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Oct 27, 2017
Jeeezus. The AI in Puzzle Quest is a cheating piece of shit. It's like everything I do sets up a nice bazillion-piece combo for the CPU.

I switched to Katrielle and the Millionaire's Conspiracy and am having a much better time.
I enjoyed playing through Puzzle Quest (and the sequel) way back when it came out on Xbox 360, but I couldn’t agree more wrt the cheating AI. There were times I wanted to throw my controller, and I’m not usually the type. The final boss in particular is a real “gem.” I think that encounter only took me 20+ attempts. Looking back, it was a great game for the time but yeah, there are lots of other match-3 RPG type games out there.

Henri Desu

Feb 10, 2018
I just bought Windmill Kings yesterday, thought it was a tower defense.

It's quitte shitty, don't buy it. The music is cool but the gameplay is very simplistic. Feel like I've wasted 10€

Wish there was some kind of refund on switch :(


Oct 27, 2017
Re: Monster Boy.

Man, the opening section(s) with the pig stuff absolutely sucks and I hope it changes and gets better very soon because I am not impressed or enjoying this game at all.


Oct 27, 2017
Tried Battle Chef Brigade on Game Pass. I was not attracted by the game at all because of the art, but it's a nice game ! In the end it's lovely, the music is dope and the gameplay interesting. I'm just not sure how long is the game, but I'm definitely grabbing this when it gets on sale again.


Nov 16, 2017
any feedback for Tools Up?
Played it last night and beat it. Bunch of characters/animals to unlock with stars you get from the 25 levels. There really isn't too much challenge to them. There is a timer but only two timers were we running out of time and that is because they very rarely tell you how to do things. It feels like at the end they tell you how to do wallpaper and brick laying but they don't have fun graphics about doing anything else.

That was all campaign.

As I said, it was some fun but pretty simple and didn't have much of an urgency as Overcooked (for good and bad). Honestly, unless you are hardcore into that style, I'd wait for a sale (unless party mode is amazing?).

Also, you can pick each other up. That can be fun and annoying.

PS: I think we beat it all in 4:30.

edit: There is a party mode but it is the same levels but more of a strict time crunch, so more like Overcooked that would require a lot of teamwork and potentially already knowing what to do.
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Oct 27, 2017
Re: Monster Boy.

Man, the opening section(s) with the pig stuff absolutely sucks and I hope it changes and gets better very soon because I am not impressed or enjoying this game at all.
I agree with this 100%. I hated the damned pig section. Good news, though: it does get better. It's a slow way to start the game...


Jan 10, 2018
The ending of American fugitive is VERY anticlimactic. I didn't even know it was finished.
Good game though. Incredible attention to details and solid from a technical standpoint, even when the army arrives at 6 stars. The missions are not always very interesting, but I've had a few intense chases which were fun. For 10 euros it was worth it. Even full price, I wouldn't have felt cheated; I give it a solid 6/10. I hope there's a dlc to give a proper ending and a proper closure.
How's The Church in the Darkness? I was quite interested in this one, I may grab it on sale.