Nintendo PR reps have been contacting journalists about A Link Between Worlds

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Meelow, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. SuperRaddy

    SuperRaddy Member

    My GOAT, I hope so
  2. Tygre

    Tygre Member

    ALBW HD on Switch would be sweet.
  3. Seik

    Seik Member

    Holy shit yes!

    It was a great Zelda game, I loved it!

    Day 1 if it happens on Switch, double dipping without hesitation!
  4. Parisi

    Parisi Member

    I'm all for a switch release, but one of the reasons I loved the 3DS version was the amazing dungeon designs and how they used the 3D tech so perfectly....

    I would much rather see a remaster of Link's Awakening, or even the Oracle games...
  5. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    It already is in the "Select" selection, but only in EU, not in the US. My suspect is that, but we will see!
  6. mael

    mael Member

    Why would they ask for quotes of old reviews for what is essentially a new product?
    If there's no Nintendo Select version on 3DS in NA why wouldn't it be just that?
  7. ReddishGUI

    ReddishGUI Member

    Yeah it's probably for a Nintendo Select release.
  8. #58
    I really hope we get this and several other 3DS games on Switch.

    3DS games look so good upresed, but Citra is still a very system demanding and incomplete emulator.
  9. MXAGhost

    MXAGhost Member

    Huh...Nintendo didn’t contact me. I must not be high up on the journalism list.

    Sounds like a port. Not necessarily a remaster but who knows at this point.
  10. Blayde

    Blayde Member

    yep will play again
  11. DarthWalden

    DarthWalden Member

    Have a copy for 3DS that I've only played about half an hour of but I would totally re-buy this for switch to play on my TV + the vastly superior mobile version.
  12. Instro

    Instro Member

    That would be the most obvious answer.
  13. Kyo_

    Kyo_ Member

    Already exists in Europe, dunno about US.

  14. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    I don't believe it's a Selects title in North America yet. So yeah, that could be the case.
  15. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert Member

    Of course, I agree with you, that's the most logical explanation, a port doesn't make much sense imo.
  16. Unicorn

    Unicorn Member

    Another player select lineup for the last 3ds year?
  17. justiceiro

    justiceiro Member

    Maybe a new entry in the Nintendo 3DS selects line?
  18. #68
    Selects US release to hype-up the announcement of Link Awakening 3DDX #Believe
  19. Medalion

    Medalion Member

    Ooohhhh mannnnn... HD LTTP (sort of)
  20. Okinau

    Okinau Member

    I loved it on the 3DS but I don’t need it on the Switch. I would rather have the 3DS remakes of OoT and MM on Switch.
  21. Judge

    Judge Vault-Tec Seal of Approval Moderator

    The souce is someone on Twitter with 500 followers?
  22. Illusion

    Illusion Member

    I can see a port happening if they asked that specifically. What other reason would there be?
  23. Blabadon

    Blabadon Banned Member

    I did not know you had to do this.
  24. #74
    I usually don't like to double dip especially since 2017 was stellar and did a number on my backlog. But it they enhance a Switch port with enough new content.... Fuck...
  25. #75
    I'm going to go by Occam's Razor and guess that this is the simplest, least interesting thing possible, namely a Selects release for the US. I doubt they'd port or remake the game for Switch, and I doubt they'd bother citing ALBW review quotes to promote a new game with similar gameplay (i.e. the 3DS Link's Awakening remake from that highly dubious rumor).

    But you never know.
  26. JoRu

    JoRu Member

    Who is this Twitter person this news is coming from?
  27. Burdmayn

    Burdmayn Member

    Ditto. Not gonna get my hopes up about a potential Switch port based on this. Especially when the game isn't part of the Nintendo Selects program in the U.S. just yet.
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    This could easily be them reselling ALBW on 3DS through a bundle or Nintendo Selects.
  29. Ogodei

    Ogodei Member

    I doubt it would come to Switch since they're still pushing 3DS.
  30. Hieroph

    Hieroph Member

    Link Between Worlds DX coming? Would be huge.

    Even huger!

    ...less huge.
  31. #81
    I can't wait for people to endlessly bitch and hate on Nintendo when it's revealed to be a straight port from 3DS with the same resolution and everything.
    I fully expect people to proudly declare they're selling their Switch because of that.

    (I'm only half joking)
  32. DrROBschiz

    DrROBschiz Member

    OMG finally getting 3DS games out of the VOID and bringing us closer to single ecosystem

    Keep the 3DS ports coming I say
  33. Ingueferroque

    Ingueferroque Member

    3DS games re-released on Switch? Or IOS port?
  34. CloseTalker

    CloseTalker Member

    Dunno. But to be fair, the thing he is claiming is incredibly innocuous, and could mean a million other things that are all less interesting than a Switch port.

    The nintendo selects thing is the most likely answer.
  35. Rhaknar

    Rhaknar Member

    great game, not sure I would play again on switch. Unless it was a hell of a remaster /shrug
  36. Papaya

    Papaya Member

    ALBW is secretly the second best Zelda (after BotW). Sounds amazing! This and Metroid need to come over, and I'll double dip. Keep it cheep tho. Nothing more than 40. I would say 30, under not Nintendo circumstances, but I'll accept that.

    EDIT: Oh it may be Nintendo Selects? That makes more sense, actually.
  37. #87
    Exactly my feelings.
  38. #88
  39. Blabadon

    Blabadon Banned Member

    Nothing secret about that. The franchise has so few good games as it is.
  40. carlosrox

    carlosrox Member

    Please be something.

    I loved ALBW but I never finished it. I have a bad history with handhelds. Switch is what I've been waiting for all my life.
  41. #91

    Doesn't it use the 3D effect though? How would they port it?
  42. Chacranajxy

    Chacranajxy Member

    I would love a Switch port, if that's what this ended up pointing towards. Thought ALBW was fantastic, and it'd be great to have it freed from the 3DS.
  43. #93
    These two sentences are in the same post.

    Help me understand this mindset. The 3DS plays every 3DS and DS game, a lot of those games only work on those systems. It also has VC. Why do some of you insist that it's this limiting system?

    Even if everything came to Switch, I would still use my 3DS for a good amount of things.
  44. Blabadon

    Blabadon Banned Member

    No 3DS game would be worse off without its 3D. It doesn't add much, if at all, especially to gameplay. Even in 3D Land.
  45. WrenchNinja

    WrenchNinja Member

    A Link Between Worlds is better than A Link to the Past
  46. #96
    This is one of those games that will miss a ton without 3D.
  47. #97
    I never owned a 3DS, so the more the merrier. I'd probably buy 5-10 Switch ports.
  48. #98

    Not what I mean.

    IIRC, this game specifically uses the 3D mechanics in game to accomplish some specific things.
  49. maximumzero

    maximumzero Member

    Oh man, if Nintendo takes the ALBW engine and gives us a new Zelda game on the 3DS I would be ecstatic.
  50. Would have loved a bump up to the Switch. I hate playing games on my 3DS.
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