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NHL March 2019 |OT| Thread title traded to Columbus for Future Considerations

Oct 25, 2017
you're gonna give her the vax shot needle and let her decide right after birth? very progressive tbh
Freedom isn't free. It takes folks like you and me.
*prepares to insert pro-Maple Leafs content in YouTube Kids*
Between this and InfoWars I may need to reconsider
So is the anti-vax dunking because of the story about Carey & Angela Price or is that just a coincidence?

“I think the biggest problem with vaccines is people aren’t educating themselves,” she adds.

So, Angela Price is a fucking idiot then and so is Carey for not intervening. Dr Sears is a fraud. Last Week Tonight did a pretty good bit on him.
Oct 25, 2017
I understand there are probably a lot of people in hockey with shitty beliefs but Montreal sure seems to have a lot of them open about it.
I don’t get this team. It’s like they think that just because they’re better than teams on paper, they’ll beat them.

They never show up on time and like to let the other team pop a couple before starting to play, or sit back and let them tie it or come close if they have the lead.

It’s been years of this. We need a new coach. A good one like Jon Cooper.
Nov 5, 2017
The Leafs fucking piss me off.

Chance to get within 2 of Boston and you have diarrhea.

they will pull off a comeback tonight, speaking it into existence