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Oct 27, 2017
So 3-5 games is good to you for a crosscheck to the face by a repeat offender? God that’s some shit standards if you’re ok with that
Wasn’t it a crosscheck to the side of the head, not the face?

Either way, YES what Kadri did was dirty but dude, 5 games is a long fucking suspension. Kadri should be suspended. And he’s dirty. I didn’t dispute that.

Some of my passions are high also because that piece of shit DeBrusk somehow got no penalties and no suspensions for what he did.
Oct 25, 2017
Saying rest of the round and not five games is weird. Five sounds reasonable given the frequency and offense; if by some miracle the Leafs win the next three, it doesn't sound like enough given last year's offense.

Leafs started well, starting to slow a bit tho.