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New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Famitsu Info

Choose your house, Era

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Dec 28, 2017
So Famitsu just released some information a few hours ago on the new Fire Emblem game detailing gameplay systems and characters. Seems they've got a feature running through this week. I won't be posting the scans here but a few nifty Twitter users have done a stellar job translating what's there. Credit to BlackKite for all of this.

EDIT: More info from Serenes Forest added



  • (default: M ベレト Byleth, F ベレス Bylese?) You originally worked as a mercenary but your talents got noticed so you become a professor at Garreg Mach Monastery
  • . Your mom already passed away so you live with your dad who was leader of the Knights of Seiros and now leads a mercenary band. As a professor, you must choose one of three houses to lead its students. Each house has many different students to meet and train, each with their own personalities and skills.

  • A legendary being who is also said to be the strongest knight in history. Was summoned to Garreg Mach Monastery together with the protagonist, which makes him return to the Knights once again.

  • A mysterious girl who looks young but speaks in an old manner. She saves the protag at the fateful night. She normally doesn't show herself up and she speaks with telepathy into your head, so no one except you notice her. She also lost the memory of her true self.

  • Princess of the Adrestian Empire who has been promised the position of the next empress. A talented woman who has a cold & noble atmosphere. Adrestian Empire has the longest history. Many people here are more skilled in magic than weapons.

  • An eloquent youth who has good manners & embodied chivalry, but he somehow holds a shadow. Perhaps because the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is known for its knights, many of the students here are good at using spears.

  • A friendly youth whose smile fits him well. Although he doesn't seem like thinking of things too deeply, he has a sharp insight. Compared to the other classes, Golden Deer has more commoner students. Many of them are also good at using bows.


FE3H is confirmed to have a time rewind system, made possible by Sothis' ability to turn back time. The system is similar to FE Echoes where you can rewind per movement but the amount of usage allowed is also limited.​
Terrain effects: Other than determining movement costs and evasion rates, some spots may have gimmicks such as healing HP or even warp a character to another spot. When the game is just booted, there will be choices for Normal/Hard difficulty and Casual/Classic mode.​
Class Change now uses a Qualification Exam system: Character needs to spend Exam Passes and the chance of passing improves with correct skill ranks. Once the class has been unlocked, the character can freely change back anytime. Level won't go back to Lv1 either.​

Ranked skills in FE3H include:​

剣術 Sword Skill​
槍術 Spear Skill​
斧術 Axe Skill​
弓術 Bow Skill​
理学 Physics (Black & Dark magic)​
信仰 Faith (White magic)​
飛行 Flying (Flier classes)​
重装 Heavy Armor (Armored classes)​
馬術 Horseriding (Cavalry classes)​

Each char has good & bad ranks​
Characters in FE3H start in Commoner or Noble class depending on their origins, but these starting classes are same stat-wise: Can just use some magic with no other highlights.​
The first class upgrades after Lv5:​
Myrmidon (Sword)​
Soldier (Spear)​
Warrior (Axe & Bow)​
Monk (Magic)​
The combat screenshots above show Edelgard battling a rascal. Note that Edelgard has a crown-shaped skill (that reminds me a bit of Rightful King from Awakening), plus presumably Sword Level 1, Axe Level 2 and Authority Level 2. The three skills at the end are tied to weapon rank progression and provide combat buffs (at least sword and axe do).

Moving on, we have Ferdinand fighting a thief. The foe is equipped with Nosferatu, which drains HP in other games. What’s strange is that next to Ferdinand’s HP, there are two triangle shapes side by side. Most other characters have three triangle shapes (or none).​

Next is a battle between Felix and a Church Soldier.

There’s also a battle between Dorothea and a thief. Dorothea is casting the classic Thunder magic.

Our next specimen is Bernadetta, who seems to fighting rascals in the same town. Of note, Bernadetta is using a new type of Gambit Boost, or something similar: “Simultaneous Fire”. This seems to make the archers in her battalion all fire at her foe.

Another Gambit Boost, but this time featuring Hubert versus a thief. Unlike Bernadetta’s, this one is labelled as a “Co-ordinated Gambit” like the one near the end of the Nintendo Direct trailer. The “weapon” name is “Group Magic: Flame”. Also, Hubert is the previously unnamed eighth member of the Black Eagles, second from the left.

This screenshot is an example of the time-rewinding feature that is basically the same as the Mila’s Turnwheel from Shadows of Valentia. For the time being, I’m calling it Skyrending Pulse. From my understanding, it’s like a shockwave that rips apart the fabric of space.

These two screenshots show male and female Byleth roaming around Garreg Mach Monastery. The first thing I noticed is the calendar. Today is the 23rd of the 4th month and the current season is the Sun. If they’re going with Valentian naming convention, it would b Solstym.

Right now, it’s unclear what kind of time limits are imposed on the game. We do know there seems to be a presumably daily limit on how many study sessions you can perform. But we don’t know if plot progression is tied to the calendar as well. In Shadows of Valentia, the calendar was nothing but fluff though.

Speaking of Valentia, there’s a cat in front of male Byleth. Meow. Also, the objective for both screenshots is to speak to all 3 House Leaders. So I’m guessing this is still pretty early in the game. Hang on, the 23rd of the 4th month? That’s real close to 20th April, the series’s anniversary.

Anyway, the mini-map in the top-right corner has quest markers, which are the same icon as the objective. In the left screenshot, there are three markers, while there are two on the right. Presumably, female Byleth has talked to one of the leaders already. There are also speech bubble icons for those who want to chat.

This is our first look at the shop! The weapons in order are Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Trainer, Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Practice Lance, Javelin, Iron Axe and Steel Axe. The Steel weapons and Javelin are limited to 3. An Iron Sword requires an E rank, while a Steel Sword requires D.

Weapon Weight is also back. Steel Swords weigh 10 versus an Iron Sword’s 5. But they are stronger and have more Uses.

Here’s a clearer look at Caspar taking a Promotion Exam to Class-Change from Noble to Fighter. The other available classes are Myrmidon, Soldier and Monk. All four seem to be base classes.

Caspar apparently needs D or higher in Axe, Bow and Fighting. His current Class Exp is 17, but what’s confusing is the meter underneath him. “E” seems to be related to his current class and the icon above seems to be the selected class. But I’m unsure what the numbers mean.

Also, his aptitudes for Bow and Fighting are red, while Axe looks normal. Or is it the other way round? In any case, he has a 100% pass rate, so he must have done something right. For those curious, he needs an Exam Pass to take the exam and the player currently has 5.

Likewise, here’s an example showing Dorothea Class-Changing to Monk. Her Class Exp is 16 and the meter underneath her is 65/65. After Class-Changing, she loses her hat.

"I see. As expected from a scion of man, ’tis a name few have heard of."

"Why do I feel a tinge of nostalgia… It seems slumber has taken hold of me again… yawn…"

"…The answers you seek evade me. Apart from my name, my mind is but a blank slate."

"If I were called upon this place, what would I have been doing here…"

"Human, you shall become accustomed to my arrival! One cannot have you collapsing in shock all the time."

"Sir, so you are now in charge of our house. I wonder what transpired behind the scenes?"

"Teacher, you helped me when we fought the thieves before. I shall endeavour to help you this time."

"Heehee, perhaps you are beyond human?"

"I have much room to grow, so please give me your guidance, Teacher."

"Teacher, I commend your precise leadership during the mock battle. With you on our side, routing the foe shall be within our capabilities."

"Unbelievable. Even Teacher can sometimes joke around."

"Well then, let me re-introduce myself. I’m Claude von Riegan."

"Oh. Well, if you are with us, Teacher, then things may get pretty interesting."

"Nope, you can’t fool my eyes. There must have been something that only you know, Teacher."
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Feb 1, 2018
Hmm, legendary knight who's wife is already dead. Father of the protagonist...

Let's start a When Does Geralt Die Pool, I'll take the under on 3.5 chapters


Jan 12, 2018
It appears they are taking few pages from Gaiden/Echoes such as Time rewind/wheel mechanic and nobles being simialr to villagers in terms of promoting into almost any classes.


Oct 25, 2017
The confirmation that Golden Deer has more commoner basically locks my choice for Claude


Oct 27, 2017
I hope they've got rid of the single voice lines you hear repeatedly from the characters during conversations in Awakening and Fates
Oct 29, 2017
All sounds really cool! I like the idea behind the new class change system; it's a neat way of making use of the setting as a game mechanic!

That being said...

... this is very unfortunate... Sigh... We're never getting another brand new FE game without paedophile/otaku pandering are we? :(


It's salt.
Oct 25, 2017
Hooooboy, there's a lot to process here...

So every character starts as one of two classes? I thought that the exam pass/class change stuff would be kind of just an additional neat feature, but that makes it sound pretty core. You'll want to guide characters down specific skill paths to make ranking up into specific classes possible.

Sounds like it's going to really expand on the management side of things. I'm pretty goddamn hyped.


Oct 25, 2017
Damn it, why does the one with the spear look so bland? Claude looks great but a bow as a signature weapon is so boring. Gonna have him become a soldier in my playthrough. Hope their signature weapons later on don't end up all becoming swords or these initial weapons.


Oct 25, 2017
All sounds really cool! I like the idea behind the new class change system; it's a neat way of making use of the setting as a game mechanic!

That being said...

... this is very unfortunate... Sigh... We're never getting another brand new FE game without paedophile/otaku pandering are we? :(
You know Tiki has been in the series from the start right. 1000 year old dragons are nothing new.


Jan 2, 2018
All sounds really cool! I like the idea behind the new class change system; it's a neat way of making use of the setting as a game mechanic!

That being said...

... this is very unfortunate... Sigh... We're never getting another brand new FE game without paedophile/otaku pandering are we? :(
Oh, come on. She isn't sexualised at all.


Oct 25, 2017
Is it possible to start any fire emblem for the first time and not be lost in the story or characters? Never played any of them


Oct 25, 2017
New York
Not a lot of info but interesting. Level requirements for promotions is not bad, as is your overall level not changing which was assumed, but still not super clear on how the new systems/changes work.

Hopefully we get something a bit more sizable at the FE Expo in two weeks, otherwise I doubt we'll see anything more till E3 when they'll likely start up their marketing in full force.


Oct 25, 2017
They should just make the main character aromantic and leave the shenanigans to the students.


Oct 31, 2017
Does FE3H have romances in? If so, will they allow same sex romances this time?
I hope there's no romance in the game. I prefer to have some canon romance plot, but after Cold Steel and Persona I'm really fed up with the "choose your Waifu" mechanic.

And the game looks overall great, I love the extra freedom we have when developing the characters. I hope the plot goes to the Radiance style or even the Valentia style, and not another nonsensical plot like in Fates.


Oct 25, 2017
At this point if the game had romance at all I feel like they'd have shared infos about it.
I mean, we haven't seen any of the game beyond the schooling section — which is probably just the beginning, judging from how early students promote out of Noble/Commoner.

All Fire Emblems have had romance to some extent. If Three Houses doesn't have Awakening/Fates' version of S-rank marriages, it'll almost certainly have other games' version of supports with paired endings.


Sep 2, 2018
All sounds really cool! I like the idea behind the new class change system; it's a neat way of making use of the setting as a game mechanic!

That being said...

... this is very unfortunate... Sigh... We're never getting another brand new FE game without paedophile/otaku pandering are we? :(
Cool to see you know her entire character before the game is released