Ni No Kuni II may be delayed to March 9th, 2018.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by DreamsthatFade, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. DreamsthatFade

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    I just received an email from Best Buy. They said that there has been a release date change on Ni No Kuni II and that it is delayed until March 9th. I looked online and could not find anything to corroborate this.


    Best Buy has sent another email changing the release date back to 1/19/17. It was probably an error on their part and unless there is word from the publisher, we should probably assume the game is coming out on time.

    It does still say June 30th on PSN, however.
  2. kodax_shc

    kodax_shc Member

    Yup I just got the same one.
  3. ArkhamFantasy

    ArkhamFantasy Member

    It was a week apart from Monster Hunter World and a few other japanese games, they might be moving away from them.
  4. Kyoufu

    Kyoufu Member

    January is packed so it'd be a good move tbh.
  5. Fisty

    Fisty Member

    PSN says June :(
  6. RPGamer92

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    Makes sense with MHW and DBZ coming out the next week.
  7. robotrock

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    ni nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. shimon

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    Oh cmon...
  9. CloverNotes

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    No again?! I just want the game...
  10. Love

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    That's disappointing.
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    It’d be the smart thing.
  12. lilty

    lilty Member

    I thought the same thing with the initial delay that put it to January. Game can't seem to catch a break.
  13. Dice

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    Let it be. Polish it up, Ni no Kuni I was awful and I'm putting a lot of hope into II.
  14. Angst

    Angst Member

    I am so bummed.

    Next year is so stacked though. It'll give me time to get to it
  15. Ravelle

    Ravelle Member

    I don't mind, I need some space between games I will me finishing up plus I have Monster Hunter by then.
  16. CrazyHal

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  17. Ctlead

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    Wow. Wasn't it supposed to release this month originally?
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  19. Kenzodielocke

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    It's not a bad thing, especially since I would have definitely went for MHW first, if that release is real and not near God of War, I'll buy it day one.
  20. Rat King

    Rat King Member

    It's probably for the best.
  21. kodax_shc

    kodax_shc Member

    Awful seems a bit of a stretch.
  22. DreamsthatFade

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    Yep. November 10th, actually. Which is also a Friday. So I am thinking that the March 9th date is accurate. Would be good to see an official announcement on the matter though.
  23. Stuart

    Stuart Banned Member

    What didn't you enjoy? The battle system AI is the only thing I can think of but you can work around it. Personally I loved Ni No Kuni
  24. Mullet2000

    Mullet2000 Member

    I'll actually be revealed if it does, since Monster Hunter World and Fighter Z are both around late January.
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    A tad disappointing, but a understandable and prudent move.

    It was quite obviously going to suffer in the January crunch.
  26. Fisty

    Fisty Member

    Bad would be a stretch tbh
  27. Zeel

    Zeel Member

    I am completely fine with this, with Xenoblade 2 next month and my backlog overlfowing anyway.
    It will be a great game that deserves a decent amount of time to focus on.
  28. CrazyHal

    CrazyHal Member

    That was true back then but not anymore what with patches and updates.
  29. Jencks

    Jencks Member

    That's fine, I guess. I'll probably be busy with Monster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus shortly after.
  30. Wandu

    Wandu Member

    Damn, I got digital deluxe edition preordered on PS store, but of course its been saying June 30th. That kind of bums me out, but ill have Lost Sphear and Secret of Mana to hold me over. I was never into MH games, so ill see what this beta is like first before i think about a MHW preorder.
  31. Aeana

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  32. ArkhamFantasy

    ArkhamFantasy Member

    January is loaded, im not angry at all.
  33. Love

    Love Member

    Duke Nukem?
  34. texhnolyze

    texhnolyze Member

    Isn't this a good thing?

    There's no way I'll buy this in January when MHW is releasing in the same month.
  35. Jencks

    Jencks Member

    Yup. Would have released this Friday.
  36. LiK

    LiK Member

    I don’t mind.
  37. NKnight7

    NKnight7 Member

    Dang, but if it means more polish than I'm alright with it.
  38. kodax_shc

    kodax_shc Member

    Agreed. It had problems but it was at the very least good.
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    Oh, you're right. I almost forgot that those were still exist.
  40. Strings

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    This would kind of be a blessing in disguise for me. Still have a huge backlog to get through.
  42. ZoSo006

    ZoSo006 Member

    Ah man.... Better late then never I guess.
  43. ianpm31

    ianpm31 Member

    I say it's a good move. It's all about Monster Hunter World in January
  44. WillySJ3

    WillySJ3 Member

    Yes please, take your time, don't rush it. Too many games for January 2018 anyway.
  45. Mengetsu

    Mengetsu Member

    With January stacked this would be smart. Monster Hunter is going to shut everything down anyway. Me and my friends are going sink so much time into it.
  46. Nocchi

    Nocchi Member


    Even though January is still 2 months away, I'm totally okay with this getting delayed because I need more time to play the games I got lol
  47. M.Steiner

    M.Steiner Member

    Damn, was really itching to play this soon too.

    Not to worry I guess, if it makes for a better game in the long run I don't mind having to wait a bit longer.
  48. Eros

    Eros Member

    Understandable. Still disappointing.
  49. Kuni

    Kuni Member

    Yeah this. Would be quite the relief along with Shadow of the Colossus coming out in early Feb.
  50. Derrick01

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    March isn't exactly a better date with Yakuza 6 coming and possibly god of war coming. There's also a numerous amount of games that still just have "spring 2018" dates and could fall there too.

    We're getting to the point where unless you're willing to launch in June or July you're going to just have to suck it up and release your game. You can't dodge everything anymore.