Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread |OT5| - It's in RDNA

What do you think could be the memory setup of your preferred console, or one of the new consoles?

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Apr 10, 2018
That Cerny article was identical to this video. Fantastic move by Sony to say all the things first, when they’re effectively identical.


Nov 16, 2017
As someone watching this to see what next gen might realistically be I'm sorta underwhelmed, but:

1) Hardware RT? Together with those tweets from the Sony dev that 99% means both next gen manufacturers will have HW RT stuff. Excite!

2) SSD cache and near instant loading, also on both? So third parties will use it. Excite!
This is what people should be excited about. Parity, more or less, means we all get the goodies.


Nov 30, 2017
Can't help but be disappointed. I joked about it in the conferences thread, but all MS did was basically announce the PS5. It was literally everything we already knew about the PS5 without anything new to differentiate Microsoft's take. Combined with that tweet above and, well....

Exactly, that is the whole point of the unusual PS5 announcement on the web magazine, skipping the E3 was a bluff by Sony, they stole it by announcing all features earlier


Mar 17, 2018
Is this the same stuff Sony is using?

These consoles dont really have a secret "sauce" right? AMD is basically making the same CPU chips for them?
It’ll be even closer overall than PS4 and Xbox One in percentages. They will likely have minor customizations but I expect nothing too drastic.

Certainly nothing that’s a mic drop like in 2013.


Oct 27, 2017
Scarlet is probably 4x the X overall. Probably 4x CPU / 2x GPU / 2 x RAM / 4x RAM bandwidth / 8x HDD bandwidth.


Oct 27, 2017
I can't believe so many people are disappointed. If early gen titles already look as good as Halo Infinite then you can bet later gen games will look a lot better even and quite frankly Halo Infinite looked insane visually.


Nov 12, 2017
lol...Did people doubt Cerny would deliver?
A lot of people were convinced by the X1X that MS are magic.

So that was in engine footage of next gen Halo? Can’t say it looked any different to current gen in any way.
More like cross-gen Halo on a high end PC. Expect the proper version to have better lighting and no load times.

It was specifically in the context of the CPU.
Really? I thought it seemed to be more about the console overall, or maybe the APU.

But that was literally the only thing every “insider” kept parroting. This is worse than last gen.

One other thing that I think is very important is that yet again we have a proof that MS’ trillion $ war chest doesn’t mean they’ll be more powerful because, unlike what many posters here think, they’re not in this business to lose money. MS doesn’t and never had a special hardware team that can deliver ore than what Sony does at a similar price point.
Yeah. Doesn't matter what the overall company has, so much as the division.
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Oct 25, 2017
Maybe Sony has some Navi secret sauce? We know they like making customizations, they'd done it for both the PS4 and Pro.
I don't know what they have done but it seems enough for MS to be more careful with their language on the power side, i suppose we just need to worry about the money side of things now. At least both are offering similar features that will get put to use by developers, so i'm happy on that front as well.


May 4, 2019
Ok so the rumor about Vega GPU on Anaconda is over.

Did you notice that it will be SSD caching + HDD and not a unique SSD ?