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New leak on Versus XIII/Final Fantasy XV changes

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Oct 31, 2017
This was posted


And was verified by a moderator. "As has been stated, I can verify that OP was in contact with a source that may have given him credible information regarding this information. The information that the OP relayed in here of course isn't going to be verbatim."

For those who are too lazy, here's the whole post copied and pasted:

"I have a lot of pressure right now, there a three reasons Im doing that (a part of me does not feel right).

1. Im TIRED of people making bull shit, companies hiding things they did wrong and people that just no question anything or in oppose because of that they do not believe anything even if that its true.
2. I have this information keep it so long ago and when I hear from SE saying that Versus XIII/FFXV Nomura was something that never finished or Tabata saying it was just an unfinished concept something inside of me is burning.
3. Because of the destiny I came here and read about some data that was the spark, the signal that I have to release all I know.

Lets start, I will try to be as fast as possible, and a big part of that you could say Im talking for Nomuras team.

First, the versus you always dreamed (me included) was just our perception of that teasers and concepts they were releasing. The reality is that the versus XIII you wanted is what you get BUT what they compiled in one game, then they had to cut so much things to reestructure everything to get it in one game. The main core and tone for the story was ALWAYS THE SAME. Blame that teasers for what we created, the game was always meant to be a journey with his friends for recovering the crystal. The nights getting longer, the darkness itself, daemons and experiments WERE ALWAYS THE CORE OF THE STORY IN VERSUS XIII.

The saga was going to have three games and the original idea was finishing it in 2020-2021.

Please FORGET about that FF Versus XV or wathever, ITS TOTALLY FAKE.

The changes, there were so much things they had to cut, reconvert and even FUSE to try to maintain as much things as they could.

1. Etro was changed not by Tabatas team, that was a company decision because since it was a numbered title they did not want to preserve an entity (she barely appeared in the story until the very end) that was related to the death and the sacrifice of people. The ring was originally from Etro.
Thats why they created the old kings to substitute her, or I should say "created" since they did existing but had other role, they simply assumed the Etros role because of the company.

2. Stella, she was just the plot device for Noctis and other character (that will upset you) to fulfill their destiny. She dies early in the story and like Luna THEY NEVER EVER seeing again each other after the party. Luna in fact respected LOT OF STELLA, MORE THAN YOU THINK. The thing is when she dies, I was not told how, is when it comes into the story the next change or in this case OMISSION.

3. The world of dreams. Thats a part of the narrative where Noctis could talk with certain characters such as Regis and Stella through his dreams, the point of that was Noctis to question himself about what was real or a dream while they were supporting him. He was able to talk dead people while he was sleeping and Stella was a constant until the end. Was he dreaming all the time? What is really real? That was part of the versus magic that got lost and was SO important for Nomura. Tabata wanted to simplify the story to its limits.
Remove almost completely because they considering it so convoluting and non sense since they wanted a non complicated linear story.

4. LUPUS NOX FLEURET. (What a casuality no one of the fake leakers named him...) he was originally the Stella's brother and he was THE OTHER CHOSEN ONE. But due to this reestructure, I personally hate what they did but at the same time I understand, he had to be severely downgraded and they fused part of him with other member of the Empire. Then Ravus was born.
One of the plot twist that the game would have is that supposedly all the crystals were dead but in the last act you get to know Lupus had been used the ring to get the (his) crystals power before it got dead. And yes, Ardyn fucked every single crystal, and yes, in the final battle Noctis and Lupus fight together against Ardyn using their rings.
Nomuras team are so upset by that decission particularly, Lupus is/was one of the favourite Nomuras character. Ravus is everything Lupus was based on character, design, personality, goals and all except he is not a chosen one and he was treated like shit.
* I suppose there was at least two more chosen but I was not told about them and I just want to say what is 1000% official.

5. Ardyn. A character that was respected was Ardyn at least a great porcentage, he was not only Lucis Caelum but Fleuret too. Because of the obvious reestructure of Tabatas FFXV with just one chosen they had to make what they did. He was the first chosen and he just wanted to kill every single crystal.

6. The gods. Originally summons like Leviathan, Titan or simply the ones you see in FFXV NONE OF THEM were gods, the real gods were the ones inside the crystals. What you see in FFXV were just force of nature if you want, the Empire was obssesed with their power and they were trying to chasing to get its powers. Again, because of the reestructure they had to make them gods I suposse to give them a real importance and a coherence for the story.

7. Travels in time. That was just other thing they ommited but at the same time hinted, a part of the story in versus XIII was travelling in time to try to change events that happens, that was possible because of Umbra. It was an important part, the point of that was Noctis not accepting all the tragedies he was living but at the end he realises that what destiny wants to happen it will no matter what you try to change.
Again due to the reestructure, versus had certain things that were aso little bit convoluted like the world of dreams and that time travels, Tabata did not like anything of that as he wanted a direct no complicated story.

8. Kingsglaive. And when I name Kingsglaive I refer not just the royal glaives but the film itself. Some of you may know that the royal glaives was an idea from Tabata, but what you dont know is the HATE Nomuras team have because they DO NOT understand why they first wasted so, much resources in making the film, BUT why they did not put Noctis as the main character instead of creating Nyx to replace him. They did not understand several decisions they made when they were making FFXV.

Thats ALL I know and I hope you guys appreciate and let it go. My conclusion is one, maybe there are people that prefer what Tabata did or maybe you guys prefer Nomuras vision, the real point for me its not about being better or worse, its about RESPECTING the original idea.
You can say he partially did, but things that were so important for Nomura were thrown and Tabata did a good job, maybe respecting more things that you imagine but he eliminated little details that were that details that give magic to a title like this.

In the company the Nomuras team can not see Tabatas and viceversa, the company are trying to hide that and the official concepts for FFXV 2013 you saw last year were premeditely calculated to fool people to think that there were barely any difference with Tabatas vision.

I think thats all, thank you so much everyone and A MILLION of thanks to LeonBlade for trusting in me.
Good night everyone, feels so good right now."

So what do you guys think? First, do you believe it? If you do, what are your thoughts on it?


Oct 27, 2017
Copy pasting meself from the XV OT:

Stella, she was just the plot device for Noctis and other character (that will upset you) to fulfill their destiny.
You got that right buddy. That will upset a whole lot of people. Strong independent woman.

Guy also seems waaaaay too defensive and bitter towards Tabata.

Not sure what to think. Guy is either a Nomura fanboy or a Nomura employee, so it’s funny to me regardless.

It’s also hilarious that he’s trying to pitch Luna as being closer to Stella than people think, and spin it into a good thing for Nomura and his team somehow?
That part sounds less like he’s defending Nomura’s work and more like something a proud creator trying to get credit for his work would say. So the fact that he wrote that would almost make me believe him.

I dunno about the rest tho. Lupus? A 2020-2021 deadline for a project that was started in 2006? Nah, come on.

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Oct 26, 2017
I think it's time to stop on getting obsessed over a two minutes, 10 years old trailer and accept stuff during game development can and will change. You can or can't like FFXV, but that's the game that exists right now, not the "vision" of the old trailers.
It's like getting mad for Shadow of the Colossus because it doesn't resemble Nico.


Oct 27, 2017
2. Stella, she was just the plot device for Noctis and other character (that will upset you) to fulfill their destiny. She dies early in the story and like Luna THEY NEVER EVER seeing again each other after the party. Luna in fact respected LOT OF STELLA, MORE THAN YOU THINK. The thing is when she dies, I was not told how, is when it comes into the story the next change or in this case OMISSION.


Oct 25, 2017
Cope pasting myself from the XV OT too:

Saying for a moment he is right about the Nomura-Tabata thing, he doesn't provide anything new or not known. Lupus was a name that exists in the Versus data of the benchmark that got out yesterday. Nomura-Tabata not so great relationship was hinted in the Edge interview. Game was planned as a trilogy, Stella dying early in the game are all things that existed in previous leaks. Etro being removed because of the death symbolism, is something that Tabata said in the past too. Only thing we hear for the first time is the time travel thing, which seems totally random to me and doesn't explain much either.
Guy also seems waaaaay too defensive and bitter towards Tabata.
Also part of why i don't really believe him. His whole post is a bit of drama too. And the thing that ''Nomuras team can not see Tabatas and viceversa'' is highly suspicious that he mentions it now, some days after the Edge interview in which Tabata says that his team didn't want to work with Nomura's team. Let alone the thing he says that people from other BD are not allowed to see other co-workers. It's a big possibility that Nomura and Tabata may not have the best relationship anymore but this goes a bit too far. Then again, some japanese companies have strange rules so who knows...


Oct 27, 2017
This reads like fan fiction. Especially the broken English and the random capitalization.


Oct 27, 2017
The english makes it harder to understand but Nomura loves his complicated nonsense story so it can be a possibility.


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Oct 27, 2017
I still can't understand how can people love "Lord Nomura-sama" vision so much based on trailers.


Oct 25, 2017
New Jersey
This is badly written fan fiction by someone who does not know anything. Random arbitrary dates? How does this person know exact details of the project yet somehow can't tell anyone anything more about how development went?

Again, just throw away nonsense.


Oct 25, 2017
Didn't we already get the Stella stuff leaked before, with her getting killed off early I mean.


Oct 27, 2017
Nomura gets to do Time Travel in KH. That should be it. He should be happy he even got to add it there in the first place.


Oct 27, 2017
To be honest, I stopped caring a long time ago. This and MGS5 have to be the biggest mess of unfinished japanese AAA games ever created and it always baffles me how big companies can fuck up a project that much. Terribad project management all around.

I hope they get their shit together with Final Fantasy 16. But looking at FF7R and Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn't give me much hope.


Oct 27, 2017
I'm just failing to care about this anymore. XV came out over a year ago. Versus died a long time before that. I've made my peace and no amount of "leaks", real or not, can get me hyped about any mystical alternate game.

What this person says just doesn't motivate me to think one way or another, or even wonder how elements would have worked in Versus. We got XV and I was happy with that. I've moved on and I hope everyone else does soon because this back and forth about Versus and XV is getting a bit tiring.
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