Nintendo sues Japanese mobile game company Colopl for $40m

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Atheerios

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    We have seen other companies suing Nintendo multiple times. Now it's their turn.

    Edit: here's a video of the infringing game. The implementation of the virtual joystick is actually pretty neat.

    The thing is the company seems to have made a big fuss about how they invented that virtual joystick, which in turn made Nintendo angry.


    A drawing from Nintendo's patent:

  2. Ariashadow

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    Nintendo got tired of being on the receiving end huh
  3. Lite_Agent

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    Well, now we know of at least one company Nintendo won't turn to for support with their mobile games ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. massoluk

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    Does this have to do with Mario 64 DS?
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    I find the reasoning to be very strange. I thought Virrtual Joysticks was standard on many mobile games. Why would Nintendo patent that?
  6. Lusamine

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    They trying to kill Shironeko for the Zelda game!
  7. Neptonic

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    They’re coming for blood
  8. massoluk

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    Well SM64 DS is a Nintendo DS launch title. Nintendo DS launched before the first iphone

    We're talking about the time when pinch to zoom was one of the highlights of Apple conference, folks.

    JEFFREY GRUBB reporter Verified User

    ... uh, money.
  10. grandjedi

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  11. cw_sasuke

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    Kimishima aint playing around.
  12. Mark H

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    Ah, I was wondering why touch screen based joystick control would be in violation.
    Now you mention it, yeah if Nintendo patented that they might have a case.
  13. Yoshi

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    Rayman DS did the same thing at the same time though, it would be a bit fishy to give a patent to Nintendo for it then.
  14. Outtrigger888

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    If it's virtual is it even real? Can't a company just say no that's actually a virtual pulley rod not a joystick.
  15. Mark H

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    Quick google search gives me Rayman DS release was in March 2005 while Mario 64 DS was in November 2004.
    Maybe Nintendo provided the necessary API to do the touch based joystick on DS?
  16. Yoshi

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    Ah, sorry, both were launch titles here (in Europe), but I forgot to check whether they were internationally, as well.
  17. CloakBass

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    I'm curious about the nitty-gritty of the lawsuit because this is a really common feature of touchscreen games. I can't imagine very many of them licensed the idea from Nintendo.
  18. RiruKiria

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    Is this cause they use a special kind of virtual joystick where you can move and attack with 1 hand like in White Cat Project?
  19. Neapolitan

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    So I take that the joystick thing is one of the disputed patent. What about the other 4? Anyone got info on it?
  20. Aztorian

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    What? The touch-joystick that works like shit is patented? By Nintendo? World is full of surprises.
  21. unicornKnight

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    Hope they use the money to fund a new Wave Race
  22. KtSlime

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    Have you played shironeko project? It's "punicon" virtual joystick is one of the best controls on touch screen.
  23. PachaelD

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    Also grabbed quotes from the MC thread, where I also posted this.

    If it's just about the virtual joystick for character movement which is commonly used in smartphone games these days then it's probably something that does need to be tested in court since the sides are probably arguing over how the virtual joystick patent was provided and used. (stylus/thumb tool/thumb, handheld versus smartphone, visibility of button etc)

    Assuming that the case succeeds, Nintendo could use it as precedent from other developers to license the patent for royalties or cross-patent or cross-development agreements. e.g. Azur Lane (Yostar), Lineage II (netmarble), Honor of Kings/Arena of Valour (Tencent, though maybe the Switch port deal might have included the license)

    Regardless, Nintendo do have lots of other up and coming mobile developers to choose from. I think it's just that any negotiations with colopl on any of that kind have broken down. Maybe Akatsuki or klab have openings...
  24. Ryoukai

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    Colopl used the punicon touch features in majority of their games, including their shovelware mobages. Quite interesting to see how Colopl future games will be if the lawsuit is successful for Nintendo.
  25. Aztorian

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    I haven't, but now I'm interested in the controls.
  26. casiopao

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    I mean, if we are talking about successful mobile game devs,

    Wright Flyer

    And that is only scratching the surface for many mobile company possible to partner with Ninty.
  27. Lusamine

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    So did this start because Colopl tried to patent it also?
  28. Atheerios

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    Added more info to the OP

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    video game patents are dumb

    all of them
    literally all of them
  30. Lusamine

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    The backlash against Nintendo seems to be strong right now. #任天堂を許すな
  31. Atheerios

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    Oh wow, it's true, that's trending.

    However most tweets seem to be jokes lol
  32. Bishop89

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    Something juicy, nice.

    Haven't seen this from Nintendo for a long time
  33. apeAsnake

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    That game looks neat and it released in 2014 damn
  34. chrisPjelly

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    Ehhh, that's a stupidly broad patent. Did Nintendo's lawyer's want to flex their muscles or something?
  35. KtSlime

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    Did you read the patent? Impressive, can you give a summary?
  36. Dyle

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    I was not a fan at all of the touch control in Mario 64DS and played with the dpad, so clearly Nintendo is in the wrong here. There must be something very specific about their use of the stick to give this case merit, given how common virtual sticks are in other games, and the fact this game first released years ago.
  37. casiopao

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    Shironeko fans Counterattack.^_^
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    Damn. Shironeko is pretty big so the backlash is not surprising but still the fact that is trending is nuts.
  39. CO_Andy

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    Namco's minigame on loading screen patent was the absolute worst
  40. Bishop89

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    Do they still have that?
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    I think that patent has expired? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  42. Chrono

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    Man I miss this game, shame Colopl US had to shut it down but then, with these lawsuits, I'm not sure how much longer the game has. I wonder what took Nintendo so long, this game has been around for a while now.
  43. FZZ

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    This reeks of Yamauchi era Nintendo

    Still don't like Kimi heading the ship going forward
  44. Cantaim

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    Huh did not know Nintendo had a patent on that. Guess that explains why more companies didn't use the same set up. Always thought it was weird not many people used it lol.
  45. clay_ghost

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    Failed negotiation?
  46. Ploid 6.0

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    Do not get into a fight with nintendo on who invented what first. What fans of the other are not happy? Hmm, anyway the phone industry seems so full of minefields when it comes to patents I wonder how people keep track of all that stuff when designing games or tech.
  47. Chrono

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    Could be. It seems really strange to go the 4 years or so and then LAWSUIT! I guess we don't really know what was going on behind-the-scenes, though.
  48. Myself

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    Software patents are such bullshit
  49. Plankton2

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    Gonna need way more information on what exactly the patents are, before making any judgement.
  50. tonyh24613

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    Most of the tweets are actually praising Nintendo. lol