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NBA Regulera Season 2018-2019 |OT| National Banned Anime

Oct 25, 2017
So after this game I believe Milwaukee's magic number is 6 and seeing as both Toronto/Golden State/Denver are all tied in the loss column that magic number is for everything from 1 seed to home court throughout the playoffs. I could be wrong tho.
Edit: Nope Jim Pasche confirmed it for me magic number is 6 for the East.
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Nov 2, 2017
Lebron with that Westbrook style stat line tonight.

Inverse 6th seed in sight
I think Dallas probably has 6 locked up and might be able to climb into 5th unless Atlanta decides to start throwing games (they seem to be competing so far, but they've had a huge buffer that is rapidly shrinking). The Mavs are really fucking good at tanking and are obviously incentivized given their draft pick protections. Lakers really need to lose against Washington, Charlotte, and Nola to climb the draft board. Memphis by all accounts wants to convey their draft pick this year so they want to move out of the top 8.