New Dragon Age announced at The Game Awards! (The Dread Wolf Rises)

Oct 29, 2017
Been a while since I Dragon Age'd but I remember a novel dedicated entirely to some people finding Griffins and proving they are not extinct.
Yep. That's right. The Last FLight I think it's called
You don't really need to. Set the next game with him as the primary antagonist and the Tevinter Imperium which is a magical aristocracy type of society that loves to own slaves and be oppressive as a secondary antagonist in your adventures in their area. Solas could have gathered a following of powerful creatures who are like minded in returning to the old days and you have the mobs to fight. Hell the game made it seem at the end this wouldn't be a full on inquisition, but more of a smaller group of people you can relatively trust.
That's true and I respect that the game might go there. But man I want DA1 blight vibes and the wardens coming back at full strength. Throw Solas in there too.

Sure, it's be a big game with tons to wrap up but god knows if this might be the last DA or not. I want everything and the kitchen sink.