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NHL Off-season Thread 2019 |OT| You'd still be playing if you had Ryan Reaves

Oct 25, 2017
So much for Gudbranson and Johnson taking the Pens to the promised land.

I'm surprised so many people had the Penguins winning that series. I had the Islanders in the brackets with my buddies, Pens have been inconsistent garbage for a lot of the season.
One team had Crosby and Malkin. The other team was missing Tavares.

I don't think many predicted a sweep but a Pens win wasn't out of the question.
Oct 25, 2017
Pens are in serious trouble. Rutherford has lost his mind and thinks this seasons defense was the best the pens had since hes been there.

Just dont see how you can look at their last two seasons and keep him. His whole plan has been to make a team that can survive tom wilson and by doing so he made a terrible team.
Oct 25, 2017
Lol what does this even mean? He's acting like he never saw the first round of the playoffs before, motherfucker you were in the conference finals just 2 years ago where you barely showed up to that series, you got outscored by Bobby fucking Ryan, Derrick Brassard, Mike Hoffman, JG motherfucking Pageau. Oh please bitch acting like he was stuck on the Sabres and never saw the yoffs before. He made his fucking debut in the 2012 playoffs against the Rangers.

It's basically...

No one:

Mark Stone: "Man Ottawa fucking sucks."

Love this dude and was actually more pissed off that he left than Norrisson but damn this dude sounds fucking bitter. Sure hate on the owner and management all you want but don't go around acting like they deprived you of success and winning hockey. Bitch an original 6 team hasn't won a playoffs series since 2004.
Oct 25, 2017

A gathering of 15 racists equates to, “Citizens don’t feel safe as hate fills Edmonton streets?”
A million people live here. This is poor journalism, Omar.

that ain't it spec