Need for Speed Heat Official Reveal Trailer (PC/Xbox One/PS4 - November 8th 2019)



Oct 26, 2017
Looks cool but will wait for the gameplay trailer to decide fully. I'm hoping the campaign is a relatively lengthy one and they take the Forza Horizon route of adding new content each month as an incentive to return to the game
NFS 2015 had new free content regularly so i guess Heat will follow the model as well, i didn't play Payback tho.
Jun 4, 2019
The gameplay bits looked crisp and good, but the story bits I could really do without. Really doesn't seem all that interesting.

For me most important is the sense of speed, because boy, that has been lacking lately.


Feb 20, 2019
Getting warning for expressing my thoughts and there will always be somebody trying to outsmart any post. Apologies for addressing it directly to the devs, ofc i got nothing against and i know they work hard, the general idea was laziness overall in the final product since it looks almost the same as previous entries.


Oct 28, 2017
Worried about MTX, but reminds me a bit of Underground so I’m intrigued.

I’ll probably buy it on sale for Black Friday if it’s good. Ive been playing nothing but Horizon for 5 years and need something different haha


Oct 25, 2017
I think the details sound pretty good, and I'm into the style (though I wish the actual game leaned more into it). Will still wait and see cause what will really make or break this is how well the cars control but not really seeing any major red flags yet.


Oct 27, 2017
Nighttime shots look really dope and I like the idea of having police a more purposeful mechanic that also somehow ties into the narrative, but, man... Am I wrong or are EA games as of last few years giving me absolutely nothing? I'm watching this trailer and I just didn't feel anything (the nonsensical monologue doesn't help). And I feel like all recent Battlefields, Battlefronts, that previous two Need for Speeds, Mirror's Edge Catalyst all had exact same effect on me. They feel so... I don't know, inhumane and cold. It's really, really weird.

Aaaaaaaand I'm out.


Dec 28, 2017
I meant between those two, I'd actually probably go for death stranding though.
EA expects this game to sell 4 million copies in 5 months (Nov 2019 - March 2020). Payback sold 2 million physical copies alone. No idea what sales expectations Sony have for Death Stranding but uh, I don't think they're in the same ballpark.

I'd like to be surprised though, Death Stranding has been hyped for years and is the first new IP from one of the most esteemed creators in the industry.


Jul 7, 2019
Nfs heat: can i copy your homework
Nfs payback: sure! Just change it a little.

most likely it will be full of micro-transactions :(


Oct 27, 2017
The good news is on the Xbox website it lists HDR10 support! So night racing with neon lights running on (latest) Frostbite, Heat in theory should look stunning.


Oct 27, 2017
I keep saying they just need to lean into the ridiculousness of the franchise and go full on Fast and Furious. Have set pieces where you attach a bank vault to the back of the car and drive it through a foreign city. Parachute out of a fucking plane and drive down rocky landscape. Try to outrace a car while yours is literally on fire.

So far this game seems like it’s trying to be every other racing game out there, but the problem is, it’s not doing even half of what the others do, and doesn’t look as crisp. The only way to stand out is to be different.


Oct 30, 2017
Who the hell is this, and why is he spreading bullshit?

From the OP:
Tear up the rulebook and the streets to make them your own. You might be building up your bank balance during the day, but at night is when your REP will be on the line. Take the risks and you’ll own the night.
What we can confirm is that customisation options are earned through the completion of in-game events. For example, you spot a street race on your map and notice it has a new performance part up for grabs. Win the race, win the part. Speed cards from NFS Payback are gone.
So much hate and misinformation going around, READ people. I'm not defending EA, but give them the benefit of the doubt. Damn


Mar 16, 2018
London, UK
I like the look of the key art/logo - worried about MTX though. I'd love a real spiritual successor to the Underground games. NFS 2015 I did actually really enjoy but it felt a bit limited in scope.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Yay Area
Wide body polestar... didn’t even know I needed that in my life.
I’ll wait till we see gameplay but I really want a good arcade racer to play on my ps4 this gen. Lol.


Oct 27, 2017
Don't understand the hate, seems to have the cheesy NFS story, with the cop chases of Most Wanted, with the current hip 80's/neon/Miami aesthetic.

Will play on Origin Premier.


Oct 27, 2017
I'm open to at least look at it this time around.

If the handling is good, i can play it without others and the mtx aren't borderline obnoxious it might be nice.


Oct 26, 2017
That trailer did nothing for me... still, will wait for the gameplay reveal and see if that changes how I feel.


Oct 27, 2017
This game might be good, or bad, or mediocre, who could say.
Typically with racing games it comes down primarily to how you like the handling and physics of the cars.
Since Forza Horizon has for years been providing what I'd want from NFS, I'm not sure what I would want out of an NFS. Burnout?

Focusing on cop chases seems like a good idea.
That, customization and Dying Light roguenights seem to be the things here. Nighty flighty might be cool?
The story needs to be the right kind of cheese, because I doubt it could ever be engaging in any other capacity. It's hard to nail that.
From the website:

Standart Edition:

Deluxe Edition:

  • K.S Edition starter car
  • Three additional K.S Edition cars unlocked through progression
  • Four exclusive character outfits
  • REP Boost
  • Bank Boost
I like the neon-80's aesthetics going on here, that's some visual personality that unfortunately doesn't seem to be reflected much in the actual game.

Or with the orange super Volvo they put in this box instead of whatever thing's on the cover, or a TVR. The CE might've been worth it then.


Oct 27, 2017
The game looks like a mix between Pro Street and Need for Speed 2015

I'm sure we are gonna have a new NFS with shitty soundtracks... something that one day was so remarkable in the series. EA ain't gonna spend a bunch of money on famous songs with different genres that people like.

Not to mention, the EA MTX Edition is coming hard in this game... and you know it.

I'm cool here. Maybe in two or three years I play it.


Oct 30, 2017
I love how stupidly Pokemon-esque all these NFS games are (and a lot of EA games in general) where every single character you talk to is constantly going on about how much they love [whatever the activity is], and how liberating and valid it is.

Can't wait to hear seventeen people wax philosophical about how racing is about expressing yourself, or how going fast makes you free, or how driving dangerously in a school zone is the truest expression of being alive or whatever.


Oct 29, 2017
Why's there lots of talks about microtransactions? Were there microtransactions in NFS Payback?
The mtx system in Payback was extremely disgusting, and very similiar to Battlefront 2 at launch.

Basically instead of just earning money to upgrade your car, you got speed cards at the end of each race which had random stats on it. You slotted in speed cards onto your car which then added the card stat to the car's base stat. That's how upgrading worked.

Races had a level requirement which was calculated from the car's base level and all the speed cards added on top of it. The AI was cheating like crazy if your level was lower than the recommended, so you often hit a wall where you needed to get better speed cards.

So how?

Well, you had to redo races. In a game that advertised itself as narrative driven, by the way. It's so stupid. But OK - redo races. Except, the problem was, the drop rate on good cards was terrible, so you would end up doing the same race several times before you get anything good from it.

And this is where mtx came in. You could earn loot boxes which contained speed points that you could gamble to get new cards. And you could of course buy loot boxes as well....

Eventually they adjusted the system to be a lot more generous with lootboxes and speed cards, and they also made the speed card shop refresh its inventory a lot quicker (it used to be like, every 30 mins) and the general inventory is a lot better too. But at launch, it was fucking disgusting.


Oct 30, 2017
Same story with Facebook. This companies get away with whatever they want because people keep buying their products. EA is a gambling company, and it should be regulated as such.

A shame, since underground was great and the idea of a follow up would be great.