NHL February 2019 |OT| We're paying you to shitpost, not to be a fan tonight

*Phew* Johnny T with the beaut!

Good game Habs.

Stop calling it the damned Leafs point. It's not. We've had what, 3 this year? Only 7 last year.

I paused it before OT to brush my teeth, then came back to watch it. When it was to go back to 3 on 3 at a faceoff, I hit fast forward but it jumped further ahead than it should've. I hit play, looked down at something, heard some banging in the crowd and looked up to see it was 4-3 Leafs and had to rewind lol
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I'm well over halfway into Bob Probert's book and it's pretty shocking. He talks about fights a lot, but a large part of the book is about his visits to rehab, sneaking out to get drunk in rehab, the nurses he picked up, times he did coke, how he got a certain player into coke, other times he got drunk, and how insanely fast he'd drive cars and bikes. How many speeding tickets he got, border issues and the backroom court dealings where he was almost deported to Canada and not allowed to return to the US.

The book wasn't done when he died, so his wife finished it. Her writing style is a lot different (neither is good) and it's respectable of her to finish it. But it's odd how, in the opening part where they're describing the day he died while out on his boat with the family, she stops to talk about her chiseled jawline, beautiful green eyes and all that.
Oct 25, 2017
Petey heard about Calgary's cable packages and bought some real estate there it seems. Sucks Calgary took the L nd the Leafs point in a very losable game for the Canucks.
Oct 25, 2017
Babcock's brilliant strategy of suppressing Andreas Johnsson's contract negotiation leverage this offseason by sticking him with the Goat and Lindholm is sadly not working
Woke up to a call from my grandfather today. I guess my grandmother fell and broke her hip on the way to the washroom.

It's too bad. It's also kind of strange that it would happen at home, when she's gone out for supper the last two nights. Of course, I held her arm when she went out to the vehicle then.


Oct 25, 2017
Going to other teams for some entertainment now huh mutherfucka? Destroying the Jets 5-2 wasn't enough for you huh?

Maybe the Sens should try playing Connect Four with the Jets instead if they want to entertain me 🤔

Also, 4 of their 5 goals came from players who might not be on this team in a few weeks, it just makes it more painful to watch 😔