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New Super Lucky's Tale | Review Thread


Oct 27, 2017
Metacritic (76)
OpenCritic (77)

Nintendo Everything (thumbs up):
When I first laid eyes on Lucky, through the lens of an Oculus Rift some years ago, I saw a spark of creativity that wasn’t yet fully formed. When I saw him again on Xbox One a few years later (in passing this time), I witnessed that same spark muddied in a pool of platforming kryptonite – namely, a poor camera, bland presentation and a lack of cohesive design direction. Now, in 2019, I’m looking upon Lucky again as he smiles back at me (through a vastly improved camera), and I’m wondering just how developer Playful has managed to gather its resources and “right the ship” in the way that they have. It’s exceedingly rare these days to see a development studio take its community’s feedback to heart in a genuinely earnest way, and it’s even rarer to see a team return to an existing title in the short space of two years and effectively remake it so that it can fully realize its true potential. Playful has done all of that and more with New Super Lucky’s Tale, and its opening statement to discerning Nintendo and platformer fans is one of impeccable strength and creative muscle.

The Completionist (finish it!, video review)

Switch Weekly (no score):
New Super Lucky’s Tale doesn’t do anything particularly new, but that’s ok, as despite leaning on typical platforming traits, it does so successfully with enough whimsy and colour to hold any players' interest. There’s plenty to like here — it’s a solid platforming adventure, and it seems the Switch version (which runs great whether docked or handheld) brings enough quality of life improvements to make this an easy recommendation.

If you’re seeking a platformer of a similar pedigree to the likes of Crash, Banjo and Spyro - then you could do worse than check out Lucky.

Forge (5/5):
Overall, New Super Lucky’s Tale is pure joy in the form of a little fox. If it’s fun you’re looking for, you’ll absolutely find it here. It’s a game that’ll have you smiling from start to finish, and it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Cultured Vultures (9.5/10):
Developer Playful Studios set out to perfect the art of the 3D platformer rather than reinvent it, and by packing this definitive edition of Super Lucky’s Tale full of both sweeping and subtle changes, they’ve completely outdone themselves. With so many fundamental system overhauls and level redesigns, it nearly feels like a sequel at times, and this dedication to making the game the best it can be showcases just how much the studio loves and cherishes this new IP. Lucky’s move to Switch is a lovingly-crafted adventure that exudes creativity and fun, and if it’s any indication of what to expect from future outings from this delightful little fox, count me in for the long haul.

Switch Indie Fix (9/10):
New Super Lucky’s Tale is the perfect game for a parent to introduce the action platformer genre to their children. It is a light-hearted enjoyable adventure and feels completely acceptable at the price of $39.99. It seems like Playful acknowledged the game is not the most challenging or longest game out there and in response nailed it with the price point. If you were looking for more of a challenge, then I would recommend Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. However, I had a lot of fun 100%ing NSLT. It is a great option if you are looking to take a break from some of the more challenging games on the Nintendo Switch.

Boomstick Gaming (8.9/10, video review)

Nintendo Enthusiast (8.5/10, video):
From beginning to end, New Super Lucky’s Tale is a much more streamlined experience than the original. Any qualms I had with the original game have been rectified in this reimagined edition for Nintendo Switch. The game is oozing with charm and keeps you coming back. It’s a fun-filled experience that shouldn’t go unplayed by 3D platformer fans.

SwitchWatch (8.5/10, video review)

Switching Worlds (8.4/10):
New Super Lucky's Tale is the most refined version of the game to date. There's so many tweaks, additions and improvements to the game that it's perfect that it got the treatment it deserves when hopefully more people get their hands-on time with it. It's Conker's Good Fur Day. Any one who enjoys 3D platformers such as the typical Super Mario or Banjo-Kazooie should give this a look. The only downside is that it's easier, but that still doesn't mean it can't be fun with the tight controls and gameplay variety it has to back that up. New Super Lucky's Tale has been part of the resurgence of 3D platformers and I just hope it's enough to get a true sequel.

COGconnected (81/100):
Cute and charming are perfect words to describe this game. The sign of a good platforming game is one where players want to explore and collect all the items that are found around each level. I found myself wanting to do this and more. New Super Lucky’s Tale delivers a platformer for the whole family to enjoy by being easy to play, visually appealing and introducing a new and clever mascot to the Nintendo faithful. I sure hope we get to see more of Lucky in the future.

Nintendo World Report (8/10, video):
New Super Lucky’s Tale is the definitive way to experience this often overlooked platformer. For every small compromise, there are easily twice as many improvements to be had. It prioritizes exploration with consistently well hidden rewards and never devalues them by throwing too many at the player. It takes the fun original release and turns it into something pretty special. The Switch could be a fantastic new start for Lucky. Who knows, maybe he could have a crossover with another Nintendo fox someday. While the Switch has no shortage of great 3D platformers, New Super Lucky’s Tale shouldn’t be too far from the top of your list.

TheSixthAxis (8/10):
New Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t so much a port as the true definitive edition of the game. A number of improvements to the controls, frame rate, level design, and overall structure of the game has resulted in a title that completely surpasses its origins. It isn’t challenging, or very long; but what is there is joyous, frivolous fun until the credits roll.

SwitchUp (80%, video review)

Nintendo Times (8/10):
While it’s definitely suited for a more casual audience, once you pick up New Super Lucky’s Tale it’ll be a hard game to put down. It may not be Conker, but this is an IP bursting at the seams with potential. The addictive gameplay and charming characters really bring it home. If you were curious about this once Xbox One exclusive, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Nintendo Life (8/10, video):
New Super Lucky’s Tale is a solid port of an underrated platformer with a greatly improved camera. It's a little on the short side and may not provide much of a challenge to more hardened gamers – and if you already own it on Xbox One there really isn't enough new here to warrant a second purchase – but what makes it worth a look is its uncanny ability to make you smile, and this is something that can't be overlooked, especially in modern times.

SelectButton (8/10):
New Super Lucky's Tale is bursting with charm and character, not to mention numerous improvements, and redesigned mechanics that enhance the experience. While not overly lengthy (roughly took me 12 hours), and relatively easy (except for Foxington), there are all-new levels, all of the previous DLC, and dozens of pages to collect, and outfits to purchase with your coins. Load times are a bit on the long side, especially when needing to restart a puzzle. It would also be helpful for the level to be listed when you pause the game and not just the hub world.

Video Chums (7.8/10):
Even with all of these enhancements in place, New Super Lucky's Tale remains a very unchallenging game which will likely disappoint genre veterans. Of course, it's still a fantastic game for kids and it's definitely innocuous enough for gamers of all ages so if you want to introduce your children to 3D platformers then you really can't do much better than this. Along the same lines, the core gameplay is pretty standard even with all of the variety thrown in so if you're a seasoned gamer like I am then you'll likely just casually play it while generally going through the motions and not thinking twice about strategizing or putting any sort of effort in.

3D platformers don't get much cuter than New Super Lucky's Tale. Although it can be fun for less skilled gamers, genre veterans will likely find it a bit too unengaging due to its low degree of challenge and typical core gameplay.

God is a Geek (7.5/10):
Super Lucky’s Tale suffered when it launched because at around the same time we were treated to the sublime Super Mario Odyssey, and it couldn’t compete. And now by coming to Switch, it’s kind of faced with a similar problem, with better platformers available on the console. But, it’s still a likeable romp, with bags of colour, charm and a sense of harmless innocence that is kind of endearing. Younger gamers will lap it up, not least for the simple controls and low level of difficulty, and with the new additions and improvement to the camera, this is the definitive version. It isn’t the best platformer you’ll ever experience, but it’s an enjoyable adventure to play as the winter nights draw in.

WaytooManyGames (7.5/10):
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: New Super Lucky’s Tale is yet another unimpressive, yet very competent 3D platformer that can most certainly please fans of the genre, as well as younger audiences. It is a significant improvement over its predecessor, with revamped controls, more content, and a camera that isn’t here to drive you insane. It also feels right at home on the Switch, even though it faces a nearly unfair amount of competition from bigger and Nintendo-er titles like Super Mario Odyssey. If you’re still looking for a new platforming fix, however, give New Super Lucky’s Tale a try. Your jaw will never touch the floor, but you’ll most certainly smile a few times throughout your adventure.

Nindie Nexus (3/4):
Overall, I really enjoyed my time with New Super Lucky’s Tale and I’m more than happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a new, classic collectathon. The worlds are vibrant and filled to the brim with secrets galore, the characters look fantastic, and Lucky controls perfectly. There’s a few too many filler puzzles for my liking, but they’re a minor blemish on an otherwise excellent game.

But the missing apostrophe in the logo is unforgivable, so I can only rightfully give it a full heart.

GameSpew (7/10):
New Super Lucky’s Tale is better than its predecessor in many ways, but in some areas it falls short, mainly because of the hardware it’s running on. By streamlining Super Lucky’s Tale, Playful Studios has made its colourful 3D platformer even better, removing unnecessary fluff that brought the experience down. And other changes make the game easier by simply making it fairer. It’s just a shame that loading times break the flow of the action, and that the framerate can be distracting when playing in docked mode. New Super Lucky’s Tale is still very much worth your time and money though. It’s as adorable as cute little Lucky himself.

GameSpace (7/10):
In sum, New Super Lucky’s Tale is a decent kids’ game with plenty of puzzles and hidden items to find. Although it has some minor irritations, it is a wholesome adventure, a breath of fresh air given the torrent of unwholesome games on the market. The difficulty feels appropriate for kids as well. Accordingly, I recommend this game for kids, but given the difficulty of some bosses, it might be good to be available to lend a hand. If you want mature, complex gameplay, you’ll probably be happier elsewhere.

Pure Nintendo (7/10):
With tight controls and a good amount of entertaining content for completionists, New Super Lucky’s Tale justifies its $39.99 launch price for genre enthusiasts. But uneven level design holds this adventure back from true greatness. Check out the demo to get a feel for it.

DualShockers (6/10):
Like the classic platformers it follows in the footsteps of, New Super Lucky’s Tale exceeds at being bright, cheerful, and pleasant. But unfortunately, it also doesn’t offer much more beyond that with its lack of more challenging mechanics and uneven platforming gameplay. It brings to mind the era of the N64 platforming classics in a positive way, but like other recent games such as Yooka-Laylee and A Hat in Time, it too often tries to emulate those earlier titles rather than evolve from them. Though the game’s bite-sized levels and colorful visuals make it ideal to play while on-the-go on the Switch (where I spent the most time with it), New Super Lucky’s Tale is better suited to a younger audience than those looking for more challenging endeavors. It’s easy to admire Lucky and his endless enthusiasm, but he’s not quite ready just yet to hang with Mario, Crash, Spyro, Rayman, or the other platforming icons before him.

App Trigger (6/10):
New Super Lucky’s Tale does boast a couple of significant improvements over the original version but it’s still a fairly forgettable 3D platformer on a console loaded with great ones.
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Oct 28, 2017
I've been interested in this game since I saw the Xbox One release. The lower budget price helps, so I am definitely going to try it tomorrow.


Oct 25, 2017

Seems to say its too easy to the point of effecting his enjoyment of it at times.


Oct 25, 2017
Sounds perfect for my 5 year old. He loves Kirby so this will be right up his street.


Oct 25, 2017
Didn't realize this was a new version. I thought they had just ported over the original game.


Oct 25, 2017
Glad this has a demo. Didn’t love the Xbox version so I’m excited to see how it’s improved.


Sep 23, 2019
The Xbox game was a nice throwback to the old 32bit platformers. I like it.

My niece is convinced that the protagonist is Miles Tails Prower, mtw.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm ready to go through this again, especially with the hopefully much improved new camera. A shame the frame-rate will probably only be 30fps (I assume) like on the S and the original Xbox. The sidescrolling stages in particular will suffer, though perhaps not quite as badly as Sonic Generations due to Luckys Tale running at a slower speed.


Oct 25, 2017
If you want a retail version here in Europe, it looks like you have to wait until December 13th.

I'll probably do that, though, because the digital version is £35 while people are selling the retail one for £25.


Feb 2, 2018
Wow, I had no idea this was a revamped verskon of sorts, just assumed it was a straight port. Must be so rewarding for the devs to be getting a much improved reception :)


Oct 29, 2017
Essex, UK
I played a few hours of the original game on Game Pass. Enjoyed it, but hoovering up the objects to open up gated areas got really irritating after a while.


Oct 27, 2017
New Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t so much a port as the true definitive edition of the game. A number of improvements to the controls, frame rate, level design, and overall structure of the game has resulted in a title that completely surpasses its origins. It isn’t challenging, or very long; but what is there is joyous, frivolous fun until the credits roll.
It's 60fps on the X, I didn't realise Switch could output higher than 60hz!

I thought the original game (on Game Pass btw) was perfectly fine, but didn't do anything new. But it was still better than the likes of Yooka Laylee. At least EuroGamer liked it. Will be interesting to see some video analysis on some of the changes they've made to the levels and structure etc.

Note that Playful nabbed Stephen Dupree (lead designed of DKC Returns) since the original release so he will no doubt have influenced improvements.
Oct 27, 2017
Man, is reviewing way better than the last version which is a relief.

I'm playing the demo right now and I'm really pleased by it. Smooth gameplay, colourful artstyle and worlds packed with content (which is quite the opposite from the first Yooka-Laylee) not to mention that it runs really well in handheld mode.

This is pretty much the best collectathon that I've played in a while, not to mention the best looking one. I always found the artstyle of Yooka-Laylee appealing but it failed in terms of fun content while A Hat in Time was apparently solid gameplay-wise but never really liked the look of it (as I've said before, it mostly looked like a bunch of assets thrown together without much cohesion). New Super Lucky's Tale however, offers the best of both worlds.

(By the way, can you transfer your progress from the demo to the main game?).


Oct 25, 2017


Oct 25, 2017
I'll be really curious to see a version by version comparison list of the two Super Lucky's Tale iterations. We played through the first game on Game Pass a little over a year ago and enjoyed it a lot, it felt like a spiritual successor to both early 3D collection platforming and platforming-focused Crash Bandicoot-type gameplay. We got the DLC earlier this year and enjoyed it just as much if not more than the main game, and it presented considerably more challenge. So I'm curious if that content is included.

I know a lot has been done to the camera and gameplay in this version, and it sounds like it's only improvements which would make it an easy recommend for me as the original game was a lot of fun. As to replaying it just yet, I'll just be interested to know the exact changes, but some time I will definitely want to play this version.

I first got interested in the game but cause it was made in part by one of the Donkey Kong Country Returns level designers, and I felt like that showed through in some of the more platforming-focused levels (they are two very different games, though).

pswii60 just realized you mentioned the DKC designer too. Is that an additional person beyond one who was part of the development of the original release? Unless my memory's failing me I think one person like this was involved in development of the original Super Lucky's Tale.


Oct 25, 2017
I played a bit on Xbox and now on Switch. if it wasn't for the framerate I'd say that the Switch version is THE one to play. It's a charming game but the static camera killed it on Xbox for me.
Jun 4, 2019
Yes, it’s an expanded port with overall redesigned and improved content.
Think so, the blurb on the website reads that way.
it's not just added content, they've pretty much overhauled the game. check this video:
Damn, kinda a shame they don't bring it to Xbox as well then.

But I do have a Switch, so who knows, maybe sometime later I'll get it.


Oct 25, 2017
Akron, OH
I’m really looking forward to it. The one concern I have is with how long it is - the Completionist said he got 100% in around 9 hours. Is the game really that short?


Oct 25, 2017
I really hate that I have trouble separating this from Palmer Lucky. Just makes me not want to play the game. Kind of an irrational thing since I’ve got a Rift, though.

How’s the first compared to the second?