New Nintendo trademark for HAT-001 filled in Korea, possibly related to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Toni Codrea, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member Original Poster


    Description says that it contains wireless devices.

    What's more interesting is the product code, the Switch product code is HAC-001.
    Here's some previous product codes from 3DSBrew (

    You'll notice that the original 3DS was CTR as per the Citra code name, while the New 3DS and subsequent revisions kept ta similar name (KTR, FTR)

    So, could this be a Switch revision or some other product? Keep in mind that -001 is reserved for the main consoles usually, and any higher numbers are used for accessories.

    Credit for the find:
  2. Bandage

    Bandage Member

    Toad Hats confirmed.
  3. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    It's a stylish Switch for your head!
  4. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    So this is what Retro’s been working on.
  5. ASleepingMonkey

    ASleepingMonkey GameZone Member

    Nintendo Switch 2.0: You can play it on your TV, you can take it on the go, and you can wear it on your head when you’re not using it!
  6. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    It's Cappy.
  7. Lite_Agent

    Lite_Agent Member

    Finally, Team Fortress 2 on Switch!!

    Serious: curious what this could be about. I remember the Switch having two different sets of code names, or am I mistaking it with another Nintendo platform?

    HAC stands for Handheld and Console (well, not sure if this was confirmed, but this seemed like the surest of bets), but HAT... Handheld and Tablet? Seems redundant.
  8. Gobias-Ind

    Gobias-Ind Member

    Oh shit reopen the Hat in Time thread it's on now

    For real though, it reads like an SKU so I'm hoping for a cool dock or something
  9. #9
  10. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    It's the mythical 3DS successor!:O
  11. Clefargle

    Clefargle Member

  12. Bandage

    Bandage Member

    Handheld and Console (that's for the Switch)
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    As far as I remember, even back in the "NX" days, it was going around as either HAC or HACS.
  14. Iucidium

    Iucidium Member

    Please be the SCD.. please be the SCD.
    E3 announcement that most AAA games will then head to Switch too.
  15. Lite_Agent

    Lite_Agent Member

    No, HAC is for the Switch, and most likely stands for Handheld and Console.

    HAT, on the other hand...
  16. Lelouch

    Lelouch Member

    HAC = Handheld And Console (Switch)
    HAT = Handheld And T...?
  17. Bandage

    Bandage Member

    Tertiary Adjunct
  18. Seik

    Seik Member

    Nintendo going the Valve way.
  19. Tribal_Cult

    Tribal_Cult Member

    King of left fields
  20. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member


    If it rhymes it must be true.
  21. KojiKnight

    KojiKnight Member

    Handheld and Transformer!

    Megatron incoming!
  22. Thraktor

    Thraktor Member

    I'm pretty sure HAT is for Switch test hardware, I remember this coming up when we first got Switch info from FCC, etc.
  23. Zoon

    Zoon Member

  24. Turrican3

    Turrican3 Member

    On the old site Rösti said it was just development hardware, nothing to worry about apparently.
  25. Marmoka

    Marmoka Member

    HAT = Handheld And Toy? Related to Labo maybe?
  26. Beartruck

    Beartruck Member

    Nintendo HATO incoming!
  27. Eusis

    Eusis Member

    Handheld and Toy!

    Special undockable version just for Labo! Well, mainly for Labo.
  28. Lonely1

    Lonely1 Member

  29. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member Original Poster

    That might be the case actually, not entirely sure.
    Aren't those SDEV and EDEV?
  30. Guipradi

    Guipradi Member

    In Korea of all places, where releases normally come later than any other region. It's curious indeed.
  31. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    Hmmmm. So that means?
  32. Glio

    Glio Member

    Probably one of those minirevisions where Wi-Fi is improved and little else
  33. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero Member

  34. Lite_Agent

    Lite_Agent Member

    Found it, the HAT code name:


    Basically, it's the cradle.


    wait a minute, the one that comes with the console is HAC-007.
  35. Tom Nook

    Tom Nook Member

    It's happening!!
  36. Kneefoil

    Kneefoil Member

    Nintendo starts selling hats, and soon after they'll be selling cats, too, I bet.
  37. Gobias-Ind

    Gobias-Ind Member

  38. Guipradi

    Guipradi Member

    It's going down
  39. jred250

    jred250 Member


    It's a super trendy hat
    It's a tight rope for an acrobat
    It's a net for catching butterflies
    It's what we use for exercise
  40. Iucidium

    Iucidium Member

    SCD.. let's go?
  41. javac

    javac Member

    Handheld and Television :p
  42. Transistor

    Transistor Member

    It's the dev cradle, which probably has more features and stuff than the consumer dock.
  43. Lite_Agent

    Lite_Agent Member

  44. Guipradi

    Guipradi Member

    Coming from Korea I don't think it's going to be anything really important to be honest. All Nintendo Releases are late to the party there. The Switch released on December 1st in Korea, unless it's a specific thing for Korean Users I have no idea of what it could be. But a MAIN NITNENDO PRODUCT? I think we need to discard that.

    Hope I'm wrong, though
  45. bytesized

    bytesized Member

    Is the cradle the dock?
    Maybe a new dock with additional GPU for 4K output? Hehe
  46. Aftermath

    Aftermath Member

    I bet it's Nothing Something
  47. Guipradi

    Guipradi Member

    Yeah, seems solid. Devkits after all share similar codenames and trademark patterns. So... If it's a new devkit.... It's a special devkit for korean developers for Switch? That makes sense having in consideration how Nintendo sees future in Korean mobile games being ported to switch.
  48. Koppai

    Koppai Member

    It' probably just a revision of the cradle remember they were scratching screens
  49. Gobias-Ind

    Gobias-Ind Member

    Yeah, prob. The only thing throwing me off is the table you found shows HAT003 as the cradle. The instructions I found show HAT002 as an actual dev Switch. I don't see any "cradle" mention in 002.

    So, would HAT001 be the whole package?
  50. mrfusticle

    mrfusticle Member

    Handheld and tripod .. for when you're standing in a queue.

    ... Why yes, I am English.. how did you know?
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