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NBA Regulera Season 2018-2019 |OT| National Banned Anime

Oct 26, 2017
My opinion is that age shouldn't be the defecto when comparing both young players. Capping Kuzma's ceiling because he's 4 years older than Tatum is a bit disingenuous to me when he has shown substantial improvements to his game from previous and will continue to improve the next season. The only slight in Kuzma's game now that Tatum may have over him is he lacks a skillset that would allow him to change directions in an iso or driving to hoop.
And Tatum is 10x the defender already
Oct 25, 2017
Did anyone realistically expect them to make it beyond the second round?
The Eastern Conference Finals is the realistic ceiling for the Pacers. They would have to draw Philly and Milwaukee in rounds 1 and 2, though. I don't think they can beat Boston or Toronto in a 7 game series.

Though if they draw Miami, Philly, Milwaukee...
Nov 3, 2017
That’s like saying James Harden is like Dirk. This is serious nonsense, man. The only skill they both share is shooting, and that’s not really a rare skill in this game.
You just aren't seeing it, but that is okay. These two European statesmen will do a tradeoff during Dirk's retirement where Luka inherits the power and longevity that nurtured Dirk during his tenure.
Oct 27, 2017
With the recent posts about Kuzma and because I hate my life. I wanted to go back and rewatch the Pistons game to see if I'm just biased. Particularly in regards to Kuzma on defense. It's gone pretty much how I remembered it yesterday. Blake eats him up one on one, but he has contested his outside shots. Also Blake was in the paint after a shot on offense twice in the first half. Kuzma didn't have to box him out a single time. That's just for the first half though. Going to drink some more coffee before I watch that abomination of an offense again.
Oct 25, 2017
Do people hype Luka up because he’s white

Or are his haters hating because he’s white

People don’t like Luka because they are afraid that the best player in the NBA will be white. Give Luka 3 years he’ll have one MVP and 2 rings. He is already better than Jaylen brown, Tatim, Lonzo and Ingram combined.
Oct 27, 2017
If LeBron hates Trump why does he have his clients sign with New Balance. Some things we will never know.
Because if you're raking in the cash like Lebron, every decision he makes his a business decision to further improve his bottom line. Just like that new school he built. Not down playing the importance for his community. it's a giant tax write-off, and a continuous one at that.
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Oct 25, 2017
Kuz just dropped 41, where's all the Julius Randle takes?
Poody I love you and this may be the first time we disagree but I think Randle is better all around. It doesn't mean that in the future, Kuz won't surpass him but for now, I'd take Randle.
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