Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT4| The Sequel to OT3 is Now in Development.

Most likely of these Mario games to appear in 2020?

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Oct 25, 2017
Who knew that speculating the dates that we’ll be shown a new collection of commercials would end up being so fun when Nintendo first introduced the concept of a Nintendo Direct almost a decade ago? It’s crazy to see how far Directs have come. With that being said, welcome to the fourth official Nintendo Direct Speculation Thread! Being an ERA member since near it’s inception, I am honored to have the first OT I’ve ever made be the quarantine center for the irreplaceable madness that is NintendoERA’s eternal hype bubble. Who knows what treasures will be unearthed from Nintendo’s mysterious 2020 as we burn through another 20,000 posts….

I’ll be updating this OP constantly (especially the second portion) so check back every now and then! Also, the clean graphics are probably the most impressive part of the OT, so shout out and thank you to MondoMega for making them! And while I’m crediting, thanks to DarkCloud for the title!

Of course, let’s get through the formalities of what this thread is. It's kind of a unique beast on ResetERA, and NintendoERA members early in the site's lifetime worked long and hard to get a reliable and official safe haven like this where we can run rampant with speculation. That said, there are some rules, moral and behavioral standards, and general guidelines that are needed for this thread to be the best and most fun place it can be. So, without further ado, here are some important documents from people who can all say it better than I can....

The Official permission grant from Nibel establishing the thread’s purpose:
One point I'd like to address: while there will be ultimately some kind of overlap between 1st party discussions and Direct discussions, I imagine the Direct thread would be more focused on speculation, possible leaks and rumors than this one. It would basically be a thread to contain "all the madness" in one place to keep this thread more level-headed and on-topic.

We've discussed to have a dedicated thread after Moon's suggestion yesterday and came to the conclusion that this might work for the best going forward. So: if anybody is interested to make that thread, they are officially allowed to do so.

Only thing I'd like to ask for is that the OP keeps the opening post updated and tries to keep up with the discussion/speculation.
The founding Charter from the first OP Kevin360 :
The purpose of this thread:

To better contain the madness of ResetERA's Nintendo Direct speculation, and keep it relatively separate from the Nintendo First-Party thread.

As a general rule, let's try to avoid too much "reset the clock" type posts, until of course, we have a really good reason to think it's time to actually be resetting the clock. Madness must have some modicum of reasoning, you know?

ALSO: DO NOT MESSAGE/HARASS AND TAG 'INSIDERS' (this should go without saying, but they've alluded these things crossing the line)
And finally, a new addition to the OP that I’d like to add from my direct predecessor, Raccoon. A request for what should be the ideal behavior and morals in this thread with regards to insiders and just general respectfulness to everyone:
Hey guys, as we head into the first week of the year (and this thread) that a Nintendo Direct could feasibly be announced, I wanted to share my personal reminder of preferred etiquette in this thread. I know that at times I've overstepped my role as OP, so I want to make clear that I am in no way trying to moderate or set "rules" for participation in the thread. Instead consider these Raccoon's friendly suggestions for making this thread the best it can be.

Below are my personal recommendations for how best to operate in this thread as things start to get crazier:

First of all, a reminder to be respectful in our interactions with "insiders." The participation of insiders like Emily, NateDrake, the former King Zell, and insider-adjacent figures like Zippo and Jonneh is, of course, appreciated for its utility. But remember that these people are members of the community as well. I was personally quite tickled to see some high profile votes in my little thread poll, but I don't think people should take these votes, or any casual community-oriented participation from these figures in the thread, as hints or gospel. In essence, do not chew these people out if there is no January Direct, please! In fact, don't chew any of them out for anything. Emily doesn't make the games, and being mad about what she or others do or don't know is not conducive to productive discussion and is generally detrimental to the vibe. We owe these fine folks a lot (some of us more than others). In my opinion, here are some behaviors that are supremely uncool:

- mentioning (@-ing) insiders unreasonably (you be the judge, but personally I think anything other than requests for clarification are a bit too bold)
- accusing them of having an agenda
- disrespecting their work (Criticism of leaking is fine in my opinion, I've done it a lot and think unpopular opinions are healthy to share. But please don't belittle, marginalize, or personally attack these people for their work, it's super uncool and unkind)
- crafting conspiracy theories (I'd advise this particularly pertaining to GameXplain. I was on the "Jon Cartwright's a secret leaker!!1!" train for a hot minute, but then I realized it's pretty rude, disrespectful, and honestly kinda crazy.)

Of course, to reiterate, these are not rules! I am not a mod! This is just the advice of someone who cares way too much about this thread. Furthermore, you likely can do the above in ways that aren't uncool and there's plenty of other stuff you could do that would be uncool. You should know the difference between respectful and not, and be mindful of how you're engaging with insiders. Obviously this is a forum and spats and disputes are natural, but if you're really ragging on one of these people, remember that they're members too, and most often Nintendo fans as well! Except Shinobi, if I recall correctly. But don't harrass him about that, either!

Second, while this may seem unreasonable as we head into the most exciting fortnight of recent Nintendo speculation history, please keep spam low. I love shitposting, shitposting is good, but I think there's a noteworthy difference between the good clean fun of a nice shitpost and the unfun oversaturation of spam. Resetting the clock is fun, and I imagine we'll see it a lot when Nintendo Tweets unrelated to the Direct go out. But if you're really just flooding the thread with crap that is neither funny nor beneficial to discussion, maybe reconsider how you're posting. Or at least get better material!

Another short note about Twitter and other sites in general: please don't brigade. I know that isn't going to be a problem for this group, but I'd like to maintain a reputation for NintendoEra as a community that doesn't reply to every Tweet with "Direct where?!?" and the like. Obviously off-site behavior is nobody's business, but again, as a personal favor to me, please don't foster a community attitude of being annoying or trolls.

Next point, I'd like to remind people to please be patient. I mean this in a lot of ways beyond the obvious. Most pertinent to this thread: be patient with your fellow members. One of the most useful philosophies I've found in life is not to presume malice when faced with ignorance. If a participant in this topic, particularly someone who doesn't post very often, doesn't know something that we've accepted into our community zeitgeist, please don't assume they're trolling! I'd really like to see more new faces participate if interested, and the more accommodating we are, the better the thread and the future of the community will be. On the flip side, I'd personally prefer not to see accusations of overinvestment in the thread, speculation, or Nintendo. Some of us, like me, really don't have a lot going on right now. As an American university student on a longer-than-usual winter break between semesters, I've gotten even deeper into this stuff than I think I was when the thread started. So, on a personal note, seeing people's levels of engagement in the thread in either direction used as material for character criticism really bums me out, and I'm pleading with you all that we don't see more of this as the speculation heats up and we see more lurkers and newcomers enter the discourse.

A quick reminder: if we do get a Direct soon and it doesn't live up to expectations (which is, in my opinion, entirely inevitable at this point), please do not be hostile towards those who have suggested that this year (and, if only via proxy and our own assumptions, this Direct) will be stellar. The content of a Direct does not directly indicate how much content is upcoming, unfortunately. It instead only tells us what Nintendo wants to show. As someone who is often hopelessly hot-headed, over-dramatic, and quick to overreact on this forum, I can tell you all personally that it isn't fun. This is basically advice for myself, but I extend it to all of you as well: let's try to keep level heads and calm, collected attitudes this month.

Finally, I'd like to add a boilerplate "be civil" to these recommendations. All of this stuff is in the OP in one form or another, and the biggest thing to take away from that is to be civil. After all, at the end of the day, we're just talking about video games presentations here. You all know what being civil means in the context of this forum I think, so I'll just leave it at that.
Keep all of these in mind so that we can keep these threads going. Don’t haI can't imagine how dark a future NintendoERA would have without them...

This section of the OP is the one that I'll constantly update with discussion points for anyone who just wants to see what we've been up to. However, I'm going to organize it into separate lists of games that should hopefully be easy for you all to navigate. They will just be short little blurbs, so if you don't trust me, wanna know more or want sources to anything listed below - join the thread! Similarly, I won't do what the rumor thread does and say what insider says what. I'll just put "credible insiders" in order to avoid putting too much spotlight on those who don't want it. More importantly, I do not want to give ammunition to various sources that come here and lazily steal or misconstrue the rumors in this thread. If "credible insider" isn't enough of a confirmation for you and you want to know exactly what sources are talking about what rumors, feel free to ask in the thread. NintendoERA has some very committed members who are always up to date and will gladly answer you!

With the announcement of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation detailing the 5th DLC fighter, the likelihood of a Direct the Week of January 13th has plummeted. There is a slight chance that a Direct will be in January in the next two weeks, however this would break a pattern of Nintendo not putting a Direct in the second half of a month since the Switch's release. Put as much stock into that pattern as you will. However, a Direct in February is still likely as Nintendo needs to lay down part of the release schedule for 2020 and reveal some games to give them time to breathe between reveal and release. Additionally, Animal Crossing preorders still need to open in Japan, and info on the game in general is needed. That could be in an AC Direct or General Direct

This week is Nintendo’s investors meeting. We should find out game sales and maybe some news on their mobile front, the Mario movie, and theme parks.

This year so far….
Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training - January 3rd (EU/JP only)
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - January 17th
Darksiders Genesis - February 14th
Persona 5 Scramble - February 20th (JP)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX – March 6th
Animal Crossing: New Horizons – March 20th
Trials of Mana - April 24th
Minecraft Dungeons - April
The Wonderful 101: Remastered - April
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
Famicom Detective Club Remakes - (JP only)
No More Heroes III
The Outer Worlds
DOOM Eternal
Bravely Default II
Deadly Premonition 2
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered
Gods & Monsters
Rune Factory 5
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Expand your favorite games…
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenger Pack #5: Byleth –January 28th
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass Wave 4: Cindered Shadows - February 13th
Pokemon Sword & Shield: The Isle of Armor – June 2020
Pokemon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra – Fall 2020
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighters Pass Vol. 2 - 2020 & 2021
DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Luigi's Mansion 3
- Multiplayer DLC

They’re coming, but when…?
Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – announced at E3 2019
Shin Megami Tensei V – announced at Switch Presentation 2017, “active development”
Bayonetta 3 – announced at Game Awards 2017, development “going well”
Metroid Prime 4 – announced in 2017 E3, rebooted in January 2019 with Retro
Pikmin 4 - confirmed in development at E3 2015, but not seen at all. insider has hinted it was rebooted
Detective Pikachu - announced at Pokemon conference May 2019
Hollow Knight: Silksong - announced in February 2019

From Credible Sources…
Pikmin 3 - Wii U port delayed to add new single player content
Super Mario 3D World - Wii U port
Metroid Prime Trilogy HD – some fuckery is going on, perhaps due to the delay of Prime 4. Consensus seems to be that it’s still coming though.
2D Metroid –reports seem to be conflicted on if it’s a remake or a brand-new game
Paper Mario - hinted at by insiders, reason to be "hopeful" (return to form? Remaster of first two?)
Halo – coming to the switch in some form. What game though? Hasn’t been said.
The World Ends With You 2 - should be coming this year, and not only to Switch

NintendoERA’s own repeated predictions, born from our great wisdom....
Super Mario Odyssey 2 – following a Galaxy 2 pattern, likely to be an iterative sequel coming soon
Super Mario Party 2 – Mario Party usually gets put out quickly, 2 years since the first
Kirby - series is usually pretty frequent, and was absent last year with the exception of an F2P game. Star Allies was early 2018. We should get a new mainline entry or experimental spinoff this year
Splatoon Spinoff – the time is ripe for one with Splatoon 3 not coming soon, and that cryptic SOS image….
Mario Golf – probably what Camelot has been up to since Mario Tennis Aces
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - This would depend on when BotW2 is coming. If it's delayed past 2020, this could take it's spot
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - Same as above. Nintendo wants a Zelda every year, we think. If no BotW2, a port is likely.
Game from the Mario Kart team - their last game was ARMS in Summer 2017. Their next project should be at least showable. As for what it is, who knows?

You'll have to wait a little longer...
Xenoblade Chronicles X - Wii U port. With Xenoblade DE coming, they likely don't want to oversaturate
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes - The DLC for SwSh probably rules out any retail main series Pokemon release this year
Splatoon 3 - It's been said by the developers that it's not in development. A big part of this is because they have been working on Animal Crossing.
Donkey Kong Country - Retro is busy on Prime 4, and Tropical Freeze was likely ported to hold the series over

Nintendo First Party Thread – similar to this thread in that upcoming games are talked about and speculated on, but it's a bit more of a nuanced discussion about Nintendo’s internal teams and their history, the structure of the company, and the ebb and flow of employee numbers in order to predict what may be being worked on. Not the spot for shitposts, hype posts, direct countdowns or to entertain every fake 4chan leak though.

Switch Rumor Archive – this has a pretty good catalog of rumors that we’ve discussed. I don’t think if it will continue to be updated, but it can give you a good background on previous rumors that still may be discussed today.

Nintendo of America Twitter - any Direct announcement will be made here first, usually at 9 or 10 AM ET. Follow and turn on notifications if you wanna know ASAP!

Nintendo Direct Archive - head here to watch any previous direct, or just look at the general direct schedule

NintendoEra Discord:


Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT|

Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT2| Reset The Thread

Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT3| Nintendo Direct Speculation Trilogy HD

And finally, although this wasn’t official, I can’t help but to link the thread that started it all and established the characteristic craziness that NintendoERA still has today during Direct season.

Well, I guess that leaves only one thing to say...
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Oct 27, 2017
Standing by my prediction that BOTW 2 is not this year. And personally feel it’s better for next year.


Oct 27, 2017
Phendrift marvel ultimate alliance and luigi's mansion are also getting more dlc this year
also please add deadly premonition 2 to the list of confirmed games, as well as minecraft dungeons


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Dark Cloud , we gotta talk buddy. I think you post just a little too much. You do play games once and a while, right?



Oct 28, 2017
Since I don't see them in the OT, what are the chances that we see Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD Switch?

I'd do horrible things to have them in my Switch.

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