Nintendo Direct mini January 11th (early 2018 games)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Muzy, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

    and here's a stock picture of a puddle that isn't being sat in
  2. Seik

    Seik Member

    IDK, this was a N-Direct Mini and we have an announcement that the Souls series is coming on the platform as the grand finale, to me it felt like a major announcement as this very dev laughed at the idea of associating themselves with Nintendo during last gen, as many others. There's also Falcom/NIS with Ys VIII, Falcom, who declared that they would ride the PS4 as they thought their audience was there but now we see them testing waters with Ys. EA keeping some kind of support with Fe and saying they're happy with FIFA's sales. Capcom releasing SF 30th Anniversary.

    I'm not worried at all, honestly.
  3. Zippo

    Zippo Member

    Wait, is this true?
  4. BlueManifest

    BlueManifest Member

    I still think Nintendo is going to use smash bros as a launch title for its online service, they need to have a big multiplayer title to release along side its 20$ a year service

    This could even be the real reason the service was delayed
  5. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

    If I understand the post properly then no. Myself and a few others on Era were even teasing Tropical Freeze and Mario Tennis Aces before the Direct went live lol
  6. Jo-TM

    Jo-TM Member

    They don't count because they don't fit my explicitly stated criteria
  7. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    If I had to guess I’d say insiders here got wind of the mini Direct because it had lots of third parties involved, thus more people were involved.

    Nintendo themselves aren’t very leaky. If they have an First party focused direct, I bet it won’t leak
  8. Vylder

    Vylder Member

  9. Spyder_Monkey

    Spyder_Monkey Member

    Yeah your explicitly stated criteria is wrong and completely misrepresents what the Switch actually has. If you really want to argue with that logic then Sony only had Horizon and GT Sport (maybe Lost Legacy?) for the entirety of last year when the PS4 had a really strong year.
  10. BlueManifest

    BlueManifest Member

    You probably can’t answer this but did you know about those because of Nintendo themselves or because of 3rd parties involved with the direct

    In other words is it possible for you to miss something lol, could a direct be happening on the 18th that you don’t know about or would that be impossible for you not to know
  11. Jo-TM

    Jo-TM Member

    My post is more a commentary of how Nintendo seen as a publisher of original and fun games has dropped the ball, not the state of Nintendo Switch as a video game platform.

    This despite the fact that they merged their handheld and console lines, so you'd expect a barrage of fun and original games published, and preferably developed by, Nintendo. But no
  12. Zippo

    Zippo Member

    Just remembered this as well, IF a Direct did happen this week, a big update at Gamestop a couple of days after would make total sense, depending on what's announced. People also have gone through his posts and have backed him up, he isn't making it up. May not mean anything at all, though. So it's anyone's guess. Not making any predictions, let's just wait and see.
  13. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

    I can't really say but I'll reference you to this:
  14. Spyder_Monkey

    Spyder_Monkey Member

    Ok even as a commentary this fails because Nintendo still has fun games coming out.

    And most of their handheld teams stopped developing like during 2015-2016 at the earliest. Most of them are new to HD development and HD development takes awhile anyway. Expecting to see the fruits of a merged Nintendo like that so soon was always unrealistic.
  15. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    Well this is big news. Not sure why this is ignored.
  16. Dmax3901

    Dmax3901 Member

    You cheeky devil.
  17. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    Oh I hadn't noticed that, I wonder why they did that? :P

    So... February 1st Direct confirmed?

    :P again
  18. What to trust, what to trust...
  19. missingplugin

    missingplugin Member

    Who’s to say you don’t want to sit in a puddle? Maybe the direct is happening and this was the plan all along...
  20. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

  21. Instro

    Instro Member

    I don't feel like reading through all of this, but couldn't it be for the games that were just shown/announced in the mini direct?
  22. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief Member

    I blame you for this
  23. AniHawk

    AniHawk Member

    kiosk updates happen all the time. the current stuff has fire emblem warriors as a playable. if nintendo updates quarterly then it makes sense to refresh these consoles with games being shown off for the next 3-6 months.
  24. BlueManifest

    BlueManifest Member

    Wait a second maybe the puddle is a clue too :)
  25. Vylder

    Vylder Member

    This is going to be a loooong week at work.. again. ;_;
  26. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Melt

    Or Ice Climbers: Global Warming
  27. Rion

    Rion Member

    “Sit in a puddle” ?

    I feel like that’s a clue...

    Mario Sunshine HD confirmed!! ;) (I’d rather have Galaxy HD :-p)
  28. Ethifury

    Ethifury Member

    Reverse Psychology at it finest :P

    DMONKUMA Member

    Hmmm.....but your comment was only for general direct ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  30. BlueManifest

    BlueManifest Member

    Pikmin has puddles kind of lol that’s the only thing I could think of in a few seconds
  31. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

  32. Ethifury

    Ethifury Member

    What if puddles was linking to Sunshine part of GameCube VC? It does say Adventure in Jonneh’s Title.
  33. BlueManifest

    BlueManifest Member

  34. Novel Mike

    Novel Mike Member

    I'm apparently joining late but why do people think were getting a normal direct so soon after a mini? A mini that covered multiple titles from first and third parties for the first half of this year at that, I'm just confused why anyone thinks were getting another direct so soon. I mean I could see like a FE one like they did last year and also do the next Heroes update along with it but not a big direct.

    In regards to the reddit post yeah what the guy is saying sounds right but it doesn't mean anything. When I worked at Gamestop they would update the Wii U and Wii Demo units with new content that would activate on a certain day but I can't remember a single time that actually was because of any real announcements largely because the store staff could just set the system ahead to whatever date and it would activate the updated material so it would get leaked like instantly. Maybe the Switch demo units work differently but the way hes saying the rep did it it certainly doesn't sound like its any different from how they did it before.
  35. banksy

    banksy Member

    Historically every Direct Mini has been followed with a full direct within the next 20 days.
  36. Zippo

    Zippo Member

    Not only that, but there are many games coming soonish that weren't covered. Many people also think they got the more minor games out of the way so that they weren't lost in the shuffle of bigfer titles. No one here is certain, just hopeful.
  37. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    It's also because there are a lot of things we know are coming soon that Nintendo could have discussed (like Bayonetta, Hollow Knight, online service) but didn't, and because they've told us to expect a lot of new types of games and new IPs specifically in 2018, and none of that was in this Direct.

    Nintendogs Switch?

    Simpsons Road Rage 2?
  38. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator

    Simpsons Road Rage 2. Flanders is a timed exclusive driver.
  39. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    I diddly doubt that.

    In all seriousness I doubt you're teasing but I do think we are going to see a Direct by the end of February at the latest. I could also see this month but who knows.
  40. Tebunker

    Tebunker Member

    The store staff can't generally do shit to the demo systems at all anymore. They're locked up, and the system runs a Demo specific program that doesn't let you go to the normal home screen.

    Also Nintendo has a slight history of a big direct right after a mini. Nintendolife had a bit on it.
  41. banksy

    banksy Member

    I feel like we'll get something before Bayonetta 2 comes out, so mid-feb.
  42. Fishsnot

    Fishsnot Member

    He could be anybody and there is no proof.
    But then there is this:
  43. Novel Mike

    Novel Mike Member

    I always had a key to the demo units and the reps told us how to bypass the demo program in case we ever had to do anything to the unit, at times they would just send us the update disks and let us do it ourselves instead of having a rep come out to do it. Not saying its not different now but it seems very similar to how it was before which is why I'm skeptical.
    Okay thats fine and all but I hope no ones getting their hopes up for this. This direct wasn't just all low key announcements they had some reveals like Dark Souls and TWEWY which I would've expected in a normal direct, not a mini so I have a hard time believing after the wide range of months they covered and the games they announced that we'd be seeing another big direct so soon, unless its about a specific game or series like I stated with FE before but thats not what people are expecting.
  44. Zippo

    Zippo Member

    I'm certainly not getting my hopes up. This Fire Emblem guy just gave me some optimism.
  45. Chrom

    Chrom Member

    Hey guys. As the author of those peculiar Fire Emblem tweets from a few pages back, I'd like to step up and provide a follow-up to them here that should help temper expectations a little bit.

    Yes, I've been hearing for a while that another Nintendo Direct is in fact happening later this week, but the new Fire Emblem apparently won't be featured there either. I know nothing of its exact contents, but I've learned that it won't be the one to reveal Fire Emblem. It sounds like another small Nintendo Direct from my understanding, no idea how they'll announce it. A more feature-length Nintendo Direct is supposedly planned for sometime in February, and, in my opinion, that's probably when we may see Fire Emblem after all. Here's hoping, I'm really excited for it. At this point I'm not thinking there'll be another Fire Emblem Direct though, sadly.

    Apologies for the commotion. I do actually hear things from time to time, but I also realize it's important to not give people false hope if I can help it, so that's why I'm here to clarify. I hope you guys can forgive me. Either way, I think we can all agree it'd be best to wait until Nintendo says something before we can get all excited again.
  46. Zippo

    Zippo Member

    Holy shit.
  47. DecoReturns

    DecoReturns Member

    I had a feeling that was you.

    Anyways. Fire Emblem will be ready when it's ready. I'm sure we'll see it or here about it soon. Pretty excited about a console FE game
  48. Gobias-Ind

    Gobias-Ind Member

    Lmao love this post sequence
  49. Hey thanks for coming forward. I'm with you on hoping we can see Fire Emblem 2018 next month, really excited to see what Intelligent Systems can do with the hardware.
  50. I do hope they release info for some other big third-party hitters and the online infrastructure there. If it truly does happen in February, then it has to be sometime around when they'll have the investors meeting, which makes sense because they gotta keep them feeling optimistic in keeping the Switch's momentum in 2018.
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