New ad for God of War during NBA game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Gamer17, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Gamer17

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    Here is the new cool advertising for God of War during NBA game:

    Sony started the marketing this year with an amazing job for MH world .lets see what they do for God of War.
  2. famikon

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    That’s Rad!
  4. immsun

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    Holy Shit
  5. LonestarZues

    LonestarZues Member

    That was really awesome.
  6. Simo

    Simo Member

    Apparently it didn't go over well and was booed because it was projected on the court and the crowd couldn't see shit. lol
  7. notme2020

    notme2020 Member

    Awesome trailer I want God of War now!
  8. VanDoughnut

    VanDoughnut Member

    As a fan of bball and God of War; that's rad.

    I wonder if they'll target movie theaters like Uncharted 4 did, a GOW trailer before you see Black Panther would be clutch.
  9. kennyamr

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    That was really cool :0
  10. AztecComplex

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    Weren't they pushing GoW hard in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl a month or so ago? The campaign has already started.
  11. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    I don't understand why they do this CGI shit when the real game looks clearly better.
  12. kowalski

    kowalski Member

    Last shot...Are those a new kind of Draugrs? We have already seen the fire and the ice ones...but these are neither of them.
  13. Nephilim

    Nephilim Member

    This game will be great!
  14. Smokey

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    Saw the TV commercial. Had no idea they went this far in the arena. Pretty dope.
  15. SecondNature

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    It annoys me so much that the kid uses very modern speech/speech mannerisms that make him seem so out of place.
  16. Neonep

    Neonep Member

    That was pretty cool how they did it.
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    I'm guessing this was at the Warriors Spurs game?
  18. IIFloodyII

    IIFloodyII Member

    That was a great little ad, is that a common why to do them for a NBA game?
    I really can't wait until we have the full OST for this, literally everything I've heard I've loved so far.
  19. Alexious

    Alexious Executive Editor for Games at Wccftech Verified User

    First shot seems to be a nod to the famous LOTR scene with Gandalf and the Balrog.
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    holy crap that’s ingenious

    we need HQ video of this asap
  21. Ryengeku

    Ryengeku Member

    Pretty unique. They're definitely treating it as a Megaton.
  22. Shin-Ra

    Shin-Ra Member

    I understood these Yakuza references.
  23. moonbeam

    moonbeam Member

    That was awesome! Much more hyped now :)
  24. Shauni

    Shauni Member

    Lol, seriously? I guess that just were thinking of how it would look on TV.
  25. BiGBoSSMk23

    BiGBoSSMk23 Member


    Half the audience would have seen it upside down as well...

    That's really dumb then, and a waste.

    Why didn't this get a Superbowl ad?

    I'm guessing since Venom didn't, Sony doesn't have that kind of money...
  26. Angie22

    Angie22 Member

    This game is going to be huge.
  27. IIFloodyII

    IIFloodyII Member

    I assume it was televised, meaning it wasn't for the live audience anyway.
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    Greatness awaits. I can feel it. Need to see the HD version of this ad
  29. Neural

    Neural Member

    I admit I've not been paying full attention... but is that isometric view representative of combat gameplay? First time I've seen it represented this way.
  30. MMarston

    MMarston Member

    Nah, seems to be just a specific gimmick for this ad.
  31. Mr.Deadshot

    Mr.Deadshot Member

    I hope we have playable segments like these in the final game. They always did amazing things with the camera perspective in previous games and I hope God of War PS4 is no different.
  32. Res-bot

    Res-bot Member

    Needs more beard coverage...
  33. LoudMouse

    LoudMouse Member

    It looked in game to me.
  34. Pabz

    Pabz Member

    I’m starting to feel like this game is gonna get Last Jedi like backlash for being too different. People that aren’t up to date on the shift with this game are in for a shock. I happen to love that creatives are taking franchises in new directions
  35. Blade Wolf

    Blade Wolf Member

    Cool, was hoping they would do something like this with Monster Hunter World.
  36. jiggle

    jiggle Member

    Ohhh normal gow camera
  37. Couscous

    Couscous Member

    Wow, I don't watch Basketball, but are all fields also screens for commercials?.
  38. Solace

    Solace Member

    What the fuck just happened, it was full screen then it went all Trapezius! Was that projected on bb field? On my low battery phone, cant see shit lol
  39. ReginOfFire

    ReginOfFire Member

    what is he talking about lol isnt that ingame?
  40. Neural

    Neural Member

    Too bad, I would have liked a more classical camera, even if for select fights.
  41. LoudMouse

    LoudMouse Member

    I'm completely baffled by the comment to be honest. Out of all the footage we've seen so far THIS is without doubt in game. Why on earth would they show those fighting scenes, from that angle, if it was CG?
  42. EkStatiC

    EkStatiC Member

    Pretty cool but considering that already the core fans are convinced that the new direction of the series is good, marketing has doing a really good job for a while.
    Marketing is more than ads.
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    Any direct feed video?
  44. ReginOfFire

    ReginOfFire Member

    perhaps sony will release it tomorrow?
  45. regawdless

    regawdless Member

    Very well made and cool idea. I just can't get into Kratos being a mentor.
  46. Cthulhu_Steev

    Cthulhu_Steev Member

    Yeah, it must've been key-stoned for that camera position, so probably looked like warped shit everywhere else - or in the upsidedown.
  47. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    Dude, you can totally see the CGI in the beginning of the video.


    If this isn't, then I apologize. But Atreus never looked like that.
  48. Paganmoon

    Paganmoon Member

    So it's now a 3D isometric Diablo clone? man I could be interested in that case!
  49. Solace

    Solace Member

    Man the misic is glorious. Also smh at Kratos screaming while falling down. Kratos does not scream.
  50. IIFloodyII

    IIFloodyII Member

    He's just getting mad at gravity. Not a fear scream.