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Nintendo-First Party Thread |OT2| New Year. New Mii.

Oct 27, 2017
I don’t see how Super Mario 3D World is underrated.

Critically acclaimed by fans and critcs. There’s some vocal fans about the game but it isn’t the overwhelming opinion. Personally love the creativeness but it took far to long to get interesting. Plus the 4-player aspect brought down the game for some if you played alone, level design is clearly design for more then 1 player.

Wish I could’ve played it with other people.
I've seen some admiration for it in some places (such as this thread), but yeah, overall it is really underrated.

So maybe they should release it on a system that people actually own so that it can actually be appreciated. Hmm...
Yeah definitely. And I think that since Odyssey is already out on the Switch, people would be a lot more willing to appreciate 3D World on its own merits. As a follow-up to Galaxy and Galaxy 2, on a console desperate for a smash hit, people were quick to be disappointed by it. But on a really successful console that has already had a groundbreaking new sandbox 3D Mario, it could really thrive and achieve the recognition it deserves.