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My Little Pony |OT| An adventure that never will end



Oct 25, 2017
Looks like Era is blocking links to NeoGAF, so I had to go back to this post and the ones after and add the non-domain parts of the links after. I also fixed links in OTs. I'm sure I linked to GAF elsewhere, but that's all I'll do for now.
11-28-19 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians stream New


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched
1. MST3K - 321 - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Along with the Thanksgiving play scene from Addams Family Values.

The movie was good, but honestly, I always considered this to be a middle of the road MST3K. The movie that's simply called Santa Claus is much crazier and has better commentary, I feel. Still, this has a lot of good stuff, including the extended scenes of everyone awkwardly laughing.


Round 1 Match 34 features "Derby Racers" in the lead, but three others are tied for second.

Final match of Round 1!
A. Cupcake Song

B. The Spectacle

C. Friendship Through the Ages

D. Twelve Days of Christmas

E. Equestria Girls Digital Series Opening

I'll start declaring the final votes for the first songs tomorrow, then slowly get through them. Then we'll start the loser's bracket on Sunday, I suppose.


Oct 25, 2017
Holidays Unwrapped part 3 is called The Cider Louse Fools.


One second of Pinkie from each episode. It's TONS OF FUN.


For the song poll, I've closed the first 20 matches after adding my own vote for them. Here are the final results for those.

Match 1
1. Flawless - 8
2. BBBFF - 2

Match 2
1. A True True Friend - 5
2. Run to Break Free - 4

Match 3
1. You'll Play Your Part - 8
2. Say Goodbye to the Holiday - 2

Match 4
1. Battle - 6
2. Monday Blues - 4

Match 5
1. Bats - 6
2. Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again - 3

Match 6
1. Pinkie the Party Planner - 5
2. Embrace the Magic - 4

Match 7
1. Dance Magic - 6
2. Babs Seed - 5

Match 8
1. Pinkie's Lament - 6
2. We Got This Together - 3

Match 9
1. I'll Fly - 5
2. Best Friends Until the End of Time - 4

Match 10
1. Welcome to the Show - 7
2. The Ballad of the Crystal Empire - 4

Match 11
1. Becoming Popular - 8
2. Rainbow - 2

Match 12
1. Apples to the Core - 6
2. Music in the Treetops / Find the Music in You - 4

Match 13
1. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - 5
2. I'm the Friend You Need - 3

Match 14
1. The Vote - 4
2. So Much More to Me - 3

Match 15
1. The Super Duper Party Pony - 6
2. So Many Wonders - 2

Match 16
1. Art of the Dress - 6
2. Let It Rain - 3

Match 17
1. Fit Right In - 4
2. Legend You Are Meant to Be - 3

Match 18
1. Light of Your Cutie Mark - 4
2. Morning in Ponyville / Life in Equestria - 3

Match 19
1. Blank Flanks Forever - 3
2. What More Is Out There - 3

Match 20
1. Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown - 6
2. Better Way to Be Bad - 3

With Match 19, this is a place where my vote is more of a 0.9 vote
I voted for What More is Out There, but I chose to put its three total votes below Blank Flanks Forever's three total votes.


Art dump, now down to two weeks old. There's a bunch of Pony Life related art.
1.Sunset Shimmer and Adagio by raika0306 on DeviantArt - Cat Adagio
2.Under Your Wings by KumikoPonyLK on DeviantArt - Older Mane Six
3.Bubble Horse by Scarletskitty12 on DeviantArt - Derpy
4.mane6 by SilberSternenlicht on DeviantArt
5.Pony Life Rainbow OK Boomer by shibaroll

1.OK BRONY by Pirill-Poveniy on DeviantArt - Pony Life Rainbow
2.Fluttershy but as a Christian and love singing by CE2438 on DeviantArt - Title is a reference to Sound of Music
3.Future Six by Shibaroll on DeviantArt
4.Spring Shy by Litrojia on DeviantArt
5.Older Twilight by hoohoward / hoopyon

1.Anthro Twilight Magical Mystery Cure coronation dress by moh_mlp2
2.SciTwi by moh_mlp2
3.Good Morning, Starlight by LostDreamm on DeviantArt
4.My Little Pony: Student Life by CatScratchPaper on DeviantArt
5.As Sunshine and Moonbeams - Celestia flexing while Luna is tired by anticular - Animated

1.Mane 7 one more group hug by saturdaymorningproj on DeviantArt
2.Gen4 and Gen4.5 Pinkies by GlitterStar2000 on DeviantArt
3.pony life by mofumofutchi on DeviantArt
4.gal pals by Georgisse-tyan on DeviantArt - Human Fluttershy and Twilight
5.CMC Older Version by Darksly-z on DeviantArt

1.Twilight lmao by Scarletskitty12 on DeviantArt
2.Luster Dawn by belka-sempai on DeviantArt
3.Seedling Applejack by Orin331 on DeviantArt
4.Pinkie Pie 11 16 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt
5.SciTwi and Sunset in Pony Life style by 5mmumm5

1.Ponk do the mlem by LostDreamm on DeviantArt - Pinkie
2.Twilight by luciferamon
3.Luster Dawn Will Try Friendship by ZevironMoniroth on DeviantArt - Plus Twilight
4.Mane Characters Only by Pony-Berserker on DeviantArt - Plus Spike and Starlight
5.MLP Starlight by SK-REE on DeviantArt

1.TORI - Commissions OPEN on Twitter: "Some #MLP commissions from this past week. Still open for more. https://t.co/9yky1DVwNY" / Twitter - Official fan art, Scootaloo and Lightning Dust
2.Twilight Huh? by maren
3.How The Magic of Friendship Grows by Evergreen-Gemdust on DeviantArt - Older Twilight
4.Celestia taking Luna's cake by tylerdashart
5.Twilight Sparkle 11 17 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt

1.Novo's Family [Commissions] by Julunis14 on DeviantArt - Plus Skystar and OC dad
2.20% Cooler Forever! by Mew-Me on DeviantArt - Rainbow and Pony Life Rainbow
3.Lavender by Avrameow on DeviantArt - Flower Ponies
4.Magic Duel by Pastel-Pony-Pictures on DeviantArt - Twilight and Rarity having a gay sword fight
5.What is this Creature?! | InuHoshi on Patreon - Twilight and Pony Life Twilight

1.Luna and Pony Life Rainbow by thrimby
2.Applejack and Applin by dawnfire
3.Sunset Shimmer by OhieKhe on DeviantArt
4.Starlight and aurora by hobbes-maxwell
5.Rumble by Avrameow on DeviantArt

1.Hundred Acre Bounce by Faline-art on DeviantArt - Pinkie and Tigger
2.PartyFavor by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt
3.Our Celestial Goddess by Alumx on DeviantArt
4.Tirek yelling at Cozy Glow by AleximusPrime on DeviantArt - Yelling at cat meme
5.Spike X Ember after stabbing a yeti by pencils - WARNING: Blood



Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following

1. FiM - 104 - Applebuck Season
2. FiM - 516 - Made in Manehattan
3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 3 - Razz
4. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 4 - Flowers for She-Ra
5. Batman: The Animated Series - Christmas with the Joker
6. Mickey Mouse (2013) - Duck the Halls

The episode that seemed to have been made in response to Coco's sudden popularity despite that seeming to be impossible given the time frame but who knows.

I'm going to just have one hour of Christmas stuff each stream. Taking any requests; I'll also include live action stuff.


I updated RariTwi: Love is War with chapter 3.


I've closed all but the last five polls of Round 1

Match 21
1. This Day Aria - 9
2. The Goof Off - 3

Match 22
1. Love is in Bloom - 6
2. Find the Purpose in Your Life - 2

Match 23
1. I've Got to Find a Way - 5
2. My Past is Not Today - 2

Match 24
1. Pinkie's Present - 8
2. Out On My Own - 2

Match 25
1. One Small Thing - 6
2. We're Friendship Bound - 3

Match 26
1. At the Gala - 7
2. Rules of Rarity - 3

Match 27
1. One More Day - 6
2. Find a Pet - 4

Match 28
1. Generosity - 4
2. The True Gift of Giving - 4

Match 29
1. We'll Make Our Mark - 6
2. Better Than Ever - 4

Match 30
1. The Magic Inside - 7
2. A Kirin Tale - 3

In Match 28, I voted for "The True Gift of Giving", so I counted my vote as less, resulting in it being below "Generosity".

I'll give people until tomorrow morning to vote for the last five polls.


Art dump
1.School Twi by Cluvry on DeviantArt - Anthro
2.Lovely Twi by Reterica on DeviantArt
3.Twi by AnnaKitsun3 on DeviantArt - Older
4.JK Terri Belle by uotapo on DeviantArt - And Swift Foot (IDW comic characters)
5.Twilight by colorfulcolor233

1.All Aboard! (Redraw) by Rocket-LawnChair on DeviantArt - CMC
2.Searching for some tea leaves | Yakovlev-vad on Patreon - Autumn Blaze
3.A love letter for Sweetie + speedpaint by Margony on DeviantArt
4.Sunset Sonata Cartoon by Light262 by Light262 on DeviantArt
5.RariDash Pony Life by unknown artist

1.Fluttershy by tubaki86
2.Shimmer-Sparkle by DANMAKUMAN on DeviantArt - SciTwi X Sunset
3.Olders hug by greenokapia
4.good vibes by bunxl on DeviantArt - Sunset
5.SciTwi by tohupo

1.Rarity sketch by yoditax
2.NATG VIII - Day 8 - Love at first sight by Pirill-Poveniy on DeviantArt - Trixie in love
3.Rainbow showing Fluttershy her OC in Sonic Forces by heir-of-rick
4.Human Pinkie in an album cover parody by pencils
5.Generation to Generation by KimmyArtMLP on DeviantArt - Celestia, Twilight, and Luster

1.Sunset by light262
2.EQG Pony Life by 5mmumm5
3.And she did it again by LimeDazzle on DeviantArt - Pony Life Starlight and Trixie with teacup
4.Bath Time by HazuraSinner on DeviantArt - Twilight X Pinkie with OC daughter
5.Rainbow X Applejack by terrac0tta

1.The Twilight by MusicFireWind on DeviantArt
2.Rarity at restaurant by luciferamon
3.Older Fluttershy by xsatanielx
4.Raritwi soft by Laps-sp on DeviantArt
5.Hushpuppies by Heir-of-Rick on DeviantArt - Filly Fluttershy being cool

1.Rarity making dresses by enderselyatdark
2.Rainbow sitting on a phone line like a bird by renderpoint
3.Rarity by benyablinkakaeto
4.Chrysalis by benyablinkakaeto
5.Twilight by benyablinkakaeto

1.Fluttershy by derrorro
2.Bubbles by MellonCollie-chan on DeviantArt - Derpy
3.Trixie dressed as Franziska von Karma from Ace Attorney by johnjoseco
4.Human Rarity dressed as Lulu from Final Fantasy X by johnjoseco
5.Human Trixie dressed as Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh by johnjoseco

1.Sunset dressed as Amalthea from The Last Unicorn by johnjoseco
2.Flutter-bunny by Cluvry on DeviantArt
3.Twilight Headcanon by LolaDotz on DeviantArt
4.Sparkly Hobo Luna by CutePencilCase on DeviantArt
5.Sunset dressed as Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by johnjoseco

1.Proud of you by Avrameow on DeviantArt - Celestia telling Older Twilight, " You must avenge my death Sunset... I mean, Twilight."
2.Starlight and Phyllis by lollipony
3.Sunset shimmer - cheer up by albertbm on DeviantArt
4.Dynamax Applejack by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt
5.Windy Whistles (Rainbow's mom) telling Applejack to call her mom by heir-of-rick

Sunshine and Moonbeams - Celestia is cold by anticular



Oct 25, 2017
Closing Round 1

Match 31
1. Shine Like Rainbows - 6
2. Pinkie's Singing Telegram - 2
3. Being Big is All it Takes - 2

This was the first tie, and thus the first song to take a bonus slot.

Match 32
1. Time to Be Awesome - 5
2. Invisible - 2

Match 33
1. Hearts as Strong as Horses - 5
2. Raise This Barn - 2
3. Friendship Always Wins - 2

Second tie, second bonus slot.

Match 34
1. Life is a Runway - 3
2. Derby Racers - 3

I voted for Derby Racers, so it's below Life is a Runway.

Match 35
1. Friendship Through the Ages - 6
2. The Spectacle - 2

The bonus slots for the loser bracket are:
1. The Place Where We Belong
2. Coinky-Dink World
3. The Pony I Want to Be
4. Being Big is All It Takes
5. Friendship Always Wins

Those bottom two are ties. The first three are losing songs that people mentioned they would have voted for if it wasn't for the match up.

And with that, I'll open up the first match of the loser bracket.
A. So Many Wonders

B. Say Goodbye to the Holiday

C. So Much More to Me

D. Embrace the Magic

E. Let It Rain

Note that with the eight matches of the loser bracket, there's no second place. Only the winner of each match will progress to the normal Round 2.
12-1-19 Christmas with the Joker stream New


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.

*.MLP:FiM | Music | Bats | HD - YouTube
1. FiM - 104 - Applebuck Season
*.My Real Ponies - YouTube
*.MLP FiM Rarity's Generosity song with Reprise HD1080 w/Lyrics in Description - YouTube
2. FiM - 516 - Made in Manehattan
*.MLP:FiM Apples to the core song with Reprise HD w/Lyrics in Description - YouTube
3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 3 - Razz
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Glass of Water | HD - YouTube
4. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 4 - Flowers for She-Ra
*.MLP:FiM | Music | Pinkie the Party Planner | HD - YouTube
5. Batman: The Animated Series - Christmas with the Joker
*.MLP:FiM | Music | The Super Duper Party Pony | HD - YouTube
6. Mickey Mouse (2013) - Duck the Halls

If you haven't noticed the pattern with MLP episodes, I'm airing one episode we never streamed and one episode we haven't streamed since 2017.

"Applebuck Season" is still a lot of fun, and also something that couldn't work any later in the series than it is. The slapstick, the pacing, how silly Applejack is, are all unlike anything else in the series, and it would have seemed really out of place after we saw more episodes of the show.

"Made in Manehattan" is a really weirdly paced episode, with the main conflict not even appearing until seven minutes in and lots of padding. The main notable things about the episode are the pre-credits sequence with Twilight being bored, the fact that Coco Pommel gets focus despite probably not being known as a popular character when it was made, and the Peanuts gag with a RariJack sign. Revisiting this, yeah, this isn't one I plan on rewatching.

The She-Ra episodes were enjoyable.

I own Batman: TAS on DVD (yes, DVD), but even when I got it and watched episodes frequently, I only watched "Christmas with the Joker" once. It's a sillier episode than usual for BTAS, and breaks some of the rules of the series, such as the fact that it uses color TV instead of black and white. Watching it again, it's still pretty fun, though. Mark Hamill is still a joy as the Joker.

Duck the Halls was a really fun special, with Donald wanting to experience Christmas instead of migrating south for the winter. The animation was great, and there were tons of good gags.


I read this fic, which ended up getting a lot of downvotes because it was part of an ill-advised event where a bunch of people published stories all with the same title and cover image. In this case, Undome Tinwe wrote a story where Rarity is a hitman who confesses her sins / hits on Twilight the priestess. Here's my review.

This was an interesting glimpse into this world. The way you described everything was great.
I will say I was confused by the other comments until I realized there's a contest going on with a bunch of stories all using the same title and cover image.


Oct 25, 2017
Forgot to post this

Loser Round Match 1 features "Let It Rain" in the lead, with "So Many Wonders" close behind. "So Much More to Me" has gotten no votes, but I've made my peace with that.

Loser Round Match 2
A. Babs Seed

B. Music in the Treetops / Find the Music In You

C. Pinkie's Singing Telegram

D. Find a Pet

E. Run to Break Free


Oct 25, 2017
Loser Round Match 2 features a three-way tie between "So Much More to Me", "Find a Pet", and "Run to Break Free".

Loser Round Match 3
A. Better Than Ever

B. The Goof Off

C. Derby Racers

D. Invisible

E. We're Friendship Bound


Some more art, this time getting to within a week of now.

1.Twilight 2.0 by ChaosAngelDesu on DeviantArt
2.wallflower blush by Hierozaki on DeviantArt - Pony
3.Lipstick by LooknamTCN on DeviantArt - EQG Rarity and Applejack
4.Lightning Dust by Avrameow on DeviantArt
5.{NG}TwiDash by Ace-Draws6658 on DeviantArt

1.Fluttershy Lifesize 50 inch /130cm custom plushie by Epicrainbowcrafts on DeviantArt
2.Twilight and PonySciTwi kissing Sunset by serodart
3.Bonding sisters by NevoBASTER on DeviantArt - Rarity and Sweetie Belle
4.Pinkie by ymnsk
5.Tempest Shadow by light-of-Inirida on DeviantArt

1.Some Rarity Sketch by light-of-Inirida on DeviantArt - Human
2.sister bonding by bunxl on DeviantArt - Celestia and Luna
3.Sunset by reiduran
4.Nom :3 by LolliponyArt on DeviantArt - Luna
5.Bigger Than Average by Underpable on DeviantArt - Sweetie and Rarity with Fat Opalescence

1.Surprising Encounter by ChaosAngelDesu on DeviantArt - Rarity and spider
2.ngl she do be lookin kinda fresh doe by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt - Rainbow
3.Rarity's cheeks being squished by Gabby by pabbley
4.Sunset X SciTwi getting drink cans by 5mmumm5
5.Rainbow looking at Fluttershy in a bowl by miokomata

1.Be Kind to The Little Things by Doodle-Mark on DeviantArt - Ages of Fluttershy
2.Fluttershy and Angel by FunkyChickenAmy on DeviantArt
3.Pinkie eating pie on Thanksgiving by johnjoseco
4.SciTwi ending up as an anthro in Equestria by dotoriii - Sunset, Celestia, and Spike
5.Sonata Dusk by rockset

Sunset faces evil magical girl SciTwi by dotoriii


Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following.
1. The Good Place - 7
2. The Good Place - 8
3. Community - 211 - Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
4. Futurama - 303 - A Tale of Two Santas


Loser Round Match 3 features "We're Friendship Bound" way in the lead.

Loser Round Match 4
A. The Ballad of the Crystal Empire

B. Find the Purpose of Your Life

C. Legend You Are Meant to Be

D. Friendship Always Wins

E. Out On My Own


I read this pretty interesting ongoing fic.

My review, four chapters in.
This is a pretty interesting fic. Good job exploring what pony society in 400 years would be like, and you have a pretty good handle on the show characters. It is a bit odd that Twilight would lose track of the obvious friendship problem growing right in Canterlot with the flier vs. non-flier issue, but then again I can see her missing it if she doesn't get people on her council from there. Speaking of which, good job making sure it didn't turn into Blade Runner world or something, and instead is something that would make sense for Twilight to create.
12-5-19 Community stream New


Oct 25, 2017
Stream followup, we watched the following.
1. The Good Place - 7
2. The Good Place - 8
3. Community - 211 - Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
4. Futurama - 303 - A Tale of Two Santas

I had forgotten how the developments in The Good Place 7-8 happened. The entire sequence of them trying to shut off Janet is great.

This is actually my first full Community episode, and it was a lot of fun, plus surprisingly emotional.

I feel like many people prefer the first Futurama Xmas special, but I enjoyed this one much more than when we streamed the first special last year. It has "I'm sorry I thought you was corn", "And I'm their friend Jesus", and other great scenes, plus the story is just more cohesive than the first special, which had side stories that just barely tied together.


Loser Round Match 4 had a close race, but eventually people coalesced around "Out On My Own".

Loser Round Match 5
A. Monday Blues

B. We Got This Together

C. Better Way to Be Bad

D. Rainbow

E. A Kirin Tale


Big Adventure intensifies.


Some art.
1.anthro twilight sparkle by awr-hey on DeviantArt
2.Rainbow by choochuu
3.The Enchanted Library Twilight and Rarity by laps-sp
4.Anthro Emo Rarity by mamechi / potetecyu_to
5.Anthro Twilight by mamechi / potetecyu_to

1.Thanksgiving by WeirdoFish on DeviantArt - Fluttershy and turkey
2.Trixie by tohupo
3.Tempest by zazush-una
4.Humane Seven out shopping by tcn1205
5.Fluttershy 2019 by Skeolan on DeviantArt

1.A Sunny Morning by TheWickedVix on DeviantArt - Sunset
2.Fluttershy by tohupo
3.Twilight and the Twilights and also Luna, Chrysalis, and Cozy by dstears
4.Coronation Twilight by CutePencilCase on DeviantArt
5.Demon Sunset by 5mmumm5

1.Chrysalis capturing a bunch of OCs by ulitochka
2.I destroy you by Chepelitaxd on DeviantArt - Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon
3.Twilight All My Friends Are Dead by sophieascruggs - Comic artist
4.Sunset Shimmer Kirin Plushie by DoctorKoda on DeviantArt
5.SMOOcH by WanderingPegasus on DeviantArt - Rainbow X Pinkie

1.Cozy Glow 12 2 2019 by tohupo on DeviantArt
2.Equestrian Stories 2019 - A warm sunset by SkyAircobra on DeviantArt - Chrysalis, Twilight, and Fluttershy
3.Light in the darkness by Livitoza on DeviantArt - Luna
4.Twily by LostDreamm on DeviantArt
5.Rarity by sibashen


This is a comic followed by a connected image.
1.MLP:YL - Missing the Signals by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on DeviantArt - Older Diamond Tiara trying and failing to seduce Older Apple Bloom
2.MLP:YL - Getting to the Point | InuHoshi on Patreon - Diamond crying to Apple Bloom that she keeps ignoring her

Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams - Thanksgiving by anticular

And Starlight riding a roomba.


Oct 25, 2017
Holidays Unwrapped part 4 is called "Winter Break-In"


Loser Round Match 5 features "A Kirin Tale" in the lead.

Loser Round Match 6
A. Being Big is All It Takes

B. The True Gift of Gifting


D. I'm the Friend You Need

E. The Place Where We Belong


Oct 25, 2017

Clip from Japanese "Best Gift Ever"!
... The singing here is pretty bad.

So for those keeping track:
Old cast: Seasons 1-2, EQG movies, EQG specials through Rollercoaster of Friendship, EQG web series season 1
New cast: Seasons 3-4 (ongoing), Best Gift Ever
Not dubbed: Seasons 5-9, Spring Breakdown, Sunset's Backstage Pass, EQG web series season 2


Oct 25, 2017
Stream announcement, we're watching the following.

1. FiM - 211 - Hearth's Warming Eve
2. FiM - 520 - Hearthbreakers
3. She-Ra - 5 - The Sea Gate
4. She-Ra - 6 - System Failure
5. The Nutcracker Prince

The 8-foot candy cane that would forever influence how we view pony sizes.

I realized that up until Christmas, I could air an hour of Hearth's Warming stories in the MLP slots every Sunday.

Decided to air The Nutcracker Prince after going through KillstealWolf's 2017 Christmas special list and realizing I've never actually watched an adaptation of The Nutcracker before.


Loser Round Match 6 has a tie between "The True Gift of Gifting" and "BBBFF".

Loser Round Match 7
A. What More is Out There - Twilight and Sunset duet

B. Rules of Rarity

C. The Spectacle

D. Morning in Ponyville / Life in Equestria

E. Coinky-Dink World