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Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT2| Reset the Thread

Oct 27, 2017
I’m really not sure how these threads keep circling the same pastures over and over, in regards to a perceived drought. Why does Sony get to have a first party drought, go radio silent for months, and then skip the biggest gaming convention of the year? The reason Nintendo has gotten better about bringing in third parties and indies is so they don’t have to release two titles every month. No console manufacturer has the first party output that Nintendo does, given any period of time in the Switch lifespan vs the other two. There is no shortage of stuff to play on Switch

Some random insider is not enough. Unless one of our legit insiders back it up, I'll assume Erdirck thing is dead. You're free to believe him, though.

Let's be honest, Erdrick is super niche character, compared to Joker or other past DLC characters. Yeah, it's a super popular character among older Japanese fans but do we really think Nintendo would choose DLC characters catered for specific regions? Like, if Japan gets Erdrick, what could Europe or US get catered for them? I still think that idea is unlikely, if the second SE rep is really a DQ one, it should be more popular DQ11 protagonist, similar to Persona 5 choice. Maybe it's DQ11 Protag with Erdrick echo? Who knows.
You’re asking if Nintendo, a Japanese company, would release a DLC character that caters to a Japanese niche, in a Japanese fighter with a roster comprised entirely of Japanese-made icons?