NHL February 2020 |OT| Jason Botterill's Galaxy Duane


Oct 26, 2017
This has been the most disinterested and distant I have been to a Habs season, possibly ever. I can’t remember missing as many games as I have this season, and I could catch more, I just have 0 incentive because I know they’ll likely lose, and Suzuki is on track and that’s it. What a season, the off season will really need to be special or I feel Molson is going to feel the crunch financially.
Tatar ties his career high in points (set last year) with 58 in 66 games. Wonder if he could hit 70. One of the better trade thrown ins in recent memory. Bergevin is an idiot for not selling high at the deadline.
This has been one of the worst decisions Bergevin has made in his entire tenure, think of the kings ransom they could have gotten for him when guys like Pageau and Barclay are going for first round picks? It will take me a while to get over this and I love Tatar, but come the fuck on.