1. Shiggy

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    The marketing over the past few months made this evident already as only the 2DS and 2DS XL showed up in ads. But I just got hold of the latest Nintendo product list (i.e. a list of products retailers and distributors can purchase from Nintendo of Europe or affiliated companies) and the last two Nintendo 3DS XL products (Samus and SNES LEs) have vanished. Only 2DS bundles and the 4 New Nintendo 2DS XL bundles are available now.

    If you still want a New Nintendo 3DS XL, then you may want to get one now. The standard editions are already gone on major online shops. This is pretty much the same way the New Nintendo 3DS disappeared.

    The latest shipment numbers were already revealing their intentions:
  2. OnionPowder


    Looks like the cost of the 3D screens probably not worth it to continue manufacturing.

    New 2DS XL is probably the best iteration of the console anyways, so that's good.
  3. Wonder how much they save by not including the 3D screen.
    A bummer that they need to include two cameras in the back on every model to maintain compatibility with launch year titles
  4. Ivol


    Makes complete sense. At this point glassless 3D is old news and any person that wanted to experience it already did.
  5. cw_sasuke


    With Switch shipments increasing quite a bit for 2018 Nintendo wants people to buy a Switch if they are looking for a "premium" handheld device instead of spending the money on a 3DS XL.

    So customers already willing to spend +200€ for a system will be targeted with Switch. Everything below is 3DS/Mobile market.
  6. EinBear


    This is a bit of a shame, but I suppose the 3DS line in general is winding down now.

    Im glad I picked up the Samus Returns model whilst I had the chance though. I don't use the 3D effect very often, but it's nice to have the option. Works really nicely on some games.
  7. I'm just hoping there's one last cool N2DS model and then I'll upgrade from my N3DS XL.

    I love my 3DS. I will miss the thing.
  8. WillyFive


    That's too bad, the 2DS screen is no way to experience 3DS games, it's like playing 360 games in SD.
  9. Alright, this is some bullshit.

    3D mode is worth it just for the resolution and clarity alone. Reading text in games such as Phoenix Wright Trilogy in 2D mode is painful. 3D wasn't just about the frills, it makes a substantial difference in visuals.

    Also, this doesn't bode well for preservation reasons. A lot of early 3DS games, especially Nintendo's, really made good use of the 3D effect. Removing any 3D-capable model from the market entirely isn't a brilliant idea. Alas, I guess this choice will save Nintendo a buttload of money in production, and seeing that the machine is pretty much still alive only because of Pokémon, it makes financial sense going into 2018.
  10. Metallix87


    Logical. Long-term moving forward, 2DS will be a much bigger money maker.
  11. Jimnymebob


    It makes sense, but it's a shame.
    The 3D feature was probably my favourite thing about it. I feel like the super stable 3D, which really should've been there from day 1, but only got introduced years later, is the biggest reason for its removal.
  12. TC13


    Isn't this the 3rd 3DS model discontinued this year? I expect the Old 2DS to be discontinued in summer 2018 and New 2DS XL in spring 2019.
  13. maximumzero


    That was gonna be my post basically. You can play 3DS games without the stereoscopic effects but why would you want to when the 3D stuff is so much nicer?
  14. Dreamboum


    I’m glad I got my classic N3DS. It’s the only model I appreciate, the XL was too large for my need and the original 3DS too small and aesthetically ugly.
  15. CaviarMeths


    They must have really brought the manufacturing cost down if they're discontinuing the 3DS.

    Too bad too. The 3D effect on the n3DS works great and makes most games look quite a bit better.
  16. kirbyfan407


    This is what I was thinking. Nintendo is more clearly separating their products and who they're targeting with them. 3DS is more fully positioned as their "budget" product with this.
  17. BumblebeeCody


    Makes sense really. The 2DS is nice and do many people really use 3D?
  18. wicko


    The 3D stuff is kind of awful IMO. Constant shimmering and hard on the eyes even at the lowest setting. It's more about the library for me, so many great RPGs on that system.

    I'm a little disappointed because I was thinking of upgrading my 3DS XL to the New 3DS XL (I think its being discontinued in NA as well). The only reason I would buy that instead of the 2DS XL is the volume control placement.. I'm so sick of accidentally blasting the audio, why isn't this a digital option?
  19. NarohDethan


    I would like to buy a New 2DS XL but heard that its build quality is shit. Is this true?
  20. Agent Unknown

    Agent Unknown

    This was inevitable, they need to start getting people locked into seeing Switch as their next portable purchase. 2017 was a great send off year for 3DS with a variety of titles like Dragon Quest 8 and Samus Returns. Would be nice to get Dragon Quest 11 for 3DS localized as one last treat for 3DS owners but might he looking less likely now with this news and whenever more details on the Switch version of DQ 11 are finally released
  21. Creepy Woody

    Creepy Woody

    I'd like to buy a New 2DS XL but that speaker placement is crap.
  22. Lorcain


    While the new 3DS models drastically improve face tracking, creating a much more stable 3D effect, I still have a hard time using 3D for any length of time due to eye fatigue/strain. Because of the improved resolution I slightly enable 3D, but even then my eyes feel more relaxed in 2D mode. The decision to focus more on the 2DS products makes sense, although I hope they keep the 3DS XL available as long as they are supporting the console for those that want it.
  23. Makes me wonder if the production in NA will last before mid 2018.
  24. A shame the 3DS is truly dead now.
    I guess the 2DS will rock on for another year at the very least.

    The 3D is underrated it looks awesome in some games the best ones are the Zelda Remakes i can't imagine playing em without 3D on at all.
  25. v_iHuGi

    Banned Member

    Haven't seen a 3Ds on sale for ages, only 2ds over here or 2ds xl.
  26. Koppai


    Remember when we paid $250 for the launch 3DS? We have come a long way since then.
  27. erotic grandpa

    erotic grandpa
    Self-requested temporary ban. Member

    Dunno if they ship to Europe, but I can vouch for the refurbs Nintendo sells on their store. Got one of the black New 3DS systems (after missing it last Black Friday) and it was absolutely good as new.

    That said, the New 2DS XL is great. If you don't want or need 3D, it's probably the most comfortable to play of all of them.
  28. ASaiyan


    Good night, 3DS. You had a good run.
  29. That's why they made the New models, fam.
    New XL 3D effect is great, no more shimmering, very stable with some hiccups when you're playing in low light. I upgraded day one and can't imagine using an old 3DS now.
  30. pld


    Well this was expected but it's understandable.
  31. I'm planning on picking up a new 2DS XL at some point.
  32. SatoAilDarko


    My dream of a New 3DS XL sale for $150 in North America gets dimmer and dimmer.
  33. bangai-o


    I hope we still see another model before the end of the 3ds "family". A model with Usb-c would be nice.
  34. pld


    No chance for an USB-C model as it's not a cheap port.

    Even some phone manufacturers are trying to avoid USB-C for their cheaper models to keep the price low.
  35. Pancakes R Us

    Pancakes R Us

    I'm not a fan of the 3D, nor do I play with it, but I'd still say the 2DSXL isn't the best iteration solely because it does away with the option of 3D. Those Mario 3D Land isometric levels...I couldn't beat them without putting the 3D on!
  36. -shadow-


    That's a shame, I picked up a N3DS when the news hit that model went out of production because I find the XL too big, but didn't think they'd kill the XL line too so quickly.
  37. NarohDethan


    Would you say that the 2DS XL is an upgrade from New 3DS XL?
  38. Scrawnton


    3DS has entered the point of its life where you make it as cheap as possible to maximize margins and catalogue sales. The 3D screens were probably too expensive for a system Nintendo intends to let coast the new couple years.
  39. Ōkami Haundo

    Ōkami Haundo

    Hot damn! At the end of it's life, 3DS is essentially being downgraded to the Nintendo DS 2. That's really what it was all along outside of the 3D gimmick, but still interesting to watch.
  40. julian


    Damn. I should really pick up a standard new 3ds before they’re all gone. My new XL is easily the worst build of all the 3ds models.
  41. catmincer


    No. The speaker location is stupid. However that's the only main issue so if it's cheaper it's worth buying imo
  42. WOW man... that was fast.

    I'm kinda ok with this. 2DS XL is clearly the best version 3DS ever had. I just wish they could have supported 3DS a bit more, like at the very least first half of 2018.
  43. NarohDethan


    I see. I want one because I want to have a spare of two in case mine goes kaput, but we'll see.
  44. kickz


    The 3D era comes to an end
  45. Makes sense, most people I know with the 3DS play it with the 3D off.

    I love my New 3DS Small Black, but I understand that it's not for everyone.
  46. erotic grandpa

    erotic grandpa
    Self-requested temporary ban. Member

    I personally prefer it?

    I just always found the New 3DS XL to be too damn top heavy to play for extended periods without getting wrist strain. The New 2DS XL is light enough that I was able to play it cozily for a while. It's a finger print magnet in a whole different way (finger oil, I guess), but the matte finish is nice, too.

    That said, since getting a New 3DS, that's been my best of both worlds option. Small, light, and with solid 3D.
  47. i-Jest


    *patiently waits for Pikachu 2DS XL announcement for the west*
  48. That model is sooooo good, no lies detected :P love mine also and i owned 3 3dses in total, send one to a good friend since his broke. Currently play most on my normal new 3ds and it's so damn good, might buy the pikachu 2ds xl since it looks awesome.
  49. NSESN


    Nintendo will probabbly discontinue 2ds at the start of the next FY.
  50. Scrawnton


    Nah. I think 3DS has one holiday left in it. I think they will discontinue the 3DS in January 2019.