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NHL March 2019 |OT| Thread title traded to Columbus for Future Considerations

I hope that this supposed rift between Babcock and Dubas will force Babcock out soon. The organization can afford to take the L, and it’s most important to have a good coach at this critical juncture. One who can work with the team.

Obviously more depth would go a big way on defence, same with more grit back there (and firing Zaitsev into the sun). But Babcock fails to get the most out of what he has and stymies it.
Oct 25, 2017
Just when you thought the deadline will be the end of the bullshit

Melnyk: hold my dollar no name beer

So basically

Also, Eugene Melnyk has no right criticizing anyone, whether it's the Leafs or Ian Mendes(who is one of the classiest guys in Ottawa sports).

The Leafs may have no defence, but we don't have defence or offense or anything, the only thing we have going for us is that the Sens are a team. Can't wait till this buffoon goes bankrupt and has to sell the team.
Oct 25, 2017
Melnyk is just a next level bad sports team owner.

EDIT: be that as it may, I fully support his absolutely hilarious trolling of the Leafs rebuild. Ottawa ain't making all those huge mistakes they made in Toronto!
Oct 25, 2017

An actually good and not bullshit-Auston-"Both Sides"-Matthews-type response.

For a sport where players and pundits like to point out the raw human emotion on the ice, very few act like actual compassionate humans off of it especially on political fronts. A couple guys do charity work here and there.
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Also Melnyk is on that bot shit again smh.

god this dude is a fucking walking testicle skin of embarrassment.

Trump/Russia Mueller investigation is apparently over. Nothing will come of it even if he was guilty.
Half the conservatives I know are in some weird like... Sunk cost fallacy thing and refuse to admit how disastrous this dude has been. It's embarrassing.