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NBA Regular Season 2019-2020 | OT2 | Steph Curry's Manageable Load

Al Kameido

Aug 15, 2019
It's kind of incredible that most GMs wouldn't trade SGA for Paul George straight up.
As great as it was to get PG and Kawai, having to part with SGA still stings. Watched him all year last year and knew this kid was only gonna get better. Now seeing him I can't believe there was no other version of that trade where they could have held on to him.

Still hurts, man.


Jan 6, 2018
At the halfway point if we are talking about playoff matchups. I think Adam Silvers Dream Draw is probably this

West RD1
1 Lakers vs 8 New Orleans
2. Rockets vs 7 Thunder
3. Clippers vs 6 Jazz
4. Denver vs 5 Dallas

West RD2
1. Lakers vs 5 Dallas
3. Clippers vs Houston


Every Outcome here is good except Clippers vs Dallas and that’s still 4 stars representing 2 of the top media markets in the country.

Lakers vs Either LAC or Houston. I don’t think it matters much. Lakers make the finals.

East RD1
1. Bucks vs Magic
2. Boston vs Brooklyn
3.Toronto vs 6. Indy
4. Miami vs Philly

Bucks vs Sixers
Boston vs Indy

Bucks vs Boston

NBA Finals
Lakers vs Celtics


Oct 27, 2017

The Raptors received the inaugural NBA Team of the Year Award for their strong business performance and innovative marketing programs. The team was near the top of the league for ticket member renewals, total tickets sold and full season tickets sold. Toronto was also recognized for its innovative approach to partnerships resulting in it being presented with the NBA’s Activation of the Year Award last July, and its creative marketing strategy, including its efforts to drive community conversations around diversity and inclusion through initiatives like the “GroundbreakHERS,” a professional development network supporting females in sports, and “Powered by Female Fans,” a celebration of the team’s female fan base. The Raptors leveraged their unique association with OVO through the third annual ‘Welcome Toronto’ campaign to make an impact in the community. In addition, through Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment’s Digital Labs, the team offered fans a highly-engaging mobile experience resulting in growth for the team’s mobile apps and social channels. The Raptors also launched the “Future of Sport Lab” initiative for aspiring business startups in the sports space.
Basically an MVP Franchise Award or Best Run Organization.

Our Social Media team is unmatched, too.



Oct 25, 2017

Basically an MVP Franchise Award or Best Run Organization.

Our Social Media team is unmatched, too.

that's tim leiweke's award


Oct 25, 2017
The Jazz have literally played the absolute worst teams in the East over their last 10 games. The bottom nine seeds. And they played the load-managing Clippers.

Tophat Jones

Oct 26, 2017
They aren’t the Lakers so strength of schedule isn’t discussed. It’s also more fun to think it’s all b/c of former Laker great Jordan Clarkson.
You really have your finger on the pulse. Jazz stealing all the the headlines. I mean compare it to the Lakers coverage when they were blasting the crap part of their schedule and going 20-2. Did that even make the news?


Oct 25, 2017

Ja is such a fucking badass. Awesome player, attitude, cool name, tries to dunk on everyone.

Tennessee, in its entire existence, has done nothing to deserve a team this exciting. Morant, Jackson, Clarke, Melton, Brooks. Really gonna be so much fun to watch the new few years.
What you got against Tennessee? I actually found Memphis a great hoops town when I lived there.