Nintendo closing in on deal for Super Mario movie.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Sectorseven, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Sectorseven

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    Source: Dow Jones Newswires
  2. Bulby

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    Why bother, they nailed it the first time....
  3. KZXcellent

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    Bring back Leguizamo.
  4. nazgul_hunter

    nazgul_hunter Member

    I hope they do a good job. Illumination has become one of the better animated studios.

    It's clear exploiting their IP is the next big Nintendo move. They have to to stay relevant long term IMO.
  5. MrValtor

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    Not Illumination... NOOOOOOOOO
  6. Phoenix944

    Phoenix944 Member

    A Mario movie by Hollywood, what could go wrong?
  7. LordKano

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    It's not too late to cancel

  8. Duxxy3

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  9. brandrick

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    ..with Minions!
  10. Heartskips

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    Can we have human Bowser again
  11. #11
    The directors of the first one please.
  12. DecoReturns

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    Mario Odyessy made into a motion picture done.

    Put the T-Rex with a mustache as the teaser. Hype around the world.
  13. GK86

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    Wack. Make a live action sequel.
  14. RobFox64tm

    RobFox64tm Member

    Don't know how to feel about this. Aside from the obvious history of big-screen Mario Bros., Illumination Entertainment isn't exactly my favorite animation studio.
  15. neufel

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    I don't think any actor can rightfully portray the complexity of Bowser's "single dad with anger issues" character.
  16. Raijinto

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    I like Sing and Despicable Me.

    I have hope.
  17. TheDinoman

    TheDinoman Member

    Universal and Nintendo really getting in bed with each other, heh.
  18. Monogatari

    Monogatari Member

    As long as it looks like the 3D models of the games.

    That’s what I thought the nighmare fuel Mario film was gonna be when I was a kid.
  19. Trago

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    Animated is probably a good call.
  20. BGBW

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    Sure is nice of the Princess to invite us over to Hollywood, eh Luigi?
  21. Nanashrew

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    Illumination Entertainment... Oh no...
  22. Lunchbox

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    No Nintendo this is how you devalue your brand.
  23. Tagg

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    Illumination does a decent job with the Despicable Me series, so I have no complaints there.
  24. digitalrelic

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    Illumination Entertainment, the masterminds behind Despicable Me, Hop, Minions, and Sing.

  25. ZanderEzekial

    ZanderEzekial Member

    The Toads will make wonderful minions.
  26. Onilink

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    Scapelli or nothing
  27. Bandage

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    Staring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mario
    Danny Devito as Luigi
    Ridley Scott as Princess Peach
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    Not surprising considering the decent consistency of the Nintendo references in their films. Personally I would've preferred Disney/Pixar or Blue Sky.
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    The minion guys? :l
    Was kind of hoping Nintendo’s animation studio project would take off. Not sure what became of that.
  30. TubaZef

    TubaZef Member

    I'm expecting something even worse than the first one.
    I'll be very disappointed if it's good.
  31. Sectorseven

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    Curious if Charles Martinet would play Mario. He's been the voice in the games for over 20 years.
  32. LightEntite

    LightEntite Member

    there is literally no way this can be good
  33. PMS341

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  34. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    Miyamoto is involved. I have faith.
  35. Fritz

    Fritz Member

    Roxette Soundtrack or bust!
  36. Panther2103

    Panther2103 Member

    I mean Illumination Entertainment does a great job even though I don't necessarily enjoy their movies, I still can appreciate the detail that goes into the work and the fluidity. I can't really see how they can really make a Mario movie at this point, I don't know if it will really have enough there to make it truly feel like a Mario property.
  37. MrValtor

    MrValtor Member

    STOP, I can actually see them doing something like this where they swap out the Minions for some other side characters in the Mario universe... I wanna die.
  38. Aostia82

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    Who should I trust!?!?!??!?!
  39. Trago

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    Is that really a good thing?

  40. Oniletter

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    Illumination is allright., the movie could be decent enough.

    Thank fuck Columbia pictures didn't get their greasy fingers on the IP as was previously rumored. That would have been a sight to behold in all the wrong ways.
  41. Tregard

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    "...based on the 32-year-old videogame series about a pair of sibling plumbers who fight evil turtles and mushrooms in a fantasy kingdom"

    It would appear this info is outdated, unfortunately
  42. impingu1984

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    I mean the only way is up with a 2nd try
  43. _Rob_

    _Rob_ Member

    Why Illumination, of all studios....
  44. Glio

    Glio Member

    Illumination Entertainment...

  45. SwitchedOff

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    Wasn't the first one enough?
  46. base_two

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    I have high hopes for a movie after Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids. They definitely should talk to the Mario + Rabbids animation team and channel Odyssey for a strong narrative.
  47. Minions

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  48. MrValtor

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    Have you WATCHED Minions?
  49. JJH

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    Does this mean no Mario for Wreck it Ralph 2?
  50. Toni Codrea

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    Oh no