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Nintendo Switch $179.99 on Facebook Marketplace (Deal is over)

Oct 27, 2017

Just grabbed the grey one. Might show as sold out but keep refreshing.

  • Daily Steals is an ecommerce company that normally sells things at a discounted price. Normally these are goods like clothes and jewelry, not usually electronics. However, they do sell a wide range of items.
  • The $179.99 price is a price that is sponsored by Facebook. This means whatever the difference is from what Daily Steals paid and what the consumer paid will be subsidized by Facebook, so the company is not losing any money, and the consumers are getting a good deal.
  • The first time this deal was offered was 11/20. It wasn't restocked until today, 11/26. It has been restocked at least 5 times since this morning, and will likely keep restocking.
  • The reason it goes in and out of stock so often is because Daily Steals is selling what they actually physically have on hand. So if they get 15 consoles, they put 15 in stock on Facebook, and when 15 have been sold it goes back out of stock.
  • There are constantly errors when trying to purchase because so many people are trying at once. DO NOT STOP until you receive a notification from Facebook that you have placed an order with Daily Steals. A PayPal confirmation does NOT equal a successful order.
  • To verify your order was received, go to "Settings", then "Payments" on Facebook. There should be an order history there. If there is no order history, you did NOT get the Switch.
  • Because Facebook is sponsoring this deal, Daily Steals cannot sell a used or refurbished item. All Switches will be BNIB per their terms.
  • Many users have already received their Switches from the first go live and they are legit. I personally received Super Mario Party today and it came BNIB shrinkwrapped in Nintendo plastic.
edit for some more:

  • It's a good idea to enter your payment information on Facebook before buying so you don't have to type it in. They do not hold your item while you're typing. It's also best practice to use PayPal because of buyer protection. You can link debit, credit, and bank accounts to PayPal. Second best practice is credit card because of charge back options. Debit card will still have purchase protection from FB, but seriously, just use PayPal.
  • If you get to click on the deal, you select all your info, and click checkout, but it says out of stock, DON'T CLOSE THE PAGE. Keep trying. Click over and over. This is how most people are able to get them.
  • Some people are eligible for a $10 coupon for the first Marketplace purchase. Most have been able to use it on this deal.

First, the deal seems to be US only

Second, the links to the individual models
Listing for Gray Joycon Switch Bundle
Listing for Neon Red and Blue Switch Bundle
Some pics from a user on slickdeals who got theirs today (They ordered last week)
Edit: another person

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Oct 25, 2017
I see nothing, is this because I'm not in the USA? (I live in the border, so I can get it shipped to the USA...)

Aug 30, 2018
Thanks, I still see no option to buy it nor a sold out message, I guess is location based lol

Can someone tell me if you see a buy button and where? Or show me what you see when sold out? xD
I don't see see a button to purchase either, and a man in Mexico as well. That could be it.
Oct 28, 2017
I'm surprised that the previous thread was closed so quickly, feels like a deal that will pop up sporadically throughout the day (or, at least, I hope so)
Yeah mods should keep this thread open. I followed the other one with email notifications in case there was another wave but it was pointless
Oct 27, 2017
God damn it! I have it in the cart but getting this error.

Facebook Payments has been turned off for this app
There's been unusual payment activity on your account. For your security, we've turned off Facebook Payments while you're using this app. Contact us for help and more information.

Tried a couple of different cards and with PayPal and now I'm locked out :(
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