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Oct 25, 2017

This OT is best enjoyed while listening to 'The Weight of the World' by Keiichi Okabe. (YT)

DEVELOPER: Platinum Games
PUBLISHER: Square Enix
RELEASE DATES: Feb. 23rd, 2017 (JPN PS4) | Mar. 7th, 2017 (NA PS4) | Mar. 10th, 2017 (EU PS4) | Mar. 17th, 2017 (PC Worldwide)
TECHNICAL INFO: Native 900p 60FPS on PS4 & PS4 Slim | Native 1080p 60FPS on PS4 Pro
LANGUAGES: English & Japanese Audio. English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German Subtitles. (All Versions)
~30 Hours (True End), 55+ (Completionist)
DEMOS: North America Demo | Europe Demo
THEMES: 2B | 9S (JP PSN Account Required)
GAME SIZE: 46.7 GB (PSN) (Demo Size: 4.7GB | 2.32 GB Day One Patch)


What is NieR?

Sadly overlooked as one of the hidden gems of last generation, the original NieR was an action RPG released 7 years ago that told a story about a man trying to save his daughter from a seemingly incurable disease in a post-apocalyptic world nearing its end. Though it didn't release to critical acclaim, it resonated with many passionate fans who praise its story and music to this day. Directed by none other than Yoko Taro - yes, this guy - it shunned expectations and left a mark all its own, combining genres and shocking players with its raw storytelling. (Text Adventure Pun Intended)​

What is NieR: Automata?

NieR: Automata is an Open World Action RPG that places a strong focus on storytelling. Though you don't need to have played it to enjoy the game, NieR Automata takes place thousands of years after Ending E of the original NieR. Unlike the original however, Yoko Taro & his crew are this time backed up by Platinum Games, known for their high quality action games like the Bayonetta Series & Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, and they've been given almost complete creative freedom by publisher Square Enix.

In short, NieR: Automata is set to combine more of the deep, surprising storytelling of the original with a completely redone combat system created by some of the best action game developers in the business.​

What if I want to play the original first?
If that's what you want to do, you should take a look at Amazon for your country, or a local game store to see if they have any used copies. Otherwise, you should be just fine catching up to speed with either - or both - of these:

How long is the game?
Yoko Taro games include multiple endings, branching paths, and alternate stories, and as with all Yoko Taro games, there will be 'endings' before the actual end of the game - usually to mark timelines or reveal additional information - as a result, to experience the full story of the game and get to the true ending, expect
25-30 hours
. If you want to collect/upgrade/explore/do everything, then expect
55+ hours.

I've seen all the endings! Where do I go to talk about spoilers freely?
I'm having issues with the PC Port! Where do I go to get help?

I want to talk to other fans in real-time! Where do I go for this?

Special Message from Square Enix
Upon completing the first story route in the game (Route A), players are presented with the above message from Square Enix. Remember to play through the entire game, everyone!​

Game Synopsis

The distant future…

Invaders from another world attack without warning, unleashing a new type of threat: weapons known as “machine lifeforms.” In the face of this insurmountable threat, mankind is driven from Earth and takes refuge on the Moon.

The Council of Humanity organizes a resistance of android soldiers in an effort to take back their planet. To break the deadlock, the Resistance deploys a new unit of android infantry: YoRHa.

In the forsaken wasteland below, the war between the machines and the androids rages on. A war that is soon to unveil the long-forgotten truth of this world...

Okay, but why should I buy NieR: Automata?

I could just say it's to give this guy more money & more chances to get his crazy stories out there and be done with it - but that wouldn't be giving it enough credit. Knowing that, here are some highlights of what you can expect going into NieR: Automata:

  • Platinum, on the Top of their Game:
    NieR: Automata combines smooth 60FPS gameplay inspired by Metal Gear Rising Revengeance & Bayonetta with RPG systems new & old and a seamless open world. Control 2B, 9S, and A2 as you use both melee and ranged attacks (often at the same time) against ever changing enemies & bosses in a battle to retake the planet from the machine lifeforms. Combine and combo inputs to open up entirely new attacks, pair up different weapons to allow for new combos or even simply switch your weapons around to discover completely new attack trees & specials.​
  • The Heart of an RPG:
    Described by the game's producer (Yosuke Saito) as "60-70% RPG, 30-40% Action", NieR: Automata invites players to obtain new weapons, unlock their stories, level up, pick weapon combinations that work for them out of multiple weapon types (each with their own strengths and weaknesses), and customize their characters attributes, move sets, and even HUD through installing and uninstalling plugin chips. (Just avoid uninstalling that OS Chip!) All of this is in addition to the Pod Support System, which can be outfitted with battle upgrades, maneuverability enhancements, or both.​
  • Yoko Taro's Wild Ride:
    If you've already watched Clemp's analysis videos for the NieR and Drakengard series, or played the games yourself then you know what I'm talking about. Call him a mad genius, a tortured artist, a weirdo, whatever; Yoko Taro puts out some of the weirdest, most shocking & touching stories in video games out there today, and he does it while switching genres, camera angles, and subverting expectations at every opportunity. Ever wanted to see how an Action RPG can go from Boar Racing to Top Down Shooter to Side Scroller to Bullet Hell Game to Text Adventure and back to Action RPG again? Now you can.​
  • Souls in the Shell:
    In a wonderful story-related combination of the above three points that will be immediately familiar to fans of the Souls games, NieR: Automata features a mechanic called the Reliquary System. (Android System in Japanese) When you 'die', your old body stays behind - with your items and plugin chips - and your memories/data are uploaded into a new body. If you come across your old body again, you can either retrieve your old body & equipment for a bonus, or reactivate it as an ally. If too long has passed, however, it may have become corrupt and will revive as an enemy, in which case you'll have to defeat your previous self. (Doing so grants a larger bonus than a regular Body Retrieval) If you fall against your past self, or fail to make it back to your body at all, your plugin chips & items will be lost. If you're online, you can even come across the bodies of other fallen YoRHa androids. Coupled with this feature are messages that you can leave for other players, which you can use to either warn or mislead.​
  • Full Customization:
    If adjusting your HUD, character attributes, weapon upgrades, and plug-in chips wasn't enough, NieR: Automata also features full controller customization & button mapping. If you don't want to use R2 to dodge, or play on Hard and don't need the lock-on, feel free to remap the controls as you see fit.​
  • That Music:
    If you haven't heard the music of NieR and its composer before, please do yourself a favor and get on that. Don't worry, I'll wait. Okay, done? Well good, because Keiichi Okabe is back again, and it sounds like he'll be blessing player's ears once more.
  • Character & World Designs:
    NieR: Automata boasts a unique view of the far-apocalypse, thrusting players thousands of years past the age of humanity and into an age of machines with character designs by the talented Yuya Nagai and Akihiko Yoshida. If the art used in this OT hasn't yet convinced you the designs needed needed their own bullet point, then click here to view a full album of concept art, character art, and enemy designs from the game.
  • Original NieR Remaster:
    According to a recent interview, if NieR: Automata sells enough copies, there's a possibility that some form of remake/remaster of the original NieR will be made for modern consoles or PC.​
If that's not enough to get you interested, be sure to check out the Trailer Playlist, as well as the GIF, Screenshot, and Artwork Galleries below.

Players who pre-order the game or snag a Day One Edition copy get the following bonus DLC:
  • Machine Mask Accessory
  • Grimoire Weiss Pod
  • Play System Pod Skin
  • Retro Grey Pod Skin
  • Retro Red Skin
  • Cardboard Pod Skin
Players who pre-order the game through Steam get the above DLC + an exclusive Valve Accessory.

Players who pre-ordered the Black Box Edition get all of the above DLC - barring the Valve Accessory - plus:
  • YoRHa 2B Figurine (~14cm Tall)
  • Hardcover Artbook (64 Pages)
  • Steelbook Game Case
  • NieR Live Soundtrack CD (13 Tracks)
  • Collector's Box
In addition, all Players be able to find the following crossover weapons in game:
  • Cypress Stick Weapon (From Dragon Quest)
  • Engine Blade Weapon (From Final Fantasy XV)
DLC (Costumes, etc.) outside of the above content have been confirmed, but specifics have not been offered.

(Click to View Album of Sweet GIFS like these | Credits go to Respective Users | Special Thanks to Exentryk & Raven777)

(Click to View Album)

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NieR: Automata |OT| Rules:
  1. Be respectful and try to keep discussion SFW. (Otherwise please use spoiler tags!)
  2. Refrain from posting spoilers. (Text, Images, GIFs, etc.) If you're even slightly unsure of whether or not something is a spoiler, please use spoiler tags. Example: 2B is actually
    very cool.
  3. Posting screenshots and GIFs is welcome and encouraged, but throw some words in there too, contribute to the discussion!
  4. Have fun!

* Special Thanks to mcz117chief for his help with structuring & checking the OT, as well as providing the Greek Names used in the character section.
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Oct 25, 2017
H[A]te the game
Love the titl[E]
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Oct 25, 2017
Hi fellow Nier fans. Nier Automata is top ten all time for me. Best game in many years.


Oct 25, 2017
Amazing game, really left its mark on me, and is something I hope I'll never forget. Not sure how I'd rank it in my all time favorites, but for now I think GOTY 2017 is really a lock.

Definitely looking forward for our first ERA GOTY. I doubt it'll win, but I hope we can help give it a good place in the ranks.
Oct 25, 2017
Very close to game of the year for me I will never forget the experience I had with this game.
Might replay it early next year for the sake of it.


Oct 25, 2017
Woo! I need to finish my B+ playthroughs of this game. Glad to be in here with ya'll.


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Oct 25, 2017
Just a quick note:

Format editing will be carried out once the site is 100% stable, post launch.

If I forget to change all images from mentioning the site which shall no longer be named, please PM me a reminder. There's a lot going on today!


Oct 25, 2017
Doubtlessly my game of the year, and in a time of Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 that's saying something.


Oct 25, 2017
GOTY and GOAT for me! I keep trying to get all my friends to play it, too, but they're stubborn. >:/

Shout out to NierERA for setting this up and and helping me join the ERA!


Oct 25, 2017
This game consumes me like no other so it's my definitive GOAT.

With regards to awards, I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.


Oct 25, 2017
Of course the weekend I go crazy and finish this game is the one the forum went down.


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Oct 25, 2017
Fixed the header image. If I missed scrubbing the NG name or links from anything, let me know!


Oct 25, 2017
Silicon Valley
I almost feel terrible for setting this aside to play South Park, but my friends and sister have been on a big South Park kick so it only made sense to share it with them.

That said, the moment I'm done with the story I'm ejecting the disc into the stratosphere and playing Nier every night :D


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Oct 25, 2017
Finally got all (ALL) endings and all quests the other day. Still need to do the DLC. I've spent too much time on this game, it's so good.


Oct 25, 2017
Nier Automata is my GotY, maybe my GotG. It's an unforgettable journey and I still listen to the OST daily. The soundtrack is godly.
Oct 25, 2017
Popping in to say I got a good laugh at the OT title. I should give Automata another playthrough. Anyone do the slog through for the platinum? Is it a fun(ish) time or too much grinding?


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Oct 25, 2017
San Francisco
Popping in to say I got a good laugh at the OT title. I should give Automata another playthrough. Anyone do the slog through for the platinum? Is it a fun(ish) time or too much grinding?
Using a guide, getting all enemies isn't so bad. Fishing though.... that was a bit of a slog. It was my first platinum though. I felt like with that ending it deserved me putting in the effort.


Oct 25, 2017
Really tempted to play this baby again. Gonna wait till I upgrade my comp in winter, hopefully by then the mods and whatnot make it run well at 60fps.

I have a hard time not getting emotional when listening to the soundtrack, and
I really can't look at a reference to or an image of 21O without being overcome with sadness. It was a tragic game overall, but her fate, alongside of course that of Pascal's village, was truly heart-wrenching. Hard for me to think of any game really that affected me as much as Automata.


Oct 25, 2017
Posting the recommended sidequests again:

- Stamp Collecting* (Route A)
- Jackass' Request* (Route A)
- Robot Dojo questline* (Route A/B)
- 11B's Memento (Route A, quest is found in the Bunker)
- YoRHa Betrayers (Route A)
- Retrieve the Confidential Info* (Route A)
- Jean-Paul's Melancholy* (Route A)
- The Wandering Couple (Route A/B)
- Half-wit Inventor (Route A/B/C, you need lots of money)
- (Operator 6O) Terminal Repairs -> Find A Present (Route A)
- (Operator 21O) Data Analysis Freak -> Data Analysis Freak 2 (Route B)
- Lord of the Valley* (Route A)
- Machine Examination 1/2* (Route A)
- Treasure Hunt at the Castle (Route A/B/C)
- (Minor spoiler, but just in case) Emil's Memories (Route A/B) -->Emil's Determination
- Camp Development > Anemone's Past* (Route A)
- Heritage of the Past (Route B, gives you 9S' best weapon once upgraded to Lv4)
- Amnesia (Route B)
- Idiot Savant (Route B)
- The Recluse questline (Route B)
- (Minor spoiler, but again, just in case) Devola's Request (Route C)
- (Minor spoiler) Popola's Errand (Route C)
- The Twins' Request (Route C)
- Play With Us! (Route C)
- Gathering Keepsakes (Route C)

If you happen to come across these sidequests and recognize it being a part of this list, just know that I recommend doing them. Maybe they're funny, sad, creepy, nostalgic for Nier 1 players, foreshadow something, further flesh out a character/theme/world, has a dark twist, gives you a pod program, or maybe you don't have to move a muscle in order to complete it. Don't stress about finding all of them (unless that's the type of person you are I guess), but yea, enjoy. There are some in this list that I don't just recommend, but consider to be "essential", but honestly I don't want to point them out, lest I inadvertently spoil or ruin anything for you, by having you wonder why said quest is "essential" to begin with.

If I put a "*" next to a quest, it's because I'm not entirely sure whether or not said quest can be done in another route. If I used "->", it's because the previous quest is needed in order to access the subsequent one.

Some sidequests disappear once the main story directs you to the (minor spoilers) Flooded City, so be aware of that. As you can see above however, if you fail to complete certain sidequests, they may be available in the next route. If you started a sidequest in say, Route A, and finish Route A without completing it, you will have to restart that specific quest all over again, assuming it is actually in Route B and onwards.

Regardless, no sidequests are permanently missable. And again, I'd advise you to stick to tackling sidequests after you've obtained the ability to fast travel.
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Oct 25, 2017
You can give titles to spoilers?

This is amazing.

EDIT: Though the old style of spoiler will be missed for situations like the sidequest list. Having something that doesn't break the pace would be better for it. It would be nice to have that as an option, like [spoiler2].


Oct 25, 2017
Came for the Booty, Remained because the Existential Dread sent me into a Spiralling Depression.

Good Game.


Oct 25, 2017
Jumped back into my second playthrough after completing South Park. Thoroughly enjoying it