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Mar 18, 2018
Sorry to double post but as noted in this thread, Monolith has now grown to 209 people, up from 193 in January. Only a few of the other companies have posted new numbers; Good-Feel are now 122 up from 108 last year and SRD have grown (or at planned to grow? -not 10% what their site means) by 10 people from 130 to 140.

EPD: 850 ~ 900 (700ish in Kyoto, 150-200 in Tokyo)
Monolith Soft: 209 (as of end of January 2019)
Retro: ~130 (now, according to LinkedIn)
Nd Cube: 100 (linked pamphlet is from early 2018 - after Pocket Camp, but before SMP - the 2019 pamphlet doesn't mention staff numbers :()
1UP Studio: 44 (Aug 2018) - as big as they've ever been as far as I can tell, even when they were Brownie Brown.

HAL: 153 (July 2018)
Intelligent Systems: 151 (Dec 2018)
Game Freak: 143 (2018)
SRD: 140 (April 2019(planned) - incl. web development group)
Good Feel: 122 (January 2019, incl. mobile division)
Next Level: 115 (now, according to LinkedIn)
Grezzo: 62 (2018)
Alpha Dream: 46 (2018)
Camelot: 44 (2010, probably more now)
Genius Sonority: 22

Dark Cloud

Oct 27, 2017
Dammit. I knew I should've checked Monolith's site on my laptop. It never updates on my cellphone for some reason. 209 is 16 more people. I was guessing they were around 205. This is great to hear how big they're getting.

Also, Monolith Soft was 28.6% female and 71.4% men. They're not 37.5% female and 62.5% men. They added a good amount of women.
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