New PlayStation Job Implies Acquistion/s Are Underway


Jan 3, 2018
Fargo, ND
I don't mind studio acquisitions between Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo as long as it majorly benefits the developer being acquired. I wouldn't be surprised by Kojima Productions, Bluepoint, or Remedy being acquired eventually (especially with how much of a budget it seems Kojima and Remedy seem to require for most of their titles).


Oct 30, 2017
Square Enix would fit very well within Sony's roster of studios. They lack on the JRPG department. Square could also benefit from the technology and knowhow that are shared among the first party studios.
Apr 25, 2018
Square being bought by sony seems extremely major but in no way would I be against it.

I think Square games would only benefit from being owned by sony


Oct 27, 2017
Sony should look at:

IO Interactive
Insomniac Games
Kojima Productions
Bigben Interactive

Please, buy Kojima Productions and give him the land of freedom
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Oct 25, 2017
Hypothetically if game streaming took off, MS and Sony can no longer rely on third parties the way they do now.

Producing your own content will be paramount.

EA, Ubisoft, and Activision will almost become competitors, releasing their games or subscription services on 20 devices. While big players, Amazon, Apple, and Google, will offer the same.

All trying to strike deals with smaller publishers or independent devs to prop up their services.

Thats why, baring similar technical performace, the differating factor will be original content.

And it needs to be consistent, if you can no longer rely on third parties to shore up your dry spells.

MS is positioning themselves to release an original game every quarter, while acquiring devs that offer variety.

And one thing you know about Sony, very forward thinking. You have to assume they see where the industry "could go" and wants to get ahead before it's to late.


Oct 25, 2017
I don't get the remedy idea

Sony is already strong in the third person action narrative genre

if anything Ready at Dawn should be given another chance

as for what studio's they should build and/or acquire? it should be studios that do genres that they lack or are weak on with multiple IPs and/or financial support to evolve the said studio being the reasoning


Oct 25, 2017
the Netherlands
If the upcoming Predator game by Illfonic does well I could see Sony trying to pick them up. Would fit with Shawn Layden's desire for a more MP content and probably wouldn't cost too much.


Oct 29, 2017
And the peopel that play on ps4, dont have the rigth to play does games?

Aquisitions are bad. There is no exception.
I don't really agree. I'd rather each console maker have a unique lineup of software complimented by strong 3rd party support. Despite being mostly a PS4 player, I thought the acquisitions MS made were great and will pay off in the long run. I'm more interested to see if other 1st party publishers explore offering some 3rd party content. I mean, Sony should totally release Spider-Man for the XB1 now, I like that MS released Cuphead on the switch, they'd probably release it on the PS4 if they could. Its just something they all should explore as another revenue source and additional relevancy as a publisher.


May 30, 2019
Then lol if you really think no one here gave MS flak or crying about them buying Studios.
Let me clarify then, when Microsoft DID aquifer more studios, it was meant with praise. When insiders hinted at Microsoft gaining more, people speculated not only on small studies, but large ones that didn’t need to be bought as well. The idea of Sony acquiring studios seems to be getting a lot more hate compared to Microsoft. I didn’t mean to say Microsoft got no flak, they did. And again, I don’t think acquisitions are good for gaming.