Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT|

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Feb 10, 2019
Exact 4 hours for the announcement. Brace yourself guys!
Hope the direct is sooner than 32hrs after the announcement


Oct 24, 2017
That list clearly read Zell's post every other game is a safe bet. Don't expect every single game to show up (and yes it is fake)


Dec 6, 2018
Why would they announce it as a 2020 title alongside announcing Pikmin 3, a 2019 title, though?
Putting a release date against Pikmin 4 is near on impossible at this point. I mean, it's hard enough at the best of times, but at least things like Mario and Zelda we have a steer on it.

It may have restarted development, but we've no idea when or if that happened. And even if it started again, and we knew roughly when they took the decision, we'd still have no idea how much was salvageable and therefore whether the new development cycle is shorter.

There's a handful of titles that can literally come out "anytime", which is pretty exciting.

Bayonetta 3 - no-one really knows? 2019 makes sense given that 1+2 were ported early 2018, but it could be 2020?
Pikmin 4 - no-one knows. It could be 2019, 2020, 2021... nothing would surprise us.
Retro Studios - we know their last new release was 5 years ago, so it's "due" anytime now, you'd think...
Animal Crossing - many think Holiday, many think Summer, many think September... great example of a title that could land anytime!


Dec 7, 2017
We know a Direct at some point, but why it’s taking so long?

I don’t understand that Nintendo strategy. It’s not like gamers have unlimited money. If you give me visibilty on games coming in March, April and May, it could be less money I would use for game like Anthem, Rage 2, DMC5, Days Gone or the Outer World where I’m on the fence. And usually those games make a good job advertising with Preoders bonus or demo.

Nintendo were unable to perform as well as they wanted in H1. How about giving us a headstart on what’s coming !!! It seems sometimes Nintendo doesn’t want our money, it’s crazy !


Jan 10, 2018
Sydney, Australia
I predict Pikmin 3 will be titled and marketed as a straight port, like Tropical Freeze and Captain Toad, instead of getting a DX or other subtitle. Even if there is new content.
I think so too. I’m not expecting much new content from this port. All of the DLC will be included, they’ll make the Secret Files viewable without an internet browser, and maybe they’ll just slide in those Pikmin CG shorts. Maybe a few minor changes or some form of easy mode beyond those.


Wonder from Down Under
Oct 27, 2017
All leaks, including from the reliable to semi-reliable sources here, should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt. Not because of leaker discrediting, but because they're human, and it's most likely that most if not literally all of them are only hearing the information from first and or secondary sources rather than being the source themselves. What I mean by that is it's not that Emily, Zell, and Nate necessarily work for Nintendo and drop stuff from there, but that they just so happen to know some reliable people in position of useful information, or know people who know people in those positions.

It's frustrating when people rally against certain leakers for their ambiguity, or try to pull them up on inaccuracies. Obviously yes, higher strike rates indicate more reliable sources of information, but even those who've had misses have also had, in most cases, a regular assortment of strong hits that can't be just passed off as lucky guesses.

People just need to be reasonable and rational about the stuff they read. They need to accept it's second/third hand information, from a person who likely does not have literal evidence sitting in front of them. This means there's always, and always has been, room for inaccuracy. Sometimes plans change. Sometimes stuff is misheard but in the ballpark. Sometimes they're just plain wrong, because someone passed on something they thought was true yet wasn't.

When Zell, Nate, or Emily say anything pertaining to hints or leaks you should never take it as gospel. Because it's not. It's not an announcement, it's not from Nintendo, it's not a press release. Just be reasonable about it. Rationality warrants interest in those with pretty consistent strike rights (of which these three have actually been pretty on the money regarding Directs and upcoming announcements), but in practice it's still just words on a forum from anonymous users.

Or in short; none of us actually know a Direct is going to be announced for the 13th, or on the 13th. We're reason to believe it given consistency of current leakers, but it's not proof. If it doesn't happen, bummer, but so be it.


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Oct 27, 2017
Bold of Nintendo to start promoting Box Boy and Animal Crossing without titles, too.
To be fair I'll give them partial credit for realising that the hilariously bad titles that people concoct for this stuff is usually the most obvious tell. Marks docked for resolving the issue by going in the opposite direction and suggesting Nintendo has run out of titles completely.


Nov 13, 2017
You know that the leak is fake by "Super Nintendo games - Available Now"

Nah, Nintendo aint gonna release SNES games untill this summer.


Oct 30, 2017
Bayonetta feels like either a good January-February 2020 game (like the Switch ports) or, conversely, a good December 2019 game, to round out the year after the more heavily promoted pre-Black-Friday “mainstream” games.

If it’s ready, of course.

But I wouldn’t have pegged NSMB U DX as a January game, so maybe we’re in a brave new world here.
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