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  1. LinktothePastGOAT

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    as the title asks, is the Switch building up to be the best console since the SNES?

    The first party games we all have come to love and expect are here or coming
    The third party support is better than at any time since SNES

    The portable ability of the system

    The online improving

    The indie quality and variety

    By the time it’s all said and done, do you see the Switch being up there with the SNES and DS?
  2. BlueManifest


    I always felt like the switch was the first real successor to the snes, software wise
  3. Alienhated


    Are you people for real or what?
  4. BriGuy


    Not especially, no. I like the Switch, but it's been out for like a year and a half. Goddamn.
  5. I like it better but because it’s more powerful and portable.
  6. Legitmcfalls


    It certainly feels like it with Final fantasy back on Nintendo.
  7. bluexy


    Switch has a long way to go just to be comparable to Nintendo's least consoles. Yes, it had a good launch year. A launch year rarely defines a console.
  8. JusDoIt


    It’s easily my favorite (Nintendo console) since the SNES, but that’s just because this is the best generation for 2D games since the GBA.
  9. Nintenleo


    It’s shaping up very very good, but it won’t be the best home console until F-Zero GX and Paper Mario TTYD is on it.

    As for the line-up, 3DS+DS backward compatibility is gonna be really hard to surpass.
  10. Dude, that’s impossible to predict. Nintendo is in it for the long haul.
  11. SolidSnakex


    Maybe the best Nintendo console since then.
  12. Deleted member 26462

    Deleted member 26462
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    Baby steps...right now it's not even on N64 levels of greatness.

    Give It time.
  13. Kamek


    The third party content is definitely there, but I'd like to see things happen more concurrently instead of late ports. It's an indie powerhouse though, and 2019 is going to be something amazing like last year was. This year, I think the only first party title I'll get is Smash and perhaps the Xenoblade DLC.
  14. Phediuk


    It has nowhere near the number of exclusives and never will, so no.

    And many of the ports are frankly inferior versions too.
  15. Easily
  16. Well, I don't think there should be any doubt about it.

    I loved quite a few consoles since the SNES, particularly the N64, DS and Wii but the Switch takes things to another level at this point, most of those systems wish they got the support the Switch is getting (maybe not the DS but come on).
  17. TitanicFall


    If you mean best Nintendo console, then yes.
  18. Papacheeks


    Um, lol NO.

    Not even close in any way.
  19. hussien-11


    The Switch will surpass the SNES in terms of both quality and quantity, and I said this long time ago. I saw how the Wii and DS exploded, and how every company raced to release games on them. I was sure the same will happen to Switch, and its really happening.

    Nintendo's strategy with "key titles" is really, really smart and always worked well for them. a company like SE can't skip on Switch after a game like Octopath Traveler sold 1 million copy in a short time. it was that success that made those announcements possible, probably.

    and much more will follow in the future.
  20. Vishmarx

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  21. Hecht

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    Think there's enough Switch threads right now, we don't need a reaction thread for everything.
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