Nearly two-thirds of North American birds threatened with extinction due to climate change. :(

Oct 27, 2017

Nearly two-thirds of North American birds studied will go extinct if global warming hits 3 degrees Celsius (5.4˚F), a new report from the National Audubon Society finds.
Orioles, eagles, grouse and gulls are among 389 types of bird -- 64% of 604 species assessed on this continent -- that are highly or moderately vulnerable to climate change, the study says.

The stark warning follows research published last month that showed the US and Canada had lost 2.9 billion birds in about the last 50 years.

The existential threat to birds also impacts humanity. As canaries warned coalminers of invisible death in the industrial era, now birds of every shape and size can be life-or-death alerts in the age of global warming.
Watch the video in the link. Dire stuff.


Sep 5, 2019
Society will eventually have to face the reality that we've condemned future generations to struggle in a diminished, hostile, and shrinking world.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Miami, FL
I can’t read the article.

Are their bodies just super sensitive to 5F change? Or is their prey/food sensitive to it and their food supply would become too low to sustain them?