Nintendo steamrolling pirated software (Netherlands, 1994)

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    Newspaper clippings surfaced recently of Nintendo destroying what looks to be largely pirated Game Boy games. They are pretty incredible and need to be shared. Mario curbstomping bootlegs is a personal highlight.

    Images were found by the archive spelunkers over at @gamegeschied

    Translation from first image:
    (Source: Nederlands Dagblad, September 16th 1994)

    (Source: Leidsch Dagblad, September 16th 1994)

    (Source: Trouw, September 16th 1994)

    Now in color!
    (Source: Telegraaf, September 16th 1994)

    (Source: Club Nintendo Exta, year 2 issue 7, Nintendo Netherlands BV, 1994)
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    Nintendo need a steamroller game
  3. ibrahima

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    Jeez, I wonder if any of that stuff was grey import rather than counterfeit.

    I'm reminded of the episode of The Wire where the Police Commissioner is fixated on getting "dope on the table" purely to get a seemingly positive story in the press.

    Would a publisher would go to this kind of length nowadays?
  4. RabbidPeach

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    Looks more like 1894.
  5. Thatguy

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    Bring back Blast Corps :(
  6. Atheerios

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    lol Mario
  7. JeTmAn

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    Was gonna say, why do these look ancient
  8. Chessguy1

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    why did they need a guy in a mario costume watching?
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    I remember seeing that on tv.

    Could even have been on Power Play with Martijn Krabbé, not sure.

    There are a bunch of episodes on youtube but not all of them.
    I wish someone would rip them from old VHS tapes...
    I had a ton of them on VHS back in the day but they were thrown out when we moved. :(

    Nah, they never mentioned anything about import games when that made the news.
    It was purely pirated software.
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    I am not gonna ask about the Mario costume guy but if the pics were taken in 1994, no color why?

    Reference to the original gameboy? Lol
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    Newspapers still were bw.
  12. #12
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    To let us know Mario is always watching
  14. Joseki

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    Dystopic as fuck
  15. tsab

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    Grey imports are not counterfeit though, Nintendo published/licensed it. It's not illegal to own or sell them.
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    Some creepy-ass photos...

    ...Yeah I'm not a fan of Nintendo's overly zealous efforts in stopping piracy. Not necessarily referring to this case, but more in general. Or what they perceive to be violations of IP rights, like shutting down that fanmade Metroid game or having people remove tourney ARMS footage. Way to kill free advertising for your games, there :/
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    These came from newspaper archives that recently became available. Sourcing the original photos, if those were even in color themselves, would be an immense amount of work.

    Color print found. We've entered the 20th century.

    (Source: Telegraaf, September 16th 1994)
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    1894 called, they want their photos back
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    Where does this Mario fit in lore-wise?
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    This was in 1994 though, where Nintendo were really going after grey importers (until they got slapped with that massive fine in the EU for price-fixing).
  21. Not2Xavi

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    Nintendo is scary
  22. tsab

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    Believe me, I know. But they only could deny you free warranty service (as a consumer) if it was an import/grey market here. Also, in reality why Nintendo destroy their OWN products? It's not a pirated copy, it's a legit copy sold by Nintendo to a retailer and then bought by the "grey market" (usually from a different country in EU)
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    Lmao at Mario looking at the destruction, he's probably salivating too that psycho.
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    Once again That's some good meme material.
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    lmao at Mario stomping on the pile...
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    I can only make out Robocop 2 games. So even if they were actually legit it's not a big loss.
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    Not a game, but Terry Pratchett ordered his unpublished works to be steamrollered when he died and it happened last year.
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    Was time travel involved?
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    What's with that literal steamroller? Surely there were a bit more, err, modern versions available in 1994?
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    Ha I vividly remember reading the newspaper article around this event, with the exact first picture (Yes it was in color... though I can't speak for the Christian religious newspaper Nederlands Dagblad where the first image is sourced from, they like to pretend we're living in the 50s anyway). Funny how that imprints itself on your mind.

    Power play met Martijn Krabbe <3.
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    They steam me rollin', they hatin'
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    That's what I was getting at... right?
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    I'm dying with that Mario in there lmao Too funny
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    Looks so old

    Hopefully these photos leads to some funny 'shops.
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    Thats look really old. lolol
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    Damn... Nintendo didn't fuck around here...

    Edit: Well someone was going to do it, might as well be me:

  37. tsab

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    Yeah, doesn't make sense to destroy their own products though
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    I remember that too, not sure if it was Power Play though.

    For anyone who is curious: classic Dutch television!
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    LOL For some reason did not expect the literal steamrolling.

    Thats amazinf.
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    What they don't let you see is that they steamrolled the pirates themselves afterwards.

    Let it be a cautionary tale, folks.
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    This is amazing
  44. bitSS

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    Weren't the boxes being reused for Nintendo Labo, though? Ahaha
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    LOL. That Mario is amazing.

    "Die Fakes!"
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    In this day and age we’d see him mercilessly steam rolling the pirates PCs.
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    Part of their campaign. To show that this company from 1890's wasn't fucking around.
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    (Source: Club Nintendo Exta, year 2 issue 7, Nintendo Netherlands BV, 1994)

    Bonus Mario (double check the other color image, he is there)
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    Lol i love my country.
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