NBC News: FBI Arrested an 18-Year-Old Ohio Man For Threatening to Shoot Federal Agents And Planned Parenthood


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Oct 26, 2017


The FBI arrested an 18-year-old from Ohio for making online threats — including against the federal government and Planned Parenthood — and found a large cache of weapons, authorities said.
When agents raided the Boardman, Ohio, house where Justin Olsen was living they recovered 15 rifles, 10 semi-automatic pistols and roughly 10,000 rounds of ammunition, according to a criminal complaint written by FBI Special Agent Themistocles Tsarnas and seen by NBC News.
Olsen, who wrote under the name "ArmyOfChrist," was charged Monday with one count of threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer.
"ArmyOfChrist discussed supporting mass shootings, and assault and/or targeting of Planned Parenthood," according to Tsarnas.
Assistant Mahoning County Prosecutor Michael McBride decided authorities had to act swiftly on the threats in the wake of the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, NBC affiliate WFMJ reports.
The case against Olsen began earlier this year when FBI agents in Anchorage, Alaska, working in a chat room called "iFunny," found a user named ArmyOfChrist making threatening comments.
Agents raided his place of residence, described in the complaint as his father's home, on Aug. 7 and found a large number of guns and bullets throughout the house and in a gun vault in Olsen's room.
Olsen allegedly told agents that his writings were "only a joke."

An Ohio teenager threatened to shoot federal agents, a Planned Parenthood and a gay bar and was found at a residence that had a gun vault and around 10,000 rounds of ammunition, according to police and court documents.
Justin Olsen, 18, was the moderator of an online chat where he made light of mass shootings and made the threats against all federal agents, the nonprofit, and an undisclosed gay bar, according to a police report from the Boardman Police Department.
After searching his father's house in Boardman, a suburb south of Youngstown, FBI agents seized 15 rifles and 10 semi-automatic pistols, according to a criminal complaint. Investigators also observed an estimated 10,000 rounds of ammunition in one room and another 300 rounds of ammunition on the stairway leading to the second floor, according to the complaint.

The case began in February, when the FBI received a complaint about Olsen in Anchorage, Alaska, and traced his computer information back to Olsen's address.
On Aug. 6, an FBI agent approached a Boardman police detective with the information and “in light of the recent mass shootings in the United States," officials decided to arrest him. He was taken into custody the next day at his father's residence.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm trying to imagine how an 18-year-old got his hands on that kind of firepower. I can only imagine what kind of person the father is like if he kept an armament of guns under his roof.


Mar 23, 2019
Such a big time gap between February and now, no? I mean, he could have dome some serious damage if he had all that to begin with


Oct 27, 2017
How does an 18 year old own 25 guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition. Might need to look at the father as well.
Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta GA
you can open carry and conceal carry with zero permits in ohio

father ain't getting shit pressed on him
yup. but parents should be held accountable for making legally-purchased weapons so readily available to children

like I don't understand why we can't even do that, in these cases. this kid is a danger to society. his father helped make him one.


Oct 26, 2017
White people need to get their shit together

These fucking white kids really are all the same.


Oct 25, 2017
Thank God these people are technologically inept

How did this happen under the father's nose? At 18 no less


Oct 27, 2017
So much for the once-held sentiment that the young people of America will change society for the better.
Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta GA
oh i don't disagree. just pointing out how futile this state's gun laws are. we fly the flag at half-mast for Dayton but there will be zero fucking legislation.
I wonder if that will help the situation. So many of these cases are coming to light, and in many of them there's nothing illegal when it comes to the guns being used or planned to be used.


When the music hits, you feel no pain.
Oct 25, 2017
ROFL. Cause of this one loony?
It's not just one loony though. We fed ourselves the belief that hatred just magically dies off with old people, and that once younger generations come around everything will automatically be better. Well, it's not senior citizens shooting up public places and churches. It's not senior citizens attacking me on the basis of race and gender when I log onto online games. It's not senior citizens leading the alt-right and 8chan. It's teenagers and young adults.

Progress is not a straight line. It's a drunken walk towards some ambiguous destination where we seem to stumble into shit like concentration camps over and over again.


Oct 25, 2017
How does one get that many guns by 18? Guns may be plentiful here but they're still expensive.

Something doesn't add up there. Either those were the family guns or someone else was supplying him


Oct 29, 2017
Hey it's just a joke. I'm actually impressed how fast the world churns out pieces of shit, must be a couple billion at least


Oct 26, 2017
What the fuck was he doing in Anchorage? Lots of fucking idiots here but is he a single person or part of a larger team


Apr 1, 2019
Good job fucking up your life, dumbass. Whatever kind of charges that you receive (probably federal) are going to be stuck on your record in which will make the rest of your miserable life entirely difficult, even when you do get out of jail or prison.

Hope it was worth it.
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Oct 27, 2017


You probably post about me on another board.
Oct 25, 2017
Whats the count? Seems like we are in double digits in the last 2 weeks