Nikkei: Sony's Head of Corporate Planning, "We can't ignore 'competition like' the Nintendo Switch"

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ggx2ac, Dec 6, 2017.

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    These are the only relevant quotes from Nikkei interviewing Kazuhiko Takeda, Sony's Head of Corporate Planning:

  2. Jawmuncher

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    I can't wait to play God of War on the Nintendo Switch.
    Or Vita 2. That's cool too.
  3. Phendrift

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    So... what does this mean?
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    I'd trash my Switch the instant a portable PS4 is announced tbh.
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    PlayStation Now on Switch in two years
  6. Silencerx98

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    It means arrogant Sony is NOT back
  7. Stuart

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    That's exciting, I really hope Sony considers a Vita 2. They would destroy the performance of Switch, Sony are masters of portable consoles.
  8. MrConbon210

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    Does this mean we should expect more family friendly games for the PS4?
  9. MELLO

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    What games are you playing on Switch?
  10. MWorldII

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    serviceS? Finally EA Access or something like Xbox Play Pass for PS4?
  11. Lusamine

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    Vita 2 incoming?!
  12. Clix

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    Cause god forbid you enjoy Sony and Nintendo offerings... come on.
  13. get2sammyb

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    It means they're not being arrogant Sony and acknowledge that there are other competitive products in the marketplace, thus keeping them on their toes.
  14. Unknownlight

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    PlayStation Hybrid.

    Bring it.
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    They're doubling down on PS Plus in order to make up for profit lost to the Switch in the console market.
  16. Phantom Thief

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    Excellent, this is what I wanted to hear.
  17. GamerEra

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    Playstation Tablet
    Playstation Phone
    Playstation Toilet
    Playstation Toaster

    Switch isn’t stealing PS4 users. If anything it’s eating into the portable market. (3DS)
  18. Lelouch0612

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  19. Zarckoh

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    Their response seems to be focused on games as a service, nothing about this leads me to believe that they would like to make a Playstation Switch as some would hope.
  20. Antony

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    It was only a matter of time before they copied Nintendo’s latest innovation tbh.
  21. CrazyDude

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    Sony sure destroyed something with the Vita.
  22. Khanimus

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    Imagine a Playstation... but like... portable.
  23. Nights

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    Oh hey, that sounds like a horrible idea. Nothing like more subscription services. Eugh.
  24. incogneato

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    Yes that is exactly what they said.

    $60 a year for online gaming is still ridiculous though
  25. Khanimus

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    They're just fucking awful at supporting them.
  26. Nightengale

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    This, pretty much.
  27. Crayon

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    9th gen will be Nintendo vs. Sony again. I've been waiting 20 years for this rematch.
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    Nothing about this said anything about creating a portable. They're doubling down on subscription services to make up for lost revenue because it's their biggest profit driver.
  29. Raven117

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    It also seems to imply that they are all in for exclusives. (I think they are right about that as well...moreover, they don't have to be giant GAAS, they just need to get folks to buy the console.
  30. vereor

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    They already have something like that, it's called "PLAYSTATION NOW".
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    A Vita 2 would be DOA and miss the point entirely. They’re only competing directly with Switch with a hybrid PlayStation 5.
  32. Eternal

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    Knowing Sony, PlayStation 5 will be hybrid.
  33. Stuart

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    Hah, too true, they abandoned it early. Weren't so bad with the PSP.
  34. WillySJ3

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    Don't go back to Portable, Sony, please don't. Focus on ps4 ans then ps5.
  35. Josh5890

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    I would pay to see that thread as it unfolds
  36. CrazyDude

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    Pretty much killed the system.
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    They said the same about steam boxes lol.
  38. PogiJones

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    What about all those internet people telling me "Sony doesn't need to respond, they're the market leader"?

    This is good, competition and responsiveness is great for consumers.
  39. Nightengale

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    "The software" for it, includes third-party games, not just first-party because they do earn a cut of all software sales.
  40. SalvaPot

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    But they could ignore the Vita just fine, hah!

    Competition is a good thing, but I doubt they are working on a new portable.
  41. NameUser

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    I hope that one day, maybe when the PS5 is announced, they can release a portable, download only PS4. Probably will never happen, but that'd be the only way they could get back into the handheld space. Since another dedicated device that can't share games with a console makes less sense now.
  42. MWorldII

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    Completely forgot about Now.
    You crushed my dreams :(
  43. StrapOnFetus

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    Go ahead Sony, invest billions into RnD, marketing, productions/manufacturing.

    Nintendo schooled you last time, they are king of portable.
  44. GamerEra

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    They are already doing great stuff on that front with PS Vue, PS Now, and Plus. They just need to continue improving and they’ll be fine. Switch has nothing that rivals Sony’s online services.
  45. Nintendojitsu

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    Portbegging: The Final Frontier
  46. signal

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    I need some dedicated remote play PS4 that lets me play my PS4 games in bed at the same performance of my PS4 just on a lower res screen. If I owned a Switch I'd basically just play it around the house and never docked. Want something similar for my PS4 games.
  47. Noctis

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    They better not waste resources on that.
  48. Jaded Alyx

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    With what? Magic?
  49. Ingueferroque

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    Sony shouldn't have decided to drop the Vita the way they did. It is ridiculous, and a long-term mistake. (Why did Vita not just continue the PSP branding/naming, anyway?)
    I still think that Switch (and the old PSP) prove that there is a market for dedicated gaming handhelds.

    The PSP was practically magic in 2005.
  50. Stilton Disco

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    I do wonder if Sony could go in the opposite direction with the PS4 as they did with the Pro to make a handheld. Use a weaker GPU, aiming for 720p, ditch a disk drive and include say 250gb of flash memory?

    I mean Jaguars were originally Netbook CPU’s, so it’s not like that should be a barrier.

    I really just want a new Sony handheld I think.

    The Switch looks rad, and I will be buying one eventually, but all those lovely indie games would be so much more appealing on a system where there’d be actual, proper sales with normal, non insulting discounts regularly.