NBA Regulera Season 2018-2019 |OT| National Banned Anime

Nov 7, 2018
Yeah I didn't see his stats. Sure didnt seem like it tonight tho. Bricked a bunch of open 3s when we needed em. I guess he came through in the end though. Still a pretty ugly win
He came through in the clutch with both an assist and a tough shot. He plays efficient, not flashy.

Once again, the game was only that close because the Nets shot the lights out from 3. When Raps adjusted to that, D'Angelo Russell went to work in the paint. Russell deserves the All-Star appearance, he's been ballin out this season.
Oct 25, 2017
Yes. But the probability was much lower since most projections for him were between first and 3. Kuzma was even projected in some instances to go undrafted. He wasn't highly recruited. Hence the agree to disagree.
Again why does that matter and what is your point? That Kuzma somehow doesn’t “count” even though he was literally a part of that transaction?
Oct 25, 2017
Nets shoot 20/41 from 3 and we still won lol. Damn we good. SBA was poppin in the 4th. Place can still bring the noise

D-Russ got his but Crabbe/Harris is what kept it as close as it was (and the refs).

McCaw also balled the hell out, he's earned himself in the rotation for sure.

Can't wait till Gasol starts because he's just so damn good/savvy at what he does. He had that skyhook workin tonight. As well as poppin 3s and making some sweet dimes. Instantly a fan fave. And this was all without Lin/Fred too.