2.Rarity with element by colorfulcolor233
3.Rainbow with element by colorfulcolor233
4.Unicorn Twilight with element by colorfulcolor233
5.Applejack with element by colorfulcolor233
6.Fluttershy with element by colorfulcolor233

Here's a comic I missed a while ago

My Little Unicorn Pg.1 by KinGKerO on DeviantArt
My Little Unicorn Pg.2 by KinGKerO on DeviantArt
My Little Unicorn Pg.3 by KinGKerO on DeviantArt



Oct 25, 2017
Loser Round 2 ends with these winners being added to the top 16.
1. The Magic Inside
2. We'll Make Our Mark
3. One Small Thing
4. We're Friendship Bound

Our top 16 is
1. Art of the Dress
2. At the Gala
3. Becoming Popular
4. Smile
5. This Day Aria
6. A True True Friend
7. Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown
8. Welcome to the Show
9. Friendship Through the Ages
10. We'll Make Our Mark
11. The Magic Inside
12. One Small Thing
13. Open Up Your Eyes
14. We're Friendship Bound
15. One More Day
16. The Magic of Friendship Grows

2 from season 1
3 from season 2
1 from season 3
1 from EQG 1
2 from Rainbow Rocks
0 from season 4
2 from season 5
0 from seasons 6-7
2 from the movie
2 from season 8 (counting Best Gift Ever)
1 from season 9 (the final song)

Season 4 had a surprising lack of success given how many songs reached round 2.

Round 3 is 1v1. Match 1
A. Open Up Your Eyes

B. At the Gala


Some fic updates

Great chapter! I was expecting the romance with Dr. Hooves to be an ongoing thing in this story, so I didn't expect things to jump forward. Rarity's narration of the scene was great. Among the Rarity-narration genre (shrug), I don't think I've seen a story where she's this unsure of herself, and you handle it really well while keeping her in-character. And with this chapter, we start getting more explicit hints about why Rarity is so obsessed with being ladylike.

Interesting chapter. The perspective change to Sable was unexpected. I'm also surprised we're being thrown into a full blown adventure.

And one fic that was showcased on Equestria Daily

This was a nice and sweet story. If I have one major complaint, it's that with the number of characters, it was hard to balance them all. Starlight especially fell by the wayside. I didn't even realize she was at the party until she spoke.


Art dump
1.Nightmare Moon by nekosnicker
2.Your World Is Doomed by Loyaldis on DeviantArt - Sad Mane Six
3.Fluttershy plushie by lioncubcreations
4.Applejack giving Pinkie a ponytail by tstivv
5.Queen Chrysalis Cuddle size plushie by Epicrainbowcrafts on DeviantArt

1.Fluttershy Faux fur Cuddle size 3 feet / 90cm long by Epicrainbowcrafts on DeviantArt
2.MLP redesign - Fluttershy by PaintPalet35 on DeviantArt
3.MLP redesign - Twilight Sparkle by PaintPalet35 on DeviantArt
4.MLP redesign - Rarity by PaintPalet35 on DeviantArt
5.Winter by TinyBenz on DeviantArt - Twilight

1.MLP Autumn Blaze Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep on DeviantArt
2.My little pony by xXpaw2001Xx on DeviantArt - Trixie
3.she COmfy by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt - Pinkiedash
4.Fluttershy in winter by qbellas
5.Apple Family Christmas by dstears

1.Fluttershy Bby by DoggTeethh on DeviantArt
2.Twilight haters gonna hate walk GIF by whateverbender
3.Sunset sketch by katrina hadley - Official fan art
4.Winter Rarara by LolliponyArt on DeviantArt - Rarity
5.Growth by Scarletskitty12 on DeviantArt - Twilight

1.Eclipse by Ohemo on DeviantArt - Luna vs. Daybreaker
2.Lulu by LostDreamm on DeviantArt - Luna
3.Luna Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet to Come by some_ponu
4.EQG AppleDash picnic by dcon
5.Twilight's Journey | Fanart by PlatinumFeather2002 on DeviantArt - Also Celestia

And also, Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams