Netflix Will Keep ‘Friends’ Through Next Year in a $100 Million Agreement

Oct 27, 2017
Other than Phoebe, I've come to really dislike most of Friends. I wish Netflix used this money to acquire rights to, like, 10 different, new (to Netflix) shows instead of a single show that was already on what feels like its 47th rerun cycle in Finland even before it was ever added to Netflix.
Oct 27, 2017
People bitch about a lame ass show and Netflix ends up paying $100 million to keep those bitchy people happy, that boring ass show is rerun every where.
Oct 26, 2017
It's great that fans can keep enjoying it on Netflix but is such an old show really a deal breaker these days? Who would cancel or renew their Netflix sub based on whether Friends is available or not?
I'd rather see that money spent on new content.
Oct 25, 2017
That's an astronomical figure for an old show, but a lot of people still watch it.

I can't ridicule, I watched the whole show with my wife last year. She likes it, and I enjoyed it for the dumb fun that it is.

And yeah, the show is pretty big outside the US.
Oct 25, 2017
Holy batman. I just read they were getting 20 million a year back in 2015?!!! Why even work anymore
I guess that's why LeBlanc thought Top Gear was too much work, they can all just do things for fun.

I wonder how much the Star Trek shows gets for the reruns. It wouldn't surprise me if Friends got more views than any Netflix originals though, it's more broad casual background viewing than anything.
Oct 27, 2017
Man, the creators and cast are still getting mad cash for this. It's insanely impressive how it still resonates with people after so many years.

I guess no one told them life was, gonna be this way.



Oct 29, 2017
It's been on constant re-runs here in Australia since Gem Channel launched back in 2010, before that still was on other channels.

Show somehow still pulls people..
Oct 26, 2017
The Wild Mare
Waste of money, wow. Unless that many people are subscribing to Netflix for friends???
Less about subscribing and more about supplemental shows that people watch weekly. I know folks that watch these old shows once a week, if not once a day. They may not have subscribed for it, but when the selection sucks, they stay for Friends and One Tree Hill and The Office and all that garb-age.
Oct 25, 2017
For me Friends is that show that you have zero interest in and cant understand the appeal but is wildly popular. It will forever be beyond my comprehension.
This show and the office are those for me. I've tried watching both (the former at the time it was airing, and the office just recently).

Either way, 100 million for a 20 year old show seems crazy to me, especially since that is enough to fund multiple 10 episode shows/seasons of something else.
Nov 1, 2017
I had no idea Friends was still so popular. How basic do you need to be to watch 20-25 year old sitcoms when you have the entire netflix/youtube library of entertainment available.
Jul 17, 2018
Copenhagen, DK
I rewatched the whole 10 seasons (Missing a few episodes here and there, and taking a good time to do it) on Netflix a few months ago. It was a sort of test to see how well it would hold up for myself, as I remember watching it all about 10-12 years ago and liking it. However, this time it didn't work out that well for me. Yes, there were a few episodes here and there that were still decent, fairly funny and entertaining... But often it felt old and decrepit.

It is obviously a product of the early-mid 90s, which sometimes can be seen clearly in the attitudes of the characters. For example, the not-so-subtle homophobic opinions of Ross. The thing is that it somehow moved into the mid 00's without changing much at all... Maybe in the 90s it felt fairly revolutionary to have an openly lesbian (secondary) character in a (very white and very safe) sitcom... But as the series advanced and we got into the 2000s, the characters attitudes didn't change that much even if society outside the TV show was moving towards more open positions regarding homosexuality. But that's usual in long running sitcoms, where characters become two dimensional parodies of their early selves. Is Joey funny because he's sort of simple, and a food and sex addicted person? Let's keep him that way and never make him change.

By the way, Ross was the character that ended up being the worst for me in this run. He felt like a very self centered person, borderline narcissistic... What's the big deal if people are having sex in front of your book in a library? Oh, it is definitely a big deal for Ross "I'm a palaeontologist" Geller. Rachel is also pretty self centered too, but she comes from a very privileged background and ends up doing something for herself in the end. In my opinion, the characters that came out the best at the end were Joey and Phoebe. Yeah, they were fairly dysfunctional examples of human beings, but they felt like the most honest of the bunch.

You know what else I found interesting about 'Friends' that reinforced the idea of it being a very 'safe' sitcom? As the show progressed and we reached the final season, all of the characters sort of end up being 'where they should be' and getting 'what they should get' according to some widely accepted societal expectactions... Ross and Rachel are together with a child (Ben, the boy raised by two lesbians, sort of disappeared from the scene), Phoebe marries some guy, Chandler and Monica are together and adopt two babies... Joey, well, he's like the sixth wheel and I guess was left free to do that other sitcom. They all expect to get big weddings, baby showers, hen dos... They all just settle down in a sort of middle class, middle age, average (white) American life. Not one of them decides to live in a way that is actually different, out of the usual, somewhat transgressive... And, no, having a wedding on the street because it's snowing a lot is not that crazy. I'm sure Phoebe was just a somewhat eccentric soccer mum a few years later.