Nintendo files patent for Donkey Konga drums and keyboard for use with Nintendo Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Rösti, Mar 8, 2018.

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    On August 28, 2017, Nintendo Co., Ltd. filed in the US via the United States Patent and Trademark Office a patent application for an INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, EXTENDED INPUT SYSTEM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD. This patent concerns extended input devices for use with Nintendo Switch. Examples are Donkey Konga drums and a keyboard. Inventor is Hitoshi Yamazaki who has seventeen other patents with Nintendo (some together with Shigeru Miyamoto). Below is abstract, selected excerpts and of course drawings.























    Source: Search application number 15/687771 at

    As always, a patent is not proof of a future product or service.
  2. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member

    Wait, is that keyboard Labo?
  3. JimJamJones

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    Bring back Donkey Konga!
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    The return of the bongos would be great. I need me a sequel to the greatest DK game ever made: Jungle Beat.
  5. Frankish

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    We finally know Retro's new game.
  6. mclem

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    Dammit, for a minute I thought it was talking a Bemani keyboard.
  7. Zalman

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  8. Gonzalez

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    I hope nobody plays Donky Konga on the train.
  9. Burdmayn

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    Donkey Konga remaster confirmed for today's Direct!
  10. Skies

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    GCN VC confirmed?
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    message function on the Switch finally? Maybe something they are adding to the online service.
  12. Kouichi

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    Aw yiss. I still have my drums and they work perfectly fine.

    Bring on Jungle Beat 2!
  13. Serenitynow

    Serenitynow Member

    Are they using the bongos to play Diddy Kong Racing?
  14. Dark Cloud

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    Holy shit Donkey Konga 2 is coming. Kimishima stated over and over about peripherals and attachments coming to Switch.
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    Oh fuck.

    Open-world Donkey Konga by Retro.
  16. AtomicShroom

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    Well finally we know what Retro have been up to for the past 4 years!
  17. Camjo-Z

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    They all laughed at me for keeping 3 sets of DK Bongos stacked next to my TV for 14 years... WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW???
  18. javac

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    "GameCube around £79.99" so sad.
  19. theanderson64

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    I just unpacked my Kongas! This is good news!
  20. AtomicShroom

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    With deep, feature-lenght lore and storytelling.
  21. Cow Mengde

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    Retro's new project, baby!
  22. K Samedi

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    So you can attach the joy cons to the keyboard? That would be cool.
  23. skittzo0413

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    Hmmm figures 9-10 suggest the keyboard will just basically be a shell for the IR sensor on the joycon to read input from, a lot like the Labo piano. That's really clever.
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    Keyboard idea that you can't use at the same time as the right joy con sounds rather silly unless the idea would be to make it out of cardboard.
  25. Dark Cloud

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    #25 this Donkey Kong Racing???

  26. mclem

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    DK Barrel Blast

    It would be Konga 4, in fact. Although 3 was JP-only.
  27. Seik

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    The mental picture this gave me, haha!
  28. meppi64

    meppi64 Member

    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 2 with DKJB1HD please!
  29. sinonobu

    sinonobu Member

    Man Retro's new game is looking hot.

    Open world, non-linear Donkey Konga!
  30. FairyEmpire

    FairyEmpire Member

    Expand Konga
  31. touchmykatamari

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  32. Dark Ninja

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    Oh fuck Jungle Beat 2 plz!!
  33. Ailyo

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    The sequel to Donkey Kong Barrel Blast we've all been waiting for?
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    Bring on Jungle Beat 2. I still have my drums.
  35. phanphare

    phanphare Member

    I hope this is Retro's game

    Fucking Donkey Kong Pt. 2: Konga Dongaloo
  36. Batatinha

    Batatinha Member

    I wouldn't mind seeing the return of a Guitar Hero style game - perhaps with a story - and this reminds me of that. I'm playing Night in the Woods and I like having those rhythm sections mixed with a story.
  37. skittzo0413

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    Can't you already connect an actual keyboard though? This would just be an additional solution if you don't have an extra keyboard lying around or don't want to buy one. Probably either cardboard or very cheap, yeah.
  38. RailWays

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    Gamecube VC with Konga games?
  39. Eolz

    Eolz Member

    Donkey Jungle Beat GC was so fucking good (unlike the Wii version).
    Same for Donkey Konga obviously.
  40. Meelow

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    Retro's game is going to be hype!

    Breath of the Banana baby!!!
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    Need me some Jungle beat HD
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    Time for the long-delayed localization of Donkey Konga 3!

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    Plz Nintendo!!!
  44. Chaz

    Chaz Member

    Hmmmm, is this Retro though?
  45. Jawmuncher

    Jawmuncher Crisis Dino - Snake for Smash Moderator

    I'm Ready
  46. HockeyBird

    HockeyBird Member

    Keyboard? Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II confirmed to Switch!
  47. yuoke

    yuoke Member

    Finally a sequel we all wanted
  48. Zalman

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    For a lot of people, this is a Shrek meme song. To me it will always be a Donkey Konga song.
  49. Abu

    Abu Member

    Donkey Konga is back baby

  50. azeke

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    Give me the sequel to Koizumi's best game: DK Jungle Beat.

    Uninterrupted comboing throughout entire level, Punch Out bosses and pain the palms...