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NBA Playoffs 2019: End of Lebrongelion | OT | Cus Crisis (Space Jam 2 Now Hiring, Apply Inside!)

Oct 26, 2017
Bledsoe putting the hand up lol. Only for their to be 4 seconds on shot-clock left, and bailed out by a foul. Kawhi got tired out, could see at the end of the 3rd

Underwhelming Giannis performance though. Incredible Brook performance
Oct 27, 2017
What a game for Brook Lopez. Immense at both ends.

I thought Gasol had a good first half but was just completely gassed in the second. 40 minutes for him two days after playing 48 is just too much, especially when you have Ibaka with only 17.
Oct 25, 2017
sad they wasted Kyle's game because it won't ever be this good again;

All things considered, Raps didn't play TOO shook. Which is sad to say as a moral victory but it counts

Unrelated: has Brook Lopez always been this goofy? It's hilarious. Funny dude, and likes MvC so he's clearly a man of culture

LOL that block