Need help picking an Apple Watch our for my wife

Oct 27, 2017
Is the stainless steel worth getting if you won’t use LTE? Is the battery worse because if LTE?

Was thinking of getting one myself but I won’t wear it everyday. I have a ton of nice watches so I don’t know that it’s worth the price difference but the aluminum looks cheap in silver.

Also any suggestions for bumpers or something that would protect the watch I’m getting my wife? Looking for something transparent that would create a lip around the phone. I got her a space black but I think I’m going to swap it for the gold. She has the gold iPhone 8 so this works.

BTW I appreciate the responses.
The stainless steel is nice and a lot more resilient than the aluminium, but not really worth the extra cost unless you plan to hold on to it for a while. I think it'll become a better idea as Watch hardware matures (which it is starting to) so you could use it for 5+ years. But for example, the last few gens have improved performance so much that the gen 1, Series 1 and Series 2 Watches kinda feel obsolete.

Of course, that also depends on what band you pair it with since that can have a huge impact on price. I don't really see a point to the stainless steel if you're just gonna use the sports band or something. I'd go with one of the stainless steel bands (or leather, but I'm not a fan of leather and it's not as water resistant).

I don't think the Watch really needs a bumper or case or anything, to me it just makes the wearer look like a dweeb. But that's just me.

The ECG is worthless to me, because if you have a resting heart rate of under 50 (or over 120, I think), the watch can't do it. My resting heart rate is around 40, so It just says "inconclusive results" or something similar when I try it. But even if I could have used it, I probably would have done it once and never again. I would only consider the ECG test valuable if you have a specific reason (like a doctor told you to monitor it). It has nothing to do with "while you're working out" as someone earlier suggested. You do it when you're at rest.
Curious why your resting heart rate is so low... are you an athlete? I thought it was bad to have a resting heart rate that low unless you're some sort of super athlete.
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