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  1. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    Lol i dont understand this. This other dude is basically shitting on people for being unable to find love and I'm the badguy for taking him on?
  2. Wut. Me defending my having had love at first sight is shitting on people, versus you saying I am an immature 12 year old who bangs his mom?
  3. I'm getting second hand embarrassment just reading them.
  4. Fake it 'til you make it.
  5. Blue


    Get your reason and nuanced understanding of language out of here. ;)
  6. Pimienta


    Don't do this. I "pretended" to care about this girl once, and it was a mistake. It was just pure sexual attraction, nothing more.

    I was 19 and a fool, never again.
  7. jem


    No he isn't.

    The closest he's come to anything like that is his response to a claim that love at first sight doesn't exist.

    Now I don't agree with him. I think a person's definitely of love has to be fairly shallow for them to claim they've experienced love at first sight. However, that doesn't give anyone to right to call him a 12 year old or claim he's banging his mum. That's just being a dick.
  8. BillyMays

    Banned Member

    Fuck love
  9. fireflame

    Member OP

    I have to keep googling both terms because depending on websites I visit, they swap definitions.I thought asocial was the right one but it seems this term can have the "awful" meaning as well so I am not sure anymore.
  10. So you eventually made it. Good.
  11. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    • User Warned: Personal attack.
    ^ keep in mind he thought he was talking to OP who has never known love

    he's an immature paynis
  12. Hahahahahaha, so stupid.

    I was saying that shitting on someone for love when they haven't experienced it themselves doesn't make sense. I wasn't shitting on their lives.

    Come on dude.
  13. Bragg


    This is really sad thread. Sad in the traditional sense. Sad in the embarrassing sense. I just don't know what I'm reading.

    I have no doubt that there are some individuals who aren't wired for love, but I have to believe that's s small minority. So for what it's worth, don't give up on the idea. Its not phony. Its absolutely the best thing in the world.

    Is this a "You're so immature you probably have sex with your mom" post?

    Maybe take a step back?
  14. Baji Boxer

    Baji Boxer

    Your first response on the subject was to call someone's reasonable opinion bullshit. His insults were way over the top though.

    Personally, I do believe love at first sight exists. Love is an emotion/thought/mental state, sometimes conciously arived at and sometimes subconciously. There's zero reason to think it can't happen. Physical looks aren't the only thing that can be affect someone's initital impressions. Lots of subconcious signals in a person's mannerisms too.

    Now I don't believe in soulmates as some mystical magical connection. People who fall in love at first sight often don't neccesarily have their feelings reciprocated, and can certainly end up with someone who is horrible in some way. Or they may become a stalker. Lots of ways it can go wrong lol. Doesn't change the feeling itself.

    There's a number of women I've been in love with. Sometimes at the same time! (though I'd never cheat). I've felt the love at first sight thing before a few times, and though my instincts regarding the girl were spot on, I knew I'd be a nightmare to be with at the time and wouldn't be able to handle the relationship myself (poor, injuries, sickness, shut in, debt, etc.).
  15. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    Everything you say oozes with undeserved smugness and condescension. Respect your bond with your significant other by not using it as some token achievement to hold over the heads of those who don't agree with you. It's sad, immature, lacking in self control, and just says a lot about your absence of character and empathy.

    This was never worth my time so I'm bailing on this thread for good.

    It should have been worded better. The joke was less about "your mom" and more about "well you've been in a relationship for 12 years, yet you sound 12, so there's only one person you could be talking about."
  16. Garmonbozia


    It really is. Never felt something quite like it. I got rejected, but I still feel like it was a valuable experience, especially since I'm really shy.
  17. jem


    I mean, you're literally claiming what is probably a pretty core view of his is a load of rubbish. Anyone is going to be a bit defensive of something like that. His wording is not ideal but he's not shitting on anyone else, just defending his own views.

    Also, you really aren't in any position to call someone immature when you're claiming they bang their own mother and calling them a penis.

    Pot, meet kettle
  18. capitalCORN


    Embrace it. It both gets better and worse.
  19. Van Bur3n

    Van Bur3n

    I couldn’t relate to not being able to experience love. I love everyone at first sight. Even myself. Mmmm.
  20. Jesus dude, you have some issues you might want to work out, and I don't mean that in an insulting way. At no point was I lording over anyone with my relationship, holy hell. I was defending my position, and was attacked, but continued to defend it respectfully and you came up with this insane made up fantasy where I was shitting on people.

    But yeah, I guess defending my position means I'm an immature sad loser lacking self-control and empathy who is actually 12 years old and bangs his mom.

    Like seriously, read what you are writing. It's not normal.
  21. Dude, just stop.
  22. Mist

    Toon Link Administrator

    It's clear that this thread has devolved and run its course. Thread locked.
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